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University of  Wisconsin-­‐Madison     Greek  Life  End  of  the  Year  Report   May  3rd,  2013  

Mission Statement     The  mission  of  the  Greek  Community  is  to  instill   values  of  scholarship,  leadership,  citizenship   and  fellowship  in  fraternity  and  sorority   women  and  men  at    UW-­‐Madison.    Within  these   four  pillars  of  Greek  excellence,  we  strive  to   create  an  environment  where  members  grow   and  develop  to  their  fullest    potential.    The   Greek  experience  provides  opportunities  to   cultivate  skills    that  will  beneCit  the   organization,  the  university,  and  the  greater     community.  

Greek Life  StafBing  Structure    

CBli: Greek  Internship  Program       The  Center  for  Leadership  and  Involvement,  a   department  within  the  Division  of  Student  Life,     promotes  the  UW  Greek  community's  values  of   leadership,  scholarship,  citizenship,  and   fellowship.  Through  CfLI,  the  Greek  Interns   serve  as  a  university  liaison  and  administrative   support  to  an  assigned  group  of  Greek   Chapters  and  coordinate  Greek  community-­‐ wide  programming.    

Meet the  Greek  Interns   Julia  Birkinbine  

•  Junior •  Kappa  Alpha  Theta   •  Journalism  and  Mass   • 

Communication &     Strategic  Communication,     Leadership  CertiCicate   Favorite  Aspect  of  UW   Greek  Life:  Attending   philanthropy  events  &   Greek  Week!    

Meet the  Greek  Interns   Taylor  Schoenike   •  •  •  • 

Brittany LaBorde   •  •  •  •  • 

Greek Intern  Coordinator   Senior   Lambda  Theta  Alpha  Latin  Sorority,  Inc.    -­‐  Gamma  Mu  Chapter   Human  Development  and  Family  Studies   My  favorite  aspect  of  Greek  Life  is  the   leadership  and  life  skills  gained  while  also   creating  lasting  bonds  and  friendships.  

Sophomore Delta  Delta  Delta   Pre-­‐Pharmacy   My  favorite  part  of  Greek  Life  is  making  great   connections  with  a  wide  diversity  of  amazing   people!    

Meet the  Greek  Interns   Katie  Stahre   •  Sophomore   •  Kappa  Alpha  Theta   •  Pre-­‐Business,  Economics  Major   •  Greek  Life  is  my  home  away  from  home!    

Sara Moses   •  Sophomore   •  Chi  Omega   •  Elementary  and  Special  Education   •  UW  Greek  Life  makes  a  big  campus  

seem smaller-­‐-­‐It's    always  nice  to  see   friendly  faces  around  campus!  

Meet the  Greek  Interns   Kiersten  Johnson   •  Sophomore   •  Alpha  Chi  Omega   •  Marketing  -­‐  Wisconsin  School  of  Business   •  I  love  seeing  the  Greek  community  come   together  and  support  one  another's   philanthropies.  

Madison Oberg   •  Freshman   •  Kappa  Alpha  Theta   •  Pre-­‐Business   •  I  love  the  sisterhood  and  the  sense   of  community  Greek  Life  provides   on  such  a  large  campus!  

Meet the  Greek  Interns   Megan  Pepper     •  Senior   •  Kappa  Alpha  Theta   •  Communication  Arts  &  Spanish   •  My  favorite  aspect  of  Greek  Life  are  all  of  

the leadership  skills  I  have  acquired  from   my  experiences  within  this  community    

Sarah  Black   •  Senior   •  Chi  Omega   •  Art  History  and  Communication  Arts   •  My  favorite  part  of  Greek  Life  is  spending   quality  time  with  my  sisters  

Interfraternity Council   (IFC)  

IFC Executive  Board   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

President   o 

Chris Fernandez  -­‐  Theta  Chi  

Chief Justice   o 

Ben Agatston  -­‐  Sigma  Alpha  Epsilon  

VP Internal  Affairs   o 

Geoffry Cohn  -­‐  Theta  Chi    

VP Finance  &  Operations   o 

Brian Pisani  -­‐  Sigma  Alpha  Epsilon  

VP Risk  Management   o 

Walker Van  Dixhorn  -­‐  Sigma  Phi  Epsilon  

VP Recruitment   o 

Connor Nett  -­‐  Alpha  Gamma  Rho    


Sam Teper  -­‐  Sigma  Chi  

VP Scholarship   o 

Drew Kremer  -­‐  Sigma  Phi  Epsilon  

VP Service  &  Philanthropy   o 

Alex Fletcher  -­‐  Pi  Kappa  Alpha    

VP Public  Relations  &  Communications   o 

Greg Peckham  -­‐  Sigma  Alpha  Epsilon  

VP Athletics     o 

Brett Baur  -­‐  Sigma  Phi  Epsilon  

Operating Budget  

Membership Totals:  Fall  2012  

Membership Totals:  Fall  2012    

IFC Recruitment:  By  the  Numbers  

•  Fall 2012  Recruitment  total:  340   •  Spring  2013  Recruitment  total:  167    

Grade Trends    

Philanthropy   •  IFC  Fraternities  raised  and  donated   • 

over $90,000  for  beneCiciary   organizations  in  the  month  of  March   alone!   IFC  Service  Stanley  Cup  Award   o  Introduced  to  recognize  outstanding   chapter  philanthropic  and  service   achievement  

Events   •  Values  Based   •  •  •  •  • 

Recruitment Workshops   Risk  Management  and   Event  Safety  Workshop   Chapter  President's   Retreat   Greek  Scholarship  Week     Fraternity  Intramural   Championship     IFC  Annual  Golf  Outing    

New Chapters,  Colonies     &  Interest  Groups  

Alpha Sigma  Phi:  

Psi Upsilon:  

Fall 2012  

Spring 2013  

New Initiatives,  Biggest  Challenges   &  Upcoming  Endeavors    

•  Strengthening our  University  relations   •  Implementation  of  new  recruitment   •  •  • 

strategies   Improving  Risk  Management     Working  towards  Unity  between  all   Greek  Councils   A  more  effective,  more  engaging  IFC    

Spotlight on  IFC  Member   •  •  •  • 


Geoff Cohn   VP  of  Internal  Affairs   Major:  Management  &  HR   o  Computer  Science  CertiCicate   o  GPA:  3.79   Current  and  Past  Positions:     o  President  &  Founder-­‐   Spikeball  Crew   o  Theta  Chi  Executive  Board   o  New  Member  Educator   o  Alpha  Kappa  Psi  Professional   Business  Fraternity   "The  journey  is  the  reward"    

Multicultural Greek  Council     (MGC)  

MGC Organizations   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Lambda Theta  Phi  Latin  Fraternity  Inc.  Gamma  Theta  Chapter     Lambda  Theta  Alpha  Latin  Sorority  Inc.,  Gamma  Mu  Chapter     Sigma  Lambda  Beta  International  Fraternity  Inc.  Delta  Delta  Chapter     Kappa  Delta  Chi  Sorority  Inc.,  Alpha  Kappa  Chapter   Omega  Delta  Phi  Fraternity  Inc.     alpha  Kappa  Delta  Phi  International  Sorority  Inc.     Sigma  Lambda  Gamma  National  Sorority  Inc.  Kappa  Gamma  Chapter     Gamma  Alpha  Omega  Sorority  Inc.,  Chi  Chapter     Alpha  Pi  Omega  Sorority  Inc.,   Chi  Sigma  Tau  National  Fraternity  Inc.,  Delta  Chapter    

MGC Executive  Board   President-­‐   Arturo  'Tito'  Diaz   Vice-­‐President-­‐   Christina  Xiong     Secretary-­‐   Sam  Hicok   Treasurer-­‐   I-­‐Sha  Davis     Parliamentarian-­‐   Amanda  Woodington  

MGC Chairs     Academic-­‐   Natalie  Mena   Community  Service-­‐   Nancy  Gomez   Social  Interactions-­‐   Lucia  Hernandez     Historian/Marketing   Jack  O'Hara  

Operating Budget   Majority  of  our  funds  come  from   membership  dues.  Dues  are  set  at   $5  per  person  in  each  organization.     Current  Balance:  $1,180.00   We  also  use  the  ASM  Open  Fund  Grant   $200  in  printing  &  $100  in  supplies  

Membership Totals:  Fall  2012  

Membership Totals:  Fall  2012  

Membership Totals:  Spring  2013  

Membership Totals:  Spring  2013  

New MGC  Members:  Spring  2013  

Grade Trends  


Sigma Lambda Gamma $3,200 Gamma Alpha Omega $100 Omega Delta Phi $90 Lambda Theta Phi $800 Lambda Theta Alpha $120 Sigma Lambda Beta $300 alpha Kappa Delta Phi $110 Kappa Delta Chi $150 alpha Kappa Delta Phi $1,600 Total $6,470 Lambda Theta Phi 12 Turkeys & 5 Food Boxes Lambda Theta Alpha 5 School Supply Boxes Kappa Delta Chi $1,250 in Scholarship

Events •  Homecoming  Clean-­‐up   •  • 

-­‐ Fall  2012   Unity  Party   -­‐  Fall  2012   Student  of  Color     Greek  Retreat   -­‐Spring  2013    

New Chapters,  Colonies     &  Interest  Groups   New  MGC  Chapter:     Gamma  Alpha  Omega  Sorority  Inc.     (moved  from  PHA,  Fall  2012)  

New Initiatives,  Biggest   Challenges  &  Upcoming  Events   Initiatives:   New  branding/marketing  of  council   Creating  new  events   Changes  to  council  bylaws   Participation  in  more  events  with  NPHC,  IFC,  and  PHA     New  council  position   Challenges:   Getting  more  members  involved  in  council  

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Having high  member  attendance  at  council  events     Increased  communication  between  chapters   Upcoming  Events:  


MGC Awards/Graduation  Ceremony,  May  5,  2013   o  This  is  a  new  council  event!    

Spotlight on  MGC  Council   Member   Christina  Xiong     •  MGC  Vice-­‐President   •  Major:  Sociology    w/   •  • 


certiCicates  in  Asian  and   Afro  Am  Studies   VP-­‐Service  for  aKDPhi   She  stepped  up  when  it  came  time  to   help  MGC  and  took  the  vacant  VP   position  in  Fall  2012  and  was  re-­‐ elected  for  all  her  hard  work.     She  is  the  embodiment  of  Greek  Unity,   making  sure  that  she  attendants  other   organizations  events  and  representing   MGC  everywhere  she  goes.

National   Pan-­‐Hellenic   Council  (NPHC)  

Executive Board     President-­‐     Walter  Williams  (ΑΦA)   Vice  President-­‐     Evett  Childs  (ΔΣΘ)   Treasurer-­‐     Daniel  Dallas  (ΑΦΑ)   Secretary-­‐     Cyle  Agee  (ΦΒΣ)                                          

NPHC Chapters     Alpha  Phi  Alpha   Alpha  Kappa  Alpha   Delta  Sigma  Theta   Kappa  Alpha  Psi   Omega  Psi  Phi   Phi  Beta  Sigma   Zeta  Phi  Beta   Sigma  Gamma  Rho  

Operating Budget   •  Originally  our  dues  were  $55/chapter   •  As  of  Spring  2013  it  is  now:  


o  1-­‐5 Members  $30   o  5-­‐10  Members  $55   o  11-­‐15  Members  $80   Current  Balance  $718   We  have  recently  been  granted  a  $1,000  from   MSC  to  use  as  an  operating  budget  for  the  fall   semester!    

Membership Totals:  Spring  2013  

NPHC Recruitment:  By  the  Numbers  

•  Alpha Phi  Alpha  Fraternity  Inc.  (15  members)   •  Alpha  Kappa  Alpha  Sorority  Inc.  (9  members)     •  Kappa  Alpha  Psi  Fraternity  Inc.  (9  members)     •  Omega  Psi  Phi  Fraternity  Inc.  (3  members)   •  Delta  Sigma  Theta  Sorority  Inc.  (24  members)     •  Phi  Beta  Sigma  Fraternity  Inc.  (4  members)   •  Zeta  Phi  Beta  Sorority  Inc.  (2  members)   •  Sigma  Gamma  Rho  Sorority  Inc.  (1  members)  

Grade Trends  



•  Welcome Back  Showcase     •  Community  Service  (Soup  Kitchen   •  •  • 

& Martin  Luther  Kings  Science   Festival)   Homecoming  Parade   Socials  with  MGC,  IFC,  and  PHA   Student  of  Color  Greek  Retreat  

NPHC Council  Achievements   Alpha  Phi  Alpha:     Most  Improved  GPA   Highest  GPA  in  the  district   Most  Spirited  Greek  Member  Award   Alpha  Kappa  Alpha   Highest  GPA  (Spring  2012)   Delta  Sigma  Theta:     Highest  GPA  in  State   Highest  GPA  (Fall  2012)   Chapter  of  the  year  

•  •  •  •  •  •  • 

New Initiatives,  Biggest   Challenges  &  Upcoming  Events     New  Initiatives:     New  Amendments  added  to  Constitutions,  Bylaws  &   Standing  Rules   Challenges:   Recruitment   Financial  Solvency       Upcoming  Events:     Fundraiser  (May  4),     NPHC  Week-­‐Sept  9-­‐14   Stomp  da  Madness  Step  Show/Homecoming  Celebration   Quad  Days  

•  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Spotlight on  NPHC  Member   •  Daniel  Dallas   •  NPHC  Treasurer     •  Demonstrates  what  it  means  


to be  Greek  by  fostering   relationships  with  MCG,  IFC,   &  PHA   Joined  committees  to  ensure   Greek  Week(end)  was  a   success,  and  has  stepped  up   to  whatever  tasks  given  to   him.    

Panhellenic Association   (PHA)  

Executive Board   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

VP Programming  and  Leadership   o 

Lexi Harrison  (ΓΦΒ)  

VP Finance  and  Operations   o 

Kiersten Johnson  (ΑΧΩ)  

VP Scholarship   o 

Kristin Martens  (ΚΑΘ)  

VPs Internal  &  External  Recruitment   o 

Katie Wade  (ΠΒΦ)  


Amanda Frederick  (ΔΔΔ)  

VP Civic  Engagement   o 

Paige Sanduski  (ΑΦ)  

VP Risk  Management   o 

Emma Erickson  (ΔΔΔ)  

VP Public  Relations  &  Communications   o 

Kelli Kettell  (ΔΓ)  

VP New  Member  Education   o 

Carly Geller  (ΧΩ)  

Chief Justice   o 

Kathryn Cumpata  (ΑΦ)  

2012 Income  &  Expenses   Total  Income:  $88,065.24    -­‐Dues,  recruitment  fees,  Cines   Total  Expenses:  $72,738.50    -­‐Greek  Week,  recruitment,     new  member  programming,   philanthropy  events,  student  org   support,  etc.  

2013 Operating  Budget   Projected  Income:  

Projected Expenses:  

Dues: $48,500  

President: $1,553   VP-­‐Programming:  $6,400   VP-­‐Finance:  $11,716   VP-­‐Scholarship:  $3,630   VPs-­‐Recruitment:  $28,215   VP-­‐Civic  Engagement:  $6,300   VP-­‐Risk  Management:  $70   VP-­‐Public  Relations:  $20   VP-­‐New  Member  Education:  $6,100   Chief  Justice:  $91   Miscellaneous  Expenses:  $3,050  

$15  per  chapter  member  

Fines: $8,000    Related  to  recruitment,  service,  etc.  

Recruitment Fees:  $30,000   $40  per  registrant  

Total: $86,500  

-­‐All  Greek  Council,  Something  of  Value,      Website  Lawyer.  

Total: $67,145  

Membership Totals:  Fall  2012  

Membership Totals:  Fall  2012  

Membership Totals:  Spring  2013  

•  9 out  of  11  chapters  were  at  or  above  total   •  • 

going into  Spring  2013   o  Total  is  set  at  138  members   2  chapters  participated  in  COB   o  7  women  joined  chapters  through  COB   Currently,  10  out  of  11  chapters  are  at  or   above  total   o  The  largest  chapter  currently  has  167   members  

PHA Recruitment:  By  the  Numbers  

Accommodating Growing  Numbers  

•  Extension • 

o  Bring a  new  chapter  to   campus   Chapter  total  reevaluation   o  It  should  better  reClect  the   current  chapter  sizes   o  This  should  be  evaluated   every  year  following  fall   recruitment,  which  will  be   done  in  the  future,  but   hasn't  always  been  done  in   the  past  

Extension Committee  Recommendation  

•  Recommended that  we  


go through  extension  to   add  another  chapter,  as   well  as  raise  total     to  157.   If  approved  by  the   chapters,  we  would   expect  the  new  chapter   in  Fall  2014.  

Grade Trends  

Philanthropy   Service  Hours:   o  Each  woman  is  required  to   do  7  hours  of  service  per   semester   o  This  adds  up  to  over   20,000  hours  per  year!  

Events •  Risk  Management  and  Event  Safety  Workshop   •  New  Member  PAVE  Workshop   •  Monthly  President's  Congress   •  Greek  Scholarship  Week   •  National  Panhellenic  Conference  Something  of   •  • 

Value Workshop   Association  of  Fraternal  Leadership  &  Values   Conference   Greek  Week(end)  

Alumnae Panhellenic  Brunch   •  An  annual  event  honoring   •  •  • 

outstanding Panhellenic     alumnae     Guest  Speaker:  former  PHA   President  Laura  Howe     Silent  auction  baskets  donated   by  Madison  Area  Panhellenic   Alumnae   o  Raised  over  $600!     Outstanding  New  Member   Scholarship  recipients:   o  Rachel  Von  Doorn,     Delta  Gamma   o  Sarah  Laudon,     Pi  Beta  Phi  

Alumnae Panhellenic  Brunch   Outstanding  Panhellenic     New  Member   Scholarship  Winners  

Outstanding Panhellenic  Alumnae   Award  Winners    

Something of  Value  Program

•  This workshop  focused  on  the  values  of  all  of   • 

our organizations.   All  participants  left  with  determination  to  bring   the  focus  of  their  chapters  back  to  values.  

New Initiatives,  Biggest  Challenges   &  Upcoming  Endeavors     •  •  •  •  • 

New website  and  positive  PR  on  campus   o  Improve  campus  relations  and  continue  to  overcome   negative  stereotypes   Building  off  of  Something  of  Value  and  continue  focus  on  values   o  Continuing  to  move  away  from  a  "frills"  recruitment  to  a   values  based  recruitment   Promote  Panhellenic  sisterhood  by  bringing  back  PHA   sponsored  sisterhood  events   Continue  to  improve  inter-­‐council  relations   o  Participation  in  a  unity  stroll  at  the  Zeta  yard  show   Continue  to  grow  the  PHA  community  through  extension  and   total  increases  

Spotlight on  PHA  Council  Member   •  Amanda  Frederick   •  VP  External  Recruitment   •  Major:  Rehab  Psychology  w/  

certiCicate in  Criminal  Justice  

•  Involvement:   o  Tri  Delta  VP  Public  Relations   o  SAC  Hiring  Manager   o  Capitol  Lakes  Retirement  

Community Intern   o  Waisman  Center  Intern   o  Research  Assistant  for  Culturally   Responsive  Positive  Behavioral   Interventions  and  Supports   (CRPBIS)  

All Greek   Council  (AGC)  

Organization Structure     •President:    Oversees  all  administrative  functions,  liaison  to  advisors/faculty,  ensures  all  VPs  are  held     accountable  for  duties  and  responsible  for  overall  success  of  organization  

–Libby Pappas   •VP-­‐Leadership:    Responsible  for  promoting  leadership  development  in  both  the  Greek  and  campus   community  through  events  like  the  President's  Retreat  and  on-­‐campus  workshops   –Mimi  Gary   •VP-­‐Community  Service:  In  charge  of  promoting  small  and  large  scale  community  service  projects  for   both  the  Council,  the  Greek  Community,  and  campus   –Ronan  Daly   •VP-­‐Funding:      Oversees  all  expenses/Cinances  as  well  as  creating  and  promoting  funding  opportunities   –Devon  Miller   •VP-­‐  All  Greek  Awards:  Responsible  for  all  aspects  of  the  planning,  grading,  and  hosting  the  All  Greek   Awards  events  which  takes  place  each  spring   –Fall  2012:  Briana  Balaban   –Spring  2013:  Megan  Maurina   •VP-­‐Inter-­‐Council      Relations:  Promotes  communication  and  participation  in  the  four  councils  as  well   as  the  planning  and  execution  of  the  Chapters  of  Excellence  Brunch  each  fall   –Fall  2012:  Kelly  Hiserodt   –Spring  2013:  Krystal  Simpraphone,  Joseph  Mendoza      

2012-­‐2013 Accomplishments   •Continue  to  increase  MGC  and  NPHC  membership  on  council  and   executive  board   •Also  increase  diversity  of  chapter  representation      from  PHA  and  IFC   •Increase  transparency  and  communication  amongst  executive   committee,  council  and  advisors   •Take  advantage  of  funding  opportunities  through  university  and   outside  grants   •Incorporate  leadership  training  and  information  about  additional   involvement  opportunities/upcoming  events  on  campus  at  each   council  meeting   •Revise  recognition  application  grading  to  ensure  fairness  and   equality  between  the  four  councils  

2012-­‐2013 New  Initiatives     •Annual  events  were  a  success:   •Chapters  of  Excellence  Brunch   •All  Greek  Awards   •President’s  Retreat   •Recruited  over  30  new  members  this  year   •Most  successful  fall  application  process  to  date-­‐   many  new  chapters  represented   •Executive  committee  was  comprised  of  members   from  3  out  of  the  4  councils  (PHA,  IFC,  MGC)  

Future of  AGC   • 

•  • 


AGC no  longer  serving  its  original  purpose   o  Ways  in  which  AGC  works  with  the  Greek  community  has  evolved  but   purpose  has  always  remained  consistent   o  AGC  lacks  resources  truly  needed  to  perform  in  the  highest  functioning   manner   By  absorbing  (and  subsequently  distributing)  events,  aims  and  initiatives  of  AGC   evenly  throughout  the  Greek  Life  ofCice  and  its  respective  councils/members  of   the  Greek  community,  staff  and  leaders  will  be  able  to  more  effectively  foster-­‐  and   truly  uphold-­‐  AGC's  mission  statement  and  intent  as  an  organization  on  campus   Other  involvement  opportunities  for  members:   o  Greek  Life  Internship  Position   o  Greek  Life  Chair  Position   §  Smaller  group  of  Greek  leaders  that  will  work  together  as  a  neutral   party  to  help  assist  UW  Greek  Life  in  programming  and  funding   initiatives   Remaining  AGC  funds  will  be  allocated  to  either  a  charity  organization  or  to  CfLI   for  future  events  

Spotlight on  AGC  Member   Devon  Miller  

•  •  •  •  • 


Sophomore Biology   Alpha  Gamma  Rho   Vice  President  of  Funding,  AGC   Involvement:  Badger  Crops  Club  member,   Oncology/Hematology  volunteer  at  the  UW   hospital,  Alpha  Gamma  Rho  Scholarship   OfCicer,  Research  Assistant  for  the  University   of  Wisconsin  Carbone  Cancer  Center   Favorite  Aspect  of  Greek  Life:  I  love  how  I   can  meet  any  stranger  also  involved  in  Greek   Life  and  we  instantly  have  something  to  talk   about  

Interfraternity Council  (IFC)   Judicial  Board  

IFC Judicial  Board  Members   •  Ben  Agatston  -­‐  Sigma  Alpha  Epsilon   •  Jon  Baird  -­‐  Chi  Phi   •  Will  Westhoff  -­‐  Kappa  Sigma   •  Max  Hecht  -­‐  Alpha  Epsilon  Pi   •  Evan  Biscow  -­‐  Sigma  Chi   •  Ryan  Fager  -­‐  Delta  Tau  Delta   •  Chris  Taylor-­‐  Sigma  Pi   •  Brian  Quick  -­‐  Phi  Gamma  Delta   •  David  Sandvig  -­‐  Pi  Kappa  Alpha     •  Phil  Sailer  -­‐  Sigma  Phi  Epsilon   •  Peter  Geppert  -­‐  Tau  Kappa  Epsilon  

IFC Judicial  Board  Updates  

•  Changing form  for  Ciling  infractions   •  Implementing  mediation     •  Using  more  educational  sanctions   •  Coordinate  with  other  university  J-­‐Boards  to   • 

improve UW's   Next  steps:   o  Update  IFC  Constitution   o  Institute  value  based  sanctions   o  Continue  to  educate  fraternities  on  proper   social  policy  

2012-­‐2013 Overview  of  IFC  J-­‐Board  

•  Twelve hearings  to  date   •  Infraction  Ciling  types:   • 

o  Four police  reports   o  Eight  IFC/PHA  representatives   Sanctions  given:   o  Admonishment   o  Educational  Programming  and  Workshops   o  Risk  Management  Planning  and  Training   o  Alcohol  Restriction  

Spotlight on  IFC  J-­‐Board  Member   Brian  Quick  

•  Phi Gamma  Delta   •  Sophomore   •  Economics  Major   •  FIJI  Recruitment  Chair   •  Economics  Student   • 

Association Member   Hoofers  Member  

Panhellenic Association  (PHA)   Judicial  Board  

PHA Judicial  Board  Members   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Jordan Troy-­‐  Alpha  Chi  Omega   Sydney  Peters-­‐  Alpha  Chi  Omega   Amy  Hurwitz-­‐  Chi  Omega   Dani  Golub-­‐Chi  Omega   Alex  Ryan-­‐  Delta  Delta  Delta   Stamena  Ivanov-­‐  Delta  Delta  Delta   Lindsey  Moulton-­‐Delta  Gamma   Sarah  Strohmaier-­‐  Delta  Gamma   Natalie  Foster-­‐  Gamma  Phi  Beta   Emma  DeMane-­‐  Gamma  Phi  Beta   Kristin  Johnson-­‐  Kappa  Alpha  Theta   Emily  Williamson-­‐  Kappa  Kappa  Gamma   Monica  Raven-­‐  Kappa  Kappa  Gamma   Matha  Ryzner-­‐  Pi  Beta  Phi  

PHA Judicial  Board  Updates   •  Use  mediation  as  opposed  to  judicial  board.   •  Updating  infraction  report  forms   • 

o  more speciCic  questions  asked   o  separate  form  for  recruitment   Next  steps:   o  Continue  to  provide  fair  and  uniform  process  to   all  chapters  on  campus   o  Focus  on  the  educational  aspect  of  Judicial   Board,  assisting  chapters  in  learning  from  their   mistakes  

2012-­‐2013 Overview  of  PHA  J-­‐Board  

•  Infractions during  Fall  semester:     • 

o  various recruitment  infractions   o  alcohol  related  infractions   Sanctions  used  during  Fall  semester:   o  Fines   o  Alcohol  Restriction   o  Educational  Programming   o  Risk  Management  Workshops  

2012-­‐2013 Overview  of  PHA  J-­‐Board  

Spotlight on  PHA  J-­‐Board  Member   Lindsey  Moulton  

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Sophomore   Honors  College  of  Letters  and  Science,   double  major  in  Legal  Studies  and   Sociology   2013  Rho  Gamma   Community  Service  Executive  Chair  for   She's  the  First!   Committee  member  of  Leadership   Through  Volunteering   Student  Leadership  program   Badger  Volunteer   Legal  Studies  tutor   Teacher  for  Emerging  Leaders  Program  

Greek Community   Events,   Accomplishments,   Initiatives  &  Highlights  

Greek Community:  Chapter  Totals   Total  Organizations:  65   Fraternities:  41  total     Sororities:  24  total   IFC:  1501  total  members   MGC:  98  total  members   NPHC:  52  total  members   PHA:  1633  total  members  

UW Greek  Community:     By  the  Numbers  

•  Members from     •  •  • 

32 states  &  9  countries     Over  $60,000  donated   to  charities  in  2011   Over  10,000  service   hours  logged  in  2011   Members  accounted  for   more  than  1/3  of  UW   students  who  studied   abroad  in  spring  2012  

Awards from  (Inter)national  OfBices

•  Acacia Fraternity-­‐  Excellence  in  House   •  •  •  • 

Management Alpha  Epsilon  Phi  Sorority-­‐  Highest  PHA  GPA  on   campus,  Exceeded  all  sorority  GPA   Alpha  Gamma  Rho  Fraternity-­‐  Honorable   Mentions  for  Academic  Excellence,  Alumni   Relations   alpha  Kappa  Delta  Phi  Sorority-­‐  Most  Improved   Semester  GPA  (Fall  2011)   Beta  Chi  Theta  Fraternity-­‐  100%  Participation   in  Sons  of  the  Dragon  Club  

Awards from  (Inter)national  OfBices  

•  Chi Omega  Sorority-­‐  Chapter  of  Achievement,   •  •  •  • 

Outstanding Advisor  Hospitality   Chi  Phi  Fraternity-­‐  Best  Colony  Recruitment,   Distinguished  Academic  Year  (2011-­‐2012)   Delta  Gamma  Sorority-­‐  Honorable  Mention   for  participation  in  Golden  Anchor  Program   Delta  Theta  Sigma  Fraternity-­‐  Most   Improved  GPA,  Highest  Chapter  GPA   Gamma  Alpha  Omega  Sorority-­‐  Academic   Excellence  

Awards from  (Inter)national  OfBices  

•  Pi Kappa  Alpha  Fraternity-­‐  Scholarship  Plate,   Chuckwagon  Award   •  Pi  Lambda  Phi-­‐  Cinalist  in  Outstanding  Operations     •  Sigma  Delta  Tau  Sorority-­‐  Administrative  Award,   •  • 

New Member  Education  &  Development  Award,   Alumni  Award   Sigma  Lambda  Beta  Fraternity-­‐  Social  Interaction   Award,  Living  the  Pillars  Awards  for  Scholarship  &   Cultural  Awareness   Sigma  Lambda  Gamma  Sorority-­‐  Outstanding   Chapter  of  the  Year    

Awards from  (Inter)national  OfBices  

•  Sigma Pi  Fraternity-­‐  ACE  Project  Award  for   •  •  •  • 

Philanthropy (2011  &  2012)   Tau  Kappa  Epsilon  Fraternity-­‐  Top  TKE   Chapter   Theta  Chi  Fraternity-­‐  Award  for  Outstanding   Volunteer  Service  &  Philanthropy,  Excellence  in   Recruitment  Award,  Chapter  Achievement  Award   Theta  Delta  Chi  Fraternity-­‐  Most  Hospitable   Charge   Triangle  Fraternity-­‐  Highest  GPA,  Highest  New   Member  GPA  

AFLV Conference   •  •  •  •  •  • 

The Association  of  Fraternal   Leadership  &  Values     Yearly  conference  dedicated  to   stimulating  growth  and  development   within  fraternity/sorority  chapters,   councils,  chapters  and  members     2013  conference  took  place  in   Indianapolis     Undergraduates  representing  over   300  schools  and  universities  across   the  country  attended     Representatives  from  all  UW  Greek   councils  attended   PHA  was  honored  with  3  awards!    

Student of  Color  Greek  Retreat  

Trick-­‐or-­‐Treat-­‐with the  Greeks   •  Over  300  children  from  

•  • 

7 local  Boys  &  Girls   clubs  and  Dane  County   Elementary  schools   attended  this  year's   event   30  chapters  participated     All  four  UW  Greek   councils  were   represented  at  this   event!    

All-­‐Dressed Up   •  Annual  Junior  League   • 

of Madison  event  with   participation  from  PHA   and  MGC  women     Over  200  dresses  were     donated  from   community  for   underprivileged  high   school  women  to  wear   to  prom  

Humorology 2013   •  • 

•  • 

An annual  musical/variety  show  consisting  of  six  original  mini   musical  comedies  written,  produced  and  performed  by  fraternity  and   sorority  pairings  and  overseen  by  a  student-­‐run  executive  board       Pairings:     o  Alpha  Phi  &  Fiji        2013  Winners!     o  Chi  O,  DTD,  AGR,  Lodge  &  AEPhi   o  Pi  Phi,  Theta  Chi  &  Chi  Phi   o  Sig  Ep,  Gamma  Phi  Beta   o  Kappa  Kappa  Gamma,  Kappa  Sig  &  DU   Proceeds  beneCit  Camp  One  Heartland   o  A  National  non-­‐proCit  organization  for  children  and  families   facing  health  challenges,  speciCically  HIV/AIDS     This  year's  donation  estimated  to  be  $10,000    

Humorology 2013  

Greek Week(end)  2013   •  Annual  competition  amongst  all  four   •  • 

Greek councils  to  create  stronger  bonds   between  individual  chapters  and  councils   as  a  whole   Thursday,  April  11-­‐  Sunday,  April  14   Events  Include:   o  Greek  Olympics   o  Langdon  St.  Block  Party   o  Study  Slam  @  College  Library  

Greek Week(end)  2013   Results:     1st  Place-­‐   Pi  Kappa  Alpha,   Alpha  Phi  &     Theta  Delta  Chi    

Greek Community  Updates   Greek  Life  Coordinator  Hiring  Timeline:  

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Mid Jan:    Formation  of  Search  &  Screen  (S  &  S)  Committee     Late  Jan  to  late  Feb:  Job  Posted/Accepting  Application   Late  Feb/Early  March:  S  &  S  Review’s  Applications   Mid  April:  S  &  S  Phone  Interviews  Candidates     Late  April/Early  May:  Candidate  On-­‐campus  Interviews:     Mid  May:  S  &  S  gives  recommendations  to  Director  of  CfLI   Mid/Late  May:  Director  of  CfLI  offers  position   June  1:  Anticipated  position  start  date  

Search &  Screen  Committee:    

•  •  •  • 

Will Chapman-­‐Chair,  Dean  of  Students  OfCice   Barb  Kautz-­‐Wittwer,  Center  for  Leadership  &  Involvement     Walter  Williams,  Tito  Diaz,  Claire  Usher,  Chris  Fernandez-­‐Governance  Council   Presidents   Jennifer  Ball  Sharpe,  Institute  of  Biology  Education/Dean  Commission  on     F  &  S  Representative      

Website Update   •  • 



Greek Community  website  will  be  hosted  through  a   university  domain     o 

most recent  website  

o  o 

hosting company  is  closing   looking  to  buy  domain   o 

owned by  non-­‐UW  afCiliated  individual  


false representation  of  community  


IFC/PHA currently  have  bid  to  purchase   §  if  outbid,  legal  action  will  follow o  o 

new website  location   will  provide  all  up  to  date  information  and  links  


will immediately  transition  to  new  website  once   completed  


hoping for  domain  name  as  well  

UW Greek  on  Twitter    

•  The UW  Greek  Community  is  being  successfully   • 

promoted on  Twitter   Highlighting  events  and  accomplishments  of  all   four  UW  Greek  councils!    

Building Projects  on  Langdon  St.     Theta  Chi  Fraternity  House:     -  Expected  Completion  Date:   August  1st,  2014   -­‐  Total  Cost:  $2.8  million   (Alumni  Funded)   -­‐  Capacity:  42  rooms   -­‐  New  Features:  handicap   accessible,  elevator,   underground  moped  and   bike  parking,  study  rooms  on   each  Cloor,  sprinkler  system,   etc.    

Greeks Going  Green   •  •  •  •  •  • 

An initiative  to  increase  the  educate  the  Greek   community  on  the  importance  of  recycling  and   being  more  environmentally  conscious   Program  committee  is  working  closely  with   Frank  Kooistra,  the  UW  Sustainability  Operations   Coordinator   Helping  each  chapter  house  to  increase  their   recycling  efforts   Future  plans  to  implement  other  environmental   projects  in  the  Greek  community,  including   composting     Each  of  the  11  Panhellenic  Association  sororities   are  currently  participating  in  the  program,  with   approx.  3  members  per  house  serving  on  the   committee   45  members  total    

Greek InterVarsity   •  Through  annual  Greek  Conferences,  group  


meetings on  campus,  and  bible  studies  in   fraternities  and  sororities,  Greek  InterVarsity   seeks  to  connect  those  in  the  Greek  system   with  the  Christian  faith.   Weekly  meetings  are  held  on  Wednesday   nights,  and  small-­‐group  Bible  studies  are  also   organized  each  semester,  along  with  other   service  and  fellowship  activities.  

Greek Jewish  Council   •  Representatives  from  10  different  UW  chapters     •  Greek  Jewish  Council  plans  a  variety  of  programs   • 

that help  build  a  Jewish  community  within  the   Greek  system   Past  events  include  a  charity  bowling  tournament   and  a  Greek-­‐wide  Shabbat  activities  

Dean's Commission  on     Fraternities  &  Sororities    

•  Advisory Board  to  Greek   •  •  • 

Community made  up  of  faculty,   staff  &  students   Annual  Meeting-­‐  Oct.18th,   2012   Jeanine  Mount,  long  time   commission  member  &  current   chair  stepping  down  due  to   relocation       Appreciation  Reception   immediately  following  this   presentation.  

Professor Jeanine  Mount,  Dean's   Commission  on  Fraternities  &   Sororities  Chair  

All Greek  Awards  2013   •  March  10th,  2013   •  Held  in  the  Varsity  Hall  at  Union  South   •  Event  to  recognize  the  Greek  

•  • 

Community for  all  of  their  hard  work   in  2012   Keynote  Speech  By  Dean  Lori  Berquam   Performance  By  Tangled  Up  In  Blue  

All Greek  Awards  2013   Chapter  Recognition   Awards:  

•  Outstanding Alumnae Relations: Delta Delta Delta

•  Outstanding New  

Member Programming:   Kappa  Alpha  Theta    

All Greek  Awards  2013   Chapter  Recognition   Awards:  

•  Outstanding Community   Service:  Pi  Beta  Phi  

•  Outstanding Philanthropy:     Pi  Beta  Phi    

All Greek  Awards  2013   Individual   Recognition   Awards:  

•  Outstanding Chapter  

Advisor: Bruce  Peterson   ~  Delta  Tau  Delta  

•  Outstanding House  

Director: Pam  Dorton     ~  Delta  Delta  Delta    

All Greek  Awards  2013   Individual   Recognition   Awards:  

•  Outstanding Resident  

Advisor: Sarah  Burton     ~  Delta  Delta  Delta  

•  Councils' Gold  Medal:  TJ   Sargent  ~nominated  by   Delta  Delta  Delta  

All Greek  Awards  2013   Individual   Recognition   Awards:  

•  Outstanding Chapter  

President: Mimi  Gary     ~  Kappa  Alpha  Theta  

•  Outstanding Greek  

Women: Laura  Howe     ~  Delta  Gamma  

All Greek  Awards  2013   Individual  Recognition  Awards:  

•  Most Spirited  Greek:  Daniel  Dallas  


~Alpha Phi  Alpha  Fraternity,  Inc.   Outstanding  New  Member:  Hillary  Chang     ~alpha  Kappa  Delta  Phi  

All Greek  Awards  2013   Individual  Recognition  Awards:  

•  Outstanding Greek  Scholar:  Jessica  Schwartz     • 

~ Pi  Beta  Phi   Outstanding  Community-­‐Minded  Greek:  Emily   Parkinson  ~  Pi  Beta  Phi  

Chapters of  Excellence     Purpose:    

•  Gather information  that  can  be  used  to  describe  the  Greek   •  •  • 

system at  UW-­‐Madison  and  to  document  its  contribution  to   campus  life  through  the  Chapters  of  Excellence  program   Provide  each  chapter  with  a  regular  mechanism  to  assess  its   performance  and  progress  in  meeting  its  overall  mission   Give  the  Greek  Advisor  information  regarding  chapter   membership,  activities  and  accomplishments   Identify  practices  that  have  helped  individual  chapters  to   effectively  meet  their  overall  mission  

Chapters of  Excellence   The  Four  Pillars:  

•  •  •  • 

Leadership o  Leadership  position  held  in  Greek  Community  or  at  the   University   Scholarship   o  Academic  achievement   o  GPA   o  Alumni  outreach  program   Citizenship   o  Community  service   o  Fundraising         Fellowship   o  Alcohol-­‐free  activities   o  No  judicial  complaints  

Chapters of  Excellence   Breakfast  with  the  Dean  

Chapters of  Excellence   2011  Winners:       Fraternities:   Sororities:     Alpha  Gamma  Rho   Delta  Gamma   Sigma  Phi  Epsilon   Gamma  Phi  Beta   Tau  Kappa  Epsilon   Kappa  Alpha  Theta     Alpha  Kappa  Alpha  Sorority,   Inc.  

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Sigma Lambda  Gamma  National  Sorority,  Inc.  

Shared Standards  Work  Group   Mission:   The  Shared  Standards  Agreement  for  fraternities  and  sororities  at  the   University  of  Wisconsin-­‐Madison  (UW-­‐Madison)  aims  to  improve  the   management  quality  of  the  fraternal  experience  at  UW-­‐Madison  for   organizations  of  the  Interfraternity  Council,  Multicultural  Greek  Council,   National  Pan-­‐Hellenic  Council,  and  the  Panhellenic  Association.  

Purpose: The  purpose  of  the  Shared  Standards  Agreement  for  fraternities  and   sororities  is:  (1)  to  outline  a  clear,  and  comprehensive  set  of  standards   that  each  organization  must  attain  to  be  recognized  by  their  governing   council;  (2)  to  provide  a  tool  with  which  fraternities  and  sororities  can   quantify  their  activities,  and  conduct  an  annual  self-­‐evaluation  process;  (3)   to  determine  how  organizations  wish  to  function  within  the  greater  UW-­‐ Madison  community.  

Shared Standards  Work  Group   Categories:  

•  Academic Achievement   •  Brotherhood/Sisterhood  Development   •  Citizenship  &  Community  Service   •  Leadership  Development   •  Membership  Development   •  Values  Congruence  

Development of  Greek  Chapter   Evaluation  Tool   •  Current  Chapters  of  Excellence  (CoE)  model  needs  updating   •  Shared  Standards  Work  Group  (SSWG)  created  in  2012  to   •  •  • 

reevaluate CoE  model  and  provide  new  format   SSWG  had  great  conversations  and  was  able  to  develop   rubrics,  but  had  difCicult  to  quantify  measures  of  success   After  getting  a  "behind  the  scenes"  look  at  AFLV  Awards   process,  combination  of  work  from  CoE  application  and  SSWG   rubrics  will  be  used  to  create  a  chapter  evaluation  tool  that   emphasizes  proof  of  claim  and  a  simpliCied  grading  structure   Looking  to  have  completed  and  out  to  chapters  in  Fall  2013   for  2013  calendar  year  evaluation.  

Committee on  Student  Organizations   Functions  of  the  CSO:  

•  Carry out  the  registered  student  organization  disciplinary   process  as  established  in  the  Policy  on  the  Conduct  and   Discipline  of  Registered  Student  Organizations  

•  Review disciplinary  process  and  procedures   •  Set  policy  relevant  to  RSOs   •  Serve  as  a  bridge  from  ASM  (student  government)  to  RSOs   •  Create  programs  which  will  better  connect  and  serve   RSOs  

•  Advise the  Center  for  Leadership  and  Involvement  

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End of the Year Report 2013  
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