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Sustainable, intelligent automation solutions for your home.

About Zero1

Zero1 was acquired by JT in early 2020 — driving Zero1’s services and capabilities to new heights. Together, Zero1 and JT empower homes and businesses in the Channel Islands to control their environment and connects them to their sustainable future through world-class networking and engineering and connectivity infrastructure.

Zero1 was founded by two former JT engineers in 2012, and has since enabled clients across the Channel Islands to achieve greater sustainability, productivity and efficiency through the automation of integrated solution systems. Its services encompass full consultancy and project delivery, catering to a range of commercial sectors.

What do we do? Make your Smart Home dream a reality At Zero1, it’s our job to deliver your vision of the perfect home. We work closely with you as a Single Service Provider designing and installing systems end-to-end, and making your Smart Home dreams a reality. We help your whole home around you run like clockwork, and give you total control over your living space.

Revolutionising the modern home Zero1’s experts are here to help create the perfect living space for you and your loved ones. We offer the highest spec, premium home customisation options to suit any space and budget. Our Smart Home technologies have the power to effect positive change — bringing more joy into the home with smart entertainment technology, all while helping lower your environmental impact. You can count on intelligent lighting, seamlessly reliable CCTV and security, automatic shades and window treatments, and fully customisable climate control — all controlled from one app.

Making your living space more intelligent Whether you are looking to automate your home’s energy use, control your audio visual experience, or both — we can help create a bespoke, sustainable living space for you and your family.

Your home should be a space that works for you and your family. Zero1 allows homeowners to create spaces that are uniquely theirs, with systems and solutions designed to complement your specific needs. We give you total control over every aspect of your home, so that everything is always exactly as you like it.

Zero1 uses a bespoke, single-app system to allow you to control and monitor your home, wherever you are. With our help you can control blinds and shutters, automate innovative state-of-the-art lighting systems, and revolutionise your home entertainment experience.

Efficiency and Sustainability Creating a greener future for you and your family.

Our team takes immense pride in designing and delivering solutions that allow homeowners like you to curate their home with automation. Sustainability has never been more important, but when life is busy, its not easy to find time for creating new, “greener” habits. Zero1’s intelligent systems make responsible living easy. Reducing carbon emissions, cutting waste, and taking better care of the planet is a global effort: and here’s how you can play your part. Better still, there’s no compromise, either. Your home will work for you — attuned to your needs — while also saving energy (and money) wherever possible. Your home will be easier to manage, more comfortable and more convenient than ever before.

With JT’s industry-leading networking expertise, Zero1 ensures your systems benefit from hyperfast, reliable connectivity throughout your living space.

Imagine how much electricity you could save in your home by implementing lighting systems that recognise when a room is unoccupied, deactivating lights to reduce waste. Imagine heating systems that monitor your families routines to program themselves for total cost-efficiency. These are just two of the innovative ways that Zero1 can change the way you interact with and control your home — to benefit you, your family and the planet.

Working from home? With so many of us working from home some or all of the time, we can provide internal networking to stay connected to their teams, data, and tools, no matter where they are.

Intelligent Engineering Your Smart Home vision, without lifting a finger.

Your Single Service Provider for end-to-end Smart Home design

Designing and delivering harmonious systems

Zero1 takes the hassle out of your Smart Home project, with end-to-end home customisation so you don’t need to worry about a thing. Our team will take care of everything, even collaborate with or manage other contractors to make the impact on you and your space as minimal as possible while work is completed.

While what we at Zero1 and JT do behind the scenes may be groundbreaking, it will all be rolled out in your home with minimal complexity. We promise one-touch control on a huge range of smart devices — delivering a user-friendly simplicity that you and your family will be familiar with, straight out of the box.

We’re passionate about what we do, and have years of experience delivering high-end home automation and customisations.

No matter how complex your requirements are, using, controlling and managing your smart system will be as effortless as any other app on your phone.

Bespoke to your unique specifications We understand nobody nows your home better than you do. That’s why we prioritise your input from the outset, working with you to understand your daily routines, your wants and needs, your environment — and how they intertwine. We know you don’t want to worry about ‘how’ your systems work. Leave that to us. We just want you to enjoy the benefits. We empower your homes to make automated decisions to run most efficiently and with the minimal environmental impact possible. With Zero1, you’re in expert hands, every step of the way.

Bespoke to your unique specifications We know that nobody understands your workspace better than you and your teams. That’s why we prioritise working closely with you from the outset, to understand you, your team, your customers or clients, your environment — and how they intertwine in order to provision the optimum network set-up for your business. We then build an integrated solution that helps you make the most of your current space and respond intelligently to future needs.

Expert, secure networking you can rely on Zero1 partners with JT to bring you access to highly experienced, highly qualified experts in networking and engineering. As a result, every Smart Home system we build is based on reliable, tried-and-tested infrastructure that delivers outstanding results. We’ll set everything up to work seamlessly, with connectivity and networking you can truly rely on. Our solutions and services are easy to use and maintain, and intelligently monitor themselves so you don’t have to.

Intelligent Environment The space you want, when you want it.

Customise your living space and get the most out of everything that makes your home a home. Your lighting, electricity, shading, temperature and climate control — have them your way, all the time.

Control and monitor your bespoke Smart Home securely, from any location.

Energy efficient, bespoke Smart Lighting Zero1 works with industry-leader manufacturers to provide attractive, intelligent lighting and window treatments for any environment. Create and customise the ambiance you want to make your Smart Home suited to you.

Temperature, climate, and internal environment controls Control everything at the touch of a button through one easy-to-use app. Our innovative, interconnected tech gives you the flexibility to keep your home exactly as you like it, at all times of the day and night. Adjust lighting, heating, even play your favourite Spotify playlists, and ensure every room in your house is perfectly prepared for your needs. With windows that open and close at the touch of a button, outdoor lighting that responds to natural light and heating that automatically adjusts, Zero1 provides your home, your way.

Tighter security for greater peace of mind We know your home is your world. Zero1 can help keep it safe with automated physical security and innovative online protection with network cybersecurity. Our systems are designed to offer complete flexibility and reassurance, and keep your family safe. Our security solutions are bespoke, designed according to your individual specifications and potential risks. We can install security cameras with real-time video accessible via your smartphone or tablet, doors that lock automatically when you leave the house, night vision cameras, and more. Our priority is to keep your home and your family safe and secure.

Intelligent Entertainment Redefining your expectations of home entertainment.

Zero1 is all about sophisticated, automated living with the very latest in home entertainment. Make every room in your house a pleasure to be in with home cinema, comprehensive surround sound and subtle ambience. Our systems boast the sharpest visuals, crispest sounds and strongest atmospherics — bringing your Smart Home entertainment system to life.

The ultimate audiovisual experience Make the most of your living space with integrated TVs and sound systems, subtly hidden away or placed as feature pieces pivotal to your space. Our solutions range from low-key hifi systems to comprehensive cinematic experiences — designed for you and your tastes. A great entertainment experience is a fundamental part of a dream Smart Home, and Zero1 can make this a reality, ready and working seamlessly for when you move in. With automated TVs that slide quietly from the

Internal Wiring (‘Structured Cabling’) As Zero1 is partnered with JT, we’re available to handle all structured cabling — the internal network wiring in your home. This guarantees your system can support all the hardware demands, and you can depend on the speediest communication and connectivity.

walls, automated mood lighting and cinema-quality sound and visuals right in your living room, Zero1 Smart Homes bring the future of entertainment to you. We supply screens, projectors, speakers, mood lighting and more, with convenient, user-friendly automation and environmentally friendly consumption at the core. Turn your living room into a home cinema, a concert hall or an elegant relaxation space, with subtle ambiance and stylish hidden fixtures.

Audio and video for instant ambiance Entertainment for the whole family is guaranteed with a Zero1 Smart Home. A single touch of a button is the only step in setting the scene and moving to quality leisure time with the right mood lighting and music integration. Our solutions range from Sonos to Dynaudio, from Artcoustic to Anthem, catering to all artistic tastes, budgets and occasions. We can also install automated cinematic seating and room control, cinema screens and projectors, controlled with intelligent, voice activating remotes, control pads and tablets. With professional-grade speakers and home theatre systems, we’ll bring the magic of the big screen to you. Our team will work with you to understand your entertainment requirements and expectations. Our audio and visual systems are implemented on a case-by-case basis: we never adopt a one-size-fitsall approach.

Whatever you dream Smart Home automation looks like - from automating energy use, to controlling audio visual experiences, to everything in between - we can help create a bespoke, sustainable living space for you and your family. To know more about the endless possibilities that automation can offer and how it might work, bespoke to your needs, please contact the Zero1 team: +44 (0) 1534 888 003 Alternatively, why not visit our showroom for a demonstration? Zero1, 6-10 Minden Street, St Helier

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Zero1 Brochure - Smart Home Automation  

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