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Nothing’s Perfect

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Below is a transcription of this video – I’m recording this video on a Tuesday morning, walking to the office. It’s about 6:30, 6:45 in the morning right now. I wanted to share something with you. I was thinking to myself how excited I am about something I’m about to implement. It’s around creating these videos and the strategy I’m going to use to bring a couple of other people in so I can syndicate my videos out to a lot of people and to do it in a fairly efficient manner.

What I realized was before this conversation I had with my [inaudible], this is not perfect, right because nothing’s perfect, but it’s absolutely pretty amazing and pretty fabulous. Fabulous? Pretty excellent was the word I’m looking for. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing specifically and it doesn’t matter if what I’m going to do is work. What matters is that you get excited on your own, what you’re doing. The thing is the mistake that I made in the past quite a bit was I wanted things to be perfect and even though I was taking action. I wanted things to be perfect. In that pursuit of perfection, I was missing the things that were excellent, what I was actually doing. If you look at the things that are excellent what you’re doing, knowing that there’s always room for improvement, your view of the world’s going to be a lot better. It’s going to be a lot more empowering towards the things that you actually want to accomplish. Thanks a lot for listening to this message. Check out how you’re seeing these videos, probably going to be inside the set-up of my new system. Click on the link down below this video or to the side of this video, enter your best email address and see you on the other side.

Nothing\'s Perfect