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ou have probably heard the expression, “He’s a self-made man.” In today’s language, that sentence is a reference to someone who has lifted himself up from humble beginnings to a high level of success. The truth is that we are all self-made. Whoever we are today is a result of the time and effort we have put into being who we are. How much more successful would any of us be if we had applied ourselves throughout our lives and made full use of our abilities? Some of us take the easy way out and do just enough to get by. Yet, sometimes we find ourselves thinking that life isn’t fair, that other person with less talent and ability than us, has “made it.” We chalk their success up to luck, knowing the right people, or coming from “money.” As you look back over your life, do you wish you had done things differently? Yes, I’m sure there are at least some things you would like to do over. I know

there are many choices that I made in my life that didn’t lead to where I want to be now. But that part is over. We can’t go back. We must start from here. If we really want to live a successful life, then we must make better choices now! The dictionary definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It doesn’t say what aim or what purpose. So, that part is left up to

us. We can choose to be a success and achieve whatever it is that we want to achieve. However, many people don’t know what they want to succeed at doing. They don’t have goals. I have found that if I want to achieve things, I must write out my goals in very specific terms, decide when I want to have the achievement completed, and determine what steps it is going to take to complete my project and get what I want. Many

Choices Magazine - Issue 16  

The Successful Living Issue!

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