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Grocery Shopping Online

The beauty and the pain lie not in the big things – they lie in the tiny ones. If you pause and wonder how much time and precious energy is spent on seemingly small tasks the answer won’t be tiny. Take for instance grocery shopping. It can take up a lot of hours, including the eleventh one and yet it can never be left alone to make a mess of a smooth day. The fridge, the kitchen shelf, the drawers, the washroom corner – all have to be stocked well, because if they are not, the kind of frustration and delay that can follow only wreck an already-hectic day of an average human today. Add to that the pressures of modern lifestyle and the need for a healthy living, and you get a serious mix of challenges that haunt a routine grocery trip.

Even if one is a much-organised grocery-shopper, these are some dead-ends that can ruin a smooth walk inside the aisle anytime: 1. The items on the priority list turn out to be unavailable at that moment, so you either walk to the next store or ‘adjust’ with the absence. 2. The items you thought are little off-budget turn up for a sale, but hey, you arrive the next day and miss the chance by a feather. 3. The store layout makes you navigate endlessly from one aisle to another, from one corner to the extreme next – and unless you want to compensate for your morning exercise – this gets annoying and exhausting. 4. Shopping with a health-food-item plan becomes impractical because the stores near to you may not have the products you need, and if they do, they are either hard to find or way past your spending levels.

1. Of course, the queues. Now here the pain is not just in waiting forever in a line but also ending up buying those ‘impulse’ candies, socks, chips etc. that you never ever planned on buying. 2. Even having a sturdy husband won’t help when the grocery bags are too heavy to haul up to the car. We are not going to talk about the case of shoppers who walk back home. 3. Bumping into that chatty lady or weirdo is never pleasant but on a shopping spree, there’s only so much that can be avoided. 4. Shopping takes time. And when that time happens to be sliced out of good Sunday, the Monday starts to arrive at a faster rate than you wished for. 5. Planning, proactive inventories, healthy shopping, and staying away from hurried mistakes happens to be a tough task for even the smartest shoppers.

Look at some really smart apps (like Jugaad) for achieving that goal and fulfill the wish with some really helpful grocery services. These apps do something simple but very essential – by allowing your fingers to do what your feet did. Roam around aisles but at any hour of your choice and without bumping, staying in queues or feeling like you are in a dangerous maze. They take care of online grocery deliveries, great pricing, and alerts for sale days and possibility of big discounts. So they give you the comfort of hassle-free shopping but also surprise you with personalised displays, suggestions, and alerts. Some of them can be super-smart and pre-crisis-ready by being aligned intelligently with your phone and location.

They take the headache and the planning out of usual grocery errands and make grocery services so easy, fun and full of features that for a change you can actually delegate this task to kids or the husband without any worries or follow-ups. Online grocery delivery, tracking stocks, special offers, and customisation is what a reliable website or an app would always delight you with while also conserving some precious time for you. Save that time and energy for actually enjoying the groceries. Spend that time in stopping to exist and starting to live. Because that’s a big thing. Leave the tiny ones to Jugaad. You pick the big one. Today!

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Grocery shopping online saying goodbye to old ways  

Online grocery services so easy, fun and full of features that for a change you can actually delegate this task to kids or the husband witho...

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