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udson is an evangelical Christian university that represents the Church at work in higher education,

equipping students to be fully developed, responsible persons who glorify God by the quality of their personal relationships, their work, and their citizenship within the community, the nation and the world. Through a broadly based education in the liberal arts, sciences and professions, the university enables its students to acquire ideas and concepts that sharpen their insights, develop skills appropriate to their career goals, and develop the skills and commitment for lifelong learning. The Judson community experience challenges graduates to be decisive leaders and active participants in church and society, articulate proponents of Biblical Christianity, persuasive advocates for the sovereignty of God over all life, and effective ambassadors for Christ.

Table of Contents Letter from the President 2011 Facts and Figures Letter from the Vice President Student Story Lifetime Giving Why Give To Judson? Faculty Story Annual Giving Year In Review Gifts in Kind Donor Story Endowed Scholarships Staff Story Estate Planning Memorial Giving Volunteer Leadership Board of Trustees Giving Opportunities Letter from the Director

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Cabinet Members Dr. Jerry Cain President

Dr. Dale Simmons

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mr. Laine Malmquist

Vice President for Business Affairs

Mrs. Nancy Binger

Executive Director of Enrollment Services

Mr. Tory Gum

Vice President for External Relations

Mrs. LeAnn Pauley-Heard

Vice President for Student Development

If you would like to be included in the Annual Report, please visit our website at or contact the Office of Advancement at (847) 628-2090. We welcome your questions regarding contributions toward our ongoing mission of equipping students to be fully developed, responsible, godly adults.

The Annual Report is published by the Judson University Office of University Advancement.

Letter from the President Dr. Jerry B. Cain

Please read with delight this Annual Report knowing that your name is listed herein because of your faithful gifts to Judson University during the 2010-2011 school year. We are grateful for your support and want to thank you for standing with us through the Great Recession impacting our entire world. You noticed in 2008-2009 that about 40 percent of your retirement savings and 40 percent of your home value disappeared into thin air. Economists are still analyzing the data and comment daily on the vicissitudes of the stock market as we watch the Dow Jones Industrial Average go up and down while making little progress back to its 2008 high of 14,000. Like your home budget, Judson University has been impacted by these changes. That is why our thanks this year is so sincere in acknowledging how you have stayed with us and made your regular gifts to our mission, in spite of the economic reversals you have personally experienced. Thank you. Thank you. Judson will be a good steward of whatever resources are provided to us. If we receive five talents, two talents or only one talent, we will never bury that gift in the ground and whine about the difficulty of our situation. We will be grateful for even the widow’s mite and will work hard to expand it to meet the needs of our students. As we near the end of the calendar year for 2011, the half-way mark in the 2011-2012 school year, I am glad to report that Judson is financially stable and focused on our mission. We continue to do the work of the church in higher education without apology or compromise. I am very grateful for your generosity toward Judson knowing the future is as bright as the promises of God. Cordially, Dr. Jerry B. Cain


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

2011 Facts and Figures These July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011 charts reflect the responsible stewardship that Judson strives for every day.

As an evangelical Christian liberal arts university, Judson offers students education in their major field with the embracement of Christian ethics for lifelong growth and behavior. Part of keeping the University healthy is being financially responsible.


Tuition & Fees



Instructional Exp


Auxiliary Enterprises


Institutional Support


Gifts/Gov’t Grants


Auxiliary Enterprises


Investment Income*


Student Services


Academic Support


Other Income

Total Revenue



Total Expenses


* Please note that Investment Income was included in expenses in 2010 since it was a loss. In 2011, it was a gain and included on the Revenue side for pie chart purposes.


Letter from the Vice President for External Relations Mr. Tory Gum

As I look out my office window in the administration building, it seems as though the 90 acres of Judson University have never been more beautiful! The brilliant red and orange colors of the leaves are shimmering from the cool autumn breeze, yet the rustling is muffled by the sounds of our students walking and conversing about their day. It truly is an exciting time to be a part of the Judson family. The shifting season from fall to winter brings a reminder that change is in the air. As most of you know by now, change is coming to the President’s Office at Judson University. Dr. Jerry Cain and First Lady Linda will retire June 30, 2012, and that allows for many opportunities to honor and thank them for their 14 wonderful years at Judson. Please join us in wishing them well as they embrace the glorious retirement so appropriate for two who have shown amazing dedication to advancing the mission and ministry of Judson University. For all of the prayer warriors reading this Annual Report, thank you in advance for the daily prayers you will say on behalf of the next president. There are many exciting days ahead at Judson and we believe God will bless our community by calling yet another dynamic Christian leader to our campus. Thank you again for your faithfulness to our students – many of whom would not be here without your support. You impact eternity through your kindness toward Judson University. God’s best to you and your family, Tory Gum


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

Student Story LeStan Hoskins

Many college-bound students that visit Judson University notice a couple different aspects that spark their interest. Many value the beauty of the campus and sense the peace, comfort, and being with God. The native prairies, blooming trees, green rolling hills, and stream flowing through campus come as a welcoming atmosphere and a source of encouragement. Others feel the friendly atmosphere of pleasant, forthcoming students and professors alike that make them feel at home. Both of these elements captivated LeStan Hoskins which made his decision to come to Judson a simple one. LeStan, a Christian Ministries major, understands the value of higher education. Being able to build relationships with professors on a personal level is highly treasured and respected by many students. The professors have had a great impact on LeStan. “Professors here really care about your education, and more importantly, your relationship with Jesus Christ,” says LeStan.

He has also been blessed with a great connection with Dr. Burris, director of Academic Assistance. “She has always been a person with a listening ear to encourage me to keep working towards my goals. She is like a coach,” says LeStan. God holds a special future for LeStan. He is currently deciding whether to go to seminary or proceed directly to serve in the ministry. No matter where God leads him, he will have his trust in the Lord. One of his favorite verses from the Bible comes from Proverbs 3:5-6, which says: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

“Professors here really care about your education, and more importantly, your relationship with Jesus Christ.” -LeStan Hoskins


Lifetime Giving The following honor roll of Lifetime Giving includes all cumulative gifts to Judson University through June 30, 2011.

1835 Society $1,000,000 and above On December 29, 1835, Adoniram Judson completed the Burmese translation of the Old Testament, providing the first complete translation of the Bible into the Burmese language. American Financial Corp. Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Roy R. Carpenter †Dr. & Mrs. Carl H. Lindner Dr. & Dr. Robert Lindner Dr. & Mrs. George H. Martini †Dr. Margaret P. Surbeck

1823 Society $500,000 - $999,999 On July 12, 1823, Adoniram Judson completed the Burmese translation of the New Testament. Hoffer Foundation The Kern Family Foundation Kresge Foundation Wilson Foundation Mr. Cliff D. Wilson

1812 Society $250,000 - $499,999 Adoniram Judson married Ann Hasseltine on February 5, 1812. The very next day he was ordained. Armlader Trust Fund Mr. & Mrs. James Bagnall First Baptist Church, Marshalltown, IA Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hicks Illinois Board of Higher Education Dr. & Mrs. James H. Kent †Mr. & †Mrs. Louis Kunos Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Lundstrom Mr. & Mrs. David McFadzean †Mrs. Hazel Jean Nietzold


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

Safety-Kleen Corporation Dr. & Mrs. Wilber G. Smith †Mrs. Marjorie H. Thulin United Dairy Farmers Inc. Varied Investments Inc. W. R. Meadows Foundation

1808 Society $100,000 - $249,999 In the year 1808 Adoniram Judson made a solemn dedication of his life to God. Ameritech Corporation Mr. & Mrs. David P. Anderson Anonymous Funds Artistic Carton Company †Mr. Milton W. Bennett Dr. & Mrs. Donald W. Brinckman Dr. & Mrs. Jerry B. Cain Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Casey Central Baptist Church, Springfield, IL David C. Cook Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Demoss Dr. & Mrs. James W. Didier Dr. & Mrs. David J. Draewell EFS Foundation First Baptist Church, Elgin, IL First Baptist Church, Savoy, IL First Baptist Church, Greensburg, IN First Baptist Church, Seymour, IN Friends of Judson - Elgin Dr. & Mrs. E. Harold Harper †Mrs. Audrey Harrison Mr. & Mrs. George E. Hepler Mr. & Mrs. David A. Hoag Mr. & Dr. Robert G. Hunt Illinois Clean Energy Foundation †Mr. & †Mrs. Russell Ingraham † Denotes Deceased * Denotes Alumni

Mrs. Mary Jefferson Dr. Paul H. Johnson Mr. Robert A. Johnston Karl Road Baptist Church, Columbus, OH Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lawson Dr. & Mrs. Harry G. Meadows Muscatine Foods Corp. Foundation PSA-Dewberry/BCA Mrs. Laura Robinson Dr. Stuart A. Ryder Dr. & Mrs. Jack Shales The Shurtleff Fund Mr. & †Mrs. Ralph M. Sloman Mrs. Marian H. Stephens †Dr. & †Dr. Edward Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Thurow, Sr. †Dr. & Mrs. Harm A. Weber

1788 Society $50,000 - $99,999 Adoniram Judson was born in Malden, Mass. on August 9, 1788. American Baptist Foundation Mrs. Jean E. Appier Arlington Memorial Baptist, Akron, OH Autodream LLC Miss Floy Bell Dr. & Mrs. Richard Besancon Bethany Baptist Church, Highland, IL Bethel Baptist Church, Springfield, OH Mr. & Mrs. Harold Booze Mrs. June Boswick Brady Ready - Mix Company †Mary Bramer Estate Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Bruner

Mr. & Mrs. Emmett R. Bubb California Community Foundation Rev. & Mrs. Raymond H. Carter Mrs. Doris Cassens Cherry Hills Baptist Church, Springfield, IL Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Clossman Courier News DSM Desotech Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Murrell L. Dean Educational Assistance Ltd. Elgin Sweeper Foundation Mr. & * Mrs. Craig M. Feltheim First Baptist Church, Keokuk, IA First Baptist Church, Park Ridge, IL First Baptist Church, Westchester, IL First Baptist Church, Greenwood, IN First Baptist Church, Muncie, IN First Baptist Church, Peru, IN First Baptist Church, Cadillac, MI First Baptist Church, Charlotte, MI First Baptist Church, Davison, MI First Baptist Church, Howell, MI First Baptist Church, Hamilton, OH First Baptist Church, Barberton, OH First Baptist Church, Ironton, OH Mr. & Mrs. Rolf R. Grupp The Hope Group Mrs. Marilyn Jaeger Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Johnson Kellenberger Electric Inc. Lundstrom Insurance Mr. & Mrs. John R. Lundstrom Chaplain & Dr. Robert L. Maase McGraw Foundation Dr. & Mrs. David L. Mehlis Mr. David A. Mitchell Montgomery Community Church, Cincinnati, OH Mrs. Margaret Noble * Mr. & * Mrs. Kevin L. Noe Paragon Supply Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Pauley Mrs. Miriam Pede Mrs. Wilma Plummer Ridgeview Baptist Church, Danville, IL Shales McNutt LLC Mr. & Mrs. John M. Smith Mr. James P. Thornbury Mrs. Rose Marie Voelker


Why Give to Judson? Academic Excellence

Changing Lives

Since our founding in 1963, Judson University has demonstrated a deep commitment to providing its students with the highest quality education. Judson students are able to learn from a diverse faculty of the finest Christian scholars. Over 80% of our teaching faculty hold a terminal degree in their discipline. What is more, every member of the faculty has a personal testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and are active in their local church. At Judson, not only do students learn the very best in their discipline of study, they are also challenged to grow in their faith in Christ. Through your support of Judson University, you have a part in ensuring that Judson’s tradition of providing academic excellence and Christian principles will continue to impact students today and in the future.

An investment in Judson University changes lives. Each year more than1,250 young adults come to Judson University to seek higher education and insight into their role within society. During a student’s tenure at Judson, their life is changed. In addition to gaining academic knowledge, Judson students learn about ministry and the world. Students are encouraged to attend at least one short-term missions trip during their time at the University. Additionally, Judson students participate in several community development programs to mentor local students from low-income areas of the community. As such, through your support of Judson University, you are making an impact on the life of a Judson student. In turn, that student you are investing in is making an impact on other lives through short-term missions and community mentoring. What a great opportunity to be part of a cycle of impacting lives positively for Christ.

Christian Leadership It only takes a short time for one to watch, listen or read the local news to realize that this generation is facing tough challenges. These challenges are impacting families, businesses, churches, nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies on the local, national and global levels. As our national leaders look for solutions to these challenges, Judson University is busy training the finest Christian leaders who, through their education at Judson, will serve as the next generation of leaders provide solutions to today’s challenges. Christian leaders trained at Judson University will have the academic training and the Christian knowledge necessary to lead their families, organizations and possibly the nation, forward.


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

The Light of the World Judson University’s motto “Christus lux mundi” or “Christ the light of the world” is an important part of Judson’s culture. Upon completing a degree at Judson University, graduates are taught to go out into the world following Christ’s example and shine. Alumni have demonstrated Christ’s light in many fields. Some have gone on to become business leaders, others have become educators, many enter the ministry, still more have become architects. Judson alumni have the distinction of being leaders in their field; who shine for Christ, wherever their path may lead. Through your support of Judson University, you are investing in the lives of a future alumnus or alumna who will go forward to impact the world for Christ.

Faculty Story Professor Thomas Voigt

Sitting in on a marketing class with Professor Thomas Voigt is absolutely refreshing. The energy, bursts of laughter, and moments of contemplation are experiences that are cherished in the classroom. Professor Voigt’s students are constantly encouraged to strive for excellence and professionalism through student led discussions, live cases and field trips. Enabling students to take a more hands-on approach to their education allows them to sharpen their critical thinking skills and grasp what real-world marketing is like. “There is something significant about giving a student the chance to stand and share with the class what they have learned. It helps students retain information and build their communication skills,” says Professor Voigt. Recently, Professor Voigt launched Judson’s new three-year Business Administration degree with a concentration in marketing for students interested in earning a business degree in 33 months. This offers students a program that can save them time and money. It also provides students with the opportunity to complete their degree in a time frame ahead of other universities around the world.

In addition to applying real-world marketing applications in class, Professor Voigt values the opportunity to enhance lectures with biblical teachings. His favorite book to apply is Proverbs. “It’s not every university you work for that allows you to tie the word of God to your teaching,” says Professor Voigt. “I also like to hold the students up in prayer. My prayer for students is from the Psalms: May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us, establish the work of our hands for us, yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90, v 17.” Professor Voigt truly enjoys the openness of the faculty, working together with a common goal which is to to equip students to be fully developed, responsible persons who glorify God by the quality of their personal relationships, their work, and their citizenship within the community, the nation and the world. “I don’t like what I do, I love it,” Professor Voigt states.

“It’s not every university you work for that allows you to tie the word of God to your teaching.” -Professor Thomas Voigt 11

Annual Giving The following honor roll of Annual Giving includes all cumulative gifts to Judson University from July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011.

Burma Society $10,000 and above After being ordered out of India by the British East India Company, Adoniram Judson and his wife moved to Burma, a nation known to be impermeable to Christian evangelism. Determined to reach the people of Burma, Judson and his wife set out to familiarize and acclimate themselves with the Burmese culture. He held his first public meeting in April of 1819 and 15 men attended. By the time Adoniram died, he left the Bible fully translated to the Burmese language, 100 churches, and over 8,000 believers. Membership in the Burma Society represents a dedication to furthering the Kingdom of God through the work done here at Judson. Dr. & Mrs. Jerry B. Cain Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Demoss Fabric Images Inc, Elgin, IL Friends of Judson - Elgin Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hicks Mr. & Mrs. David A. Hoag Hoffer Foundation The Hope Group Illinois Board of Higher Education Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity Mrs. Mary Jefferson KLN Ventures LLC, Castle Rock, CO The Kern Family Foundation †Dr. & Mrs. Carl H. Lindner Dr. & Dr. Robert Lindner Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Lundstrom Dr. & Mrs. Harry G. Meadows Muscatine Foods Corp. Foundation Otto Engineering Inc., Carpentersville, IL Mr. & Mrs. William H. Peterson Dr. Stuart A. Ryder Dr. & Mrs. Jack Shales Mr. & †Mrs. Ralph M. Sloman Spectrum Technologies Inc., Plainfield, IL Mr. & Mrs. Kent Swank


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

† Mrs. Marjorie H. Thulin Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Vandygriff, Jr. W. R. Meadows Foundation * Mr. Daniel B. Westlund Mr. Cliff D. Wilson Mr. Chris T. Zwingelberg

Ann “Nancy” Judson Society $5,000 - $9,999 On February 5, 1812, Adoniram Judson married Ann Hasseltine. Throughout his ministry Ann proved to be an incredible model of supreme courage and loyalty, facing trial after trial alongside her husband, as well as facing innumerable hardships on her own while Adoniram was imprisoned for 17 months. After only 14 years of marriage, Ann died on October 24, 1826, at the young age of 37. Membership in the Ann “Nancy” Judson Guild represents a loyalty and commitment to the University as the church at work in higher education. Mr. & Mrs. James Bagnall Cherry Hills Baptist Church, Springfield, IL EFS Foundation, Elgin, IL FONA International Inc., Geneva, IL First Baptist Church, Elgin, IL Dr. & * Mrs. Warren J. Heard * Mr. & Mrs. H. Jon Hoffman Karl Road Baptist Church, Columbus, OH Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kool Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Leibowitz Mr. & Mrs. Laine Malmquist Mr. & Mrs. David McFadzean * Mr. & * Mrs. Kevin L. Noe Mrs. Miriam Pede Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Schrieber Shales McNutt LLC, Elgin, IL Mr. & Mrs. John M. Smith

† Denotes Deceased * Denotes Alumni

Dr. & Mrs. Wilber G. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Thurow, Sr. W.R. Meadows Inc., Hampshire, IL Wanxiang America Corp, Elgin, IL Mr. & * Mrs. Jack Zimmerman

President’s Society $2,500 - $4,999 To date, Judson University has been overseen by five different presidents. History has shown that each one of the five believed that where people come from isn’t nearly as important as where they are going. With such a mindset, leadership is action, not position. In the Judson administration, it is commitment–not authority–that has always produced results. As a member of the President’s Society, donors are commended for their contribution to the furthering of those results in the lives of our students at Judson University. * Dr. & * Mrs. Nathan Y. Adams Ms. Bonnie Albrecht Alliance Contractors Inc., Woodstock, IL Dr. Wayne C. Bartee Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Bell Mrs. Marilyn C. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Bruner Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Burke Dr. & Mrs. Roy R. Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Casey Centegra Health System, Crystal Lake, IL Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Clossman Comcast Business Class, Oakbrook Terrace, IL Community Care Systems Inc., Springfield, IL Dana B. Davidson CPA Co., P.C., Northbrook, IL Dr. & Mrs. James W. Didier Mr. & Mrs. John Felinski First Baptist Church, Savoy, IL First Baptist Church, Seymour, IN First Baptist Church, Peru, IN First Baptist Church, Hamilton, OH Francis & Patricia Houlihan Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Tory K. Gum Harvest Bible Chapel, Rolling Meadows, IL Ms. Tracy Hill Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hischke Hoffer Plastics Corp., South Elgin, IL Jenzabar Foundation

Dr. Daniel T. Kuesis Mrs. Edith Lambert Mrs. Joan C. LeValley Mr. Robert D. Lindner, Jr. Lundstrom Insurance, Elgin, IL Maudlin & Associates, Wheaton, IL Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Moore Dr. & Mrs. John Panton Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Pepe Ridgeview Baptist Church, Danville, IL Sage Products Inc., Cary, IL Mr. William F. Schaffnit Schleifring Medical Systems LLC, Elgin, IL Mr. & Mrs. John M. Shales The Shurtleff Fund Dr. & Mrs. Dale H. Simmons Ms. Christine J. Starzynski Mr. & Mrs. Steven Street University Heights Baptist Church, Springfield, MO Mr. & Mrs. William Vala Mrs. Rose Marie Voelker Mr. & Mrs. LaVerne Weber Mr. Michael Wu

William Ward Guild $1,000 - $2,499 On September 6, 1812, Adoniram Judson and his wife, Ann, converted to the Baptist denomination and were baptized by immersion–now as believers–in Calcutta by an English missionary associate named William Ward. As a member of the William Ward Guild, donors are recognized for their generous financial support of Judson University’s mission to equip students to be fully developed, responsible persons who serve in their personal relationships, local communities and the world as effective leaders and ambassadors for Christ. Alberto Culver USA Inc., Melrose Park, IL American Baptist Foundation * Mr. & * Mrs. Paul H. Anderson Dr. & Mrs. Simon V. Anderson * Dr. & Mrs. Warren J. Anderson Mrs. Virginia B. Bell Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Elgin, IL Mr. & Mrs. R.P. Bingham Dr. & Mrs. Richard Besancon Dr. & * Mrs. Chad M. Binger


* Mr. & * Mrs. Robert M. Bittner Dr. Roger D. Blackwell Ms. Sandra Lee Blood Mr. & Mrs. Harold Booze Bright Hope International Dr. Rolanda S. Burris CJ Drilling Inc., Dundee, IL Calvary Baptist Church, Kokomo, IN Calvary Grace Church, Elmhurst, IL Rev. & Mrs. Raymond H. Carter Mr. & Mrs. Enoch Carver Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Cassell Central Baptist Church, Springfield, IL Mrs. Charline Chambers Clifton Hills Press, Elgin, IL * Mr. & Mrs. Marc I. Cobane Cook+Fox Architects LLC, New York, NY Creative Dining Services, Zeeland, MI Crossroads Community Church, Ravenna, OH Mr. & Mrs. William J. Crothers Mr. David S. Kuban D.D.S., Pekin, IL Dr. & * Mrs. Charles R. DeRolf Dr. & Mrs. David O. Dickerson * Mr. & Mrs. R. Devlin Donaldson Dr. James P. Economos DDS Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Nathaniel L. Edmond Elgin Junior Service Board Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Erickson Essexville Baptist Community Church, Essexville, MI Mr. & Mrs. Arlen B. Ewers Mr. Brian Fahey Fellowes Manufacturing Co., Itasca, IL * Mr. Jack I. Festen First Baptist Church, Keokuk, IA First Baptist Church, Aurora, IL First Baptist Church, Chatsworth, IL First Baptist Church, Fairbury, IL First Baptist Church, Greenville, IL First Baptist Church, Machesney Park, IL First Baptist Church, Mahomet, IL First Baptist Church, Mattoon, IL First Baptist Church, Rantoul, IL First Baptist Church, Bedford, IN First Baptist Church, Greenwood, IN First Baptist Church, Muncie, IN First Baptist Church, Terre Haute, IN First Baptist Church, Charlotte, MI First Baptist Church, Ypsilanti, MI


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

First Baptist Church, Ironton, OH First Baptist Church, Mount Gilead, OH First Baptist Church, Mount Vernon, OH First Baptist Church of Manlius, Wyanet, IL First Burmese Christian Church, Hollywood, FL First Baptist Church, Beloit, WI Flatoff Consulting LLC, Oostburg, WI Fox Valley Royals Youth Baseball Mr. & Mrs. Nick Garris Mr. Vito Glazers Graphic Promotions Inc., Crest Hill, IL * Dr. & * Mrs. Steven Guy * Mr. & * Mrs. Pat A. Hargis Dr. & Mrs. E. Harold Harper Harvest Community Church, Luxemburg, WI Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Helm Helmar Lutheran Church, Newark, IL * Ms. Nancy K. Helton Hickory Hills Presbyterian, Hickory Hills, IL Hillcrest Baptist Church, Columbus, OH Mr. & Mrs. William Hoffer Mr. & Mrs. Harding R. Holloway Hong Seong Church, Chung Nam Province, Korea Hope Evangelical Church, Cotton, MN * Mr. David A. Horn Mr. & Dr. Theodore T. Hsieh * Mr. & Mrs. Roy V. Huffine Rev. & Mrs. Harold Humbert Mr. Robert W. Hummel Dr. Rosalie H. Hunt Indian Creek Sunday Service, Fort Myers Beach, FL ABC International Ministries Mr. Egon R. Jaeggin James & Ann Gootee Charitable Foundation John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc., Elgin, IL Dr. Paul H. Johnson Mr. Robert A. Johnston Judson Student Organization Dr. & Dr. John Juergensmeyer * Mr. & Mrs. Jerome W. Jurewicz KMZ Communications Ltd., Barrington, IL Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Keating Jr. * Mr. & * Mrs. Thomas M. Kimble Kishwaukee Community Presbyterian Church, Stillman Valley, IL †Denotes Deceased * Denotes Alumni

* Mr. Kraig A. Kleeman Mr. & Mrs. Junior G. Kool L.J. Kem Enterprise Inc., Hampshire, IL Life Foursquare Church, Decatur, IL Mr. & Mrs. Ferdinand Lorenzana Mr. & Mrs. Brett Lundstrom Mr. & Mrs. John R. Lundstrom Dr. Warren R. Magnuson Martin Kent and Reidy LLC, Wheaton, IL Dr. & Mrs. George H. Martini Dr. & Dr. Varghese Mathai Mr. Mark T. McGannon Mr. Don S. McNab Monument View Bible Church, Fruita, CO Musco Sports Lighting LLC, Oskaloosa, IA Dr. Angelene Naw Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Nelson Mrs. Lenore Nye PCI-IW/SAI Chapter * Mr. & * Mrs. Andrew W. Phillips Pillsbury Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Donald Brent Richardson Richland Bible Church, Richland, MI Rosemont Alliance Church, Lincoln, NE Ms. Suzanne Rosinski Second Cove Inc., Chicago, IL Mr. & Mrs. Mark Seigle Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Shafer Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm G. Shotwell * Mrs. Chrisann Andersen Smith Solid Rock Christian Church, Coralville, IA * Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Strom TCL Electrical and Lighting Inc., North Aurora, IL Tannumtip Church, Chian Mai, Thailand Terri Lynn Inc., Elgin, IL * Mr. & * Mrs. Dana E. Thompson United Penecostal Church, Bartlett, IL Mr. & Mrs. Eric W. Volkman Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Walter Winning Systems Inc., Elmhurst, IL Mr. Wyatt Winslow Woodstock Assembly of God Church, Woodstock, IL Y. G-1 Tool (USA) Co., Vernon Hills, IL Mr. & Mrs. Dale Zange Zenith Corporation, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Sarah Judson Guild $500 - $999 In April of 1835, after having completed the Burmese translation of the Bible, Adoniram Judson was married for the second time to Sarah Hall Boardman, widow of fellow missionary George Boardman, after the death of his first wife, Ann. Adoniram and Sarah had eight children together, five of whom survived to adulthood. The faithful commitment of those in the Sarah Judson Guild to the mission of Judson University is a testimony to their commitment to God at work in the lives of students as they are equipped both spiritually and academically. A-Karrasel Management Co., Elmwood Park, IL Ms. Carol J. Abbott Aurelius Baptist Church, Mason, MI Mr. & Dr. Daniel Beebe Bethel Baptist Church, Jerseyville, IL Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Bilen Mr. & Mrs. James R. Billington Mr. & Mrs. R.P. Bingham Mr. Armando Bombino * Mr. & * Mrs. B. William Boscaljon


Mrs. June Boswick * Dr. Angelo G. Bravos Mr. Alfred Brennan Dr. J. Alistair Brown Central Baptist Church, Springfield, IL * Dr. & Mrs. Job B. Clement Mrs. Sara J. Compton Cornerstone Family Foundation Crainville Baptist Church, Carterville, IL Crossroads Community Church, Freeport, IL Ms. Carol Cue Mr. & Mrs. Dana B. Davidson * Ms. Merrie Diane Derderian Mrs. Elizabeth Doherty Mr. & Mrs. Nevin L. Dulabaum Mr. & Mrs. Marty England Faith Baptist Church Mill Creek, Geneva, IL * Dr. & * Mrs. Donald G. Ferrell First Baptist Church, Belvidere, IL First Baptist Church, Carrollton, IL First Baptist Church, Macomb, IL First Baptist Church of Minonk, Minonk, IL First Baptist Church, Oak Park, IL First Baptist Church, Ottawa, IL First Baptist Church, Park Ridge, IL First Baptist Church, Peoria, IL First Baptist Church, Pontiac, IL First Baptist Church, Virden, IL First Baptist Church, Wood River, IL First Baptist Church, Davison, MI First Baptist Church, Ada, OH First Baptist Church, Urbana, OH First Baptist Church, Zanesville, OH First Baptist Church of Pequea, Gap, PA First Baptist Church, Lockport, NY

First Presbyterian Church, Wenatchee, WA Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Frank * Dr. & * Mrs. Gregory T. Garrison Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gasior Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Gietzen Grace Church, Pennsville, NJ * Ms. Kim L. Graf Hackettstown Baptist Church, Hackettstown, NJ Hopewell Reformed Church, Hopewell Junction, NY * Mr. Drew T. Hudson Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Huenecke, Jr. Mr. & Dr. James Douglas Hughes IHC Group Foundation, Elgin, IL JP Morgan Chase Bank, Dallas, TX Ms. Katherine J. Kinsley Mr. & Mrs. John Koehler Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lampugnano Mr. & Mrs. Claude A. Land Dr. & Mrs. Harold E. Lane Ms. Julie Leese Liebenzeller Mission, Bad Liebenzell, Germany Mr. Russell T. Lund, III Chaplain & Dr. Robert L. Maase * Dr. & Mrs. Adam Mackintosh † Mr. & Mrs. Harold Martin Marvis Inc. Mrs. Sandra L. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Maxwell Mr. & Mrs. Greg McCartney Metrolift Inc., Sugar Grove, IL Millcreek Baptist Church, Mill Creek, IN Mr. & Mrs. Vail Miller Mr. & Mrs. David S. Moxness Newman Baptist Church, Massillon, OH PLS Financial Services, Chicago, IL Perrysville Baptist Church, Perrysville, OH * Dr. Nikolaos Petousis Mrs. Wilma Plummer Rev. & Mrs. Virgil Reeve Mr. & Mrs. Daryl K. Richmond Mr. & * Mrs. George Robotham Mr. & Mrs. Leonard S. Rucker * Mrs. Kacey Rupczynski Mr. & Mrs. Michael Schaffter

† Denotes Deceased * Denotes Alumni


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

Second Baptist Church, Elgin, IL Mr. Melvin A. Sparlin Spring Creek Church, Pewaukee, WI Springfield Baptist Church, Akron, OH Mr. Jon Staben Ms. Jennifer Stonebreaker Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Swenson Third Baptist Church, Saint Louis, MO Trinity Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD UCA Group Mr. & Mrs. Rolando Velasquez Wal-Mart, Streamwood, IL Wal-Mart Supercenter, Algonquin, IL Mrs. Arlie M. Weber Mr. & Mrs. Lynn P. Wheaton Mrs. Beatrice Wilson * Mr. & * Mrs. Jeremy David Wyman Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Thomas Zimmerman

Emily Judson Guild $250 - $499 On June 2, 1846, Adoniram Judson married for the third time, to writer Emily Chubbuck, after the death of his first wife, Ann, and his second wife, Sarah. Judson had commissioned Emily to write memoirs for Sarah. Membership in the Emily Judson Guild reflects a commitment to the long-term work being done at Judson University and it is because of the faithful giving of these committed individuals that this work is able to be done. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ahlers Alliance Fellowship Church, Hoffman Estates, IL Anonymous Funds Apollo Eyewear, Carol Stream, IL Aramark, Downers Grove, IL Mr. & * Mrs. Giorgio Aristo Artistic Carton Company, Elgin, IL * Mr. & * Mrs. Robert L. Atwater Mrs. Arlene Bailey * Rev. & Mrs. Kevin Barker Bartlett Rotary Club William N. Baskin M.D. * Mr. & * Mrs. W. Randall Baudin II Mr. & Mrs. Larry Belokon Bethel Baptist Church, Janesville, WI Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bienert Blackboard Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Bolte Dr. & Mrs. Randall Burggraf CL Graphics Inc., Crystal Lake, IL Mr. & Mrs. Orley Cain Caito Foods Service Inc., Indianapolis, IN * Dr. & Mrs. Michael E. Camerer Mr. Joseph Campise Mr. Angelo Caruso Cass Road Baptist Church, Maumee, OH Covenant Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN Covenant Baptist Church, West Bloomfield, MI Mr. & Mrs. Craig Cramer * Mr. & Mrs. Randy Crawford Mr. & * Mrs. Kenneth D’Alexander, Sr. DSM Desotech Inc., Elgin, IL * Mr. & * Mrs. Jeffrey F. DeLaere Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Dodson Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Dogs * Dr. & Mrs. Keith T. Drew Mr. & Mrs. William Duzet Mr. Richard Dwyer Mr. & Mrs. Royce M. Earnest Elgin Babe Ruth, Elgin, IL Mr. & Mrs. Robert Finkel First Baptist Church, Belleville, IL First Baptist Church, Charleston, IL First Baptist Church, Cottage Hills, IL First Baptist Church, Decatur, IL First Baptist Church, Dixon, IL First Baptist Church, Galesburg, IL First Baptist Church, Geneva, IL First Baptist Church, Greenfield, IL First Baptist Church, Hillsboro, IL First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, IL First Baptist Church, La Grange, IL First Baptist Church, Mount Vernon, IL First Baptist Church, Rock Island, IL First Baptist Church, Saginaw, MI First Baptist Church, Wyandotte, MI First Baptist Church, Ashtabula, OH First Baptist Church, Sidney, OH First Missionary Baptist Church, Elwood, IN First United Baptist Church, Staunton, IL Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fisk Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Flatoff Ms. Ann Fleming Fort Wayne Baptist Church, Fort Wayne, IN Mr. James M. Franklin


* Dr. & Mrs. Randy J. Gauger Rev. & Mrs. Michael Green * Mr. & * Mrs. Daniel J. Gregory Mr. & Mrs. David Groharing Harbor Athletic Club Inc., Middleton, WI Mr. & Mrs. Craig Alan Harling Mr. Lee E. Hartwig Mr. Owen Hayes Mr. Bruce Heiser * Mrs. Sheila Higgins Mr. & Mrs. Randall Hodges Mr. & Mrs. William Hoffman Mr. Robert Hon Rev. & Mrs. Greg Huguley Mr. & Mrs. Keith Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Gary B. Johnson Mr. Young-Do Jou Mr. Nicholas Kachiroubas Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kessinger Dr. & Mrs. Keith R. Krispin, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William C. Krueger Mr. Paul LaRose Lakeview Baptist Church, Battle Creek, MI * Dr. & * Mrs. Steven L. Layne Lena Baptist Church, Conover, OH Mr. David Lenzini Mr. & Mrs. William Linardos Mr. Thomas J. Litwiler Ms. Lisbeth Minyard Lokey Mr. & Mrs. Steven Long Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Martin Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mathews * Ms. Barbara A. McKean Mr. Bruce McLane Mrs. Marjorie McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Glenn McNab Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Neiswinger Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Nelson Mr. Ronald Niederer Oak Park Avenue Baptist Church, Berwyn, IL Mr. & Mrs. John E. Oliver Ms. Nancy J. Oliver Ollie Baptist Church, Ollie, IA Owl Creek Baptist Church, Mount Vernon, OH Parker Hill Community Church, Scranton, PA Dr. & Mrs. Leo G. Pepa Mrs. Sharon S. Polifrone Ms. Sharon Poole


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Potter Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Price Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Priegnitz RWI Pipe Fabricators Inc., Waupun, WI * Mr. David S. Reinders Mr. & Mrs. William J. Rinn, III Robert B. Phillips & Assoc. LLC, Chicago, IL Rev. Wayne Rogers Mrs. Kathleen Rubino The Runners Soul II LLC, La Grange, IL Rev. & Mrs. Harry J. Sanders Mr. & Mrs. Art Schueneman Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schultz Second Baptist Church, Peoria, IL * Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Sertich Mr. Alan Shackelford Mr. & Mrs. Troy Shales Shop Rite of Hunterdon County, Flemington, NJ * Ms. Paula R. Shotwell Ms. Marcia A. Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Smith Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Sovern, Jr. Spring Lake Wesleyan Church, Spring Lake, MI Mr. & Mrs. Donald Stence Mr. & Mrs. Ken Stewart Successful Leadership Inc., Lake in the Hills, IL Mr. & Mrs. Victor Sussin Mr. & Mrs. Mark Talbot Mr. & Mrs. John Teevans * Mr. & Mrs. Keith Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Bill Torrance Transport Trucking Inc., Montgomery, IL Tredup’s Inc., South Elgin, IL Trinity Baptist Church, Marion, OH United Methodist Church, Dwight, IL Village Squire North Inc., Crystal Lake, IL Mr. Thomas Voigt Jr. * Mr. & * Mrs. Scott P. Warner Ms. Lori M. Wascher Mr. & Mrs. Bruce G. Weiss Mr. Dan Wolf Mr. & Mrs. Ed Young Mr. & Mrs. Greg Zarris, Sr. Ms. Alisa P. Zimmerman

† Denotes Deceased * Denotes Alumni

Sower’s Guild $100 - $249 John 4:34-36 says, “Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the will of Him who sent me, and to finish His work. Do you not say, ‘ There are still four months and then comes the harvest?’ Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest! And he who reaps receives wages, and gathers fruit for eternal life, that both he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together.’” The faithful giving of those in the Sower’s Guild represents the sowing of seeds in the lives of our students here at Judson University. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Abraham Mr. Tyler D. Adams Mr. Sterling Ainsworth Dr. & Mrs. Patrick T. Alden Mrs. Heath Allen Mr. & Mrs. John A. Amann, Jr. Mr. & Dr. David M. Amundson Mr. Mark Anderberg David Anderson * Rev. & Mrs. David J. Anderson * Pastor & * Mrs. Elliott Anderson Mr. & * Mrs. Richard Andresen Mr. Matthew Angela Mrs. Denise M. Archambault Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Arndt Ashland Avenue Baptist Church, Oregon, OH Mr. & Mrs. Blair Askey BSC Private Wealth Management, Elgin, IL Barradan Interiors Inc., Fremont, CA Mr. Robert E. Bartels Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bates Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Baum Mr. & * Mrs. Steven Becker * Mr. & Mrs. Abraham B. Belay Mr. Richard A. Bell Belmont Assembly of God Church, Chicago, IL Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Bianchi Mr. Steven Billimack Mr. Kenneth Bindner Binger Chiropractic Clinic, Huntley, IL Mr. & Mrs. Russell H. Birdsall Dr. & Mrs. Harold R. Blatt Blue Book Services, Carol Stream, IL Mrs. Stacie A. Boehm

* Mr. & Mrs. John Clifford Boggs Mrs. Wilma Booth * Mr. & * Mrs. James D. Boscaljon Mr. & Mrs. Gary Bowen Ms. Alice Ann Bowman Bridges Accounting Service LTD, Searcy, AR Mrs. Jo Ann Bright Mr. Carl Brinkman Mr. & Mrs. Mark Broman Brower Insurance Agency LLC, Dayton, OH Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Brumbaugh Mrs. Roberta Bryant * Ms. Kimberly S. Budd Sipho Bunchean * Rev. & Mrs. Richard L. Burcham * Mr. Andrew J. Burdett Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Burtelson Rev. John Franklin Cail Carden Exteriors, Chicago, IL


Caring Family S.C., Crystal Lake, IL Carlson Fine Arts Ltd., Saint Charles, IL Mr. & Mrs. William Carrera Mr. & Mrs. David H. Carter Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Carver Mr. Russell Joseph Cecala Ceresco Baptist Church, Ceresco, MI Mr. & Mrs. Randy Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Cherry Chicago Classical Philharmonic Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Christensen Mr. Boyd A. Christie Rev. & Mrs. Robert Coats Mr. & Mrs. William Conner Ms. Shirley Cook Cornerstone Baptist Church, Dyer, IN * Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Crawford Creekwood Baptist Church, Rockford, IL Crosspointe Meadows Church, Novi, MI Crossway Community Church, Bristol, WI Crystal Lake Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Crystal Lake, IL Mr. Peter Csoros Mr. & Mrs. Darin Cue D & G Welding Inc., Archbold, OH Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Davis * Mrs. Cheryl L. Dawson Mr. Scott Dawson Ms. Catherine DeLarche Ms. Sandra Sue DeLong Mr. Larry DeNeve Mr. Alexander George Deihs * Mrs. Denise Denman * Rev. & * Mrs. Ronald L. Devenport Mr. Eric Dickerson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dillion Mrs. Dolores Dillon Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dillon * Mr. Philip F. Dillon Mr. & Mrs. Brad Dimick Mr. & Mrs. John Doede Mrs. Cheryl Dondit-Campos * Dr. & Mrs. William T. Doran Mr. & * Mrs. Mark H. Doyel Mr. Thomas J. Doyle Mrs. Rose Marie Dunn Mr. & Mrs. John Dyke Elgin Heat Girls Softball Association Elite Design Team Salon & Spa


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Engelhardt Mr. & Mrs. Randall M. Erickson Fair Oaks Baptist Church, Zanesville, OH * Rev. Douglas G. Farrell Farwell, Farwell & Associates PC, Arlington Heights, IL Ms. Bonita Felt Mr. Eric Fichter * Mrs. Linda Figgins First Baptist Church, Clinton, IA First Baptist Church, Fairfield, IA First Baptist Church, Chenoa, IL First Baptist Church, Chrisman, IL First Baptist Church, East Peoria, IL First Baptist Church, Hartford, IL First Baptist Church, Havana, IL First Baptist Church, Mason City, IL First Baptist Church, Morrison, IL First Baptist Church, Plano, IL First Baptist Church, Sullivan, IL First Baptist Church, Waverly, IL First Baptist Church, White Hall, IL First Baptist Church, Decatur, IN First Baptist Church, Richmond, IN First Baptist Church, Sturgis, MI First Baptist Church, Coshocton, OH First Baptist Church, Fredericktown, OH First Baptist Church, Newcomerstown, OH First Baptist Church, Saint Paris, OH First Baptist Church, Tipp City, OH First Baptist of Greater Toledo, Holland, OH Ms. Carol Jo Fisk Mr. & Mrs. David L. Flack Mr. Nicholas Flatoff Fox Valley Fire & Safety Co, Elgin, IL Mrs. Helen G. Frenette Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Gable * Mr. & * Mrs. Brian Gamlin * Mrs. Deborah Garrison Gary M. Vanek PC, Elgin, IL Dr. & Mrs. Richard Gates Mr. Edward Gearen Mr. & * Dr. Ricky L. Gehrig Mr. & Mrs. Don Gentry Mr. Boyd George

†Denotes Deceased * Denotes Alumni

Ghyslain Chocolatier Inc., Union City, IN * Ms. Marcy A. Gloede Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gohl * Mr. Michael J. Gorski Mr. & Mrs. Steven B. Gossage Ms. Barbara A. Gosse Grace Community Church, Mauston, WI Grady Funeral Homes Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Ed Green Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Green * Mr. & Mrs. Brandon C. Greiner Mr. & * Mrs. William Griffin, Jr. Mrs. Jean Grosskopf Ms. Jane Grubb Mr. & Mrs. Rolf R. Grupp Mr. Jay Gustafson Mr. & Mrs. Lance Haas Mrs. Lynn Hammerlund Han Family Trust #1 Mr. & Mrs. John M. Handy Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hansemann Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hanson Ms. Donna Harbeck Mr. Donald P. Harling * Mrs. Kathy Ann Harlow Harmony Acres Inc., Gratiot, WI Mrs. Shirley Harper Hartwig Plumbing & Heating Inc., Harvard, IL Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hays Mr. & Mrs. J. Headley Heat Transfer Research & Development Ltd., Mount Prospect, IL Mr. Walter E. Hegel Rev. & Mrs. J. R. Heikes * Ms. Kiley Ann Helgerson * Ms. Diane C. Henson Mrs. Dolores A. Hespen

Mr. & * Mrs. Austin Hester Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Hetrick Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Hewitt Mr. Stanley E. Hill Ms. Elizabeth Hoeft Mr. Ian Hoffman Ms. Susan Holland Mr. & Mrs. Keith W. Holt * Dr. Heather A. Hood * Mr. & * Mrs. Jon S. Hood Mr. & * Mrs. Gerald G. Hopp * Dr. & Mrs. John A. Horn Mr. Timothy J. Hoster Ms. Elizabeth Houck Houser Asphalt & Concrete Inc., Dayton, OH Col. Robert L. Hudon Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Huff Mrs. Nancy Hughes †Mr. Richard Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Hummel Mr. & Mrs. Steven Hunnicutt * Ms. Carol J. Hunt Mr. & Mrs. William Husar I Supply Company, Fairborn, OH Mr. & Mrs. Richard Imendorf Immanuel Baptist Church Brotherhood, Pontotoc, MS Mr. David Jablonski Mr. & Mrs. James Jablonski Mr. & Mrs. Scott Jensen * Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Johnson Ms. Evelyn Johnson Mrs. Martha Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Matthew H. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Johnson Mr. Ronald Johnson Mr. Troy N. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Brian Jongetjes Mr. & Mrs. John Jongetjes Judson Baptist Church, Kokomo, IN Ms. Carol Karr Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kashik Mr. Jeffrey Kawa Mr. & Mrs. Art Kay * Mr. & * Mrs. Jacob Kazda Dr. & Mrs. Ian F. Keith Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Keola, Sr. Mr. Victor A. Kerr * Mr. & * Mrs. P. Kevin Keslar


Mr. & Mrs. James E. Kientzy Mr. & Mrs. Michael John Kilbourne Dr. Sunwoong Kim Mrs. Youn Hwa Kim Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kimball Mr. Benjamin Klaffke Mr. & Mrs. James Klink Mr. & Mrs. Ron Kloet Rev. Madelyn Klose Mrs. J.C. Knott Mrs. Elva May Knudsen * Mr. Matthew Jeffrey Koehling Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kohlstedt Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Konieczny Korean American Assocation of Chicago Mr. & * Mrs. Alex Kouris Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. Kremers * Mrs. Karin L. Krog Mr. & Mrs. Dave Kruser Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Kucharski Mr. Chad Lacek Mr. Randy Lafollette Mrs. Wanda Larson Mr. & * Mrs. David A. Lawrence Ms. Heather Lawrence * Ms. Marguerite Kay Lawson Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Lee Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Leganski Dr. & Mrs. David R. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Lewis R. Lightbody Mr. Chris Lindsley Mrs. LaRue Lockhart * Mr. & * Mrs. David Logsdon Mrs. Betty Ann Losey Mr. Jim Ludwig


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

Mrs. Janet M. Lutes * Mr. Kevin W. Lyons * Ms. Pamela Kay Malpede Mancini, Long & Latreille Ltd., Wheaton, IL Mr. & Mrs. Michael Markiewicz Ms. Carol K. Martin * Mr. & * Mrs. George M. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Martin Mason Baptist Church, Cassopolis, MI Ms. Bernice Mason Ms. Mary L. Matheson Mr. Michael McBride * Rev. Daniel I. McCoy * Mr. & * Mrs. Gene V. McDaniel Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth Earl McDonald Mr. Thomas Patrick McGuire Mrs. Rhonda McKay Mr. Jim McMahon Mr. Eric McMillian * Ms. Denise S. McNutt Ms. Joyce J. McNutt Mrs. Elizabeth Medina Ms. Barbara Mendelson Mr. & Mrs. Craig Merseles Mr. Toby Meyer Mr. Richard A. Mickelsen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mikan Dr. & Mrs. Gerard J. Mikol Dr. Christopher Miller Mr. & Mrs. Randy Miller Mr. & Mrs. Gary Mills Mr. & Mrs. Paul Minta Mr. & Mrs. David E. Moirao Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Moment * Rev. & * Mrs. Kenneth J. Morgan Mrs. Virginia V. Morreale Ms. Emily J. Moxness Mt. Gilead Baptist Church, Carrollton, IL Muncie Baptist Church, Muncie, IL Dr. & Mrs. William Myers Dr. & Mrs. Rolf Myhrman Rev. & Mrs. Gary Nelsen * Rev. & Mrs. Jeffrey P. Nelsen Mr. & Mrs. Leo Nelson

†Denotes Deceased * Denotes Alumni

New Beginnings, Oswego, IL Mr. & * Mrs. David Newton Mr. & Mrs. Joel Newton Mr. & * Mrs. Daniel Nichols * Mr. & * Mrs. Jason Norman North Shore Baptist Church, Chicago, IL Mr. John A. Noverini * Dr. Elsa Nystrom Mr. David G. O’Brien Old Stonington Baptist Church, Stonington, IL Mr. Les A. Olson Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Oosthuizen Otin Trucking, Bourbonnais, IL Mr. Randall L. Owens Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Oyler Mr. John L. Padron Dr. Young Sop Pae Ms. Tammy Pankonin * Ms. Jutaporn Panyakom Part-Time CFO Inc., Moreno Valley, CA Mr. & Mrs. Donald Pate Ms. Dorothy Pattee Mr. James A. Patterson Mrs. Elizabeth Peach * Ms. Naw May Pearl Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Randy Peck Mr. & Mrs. Charles Peek Mr. & Mrs. Rolan J. Perotti Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Perry Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Peterson * Ms. Deborah K. Pfeiffer Plante & Moran PLLC, Southfield, MI Playtime Inc., South Elgin, IL Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Humboldt, IL Mr. & Mrs. James Pollock Ms. Erica Poremba Ms. Angela Porter * Rev. & Mrs. Stephen L. Powell Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Poziemski Premier Food Services LLC, Westfield, IN Princeton Home Builders, Princeton, IL Prix Parts, Wasco, IL Mr. Daniel Protic Ms. Loretta A. Purcell Ms. Nancy Raney Raritan Baptist Church, Raritan, IL Mr. & Mrs. James Ray

Mr. Michael Ray Mr. & Mrs. Rod Reams, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Brad Corwin Reed * Mr. & * Mrs. Daniel Wesley Reed Mr. & Mrs. George A. Reed, Jr. Ms. Lisa Reeder Mr. & Mrs. Ray Reiherzer Mr. Daniel A. Rennert * Dr. & Mrs. David R. Richards Mrs. Cathleen Richter Mr. & Mrs. Terry Rillahan * Ms. Rebecca Ritsema River Valley Land Improvement Co., Elgin, IL Mr. & Mrs. David Rollison Mr. & Mrs. Harry Rooker Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rozman * Mr. John Ruck Mrs. Lula May Rucker Mr. Timothy D. Ruestman * Ms. Christine Renee Russo Ms. Carmine R. Samples Dr. & Mrs. David O. Sanders * Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Sanders, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schiefelbein Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schiel Mr. Richard Schildgen Ms. Julie Schmidt Rev. Ray Schooler Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Schott, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Schroer Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Schubert Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Scipione Joey E. Scolari Mr. & Mrs. James Scott Mr. & * Mrs. Robert D. Seifert * Ms. Vicki Seisser Mr. & Mrs. Brent Senette Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Sevey Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Shaw Sherman Hospital, Elgin, IL Mrs. Yonhee Shin Shirtz Logoz & Promoz, Henderson, NV Ms. Margaret Sibley Simco Refrigeration Inc., Dayton, OH Mr. & Mrs. Tony Skinner Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Slagel Mr. & Mrs. Don Slick


Ms. Sheryl A. Smetana Smith Partners & Associates, Downers Grove, IL Mr. David P. Smith Mr. Eric C. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Glenn H. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell T. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Smith * Dr. & Mrs. T. DeWitt Smith, Jr. * Mr. & * Mrs. Timothy Smith Mr. & Mrs. William D. Smith Mr. Richard Snyder Mr. & †Mrs. Wilma Sparlin Ms. Lynda Splinter Mr. & Mrs. Christy Spoa Mr. & Mrs. James A. Stahr, Jr. * Mr. & Mrs. Eric D. Stanford Mr. & * Mrs. Matthew Stauner Mr. Paul Stauner * Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Steck Ms. Becky E. Stenning Mr. Westeron Stephens III * Ms. Ruth L. Stewart Mrs. Lois V. Stratton Sunrise Shutters & Blinds, Bloomington, IL * Mr. & * Mrs. Matthew G. Sutton * Ms. Carolyn S. Swick * Dr. & Mrs. Howard E. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Tenhaken The Freeze, Crystal Lake, IL Ms. Bessie S. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. William T. Thomas Rev. Mary Anne Thompson Tompkins Trucking & Excavating, Rock Falls, IL Trout Park Baseball, Elgin, IL Mr. & Mrs. Phil Truesdale Mrs. Julie Tunnell Mr. George Twidell Upstat Dental Solutions LTD, Chicago, IL Ms. Mary Van Houten Ms. Marcella VandeZande Mr. Joel Vargas Dr. Marsha Vaughn Mrs. Janet Versypt Ms. Susan A. Volkert Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Ward Mrs. Connie A. Ware Ms. Jacquelyn Warner Rev. Matthew Weber


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

Mr. & Dr. John Wells Ms. Patricia A. Wentworth Mrs. Elna West Westminster Christian School, Elgin, IL Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Westra Mr. & Mrs. Robert Westra * Ms. Penny White Ms. Laura Wilcox Mr. Todd Wilcox Mr. & Mrs. Michael Williams Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Williams Mr. & Mrs. Roland H. Winter, MD Mr. & Mrs. Peter N. Wolf Mr. Daniel Woloszyn Women’s Baptist Mission Society, Carrollton, IL Mr. & Mrs. William J. Worst Ms. Marion J. Wynveen Mr. & Mrs. William Yablecki Mr. & Mrs. Arlan Yoder Mr. & Mrs. John L. York Mr. & Dr. James A. Young Mrs. Mary Young Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Young * Ms. Suzanne Young Mr. & Mrs. William J. Zbylut * Mr. Matthew Zerby Mr. & Mrs. James Ziegler Mr. & Mrs. Dean Zuleger

Year in Review July 2010 through June 2011

JULY IGNITE CHICAGO 2010 Alumnus Ben Calhoun performs before 6,000 teens and families when Judson University sponsored IgniteFest, a two-day Christian music festival held July 24-25 at Alexian Field in Schaumburg.

AUGUST EMPLOYEE LUNCHEON Judson’s Annual Employee Luncheon on August 10 welcomes more than 200 faculty and staff back to campus at the beginning of each academic year.

SEPTEMBER HOMECOMING Homecoming 2010 was a sold out event at Brookfield Zoo in downtown Chicago.

OCTOBER WIZARD OF OZ The fall musical of “The Wizard of Oz” brought in one of Judson’s largest casts with more than 50 actors for performances held October 28-30 at Herrick Chapel to sell out crowds.


NOVEMBER MEN’S SOCCER The men’s soccer team went 19-4-1 in 2010 and finished third at the NCCAA National Tournament. Judson also was ranked as high as No. 10 in the NAIA National Poll during the season.

DECEMBER JAPANESE AGREEMENT Representatives from Judson University and Shokei Gakuin University signed an agreement on December 11 outlining a sister school relationship, academic exchange and educational cooperation between the two universities, which share their origins with the American Baptists. Shokei Gakuin University is located in Sendai in northern Japan and was at the epicenter of a devastating earthquake that hit the region in March 2011.

JANUARY HALL OF FAME During the Hall of Fame banquet, Judson welcomed baseball and soccer alumnus Mike Glickert ’74, women’s basketball and soccer alumna Meghan (McCarty ‘01) Johnson, volleyball alumna Susan (Boeskool ‘97) Miller, and soccer alumnus Matt Granger ’89 into the 2011 Hall of Fame.

FEBRUARY TWELFTH NIGHT For the first time in seven years, Judson Theater performs a work by Shakespeare with their staging of “Twelfth Night” from February 24-27. Along with all the plot twists of mistaken identities, Judson added a new twist by setting the production in the 1920s and 30s.


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

MARCH CHOIR TOUR Over the spring of 2011, the Judson Choir visited many churches in the midwest. This annual event showcases our talented students and gives them an opportunity to perform in front of a larger audience.

APRIL WORLD LEADERS FORUM More than 1,300 area business leaders and dignitaries heard former U.S. President George W. Bush deliver the keynote address for Judson’s inaugural World Leaders Forum on April 13.

MAY GRADUATION More than 179 Bachelor and Masters students became the 64th graduating class of Judson University. During the ceremony, Judson also recognized eight returning alumni who graduated with the classes of 1966 and 1971, marking 40 year and 45 years, respectively, since their graduation.

JUNE LITERACY IN MOTION Hundreds of educators from the midwest attended Judson’s second Literacy in Motion Conference, a professional development conference established by the Master’s in Literacy program and held June 20-23.


Gifts in Kind The following material gifts include all cumulative gifts to Judson University from July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011.

Ala Carte Entertainment, Schaumburg, IL * Mrs. Jennifer Alderson Mr. & Dr. David M. Amundson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Barlow Dr. Stacy L. Beebe Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Bell * Mr. & * Mrs. James D. Boscaljon Buck Brothers Inc., Hampshire, IL Chili’s Bar & Grill, West Dundee, IL Clifton Hills Press, Elgin, IL Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Demoss Edan Concerts & Ministries Inc., Elmhurst, IL Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Erickson Fabric Images Inc., Elgin, IL Fellowes Manufacturing Co., Itasca, IL Illinois Beach & Conference Center, Zion, IL Jimmy’s Charhouse, Elgin, IL Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Johnson Lake Geneva Conference Center, Lake Geneva, WI Lundstrom Insurance, Elgin, IL * Mr. & * Mrs. Erik M. Meredith Olive Garden, West Dundee, IL Patrick A. Finn Ltd., Palatine, IL * Mrs. Rachael Patterson Mr. Karl Peterson Mr. & Mrs. James Pollock R & K Dairy Queen Inc., Elgin, IL Dr. Stuart A. Ryder Sky Soaring Inc., Hampshire, IL * Mr. & * Mrs. Arthur Steuber, III TGI Friday’s, Hoffman Estates, IL Taco Bell, S. McLean Blvd., Elgin, IL Taco Bell, Summit St., Elgin, IL Taco Bell, N. McLean Blvd., Elgin, IL Mr. Seth Weine * Mr. Daniel B. Westlund

† Denotes Deceased * Denotes Alumni


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

Donor Story Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Edmond

As a six-year member of the Judson Board of Trustees and pastor to Second Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Edmond has been an integral part of ministry in the Elgin community that the two institutions share. Edmond received his Bachelor’s Degree from Xavier University in Louisiana and is a graduate of the Executive Management Program from Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. He completed the Young Pastoral Training Classes at the National Baptist Sunday School Congress and is also a certified counselor who has extensive experience in family, marriage and teen counseling. When Edmond first learned about Judson, he was immediately drawn to the idea of Judson as a place that is both “truly college and truly Christian,” as he describes it. Edmond explains that both Second Baptist and Judson University shared a common goal: evangelism in the community. The two institutions soon became natural partners in ministry under his leadership. Among the many ways that Edmond exercises his roles as Second Baptist pastor and Judson trustee, he has brought the two together to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day on campus every year for nearly a decade. The Second Baptist choir leads the music for the MLK chapel service and Edmond shares a message with students, a tradition that has become a campus favorite. More recently, Edmond took on another leadership responsibility as the university planned its inaugural World Leaders Forum, an event that brought former U.S. President George W. Bush to campus on April 13, 2011. The event was established to begin raising funds for the school’s new Entrepreneurial Studies program. Edmond volunteered as a trustee representative for the World Leaders Forum and eagerly took on the task of rallying support among other trustees and friends of Judson. “I wanted to support Judson in entrepreneurial studies because I believe that small businesses run by educated men and women are the future of prosperity in our country,” says Edmond of his volunteer work for


the event. “I was also excited at the prospect of allowing students the opportunity to hear directly from world leaders. The office of the President is itself important; for students to be in the same room as someone who held the office, someone that was once one of the most powerful people in the world, is an opportunity they need.” This year, Edmond is again working with Judson and its trustees to plan for the second World Leaders Forum in 2012. Edmond assured that the event would again serve as a great opportunity for Judson to connect with the community and highlight values of principled leadership. As he continues to work with Judson to bring world leaders to campus, Edmond himself exemplifies the kind of leadership that Judson is eager to instill in its students. The community relationships created as a result of his leadership and service remain a vital part of the Judson experience in Elgin. “I believe that working with Judson and its students is a part of my job here on earth. Second Baptist believes in contributing and building the surrounding community, and we consider Judson a part of that task,“ says Edmond. “We’re so grateful for the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with them.”


Endowed Scholarships The following honor roll of Endowed Scholarships includes all cumulative gifts to Judson University through June 30, 2011.

An Endowed Scholarship represents a “perpetual gift.” Income earned on endowment investments in excess of the scholarship award is held for scholarships in future years. An investment of $10,000 will establish a newly endowed scholarship and may be completed over a three-year period. Alumni Endowed Scholarship Helen J. Anderson Endowed Scholarship Artistic Carton Endowed Scholarship Artistic Excellence in Music Endowed Scholarship Howard & Gladys Ashley Scholarship Russell Bagnall Memorial Scholarship Wayne C. and Alice Fleetwood Bartee Scholarship Rev. B.0. & Miriam Bashore Scholarship Fund The Floy Bell Fellows in Teacher Education Scholarship Milton W. Bennett Endowed Scholarship Rebecca Bennett Scholarship Fund Amy Ann (Rucker) Bernard & Jonathon (Casey) Hoffman Memorial Endowed Scholarship Besancon Family Scholarship Bethany Baptist Church Endowed Scholarship Bethany Chapel Endowed Scholarship Madison and Lois Bittner Memorial Scholarship Glen J. Blough Memorial Scholarship Herman H. & Gertrude D. Booze Memorial Fund for the Support of Missions Activities Rev. Peter and Mrs. Bernice Marie Borzeka Endowed Scholarship Edgar W. Boss Endowed Scholarship in Biblical Studies Barbara Brady Journalism Scholarship William W. Brady Scholarship Mary Bramer Scholarship Julia E. Brammell Memorial Endowed Scholarship Braun Endowed Scholarship Thomas Samuel Brooks Scholarship Fund Benjamin P. and Rachel S. Browne Endowed Scholarship Fund Bruner Scholarship Endowment Fund Linda Cain Endowed Scholarship James C. Carpenter Scholarship Robert and Michelle Carroll Endowed Scholarship James A. Carter Memorial Scholarship


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

Leonard & Ruth Carter Endowed Scholarship Casey Family Endowed Scholarship Robert M. Colpitts Memorial Scholarship Cook Communications Ministries Scholarship Fund Harvey & Ethel “Fluff” Daeumer Endowed Scholarship Harvey E. Daeumer Endowed Scholarship John A. & Annie Joe Dawson Memorial Scholarship J. Marcus Didier and Donna G. Shotwell Memorial Scholarship Les Drotts Endowed Scholarship DSM Desotech Inc. Endowed Scholarship Dubois Family Endowment Elgin Financial Foundation Endowed Scholarship Elgin Sweeper Company Scholarship Fund Engineered Models Endowed Fund First Baptist Church of Champaign at Savoy Endowed Scholarship First Baptist Church of Harbor Beach, MI Endowed Scholarship Festen Family Endowed Scholarship Fox River Stone Endowed Scholarship Fox Valley Endowed Scholarship Friends of Judson Endowed Scholarship Rev. Dr. John J. and Patsy Garver Scholarship Harold & Lydia Gronseth Scholarship Robert and Nora Hargis Memorial Endowed Scholarship Ellis D. Harmon Memorial Scholarship Harold & Almeta Harper Elementary Teacher Education Scholarship Harry H. Hall Memorial Scholarship Eva Porter Hart Scholarship Fund Charles Robert & Helen Scott Hicks Scholarship Hoffer Fox Valley Baseball Endowed Scholarship Hoffer Plastics Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund Andrew Y.W. Hsieh & Herbert Lowe Scholarship E. & H. Jancy Memorial Scholarship Albert & Theresa John Memorial Endowed Scholarship Ruth & Burton Johnson Scholarship for Music Ruth & Burton Johnson Scholarship for Teachers Gordan A. Jordan Scholarship Fund Judson University Masters of Architecture Endowed Scholarship

Adoniram & Ann Judson Endowed Scholarship I.K. Juergensmeyer Memorial Scholarship Ryan William Kaatz Memorial Scholarship Keiichi Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Fund Cecil G. Kersey Memorial Scholarship Alan & Sandy Kirk Endowed Scholarship John and Odean Kraft Scholarship Fund Olivette Kukuk Endowed Scholarship Louis J. & Minnie Kunos Endowed Scholarship Grace Skaggs Lambert Memorial Scholarship Donald C. Lamken Memorial Scholarship Robert and Betty Lindner Endowed Scholarship Becky Lipe Honorary Scholarship Robert and Margaret Maase Scholarship Fund Paul J. Maloney & Kathryn B. Schaffnit Scholarship Edna Martin Christian Center Endowed Scholarship Dorothy Mason Scholarship Calvin D. Mayne Memorial Scholarship Fund Kenneth L. McDaniel Memorial Fund Irene McDormand Memorial Scholarship Hugh McGregor Family Scholarship W.R. and Edna Meadows Scholarship Medearis Memorial Endowed Scholarship Dorothy M. Meyer Memorial Scholarship M. Richard Mitchell Memorial Scholarship Music Major Scholarship William R. and Geraldyne B. Myers Endowed Scholarship Dr. Rolf Myhrman Endowed Scholarship Geraldine C. Nelson Memorial Endowed Scholarship Robert C. and Margaret E. Nelson Endowed Scholarship Herbert Hans & Hazel Jean Nietzold Endowed Scholarship Drs. Norman Vincent and Ruth Stafford Peale Scholarship Steven M. Pede Memorial Scholarship Harry L. Pierce Scholarship Willis A. and Sarah L. Reed Scholarship Doris and Betty Richards Endowed Scholarship Ronald and Joyce Richards Business Scholarship Landon and Muriel Ryder Endowed Scholarship Stuart Ryder Communications Scholarship Safety-Kleen Endowed Scholarship Program Fred & Mary Schwabenland Memorial Fund A.W. and June Scott Family Scholarship Roy F. Seibold Endowed Scholarship for Ministry Students Arthur P. Sengpiehl Ministerial Scholarship Steven C. Shafer ‘73 Memorial Endowed Music Scholarship John and Marlene Shales Endowed Scholarship Bernard V. & Nina M. Smith Endowed Scholarship

James C. Spinder/Jami C. Dyke Endowed Scholarship Robert and Jeannette Stoner Endowed Scholarship Laura Stratton Endowed Scholarship Beulah F. Sullens Scholarship Homer Surbeck Endowed Scholarship Margaret Surbeck Endowed Scholarship Eva L. Thomas Endowed Scholarship Fund Edward L. Thompson Music Conductors Scholarship Gordon E. & Doris Lee Thompson Family Scholarship Marjorie Hall Thulin Endowed Scholarship for the Performing Arts Megan Bernice Thurow Endowed Scholarship Harold D. Triplett Memorial Fund Robert B. Voelker, M.D. Memorial Scholarship Kacey Warner Millenium Scholarship Harm A. & Arlie Weber Endowed Scholarship Lynn and Ruth Wheaton Endowed Scholarship Genevieve Wilson Endowed Scholarship

Building Toward Endowment AIM Rockford Book Endowment G. A. Bravos Endowed Memorial Scholarship Chuck and Penny Cassell Scholarship Sandy Gum Endowed Scholarship Judson University Class of 2007 Endowed Scholarship Amy Michelle Lawrence Lipinski Endowed Scholarship Rotary International Scholarship Colleen and David Valentine/MR3 (SW) Jack B. Valentine Memorial Scholarship Elign Junior Service Board Endowed Schalorship Judson University Class of 2011 Inez Crofts Endowed Scholarship Tom & Karen Randall Endowed Scholarship Lois Warner Endowed Scholarship


Staff Story Gerry Craddock

Gerry Craddock has a long history of supporting Judson University. She and her family moved to Judson in January 1967 at the request of Dr. Amos Barton. She had worked with Dr. Barton’s construction business in Towanda, Ill. When he came to Judson as the second president, Gerry and her husband came to serve as secretary to the president and superintendent of buildings and grounds. They lived in Volkman Hall with their three young daughters before the close quarters forced them to find a new home.

paid had a certain trustee not stepped in and covered those payroll periods.”

When Dr. Barton resigned for health reasons after four years, Gerry was asked to stay on by the incoming President, Dr. Harm Weber. Dr. Weber was a founding trustee of the college and pastor of Covenant Baptist Church, Detroit, Mich.

Following Dr. Weber’s retirement, Gerry continued to provide dedicated service by staying on as secretary for President James Didier for five years. Dr. Didier’s work in the community was greatly appreciated and she attributes the addition of the Elgin Inn (now Lindner Tower) to the campus.

“As many know, Dr. Weber was an excellent speaker who spent a lot of time meeting people and raising monies for the school,” Gerry remembers. “Those were difficult years. There was much opposition within the national leadership of the American Baptist Convention, who believed that the school would not make it. Dr. Weber was determined that this would not happen—and here we are today. A number of trustees resigned from the board early in his tenure and they were difficult days. There were a couple of times during that period that staff and faculty would not have been

Gerry worked with Dr. Weber for 22 years. During his tenure several buildings were added to the campus, including Herrick Chapel, Alice and Edward Thompson Center, Lindner Campus Commons, and Lindner Fitness Center. She believes that much of the campus growth can be attributed to the untiring efforts of Dr. Weber.

In 1996, Gerry retired from her role to move to Florida. When she returned to Elgin in 1998, Gerry returned to Judson. She served as an assistant to President Jerry Cain’s assistant and has filled in often for the President’s office. Now, she serves as part-time receptionist. Over the years, Gerry has loved the contact with students and guests. She has always loved the students, often remembering several for their unique, God-given talents.

“Judson ‘gets in your blood’ and has continued to mean so very much to me and my family.” -Gerry Craddock 32

Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

Estate Planning

FILLER Your life, your dreams, your legacy

It’s never too early to begin thinking about your legacy or to shape your estate plan. Contrary to what many people think, you don’t need to be a millionaire to have an estate plan. An estate plan is an important part of any ongoing financial planning process. Your legacy transcends money — it also encompasses your values. Your wishes and dreams may include using your assets to help secure your family’s future or you may choose to support another cause close to your heart. This might be your favorite charity, your community, or your place of worship, to name a few.

Elements of an Estate Plan A will lets you specify your wishes, including how you want your property distributed, who will administer your estate and who will care for your minor children. A trust holds your assets for the benefit of one or more people (you, your spouse, your children). You’ll need an attorney’s assistance to create a trust. Life insurance proceeds are paid to a beneficiary at your death. Gifts are transfers of property made during your life to family, friends or charity. Tax exclusions are available as important estate planning tools. Consult your tax professional for details. Please call the Advancement Department to learn more about Estate Planning at 847-628-2080.


Memorial Giving The following Memorial or In Honor of gifts includes all cumulative gifts to Judson University from July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011.

In Memory Of: Judy A. Bowlby * Ms. Ruth L. Stewart

George Angelo Bravos * Dr. Angelo G. Bravos

Inez Crofts Ms. Elizabeth Hoeft * Mr. & * Mrs. George M. Martin PCI-IW/SAI Chapter, Oak Park, IL * Mrs. Audrey Reed Mr. & Mrs. Harry Rooker Ms. Carmine R. Samples Ms. Laura Wilcox Mr. Todd Wilcox

J. Marcus Didier * Mr. & * Mrs. Pat A. Hargis

Nora Hargis * Mr. & * Mrs. Pat A. Hargis

Raymond J. Hill Mr. Darrell Lauderback

Raye Jeanne Ingraham Rev. & Mrs. Michael Green

Margaret Jensen Mr. & Mrs. John R. Lundstrom

Burton E. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Behle Mr. & Mrs. Gary B. Johnson


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

Mr. Wendell Keener Joan L. Meier Mr. & Mrs. Harold Richards

Harold K. Martin Ms. Donna Allen Mr. & Mrs. Gary Bowen Ms. Barbara Christopherson Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Clementz Dr. & Mrs. James W. Didier Mr. & Mrs. Arlen B. Ewers Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Hannell Mr. & Mrs. Eli Hemenway Dr. & Mrs. Lester Holze Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Martin Ms. Karen Michalski Mr. & Mrs. Terrence E. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. H. D. Myatt Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Poziemski Ms. D. K. Saxe Dr. & Mrs. Jack Shales Ms. Rita Umbdenstock Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Young Mr. & Mrs. William H. Zaeske

Vera Mayne Mr. Robert E. Bartels Mr. Kenneth Bindner Ms. Mary Borger Brower Insurance Agency LLC Mr. David Brown Caito Foods Service, Inc. Marian Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Frank Chapman Ms. June DeBernardi Mrs. Melissa DeHart Mr. Boyd George Ghyslain Chocolatier Inc., Union City, IN Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Gietzen †Denotes Deceased * Denotes Alumni

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gorski Mrs. Cecile Hill †Mr. Raymond J. Hill Houser Asphalt & Concrete, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Huff I Supply Company Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Kelch Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Kirby Mr. Darrell Lauderback Ms. Lisbeth Minyard Lokey Mr. Russell T. Lund, III Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Mandel Mr. & Mrs. Sebastian Melluzzo Ms. Barbara Mendelson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Vail Miller Mr. & Mrs. Russell Muntz Oak Lawn and Landscaping Co. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Overman Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling Ms. Lisa Reeder Mr. & Mrs. Regan Ross Mr. & Mrs. Daryll Sakada Mr. Joey E. Scolari Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sedlock Shop Rite of Hunterdon County Simco Refrigeration Inc., Dayton, OH Mr. & Mrs. Christy Spoa Ms. Bessie S. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. John Weckesser Winteriors Mr. & Mrs. John A. Wolfe M.D.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sherbondy Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm G. Shotwell Ms. Kathleen A. Siedenburg Mr. & Mrs. Alexander J. Smith Mr. Melvin A. Sparlin

Eller P. Shandy

Dana B. Davidson

Dr. & Mrs. James W. Didier

Belmont Assembly of God Church, Chicago, IL

Donna Gay Shotwell

Jim Edgar

Dr. & Mrs. James W. Didier

Wilma Sparlin Mr. & Mrs. John O. Benson Creekwood Baptist Church, Rockford, IL Dr. & Mrs. James W. Didier Ms. Julie Leese Mr. Charles Lindstrom Mr. & Mrs. Fred Luckenbill Dr. & Mrs. Daniel A. MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. John J. Nootens Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rehfeldt

Lois R. Warner Mr. & Mrs. William Archibald Dr. & Mrs. Richard Besancon Mrs. Josephine Burch Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Clossman Dr. & Mrs. James W. Didier Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Good Mrs. Dorothy G. Lotterman Mr. & Mrs. R. Edward Pinkerton Dr. Stuart A. Ryder Ms. Jacquelyn Warner

Harm A. Weber Dr. & Mrs. James W. Didier Ms. Loralei Markson Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Robinson Dr. & Mrs. Jack Shales Dr. & Mrs. Wilber G. Smith

In Honor Of:

Alberto Culver USA Inc., Melrose Park, IL

Susan D. Mills-Polster Mr. & Mrs. Gary Mills

Cynthia L. Stuck Mr. Nicholas Kachiroubas

Beatrice Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey Neville


Volunteer Leadership Friends of Judson Executive Committee Members

Board Members

Alumni Association

Mrs. Judith DeRolf

Ms. Carol Abbott Mrs. Romelia Adams Ms. Beatrice Albright Mrs. Sue Bottom Ms. Olivia Bradley Dr. Richard Clossman Mrs. Gerry Craddock Mrs. Judy DeRolf Mrs. Joan Doran Mrs. Gail Dover Ms. Vivian Durrenberger Ms. Margaret Fox Mrs. Beverly Graf Mrs. Sandy Gum Ms. Melonese Hughes Mrs. Amy King Mrs. Mary Lee Koester Ms. Better McLauchlan Mrs. Delores Oyler Mr. John Potter Mrs. Ruth Price Mrs. Cheryl Richardson Mrs. Jill Rodriguez Mrs. Linda Rusenovich Mrs. Linda Schertz Ms. Florence Sisler Mrs. Delores Sodt Mrs. Diana Villanueva Mrs. Cathy Zange

Mrs. Blythe Ann (Hitch) Cooper ’75


Mrs. Joan Doran First Vice President

Mrs. Gail Dover

Second Vice President

Mrs. Becky Searle Third Vice President

Mrs. Romelia Adams Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. Linda Rusenovich Recording Secretary

Mrs. Sue Bottom Treasurer


Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report


Mrs. Shari (Bristol) Simpson ’04 Vice Chair

Ms. Sharon Bell-Wilson ’74 Immediate Past Chair

Mr. Matt Granger ’90 Secretary/ Treasurer

Ms. Glossie Towner ’08 Ms. Angel Oakley ’04 Mrs. Sally (Ackemann) Boscaljon ’73 Mrs. Lynn (St. Germaine) Long ’84 Mr. Brock Henderson ’03

Presidents Advisory Board

Staff Members Ex-Officio

Dr. Kenneth Arndt Mr. Phil Bandy Mr. Odin Berg Mr. Perry Bigelow Mrs. Valencia Breckenridge Judge Floyd Keith Brown Mr. Charles Campbell Mr. George Cumpata Mrs. Darcy Dougherty Mrs. Traci Ellis Mr. Vito Glazers Mr. Alex Hoffer Mr. Tim Kellenberger Mr. Richard Kennedy Mr. Alan P. Kirk Ms. Cyndi Kolich Mrs. Joan C. LeValley Mr. Kurt J. Marquardt Mr. Larry McManis Dr. Donn Mendoza Mr. Terry Parke Mr. Rick Poulton Mr. Jim Rathe Mr. Steven J. Rauschenberger Mrs. Joann Reynolds Mr. Jeff Robinson Mr. Michael J. Schaal Mr. Bob Schrieber Mr. Ajay N. Shah Mr. Larry Sheets Mr. Chuck Siems Mr. Joseph Slawek Mr. Westeron Stephens, III Mr. Barry Swenson Mr. Steven E. Waeghe Mr. John Walters

Mr. Tory Gum

Vice President for External Relations

Dr. Angelo Bravos

Director of University Advancement

Mrs. Kathy D’Alexander Development Coordinator

Mrs. Mary Dulabaum

Director of Marketing & Communications

Mrs. Nancy Binger

Executive Director of Enrollment Services


Board of Trustees The Board of Trustees is the legal owner and final authority for Judson University. The members of the Board serve to: 1.

Establish the University’s mission, keep the university faithful to that mission, and determine the basic goals to carry out that mission;


Ensure that the university is financially solvent, stable and honest through good stewardship of its assets;


Approve and oversee institutional policy and long-range plans for the university; and


Monitor policies and procedures in regard to employment by the university.

The students, faculty and staff of Judson University thank all the men and women who served the University in 2011.


Dr. Nate Adams ‘80 Illinois Baptist State Association, Springfield, IL

Mr. Devlin Donaldson ‘79 CEO, NOVO Ink, Colorado Springs, CO

Mr. Marco Alvarez Fabric Images, Elgin, IL

Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Edmond, Treasurer Second Baptist Church, Elgin, IL

Mr. Jim Bagnall Retired, Marshalltown, IA

Dr. Greg Garrison ‘80 Owner, St. Clair Pediatrics, LLC, Swansea, IL

Dr. Wayne Bartee Retired, Springfield, MO

Dr. Randy Gauger ‘69, Vice Chair First Baptist Church, Savoy, IL

Dr. Jerry Cain President, Judson University, Elgin, IL

Mrs. Karen Gustafson St. Charles, IL

Mr. Shawn Casey Sabre Sails, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Rev. Greg Huguley First Baptist Church, Elgin, IL

Mr. Dana Davidson Dana B. Davison CPA Co, P.C., Northbrook, IL

Rev. Bernard Jackson ‘77 First Baptist Church, Terre Haute, IN

Mr. Dennis Demoss Senior Vice President, Sargent Lundy, Chicago, IL

Mr. Brett Lundstrom President, Lundstrom Insurance, Elgin, IL

Dr. James Didier President Emeritus, Judson University, Elgin, IL

Dr. Adam Mackintosh ‘97 Physician, Family Care Clinic, Sterling, CO

Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

Dr. Karen Maudlin Owner, Maudlin & Associates, Wheaton, IL Mr. Kevin Noe ‘79 Retired, Castle Rock, CO Mr. Michael Pepe Wolf Technical Services, Indianapolis, IN Mrs. Audrey Ramos Reed ‘68 Elgin, IL Mr. John M. Shales COO, Shales McNutt, LLC, Elgin, IL Mr. John Smith Retired, Itasca, IL Mrs. Fran Street Mahomet, IL

Trustee Emeriti: Dr. Roy Carpenter Mr. Rolf Grupp Dr. Charles Hicks Mr. Donald Johnson Rev. D. Scott Johnston Mr. Kenneth Lawson Dr. Betty Lindner Mr. Carl Lundstrom Dr. George Martini Dr. John Shales Dr. Malcolm Shotwell Dr. Wilber Smith Mr. Cliff Wilson

Honorary Trustees: The Honorable Governor Jim Edgar Dr. Robert D. Lindner

Mr. Bruce Strom ‘87, Secretary Administer Justice, Elgin, IL Mrs. Carol Thompson ‘77, Chair Christianity Today International, Carol Stream, IL Mrs. Katherine Vandygriff Retired, Muscatine, IA Mrs. Victoria Zimmerman ‘00 St. Charles, IL Mr. Tim Winters ‘79 CEO, The Winter’s Group, Tusla, OK


Giving Opportunities The Annual Fund

Support of the Judson University Annual Fund is essential to ensuring that the mission of Judson University continues to be fulfilled. Over 90 percent of Judson students need additional financial assistance above and beyond what is provided through government grants and loans.

Restricted Funds

Would you like to support a specific area at Judson University? The University has established several restricted funds in order to provide you the ability to designate your gift toward a specific purpose.

University Endowment

A robust and healthy endowment fund is a vital component of the institution’s long-term strength and stability. Due to the generous support of faithful donors throughout its history, Judson has been able to establish an endowment fund near $10 million. When giving a gift for an endowment purpose, the principal amount of the gift is given to the University with a stipulation that the funds are invested to earn annual income rather than be spent immediately.

Judson Endowment Fund

Endowed Professorship

An endowed professorship specifically offers assistance by providing a gift that will be invested to ensure an annual stipend that will be used to support the faculty members’ continued scholarly development and research. With a gift of $100,000, a donor can honor a professor that has made a significant impact on his or her life or the donor may choose to name the professorship in honor or memory of another important person in his or her life.

Endowed Facility

As with any institution, each of the existing campus facilities require upkeep and maintenance, while older facilities need remodeling and modernization. The cost to endow an existing Judson facility can range from $1 to $10 million (depending on the facility of interest).

The Judson Endowment Fund provides support for the University’s annual operating costs. Donors who would like to make a long-lasting impact on Judson’s future but do not have a strong preference as to how the proceeds of the endowment are used can make gifts of $10,000 or more to the Judson Endowment Fund.

Memorial & Tribute Giving

Endowed Scholarship

There are a variety of options that are available to donors who wish to support Judson University and also provide themselves a life income. One such option is called the Charitable Gift Annuity which can offer a substantially better interest rate than the average bank Certificate of Deposit. Another is called a Bequest with which a donor can include Judson University in their will. To learn more about planned giving options, please contact the Office of Advancement at 847-628-2080.

A donor may establish an endowed scholarship with an investment of $10,000 or more. Larger initial gifts will create scholarships with larger annual awards. Through the naming of the scholarship, the donor(s) is able to honor or remember a loved one, friend or professor.

Endowed Chair

For a faculty member to be awarded the distinction


of being the recipient of an endowed chair is one of the highest honors within the academic community. It currently requires about $2 million to fully fund an endowed chair, of which the annual income is used to provide for the salary and scholarly development of the recipient. Donors may contribute to an existing endowed chair fund, or may choose to establish a new endowed chair.

Judson University 2011 Annual Giving Report

A Memorial/Tribute Gift is a thoughtful way to honor a friend or relative while providing meaningful support to Judson University. Go to for a form.

Planned Giving

Letter from the Director Dr. Angelo G. Bravos

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am very grateful for your continued generosity toward Judson University. Your gifts have made a big difference in many young people’s lives and with your help we continue to do the work of the church in higher education. As you read in this report, the financial condition of Judson University for the 2010-2011 academic year was much better than the rest of the world! We were able to stay in the black, and we were good stewards of the resources God provided. The biggest blessing we have is you, our good friend who believes in our mission. We pray that God continues to bless you and your loved ones. I want to do the best to serve you, so please do not hesitate to contact the Advancement team if you have any questions or if we can be of help to you. Please send us an email with updates in your life that you would like the Judson community to know about at Also, see the updates to our website where you will be able to make a contribution via our secure site at I look forward to hearing from you or visiting with you in the near future. Blessings, Dr. Angelo G. Bravos Director of University Advancement

Office of University Advancement First Row: Dr. Angelo Bravos, Joy Cramer, Kathy D’Alexander, Tory Gum and Jessica Bunn Second Row: Randy Schulenburg, Bonnie Bienert, Dustin Nates and Dr. Jerry Cain


1151 North State Street Elgin, IL 60123

2011 Annual Giving Report  

2011 Annual Report from Judson University's Institutional Advancement Office

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