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"All our dreams can come True if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney

The new Coca Cola advert features Just You Talent Ivan Swarts playing as the Safari Guy

Cameron Scott plays the lead role in the new Vodacom Rugby TV commercial as the Seun.

Bet@Home an Austrian company booked Nick Muller as the Lead Priest for their TV Commercial Johannes Van Niekerk booked two consecutive casting in a row first being the supporting role for Bet@Home second the lead role as Dad in the Clientele Life advert

KFC Box it TV Commercial had a great geek theme and Just You Artist George Dywili booked on of the lead roles.

Just You Model Botha Steenkamp walking Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ramp for Rauld Rheeder, March 2015

Just You Model Kyle Koopman walking Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ramp for Fabiani, March 2015

Tips for Acting 

Try imagining the script and emotions as real life. Relate it to your life or someone else's.

Be passionate about what you are doing. If you like something, don't be afraid to show it.

It's great that you aren't drawing attention to yourself when it's not your turn to be the lead, but even so people still look at you. It will make the scene feel less believable if you break character. Get in the mindset that you are the character and remember that every second counts, no matter what you are doing or who you are portraying in the scene.

Remember to project the words, (don't yell the words) and to speak at the right speed.

The character you are playing is not you. You become that character.

Keep trying and don't ever give up.

Remember, use your whole body to show your feelings. Not only your voice, this can make a big difference and make your work way more believable!

Don't let haters get you down, but take constructive criticism well.

Recite your lines to yourself in a mirror. See how you look and your hand gestures and then make changes to better fit the scene and the character.

Take advice from experts in the profession.

Don't be afraid to be yourself. Remember that it doesn't matter what other people think. You are who you are. Just try your best and you will make it to the top.

Watch a lot of plays and movies. You can get impressions from there.

If you are nervous, just pretend your only one in the whole room.

Be confident and be the true you.

The pressure of a potential director is pretty intimidating. To practice performing in front of others use family and friends to be comfortable.

Perhaps you could join a school club such as Drama Club to prepare yourself for future jobs. It would also be good to do it with good friends so you're not so alone.

Pretend that those potential investors in you aren't there. Pretend you are standing in front of your mirror at home, not in a room in front of an audition panel.

Be friendly. It's as simple as that.

Be assertive.

Pay attention to and respect your stage manager

Don't let the small things get you upset. Remember, the haters are gonna hate. Just shake it off.

Heed your director

Read every good book you can find. When you read a story, you are forced to imagine the way a character would react. Eventually you'll become so good at imagining these actions that you'll be able to copy them in a way that seems natural. Soon you will be able to go through the same process of imagining and doing when reading a script.

Actress of the month Shenize Bekker

Young Shenize Bekker is taking the industry by storm! She ended 2014 off by booking and featuring in the Vodacom Summer advert than went on to booking the feature role of Young Jeanette in 2015 for the new Afrikaans movie Free State! Shenize has taken part of the Press shoot and shoot in Memel this month. #ShenizeFan

Huge congratulations to all our artists who were selected to be a part of the Afrikaans film “Free State�

#Freestate #Movie #JustYou #Awesome #Excited #Acting #Film #LovingmyJob #Networking #Artist #Memel #WitsScene

Our beautiful Ballerina booked the DSTV Zee World billboard campaign in December 2014

Just You Artist Tyrell for booking the Nandos “Blue Light Brigade” TV commercial that went VIRAL with over 6000 views in total. Nandos Advertising still comes out on top.

Kate, Tiffany and Chanda booking the Morrocan Hair Oil Show.

Natalie Githu ITS2014 Alumni books SA Fashion Week March 2015

ITS2014 Alumni Kyle Koopman and Just You Model Riegal Du Toit book South African Fashion Week March 2015

Just You Artist’s take part in the Gerhard Steyn music video for his song “Afrikaanse Meisies” as well as the Gerhard Steyn and Anais Music Video for Liefdesoorlog

Tyra Banks's Modeling Tips Model Don’ts (and a Do)          

Do not be a "no-neck monster." Try to elongate your neck for maximum extension. Do not pose like a hoochie. (If you don’t know what a hoochie is, er...that's probably best.) Do not be a limp noodle. Always pose with tension in your body completely from H2T (head to toe). Do not play it safe and stay in the same pose. Mix it up with innovative poses. Your wildest pose could be the one that’s picked. Do not show up to a photo shoot unless you are clean shaven, have a clean face, and clean hair. Do not let hating how your hair or makeup is done affect your performance. Model through it. Do not stare aimlessly when posing. Create intensity for the camera through your eyes. Smize (smile with your eyzzes)! Do not slouch on the runway; pretend you have a wire through your spine that is pulling you up to the ceiling. Do not be forgettable. Make an impression by showing your distinctive personality. Do request to have your favorite music playing when you do a shoot! The beat will kick your poses up 10 notches!

Modeling: Breaking Into the Biz   

Pick a favorite model and study them. Everything from the way they turn their head to their fierce runway walk. Snapshots. You MUST have a beauty shot, from the neck up,! Study, Study, Study. As Tyra always says on America’s Next Top Model, you need to know everything from fashion designers, photographers, supermodels, and all in between.

From No-Sees to Go-Sees! Go-sees are one of the crucial things that a beginner model must know about. Tyra went on 10 go-sees a day in Paris! Here are some tips on how to make a lasting impression (at a go-see or an interview)         

Be prepared! Practice your walk, poses, and faces in the mirror before you go. Do your homework! Know something about the agency or client and be aware of scams. Not everything out there is legit! Your make-up should be minimal to show off your natural beauty. ALWAYS bring a pair of heels in case they ask you to walk. No nail polish: Simple clear, nude, or sheer! Pull your hair back so that they can see your face and bone structure. Never be late! Have good posture: Stand up straight, shoulders back. Be honest! It’s okay to tell them if you don’t have a lot of experience. Wow them with your natural ability (this is why practice is so important!)

How To Work Your Flaws Everyone has flaws. I’ve got 'em (small calves and a big forehead), you’ve got 'em, and your momma’s got em’, too! Even though I totally believe in embracing my flaws, I don’t always want to highlight them when I’m being photographed. Every top model knows the secrets to working her flaws. Hands on Hips = Smaller Waist. Putting your hands on your hips creates a background through your arms, which will make your waist appear smaller. (This is something you can apply to real life too! Try it the next time you walk into a room!)     

Chin Up = Smaller Forehead. I am always telling the girls on ANTM to chin up! Not only will it make a large forehead look smaller, it will also elongate the neck. Tippy Toes = Bigger Calves. Standing on your tippy toes instead of flat feet will make your calf muscles appear bigger because they are working harder to keep you up! Knees In = Slimmer Hips. Turning a knee in will make your hips appear slimmer. This will also give you a space between your thighs, which is something that most women don’t have. Lean Forward = Smaller Bust. Hunch your back and bring your naval into your spine. This creates a slight lean forward, which will make your bust look smaller. Emphasize Shoulder = Narrow Hips. Turn your body to the side and turn your shoulders toward the camera. The emphasis on your shoulders will narrow your hips.

Model of the month Ndumi Radebe

“Ndumi has showed fantastic consistency in her walk, dedication and attidude in and out of class. Ndumi attended her first Fashion Week Casting this month and didn't allow the other models to affect her confidence. Ndumi is fierce and a force to be reckoned with� - Hilgard Brandt . #NdumiFan

Well done to our 5 Just You Artists who booked the Coca Cola Russia and Kazikhstan shoot. 3 ARTS2015 contestants, 1 ARTS2014 Alumni.

Justin Van Vuuren Sasha Robertson Cassandra Stead David Sanders Tine Kruger

Theatre Just You Artist Rhee Manganyi is making her name in the Theatre world. Her production which ran last year “The Revealers” has been nominated for a Naledi Theatre Award in the category “Best production of a play or musical for young audiences” This year Rhee booked a lead role in the production “Nothing but the Truth” with ShakeXperience where she spoke on KayaFm about the production. #NalediTheatreAward #RheeFan #NothingButTheTruth

The International Talent Showcase is a national platform created for artist and models to showcase their talent in 4 different categories: Modeling, Singing, Acting and Dancing. The International Talent Showcase is hosted annually in October in Johannesburg. Mrs. Kim Myers (Director of the Applause Rising Talent Showcase) personally attends The International Talent Showcase scouting talent who she will exclusively invite to attend the ARTS Convention in June 2016. Elsubie Verlinden and Elouise Janse Van Rensburg travel throughout South Africa, scouting talent to showcase their talent at The International Talent Showcase, 2nd and 3rd October 2015. We have international guest performer, Nate Butler - A&R for America’s Got Talent and international guest Tashia Stafford – Owner, Icon Studio attending The International Talent Showcase. We have secured a solid foundation between national and international career opportunities allowing artist exposure to international clients - nationally. Once you have been scouted by our Regional ARTS Director, you will attend The International Talent Showcase and perform in front of Kim Meyers in 2nd and 3rd of October 2015 at Silverstar Casino in Johannesburg. Kim Meyers who will be scouting according to her clients requirement in the Film and Fashion Industry. Artist scouted will be invited to attend the June 2016 ARTS Convention , in Orlando, Florida. Kim works throughout the night to ensure the call backs are ready and emailed to the Director Elsubie Verlinden. The staff of Just You will contact you to congratulate you on your call back and inform you of your call back.

Keep a look out for Auditions!

Call Backs take place at Just You Model & Artist Management office in Rivonia. Cnr 9th Avenue & Rivonia Road, Oriental City Centre. (Our office are situated inside Planet Fitness gym)

Kim Myers will conduct a call back session where all the information on the Applause Rising Talent Showcase will

The ARTS Convention is a well respected family event, offering artist and models exposure to perform and network in front of International Agents, Producers, Record Labels, Managers, Casting Directors. The ARTS family believes in maintaining a moralistic, value based level of exposure without compromise. The passion and unconditional commitment for the talent goes deeper then getting you ahead in the industry, but provides you with the necessary experience and knowledge that will benefit you in the industry and in starting your career. This grants all participants the opportunity to perform on a Broadway style stage, ensuring you gain the necessary experience. Mrs. Kim Myers (International Talent Scout and Director of the Applause Rising Talent Showcase) fly to South Africa each year to scout talent in Acting, Modeling, Singing and Dancing and who will represent South Africa at the ARTS Convention In June 2016. Artist and models will be performing in front of the leading names in the film, fashion and entertainment industry. Record labels, Managers, Casting Directors, Educational Institution will be attending the ARTS Convention to scout talent suitable to their profile and clients. MANAGERS, RECORD LABELS, AGENTS, PRODUCERS, CASTING DIRECTORS ATTENDING THE ARTS: Gar Lester Agency Atlantic Records Icon Studios Tyler Perry Studios Walt Disney Entertainment Click Models Sony/BMG VH1 Don Buchwald & Associated inc. The International Talent Showcase has opened doors internationally for our South African artist who are currently working in Los Angeles, New York. We currently have students enrolled at The New York Film Academy in various programs in musical theatre, film making and acting for film.


Good dancers… 1. Overcome excuses about why they can’t practice. Ain’t no way you’re moving up if you can’t gain some momentum in your dance practice. 2. Take music seriously. If you need convincing, you’re not ready to advance. 3. Use both a mirror and video regularly in practice. Oh, I know there’s resistance to this. I dare you to try this every week for a month, then come tell me you failed. You won’t do it. Fail, I mean. It will be a raging success, and you’ll wish you’d gotten over yourself earlier. 4. Analyze themselves on video. It may pain you at first, but the cringing doesn’t last for long. 5. Ignore the haters. If everyone likes you, you’re probably boring. 6. Learn to dance without a partner. Relying on your partner is a crutch. If you can hold your own on the dance floor, nothing can stop you. Plus practicing alone is surprisingly good for you. 7. Strive to constantly make new discoveries about dancing (rather than waiting to be spoon fed the answers). This is a crucial part of developing your unique perspective and voice. Don’t be a dance robot. 8. Seek out instructors/mentors they mesh with and who push them. 9. Practice the shit out of everything. Does this one need explaining? Of course you’ll need to do high-quality practice, not mindless practice. 10. Disregard their inner critics’ harsh thoughts. Your inner critic is just a little child trying to distract you from doing worthwhile things. Hit the ignore button. 11. Take aches and pains seriously. Our world is full of promising dancers who ignored their injuries and failed to excel. It’s never too late to start treating your body right. 12. Develop a unique voice and perspective on dance. You’ll need to figure out what this means to you. I can only promise that this is usually a difficult process. But hey, you’re looking for hard things to work on and making your own discoveries now, right? 13. Work on hard things. Most dancers focus on what comes easy. This is good for your ego in the short term, but so-so for your dancing. Look for and practice moves and concepts that challenge you. It gives you the most bang for you buck. rubber duck trooper 14. Listen to jazz [or insert your genre here] just for fun. Just because there’s a picture of a rubber ducky wearing a storm trooper helmet above doesn’t mean you can skip this. 15. Test themselves regularly. Practice is not “the thing.” Do The Thing you actually want to do! Perform, enter comps, choreograph, teach, film dance videos—whatever calls to you. Go do lots of that, then do lots more. 16. Always work on improving fitness. Good muscular balance and aerobic conditioning augment your dance ability. If you’re looking for a place to start, try glute exercises. 17. Avoid shit talking, complaining, and making excuses. This type of negativity just holds you back. Jealousy and self-sabotage anyone? 18. Ignore their judgmental thoughts. We all have ‘em, and they are terribly distracting. Go get to work! 19. Truly believe they can do it. It’s the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. You always have the ability to improve. Ponder that, take it to heart; it IS the truth. 20. Find friends who support them. Possibly the most confounding item on this list. Adults these days have a hard time finding good friends, don’t we? And then there’s the expectation that we should be able to do it all alone. Bullshit. Every successful person has a ton of support from their friends. This applies to dancers too. 21. Get consistent, accurate feedback during practice. Your partner, instructor, mirror, and video can all help. 22. Commit. You’re going to be doing this a long time. Keep going, even when it gets really tough. And it WILL get tough. Do This Now! Grab a notebook and ask yourself, “Which have I done well at? Which are falling through the cracks?” Evaluate yourself honestly; no one’s watching. For each action above you can improve on, jot down a few notes about how you can improve. For example, I want to analyze myself on video more often. My notes might say, “Take a 60 second video halfway through practice. Watch it 3 times, pick 2 things to work on, then work on them for the rest of practice.”

Dancer of the month Konke Makhaye

Konke has tremendous talent and she shows it through her versatility in dance. We saw it at Boot camp and we see it in class. Konke is an amazing dancer with mad SKILLS! - Lawrence

Favorite Print so far...

The beautiful Elani and Jessica both featured together in the new KFC Breakfast print advert.

Senzo Radebe and Tiny Mtswenzy are both featured in the VW print campaign

International Jumari Steynfaardt is an ARTS 2014 Alumni and is making a massive success of herself in New York. Jumari has been a part of New York Fashion Week and done numerous portfolios and shoots in New York.

Rockstar Gino Lee is making huge waves in Los Angeles. Starting with him signing to Larry Dee Entertainment partner at Offstream Music. Shot with The Band Hudson, lead vocalist being David Hudson (Katy Perry’s brother) for PopKults Live TV show from The Beach House in Venice Beach. Than to top it off Gino Lee has booked LA Fashion Week.

International Cape Town born Chandre Cloete is keeping herself busy in Los Angeles she is a part of the Miss North Hollywood pageant taking place in May 2015 , shot a Hulu commercial , did a table read for a feature film and booked LA Fashion Week for the 2nd time.

Just You Artists and ARTS2014 Almuni’s have arrived in Atlanta, USA. With our director Elsubie Verlinden to record with Icon Studios. The same studio where Justin Bieber recorded his first single.


It was an honor and a pleasure to have the A & R for “Americas got Talent” Nate Butler in Johannesburg for a week, where he took our radio and TV stations by storm along side Just You Model and Artist Managements Director Elsubie Verlinden and SA singing sensation Anais. However that’s not where it ended, Just You Artists also took part and played roles in Nate Butlers new music video for his new hit “Dance Like David” Shot here in Johannesburg. Just You Artists making an impact internationally! # D A N C E L I K E D A V I D

Just You Model Kyle Koopman walking Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ramp for Fabiani, March 2015

Just You Model Botha Steenkamp walking Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ramp for Augustine, March 2015

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