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introduction Just Diamonds offers an incredible and bedazzling array of diamond jewellery, each with its own exquisitivity and allure. Bringing together the finest diamonds, most innovative designs, best workmanship and cutting edge technology, there is something to steal every one’s heart, from lavish and eye-catching to quietly elegant to simply show-stopping pieces.

J u s t D i a m o n d s Co lle c t i o n

JuST diaMondS collecTion Experience love at first sight with Just Diamonds Collection. sophisticated, stylish and symbolic, every Just diamonds collection piece exudes an air of captivating romanticism that will set hearts aflutter at first sight and through eternity.

J u s t d i a m o n d s co lle c t i o n

perFecT MaTcH The sum of its parts is the totality of its beauty combined. Put together with master wizardry, Perfect match is a combination of smaller diamonds, resulting in an utmost exquisite work of diamond jewellery when finished.

P er F e c t m at c H

Men Tuxedo

The beauty of style and durability of diamonds to match his masculinity.

Clean lines, undisputable class, alluring and intense, the male collection is a legend unto itself, designed to represent the fidelity of a diamond’s strength, just like a man’s integrity.

M en T u x ed o

Solitaire dream Those who are passionately in love speak from the heart, not from the head.

Profess that which cannot be expressed with words. Let the solitaire encapsulate the emotions for you with the words “till death do us apart.�

s o li ta i r e d r e a m

S o li ta i r e d r e a m

FaiTHFully yourS The cross is an awe-inspiring icon. representing the intertwining of one’s soul with the divine, Faithfully yours crosses allow one to keep thy faith close to the heart at all time.

Fa i t H F u lly yo u r s

Happy Hearts A heart of diamonds is like an eternal flame representing everlasting love Happy Hearts encapsulates the tale of two hearts, beating together as one, bounded together by love. With the ravishing brilliance of embedded diamonds, these hearts come to life like the spark of a fiery romance.

H a P P y H e a rt s

loVe ForeVer

Every love story is unique, just like every wedding band. With Forever love, couples can wear their hearts on their sleeves as the ultimate symbol of commitment for each other. The endless choice of handcrafted designs promises to be as bedazzling as the magic of romance.

L ov e F o r ev er

My Trilogy Three is a charm indeed. The Trilogy is a delicate weave of three elements, complementing each other in mutual harmony, heightening the beauty of each.

My Trilogy

Auspicious Jewellery When diamonds abound, the stars align and good luck beckons. Attract good fortune, peace, prosperity and love with bejewelled pieces of auspicious jewellery of zodiac signs and lucky charms. The amazing attention to details gives an enigmatic appeal that not only brings the charms to life but also lends an aesthetic edge beyond expectations.

au s P i c i o u s J eW ellery

c ata l o g u e Š 2009 j u s t d i a m o n d s b y d e f r e d . trademarks are property of just diamonds by defred P h o t o g r a p h y b y t h a s s o c i at e s p t e lt d

w w w . j d d e f r e d .c o m

Just Diamonds by DeFRED Catalog  

Just Diamonds by DeFRED is a bespoke diamonds boutique that features only the finest color grades of D, E, and F and employ the best cutting...

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