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Julianne Tanella

Burbank, United States

Julianne Tanella is a paragon of talent and dedication, embodying a perfect amalgamation of academic brilliance and musical flair. Her journey from an ambitious student to a renowned independent artist is a narrative of the relentless pursuit of excellence. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Florida Atlantic University, a testament to her academic prowess and dedication. Her musical odyssey commenced in her formative years, as she lent her enchanting voice to various acapella groups during high school and college. This early immersion in music laid the foundation for her career as a singer-songwriter. Her ability to resonate with audiences through her music was evident early on, setting the stage for her future success. As she became an independent artist, her presence on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and Pandora grew significantly. She has carved a niche in the music industry with an impressive following of 44,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. This remarkable achievement is a direct result of her unwavering dedication to refining her craft and her relentless drive for artistic growth. Her commitment to music extends beyond her natural talent. Recognizing the importance of technical mastery, she enrolled in music production school, further honing her skills. This decision underscores her desire to excel in every aspect of her music, from composition and performance to production and distribution. The singer-songwriter's journey is not just about her music but also reflects her deep involvement in charity work and her passionate commitment to conscious living. These aspects of her life further enrich her persona, adding depth to her music and allowing her to connect with her audience more profoundly.