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The Power Nap

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Below is a transcription of this video – I am feeling great but I may not look so great. I just took a nap for about 45 minutes; I put my daughter down, and woke up 45 minutes later. I feel awesome and refreshed and my body is feeling whole again. I share this information because at any point and time, we are only a couple minutes away from a complete renewal and I have been in situations in the past when everything felt hopeless and it felt like everything I was doing was a waste of time and I kept grinding and grinding.

The amazing thing is you progress through those moments and you get to a place that looks completely different. My dad shared the information with me that whenever you are going through a struggle or a difficult time, nothing stays the same, no situation stays the same. Success comes to those who can wait it out and can follow through and hang in there until something great happens or something changes. I share that information because I feel its tremendously valuable information for me. At this point in time, I didn’t feel bad. It was just about how much better I feel after just taking a nap and getting a little bit of rest. Wherever you are right now and driving through and feeling tired, then I would suggest keep moving and keep getting through because the next moment might be your breakthrough moment. If you quit, then you will never actually hit that moment so I always think about that. Just go 10 seconds more, 20 seconds more or one minute more because what is on the other side could be absolutely amazing. I appreciate you listening to this message. Click on the link and make today an awesome day.

The Power Nap