Jus Broadcasting - Punjabi TV USA

Long Island City, US

Jus Broadcasting - It is very much clear from the name that it is a broadcasting channel. Jus broadcasting is one of the best Punjabi channel that broadcast in USA with the presence of three television channels and a radio station. This channel is based in New York City, USA. We generally broadcast through North America and plan to cover Europeans and Asian markets. Jus Broadcasting believes in providing wholesome entertainment to its audience. This is the complete family entertainment channel that can be enjoyed by whole family together. This channel has touched hearts of million peoples. Jus Broadcasting has become first South Asia channel who has broadcast live shows and late night sows. We also covered live events and live gurbaani from gurdwaras. You can also enjoy news, reviews, songs, movies and many more. This channel is very Punjabi by Heart. For more information you can visit http://www.jusbroadcasting.com/ or call us @ +1 718-752-9290.