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Success is Simple

To See the Whole Video, Go To - Success is Simple Below is a transcription of this video Hey this is Justin. I’m recording this video on President’s Day 2013. It’s a little bit cold outside. You’ll see kind of a sun in the background. So I record this video inside of a commitment to record three thousand videos in the 90 days. And the reason for that is to develop myself as a communicator and I do believe the way that you develop yourself for you to speak. I’m in a situation where I can’t actually… The ideal situation is to speak in front of a lot of different people. But I’m in a situation right now where I’m very busy. I’ve got 2 small children. I work a day job. So, what I realized was, the time to actually

do the work is when I’m walking. So, when I walk, I turn on the iPhone and start recording a particular message. There is one thing that I realized pretty recently. So I created this intention to do three thousand videos in the next 90 days and I was working on. The goal was actually, at that point in time, is to get to the three thousand videos. Now, inside of that, there’s so much more, there’s so many levels deeper behind that. The “Whys?” You start with… I start having to ask myself on why do I actually want to do three thousand videos. Why personally important to do but it’s because I don’t have time to think and reconsider going in a different direction. Whenever my mind takes over, it’s probably available to a lot of… familiar to or situations that are familiar to a lot of different other people. Whenever my mind starts taking over, it wreaks havoc. It’s not doing something that’s important to me and important where I actually want to accomplish. That is the first thing and that was the personal reason to it. So if I can do three thousand videos, I don’t have a lot of time to switch gears and to try something else. That was the personal reason. But that’s about me, right? When we talk on marketing and what really matters is who’s the person on the other side. Who’s the person who actually seeing this information? So, that a self survey issue. So I realized, it’s valuable to actually share information. It doesn’t mean to actually change what you’re doing. Just have the right context on what you’re doing. What’s valuable behind what I’m actually doing to people are seeing at real time and have complete transparency because if you’re doing videos, that’s the primary thing that you’re actually doing.

People are actually seeing what you’re doing because most people, find if you’re doing paid advertising, people who do case studies but the fact of the matter is, before they actually do their case studies, in general, they’re recordings. They’re probably doing a bunch of stuff in preparation for actually getting started with those case studies and doing those live recordings. Me, my intention is actually just do all my business through my iPhone when I’m walking. There’s a lot that actually goes into that. There’s a lot of logistics that actually go in to that. A lot of things that have to be worked out. But, that adds complete transparency and if something is actually willing to do the work to create three thousand videos, I’m willing to actually do. The message actually to get delivered is a more powerful message. Not necessarily but a well developed message that is willing to do a lot of work. Somebody who probably who can deliver more powerful and impact other people’s lives. So, the other thing I had to really realized was “Alright, this is inside of a goal, a three thousand video commitment. Inside of a goal to generate thirty thousand dollars in income.” That’s where it all started. I wanted to generate thirty thousand dollars net income and then the “HOW” is through developing videos that connect with other people that will inspire them to take action. So, that’s the “HOW.” I ‘m still missing the “WHY?” That’s a funny piece because I created, for myself, about ten years ago and my kids, I never wanted to choose between going to work and spending time with family. And I’ve got a three year old. An eight month old. So, I’m still doing… I’m still having to make that decision between doing work

and spending time with the family. I’m getting a lot closer to them than with the family. Focus completely on spending time with the family as supposed to working, kind of inside this promise. So, but to hold on to that for a while, I lost some of the charge and I thought, on of the important things is really to kind of complete… to reevaluate the “WHY?” as time change because that’s a visceral… It kind of hits you in the gut. And that was missing for me. I was kind of going through this thing. I had my HOW, I had my WHAT. But what was missing was the WHY. I read the book “The Power of Focus,” which was… Jack Canfield wrote that with a couple of authors. And there’s a great section in there on “Crystal Clear Clarity.” On developing clarity which starts with figuring a hundred and one things that you actually want to do in the next ten years. A kind of methodology for developing clarity. So I realized, clarity is that thing that you either have or you don’t have, absolutely lack. The fact of the matter is, being able to create clarity is a developed skill that actually requires work. Put in some practice. Myself personally, I want to develop clarity for myself. So, I’m going to be sharing that through some of these videos as we’re moving forward. But I think the big message in this video was really to have this, “Success is easy.” I shouldn’t say it’s easy. Success is simple. It’s really developing the reasons “WHY” and the WHAT and the HOW. Putting those three things together can actually develop this success. But any of those are missing, then there’s no chance of having the success. And really the critical one, if the “WHY” is missing, you’re not answering the why, then you’re really screwed.

So, that’s kind of the situation where I found myself in and I’m treading water. But the beautiful thing is, once you realize that’s the problem… Probably professional. You probably didn’t hear half of that message there because my earphone fell out. Sorry about the wind. Once you realize that’s the opportunity to actually make something different and make a difference. I think the difference between success and failure is not the people who are successful or how to hurdle, when they hurdle, they actually do something about it. So, thanks a lot for listening to this. You will see a link down below this video, to the side of this video or above this video or below this video, click on that link. Share your best email address. We’ll see you on the other side.

Success is Simple