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Digital Marketing Toolkit Ned Potter UKeIG 2014

Hand-out: The wiki with this hand-out stored on it can be found at: – rightclick and choose ‘Save Link As…’ then download it to somewhere easy to find, e.g. the Desktop.

Issuu: To sign up to Issuu go to and click ‘Create Account’ near the top right hand corner. Choose ‘Publisher’ when asked:

Then choose the ‘Free’ option (obviously!). My advice would be to set up an account in your own name now, then if you like Issuu set a proper one for your library later. Scribd: Similarly with Scribd the main sign-up options are aimed at readers rather than publishers – so for the purposes of this workshop we don’t want to sign up for any ‘free trial’ as a reader. Ignore that offer, and choose ‘Sign up’ from the top right corner to create an account which will enable you to upload items. Creative Commons images at and Fonts at

Our Padlet wall: - this link is case sensitive. We’ll be using this to post videos to, and QR Code ideas to (if we do that bit). Double click anywhere (preferably not over the top of another note) to add your own note. To embed a video, click the little ‘link’ icon and paste in the URL of your chosen vid from YouTube:

The University of York Library’s low-cost, high reward YouTube channel: The QR Code creator:

This workshop covers an enormous amount of ground, and it’s important to contextualise the ideas in the real world. With that in mind, which three ideas or platforms or tools or methods are you goi ng to look into in more detail when you get back to your desks? And crucially, which are the target audiences to whom you’ll use these tools or concepts to communicate?

Follow up questions? Email me at or ask me on Twitter @theREALwikiman. Go to for loads more stuff.

Digital toolkit handout online version  
Digital toolkit handout online version