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T he easiest but yet dif f icult way of making money online is through blogging. Blogging have made our day to day lif e easier because you can just write about yourself , interest or what you f eel like and you’ll still get paid f or doing so. T here are lots and lots of ways in which you can start making money with your blog/ website. Out of many some f ew popular ways to make money of f your blog are; through advertisement, email marketing, rendering your service and many more… blogging can be served as means of livelihood “if you perform your duty right” But to be real with you, it is only the patience that can make money through blogging. Must Read: HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE STARTING YOUR OWN BLOG It is impossible to make money with your blog in your f irst month of creating it (true f act), so with this case, I’d like to ask you just this question; how much have you made since you started blogging? Don’t worry you do not need to answer the question! But know this; if you’re blogging and have not been making anything out of it then you are doing something wrong. Now the main question of all questions is; what are you doing wrong? Today we are going to f ind out why you’re not making money with your blog.

6 REASONS YOUR BLOG IS NOT MAKING MONEY Today we are going to go deep, deep undercover to unveil those secrets that we need to know to kick start our blog to become the super money base blog. What are the main reasons bloggers don’t make money of f of their blog? → No traffic → Not reaching the right readers/ people/ customers → No strategy/ No Plan → No Affiliate marketing sense → T he art of never giving up Ohhh, I have revealed the secrets why your blog is not making money so what are you going to do about it? If you have been searching f or answers then I guess those 6 stated above would be part of the answer you’d f ind, but I wouldn’t just state without giving you reasons and elaborating more on it then try f inding solution to the problems, or should I? Let’s just go straight to the problems at hand and let’s look if we’ll come up with a solution together. √ No Traffic Let me go straight to the point here, you can never make money with your blog/ website if people are not

visiting it. T he only way you can think of getting dough of f your blog, is when you start getting people (traf f ic) to come and interact with your blog. So in that manner I’d like to put the word “blog traf f ic” to my own def inition. Traf f ic is the amount of readers coming to your blog and traf f ic is the only source that can make your blog popular. Like I’ll always say; Traf f ic is the lif e source of any blog. Without traf f ic, your blog does as good as not exist, I’m I right or I’m I right? Many bloggers have thought us dif f erent ways of getting traf f ic to our blog, now it is lef t to you and your skills to brush it up and learn how to utilize the resources you’ve gathered to make it a success f or you. T ips Since traf f ic is the f irst step of making money with your blog, the below posts might get you the traf f ic you need if you f ollow them religiously 3 POSSIBLE WAYS OF GET T ING A GOOD AMOUNT OF T RAFFIC T O YOUR BLOG How to Get 1,000 Visitors in 30 Days f rom Scratch 24 Ways to Grow Your Blog and Kick the Inertia Out of It √ Not reaching the right readers/ people/ customers: Now we have started driving the right amount of traf f ic to our blog, since we have good content and we update our blog post f requently, there is no problem of converting those casual readers to our f aithf ul and loyal readers, right? But f irst let me ask you this simple question; are the readers interested in your niche (f ield) blog? T his is also that “one” question you should be asking yourself . Advice: When getting your traf f ic, always try to get it f rom a related niche (f ield) blog. T ips Making your readers, visitor a loyal and f ull member is very easy as long as you have the right content and you update regularly. √ No strategy/ No Plan You create a nice blog and everything is going smoothly as per great articles, quick updates, contributors and the traf f ic is regular but still you are not generating any income. T he only reason you are not getting any dough f rom your blog is because you have not set a plan and you have not build a strategy (yet). Any man who doesn’t have a plan is as good as not existing, right? T ips & Advice Your plans and the way you strategize solely depends on you, but let me share this with you. Try to f ind what your readers truly like, go deep into their minds and explore and af ter that, blast them with something they’ll never expect. How’s that f or a tip? √ No affiliate marketing sense Because prof essional bloggers tells you that af f iliate marketing can pay good money to your pocket and you jump into it without learning the ropes. Are you selling products to your subscribers and none are showing interest? Some of the main reason is you’re not having enough subscribers, your content just isn’t it, you are not getting the right audience f or your blog, you rushed into it without learning the ropes, the high and the lows of af f iliate marketing. T ips

Go to your niche (f ield) blog, f orums and get loyalist that are interested in what you’re doing. Hey don’t just start yet! Make sure you have a good traf f ic, a reputable ranking and most of all enough subscribers so that when you start you’ll see the result. Always remember this words “Your blog is your business don’t play with it”

√ The art of never giving up Blogging is not meant f or lazy, none patient and none strategic person, Blogging is meant f or the strong, patient, never giving up people. Because you start blogging f or just two months and you’re expecting a miracle to take place? A miracle might just take place, who knows!

→ Ext ra Tip on how t o make money t hrough adsense Must Read: HOW I INSERT MY MOBILE ADSENSE TO MY MOBILEPRESS Let me give you a top secret of increasing your adsense f rom 0 to 1200 per month. If you’re using like “adsense” to monetize your blog it would be a wise choice showing the recommended adverts f or people coming through search engines and get a dif f erent ad (not too much) f or traf f ic coming f rom direct source. With this trick you can surely increase your adsense earnings. More tips on how to increase your adsense earning on my next post so stay tune guys. Do you have any other thing to add up or you want to throw more light to it? Let’s discuss it using the comment box below. Do you have comments or thoughts running through your mind, then please also drop them by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated. Do you like the post? Was it an interesting read? T hen do click the like button, share us and recommend us to f riends. And do not f orget to subscribe to our f eed f or your latest updates on the go.

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Why your blog is not generating any income money  
Why your blog is not generating any income money