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Juliana Garofalo

New York, United States

Juliana Garofalo's commitment to wildlife conservation doesn't stop there. She is also an ardent supporter of HawkWatch International, an organization focused on conserving environments through monitoring, scientific research, and education. She donates her time, money, and energy to the cause, especially regarding raptors. These majestic birds of prey are a significant focus for HawkWatch International, and her involvement highlights her enduring passion for preserving their habitats. Beyond her career and conservation efforts, She enjoys various hobbies. She relishes spending time in the kitchen, indulging her love for baking, particularly sourdough bread and fresh pizzas. Outdoors, she often joins friends and fellow Connecticut Audobon Society members for birdwatching in the state's pristine wilderness. In a world grappling with healthcare challenges, including the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, her dedication to the medical field holds even greater importance. Her interests in Surgery, Women's Health, and Dermatology and her aspiration to become a physician assistant highlight her commitment to improving the healthcare industry and improving patients' treatment. As Ms. Garofalo continues to balance her professional and personal pursuits, her enthusiasm for conservation, education, and healthcare inspires all who encounter her.