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ISSN 2050-0572 29th September - 29th October 2023 - Issue 188 FREE TO READ Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership and Animal Welfare RESCUE and ANIMAL CARE Redwings, recently welcomed a pony named Pickle to become the newest member of their Adoption Scheme! Do your bit to help hedgehogs this World Animal Day Cover Image Old Age Pooch Scamp looking for forever home at Dogs Trust Newbury The purrfect Recipes to tantalise your feline’s taste buds! NEW from Catit! Dog owners are being warned of the dangers surrounding blue-green algae Missing cat Phoebe reunited with her owner after turning up 30 miles from home

Dear Readers,

Autumn seems to have arrived suddenly this year!

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.”- Oscar Wilde. This is my favourite season and I love the blue skies and watching the changing colour of leaves. It is a lovely time to walk our dogs, although my lovely rescue dog Treacle who writes her column on page 4 can’t walk very far now. But we go for lots of short walks and she is still very happy and enjoys them.

Just a taster of what’s inside this Issue:-

l Dogs Trust Canterbury is urging anyone with a dog-shaped hole in their life to consider adopting one of the Lurchers in their care. Lurchers can often spend longer in the charity’s care than other breeds, despite their loving nature. Dogs Trust is now asking people to consider giving a forever home to one of its long-legged residents.

l 'Mash Potato Like Substance' Can Kill Dogs In 24 HOURS - Dog Expert Advises Worried Dog Owners. Dog owners are being warned of the dangers surrounding blue-green algae, as a substance similar to mash potato has been discovered in the UK, able to kill a dog in as little as 24 hours.

l Kitten rescued from certain death after getting head stuck in mayonnaise jar! Volunteers from the Northumbria Branch of Cats Protection were visiting a garden in Ashington following reportsof a litter of feral kittens in the area. Within minutes of being at the site, the owner alerted them to a one of the kittens hidden behind a piece of wood with his head jammed in a glass jar.

l How to Prevent Dog Bites: Tips for Understanding and Preventing Negative Canine Behaviour Brits are known for being a nation of dog lovers with our four-legged friends, a beloved part of society, but however much we love our dogs, it is a fact that dog bites can happen.

I hope you enjoy reading our latest issue and thank you for reading and sharing your copy with your friends.

Love Jennifer x
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Star status for the pony discovered in a ‘pickle’

Pickle was rescued in 2022 from a site in Norfolk when she was just five months old after a concerned member of the public contacted Redwings about the welfare of a pony with an injured eye. Pickle needed urgent treatment, and so she was immediately offered a home at the Sanctuary. Sadly, due to the severity of her injury, it was necessary for Redwings’ vets to remove her eye to end the discomfort it was causing her.

Despite the loss of her eye, Pickle quickly adapted to her new life at the Sanctuary where care and rehabilitation saw her affectionate nature shine through, capturing the hearts of everyone who met her. Pickle now lives at Redwings Aylsham in North Norfolk, one of the charity’s five visitor centres, where visitors can meet her and give her the affection she so deserves and enjoys. Pickle’s story is a fantastic

example of the lifesaving work of Redwings, a charity that is 100% funded by donations and is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules in need all across the UK.

Pickle can be sponsored from just £2 per month and you will receive an adoption pack, including a beautiful photo, certificate, bookmark, and equine fact sheet, as well as three postal updates throughout the year, alongside quarterly emails to keep her new friends updated on her life at Redwings. Pickle will even have a birthday party at Redwings Aylsham every year, and her adopters will be invited to join the celebrations!

n If you would like to be part of Pickle’s Adoption Star journey, please call 01508 505246 or visit

Your support will help towards the ongoing treatment and care she and her friends require to live happy and healthy lives at the Sanctuary. Thank you.

Jude and Pickle
Redwings, the UK’s largest horse welfare charity, recently welcomed a pony named Pickle to become the newest member of their Adoption Scheme! RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 3

Mistress is calling me Bunny!!

I have more energy, enthusiasm and feeling happy.

My back legs aren’t that good and have an injection once a month to help the pain and my mobility. (even tried to chase a squirrel the other day!)

Mistress is calling me ‘Bunny’ at the moment as I hop with my back legs going up the stairs to bed.

I have also taken to eating carrots as my ‘go to’ snack. Perhaps I’m metamorphosing into a Rabbit!!! I’ll be twitching my nose next!

The steroids I’m taking make me ravenous all the time so I’m yapping almost constantly for more food.

Mistress found me licking the oven door the other day and hunting in the wastepaper bin for anything that may be edible. I did find a crisp packet and stuck my tongue inside it for any left over morsels!

Mistress has been as always taking very good care of me. She’s had a virus as well so we’ve been a right pair.

As I sit here writing on my ‘paw top’ I have a lovely view of blue skies and trees sparkling in the sunshine.

Dear Readers

Autumn is here and thankfully so am I!

In my last column I mentioned that our vet had found growths around my liver and I had been very unwell. I was given steroids along with other medication and I am feeling much better than I have for a long time.

I can also see a humongous pigeon poo on Mistress’s car roof. I’ve never seen one as big as that! I must let her know.

That’s all for now as I need a carrot so I’m ‘hopping’ off to ask for one.

Love Treacle x

4 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE Follow us on facebook Rescue and Animal Care Follow us on twitter Troublesome Treacle Please contact us or visit our website for more information. Heathway, Colton, Rugeley, Staffs WS15 3LY Tel: 01889 577058 Reg Charity No1053585
My ‘go to’ snack

Fireworks survival guide for dogs

Before the fireworks

• Write some notes to put through neighbours’ doors informing them you have an animal that fears fireworks, and request that if they are going to have a private display could they contact you beforehand.

• Prepare a safe place for your dog to retreat to if they get scared. Make sure the place is cozy, quiet, and familiar to your dog and a place the dog is likely to seek out – don’t force them to it.

• Use the Pet Remedy plugin and sprays. Use the plugin regularly – don’t just plug it in for fireworks. Use the spray ahead of the event and focus on areas the dog is likely to want to go for comfort. You can also speak to your vet about medical options if your dog has a very severe reaction.

• Walk and feed your dog earlier than usual, before it gets dark, and the fireworks start. This will help avoid being outside when the noise is loud and reduce the chances of toileting indoors.

During the fireworks

• Keep your dog indoors and close all windows, doors, and curtains to block out the noise and light. Turn on the TV, radio, or some music to mask the sound of the fireworks. Classical music or music with a strong bass can be especially soothing for dogs.

• Be prepared to relax some of your current house rules when the dog is feeling fearful – for example, if they are not usually allowed on the sofa and they jump up to seek comfort, allow them. Or if they are not usually allowed in a certain room but seem to want to seek safety in there, let them. They will not expect to do these things after! They are just trying to find a place to feel safe.

• Stay calm and act normally around your dog. If they seek you for comfort give it to them. You cannot make them more fearful by sharing affection – that is a myth.

• Don’t punish your dog for showing signs of fear or stress, such as barking or whining. This will only make them more upset and damage your bond with them.

• Don’t leave your dog alone during the fireworks. If you must go out, ask someone you trust to stay with your dog or take them to a friend’s or relative’s house where there are no fireworks.

After the fireworks

• Let your dog come out of their hiding place when they feel ready.

For more information visit

• Be prepared that your dog may still be a bit nervous or jumpy after the fireworks are over. They may also have some accidents indoors or be reluctant to go outside. Be patient and understanding with them and don’t scold them for their behaviour. It can take a while for the stress system to return to a calmer base.

• Try and use the many months without Fireworks to work on desensitising the dog to the sounds.

n For more information visit RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 5

Incredibly tasty and purrfectly balanced!

First look at the brand-new range of dry cat food from Catit

One of the most important things we can do to ensure the health and wellbeing of our feline friends is to provide a nutritionally balanced diet that provides all the goodness they need to thrive.

Adult Poultry Recipe is a delicious, complete dry food for moderately active adult cats. Featuring fresh chicken and turkey meat and liver, this recipe also contains psyllium to aid the transit of hairballs through the digestive tract and omega fatty acids to promote a healthy skin and coat.

Adult Poultry with Ocean Fish Recipe is for felines that love a taste of the ocean! The grain free formula contains MSCcertified salmon and whitefish, naturally high in nutrients and beneficial oils. Natural Yucca extract helps to reduce stool odours and nutritious dried herbs such as fennel, catnip and watercress can help your cat’s digestion.

Catit’s Indoor/Sterilised Recipe is purrfect for less active cats that don’t require as much fat and protein. The grain free formulation includes lean, healthy turkey along with yucca to help manage litter box odours and dried beet pulp which can help stimulate healthy gut flora in your kitty.

Catit Recipes is available in 400g and 2kg resealable and recyclable bags.

Catit have recently launched Catit Recipes - a brand-new range of nutritionally complete dry cat foods. Each recipe has been carefully formulated to provide complete, balanced nutrition and a great taste that cats will love. Each recipe contains locally sourced, freshly prepared ingredients that are irresistibly tasty and extremely digestible. With up to 87% of the protein content coming from quality animal sources such as fresh chicken, turkey and liver, each recipe is packed with delicious superfoods including marigold blossoms, cranberries, and green lipped mussels to help promote health and wellbeing while maintaining bone and joint health. All Catit Recipes formulations are high in naturally occurring taurine, an essential nutrient for your cat’s eye and heart health. Let’s take a closer look at the 3 recipes in the range.

Helping the planet one paw print at a time

Many pet food bags are non-recyclable and end up in landfill. When Catit started developing their new dry food range, this is one thing that they wanted to do differently!

The bags are fully recyclable at most large supermarkets, or in your kerbside recycling bin in many areas (check with your local authority).

n To find out more about these tasty new recipes and save money with Catit’s launch promotions, visit


Old Age Pooch Scamp looking for forever home at Dogs Trust Newbury

Scamp, an adorable ten-year-old Border Collie, is on the lookout for his forever home at Dogs Trust Newbury.

Although he’s an older gentleman, Scamp is still full of playful energy and would love for his new home to have a private garden where he can zoom around.

A lover of toys, Scamps favourite game is playing fetch with a ball.

Scamp can get a little over enthusiastic when out on walks, so needs to be kept on the lead and is undertaking training.

Rhian Grey, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Newbury, said: “Scamp is an adorable older chap, who is looking to live out his golden years with a loving family.

“For an Old Age Pooch Scamp is still full of energy and loves playing. However, he also loves lazing around and getting lots of attention from his human friends.

“He is a firm favourite at the centre –and we hope Scamp can finally find his forever home!”

Scamp can live with children of secondary school age and above.

He would prefer a family where someone is at home all the time, however, if built slowly, Scamp can be left for two to four hours once settled.

Scamp can be worried by other dogs so will need to be the only dog in the home and have walks in quieter areas.

n For more information, or if you think you could give Scamp a forever home, please visit -


Hat-trick of Heroic Police Dogs Adopted from Dogs Trust

Three rescue dogs adopted from Dogs Trust rehoming centres have joined the ranks as Police Dogs serving with Nottinghamshire Police.

Dogs Trust staff spotted the incredible potential of Rocket, Dougie and Rocky while they were in the charity’s care. All were intelligent, eager to learn and had a high play drive with a ball.

Newest recruit Police Dog Rocket, a two-year-old Belgian Malinois, has now joined Police Dog Dougie, a black Labrador cross, and Rocky, a Golden Labrador as invaluable members of the Nottinghamshire Police team.

Rocket came into Dogs Trust care in June 2022 as a seven-month-old pup where his potential for crime fighting was spotted by the team at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe. He was adopted in August last year and passed his Police probation with flying colours. During his

new role he has proved his exceptional ability to track suspects and last month sniffed out his first criminal suspects who were hiding in a bush within a garden.

Labrador’s Dougie and Rocky were both handed into Dogs Trust Loughborough after their owners could no longer care for them. Two-year-old Dougie was adopted in October 2022. He is now a drugs detection dog and has found drugs during numerous operational deployments. Rocky, also aged two, was adopted in July this year. Recently certified as a drugs, cash and firearms sniffer dog he has already been deployed on warrants and has made a strong start finding hidden drugs on his very first job.

Louise Crawford, Animal Welfare Scheme Coordinator at Dogs Trust said: “The Animal Welfare Scheme has been in place for Police dog units for the past 21 years and Dogs Trust has supported this scheme since its inception.

“We think all of the dogs in our care are stars, but staff working in our rehoming centres are trained to spot dogs with extra special crime fighting potential and we work with Police Forces signed up to the Animal Welfare Scheme to match them and provide ongoing support.

“Rocket, Dougie and Rocky were identified by the staff at our Loughborough and Ilfracombe rehoming centres as being suitable for a working home. I am thrilled that all three dogs

Police Dog Dougie - Nottinghamshire Police

have done so well and are fully licensed Police Dogs with Nottinghamshire Police, achieving so much, and reaching their full potential. It’s a wonderful message to promote about rescue dogs and how special they are.”

Chief Inspector Amy English, who is responsible for the dog section at Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Finding good candidates for Police dog training is not easy so we are grateful to the Dogs Trust for putting forward such excellent candidates.

“These dogs may not have had the best start in life, but they have now found a long-term home with us and are absolutely thriving in the care of their expert handlers.

“Training Police dogs is hard work and there is no guarantee that the candidates who come to us will meet the required standards, so it is hugely rewarding for everyone on the team when a new dog like Rocket, Rocky or Dougie repays the faith we put in them and gets their first great result.”

n For more information visit

Specialists in Commercial and Private Pet Waste disposal

We specialize in servicing our 140 L wheelie bins but can provide and service any other size bins up to 1100 -L. We work with businesses big and small. Want to trial DOG WASTE BINS or waste bag dispensers in your public spaces? We can help you with that.

To find out how we could help you with dog or cat waste disposal, get in touch with us 01580 857012 or email or visit

Police Dog Rocket - Nottinghamshire Police RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 11
Police Dog RockyNottinghamshire Police

Scottish Zoo launches appeal to rescue a Bear that survived war in Ukraine

A Zoo in Scotland has agreed to adopt a bear found close to death in abandoned Zoo in Ukraine

Scotland-based Five Sisters Zoo, has today announced it will be adopting an Asiatic Black Bear that was rescued from an abandoned zoo in Ukraine, and survived the war.

When Ukrainian soldiers entered the village of Yampil, Ukraine, after five months of Russian occupation, they discovered an abandoned zoo on the outskirts. Out of nearly 200 animals at the zoo Yampil the bear was one of the few animals to survive the invasion.

Staff at Five Sisters Zoo – renowned for its rescue work and care for endangered animals – first heard about the bear from the Belgian charity, Natuur Hulp Centrum. Having rescued bears and other animals before, and caring for more than 160 different species from all over the world since 2005, the family-owned zoo knew it had to jump in to save Yampil the bear –named after the village he came from in Ukraine.

According to the United Nations, over 13 million Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes since the beginning of Russia's all-out war, including 7 million refugees and 6.5 million internally displaced. Countless animals were left behind, forced to fight for survival amid Russian attacks and cold weather.

The zoo has said it will require an investment of around £200,000 for a brand new enclosure for Yampil, and is inviting people to donate to help with this as well as the cost of his future upkeep and veterinary care, at Five Sisters Zoo for the rest of his life.

Brian Curran, owner of Five Sisters Zoo, said: “When we were made aware of the awful treatment and conditions Yampil was subjected to, our hearts broke; we were just so amazed he was still alive and well.

“When the volunteers found Yampil, a shell had not long exploded near his cage, and he was concussed. He was in

terrible condition; five more days and they wouldn’t have been able to save him. We knew instantly that we had to help, and immediately committed to giving Yampil a new start in life – despite knowing how much of an investment it would cost the zoo. We have rescued bears before and have some terrific facilities. However, Yampil is the first rescued Asiatic black bear we will care for, and he requires a whole new enclosure to match his special needs. We are well aware of the cost-of-living crisis and of people’s difficult financial situations, but should anyone be in a position to help, we would really welcome their support and generous donations”.

Ukrainian soldiers called in support from animal welfare volunteers who help

rescue animals affected by the war, including the charity, Natuur Hulp Centrum. Frederik Thoelen, a spokesperson from the charity said: "If one animal deserves a good and better future, it's without doubt war-victim Yampil. And from previous experiences, we know it's exactly what Five Sisters Zoo can offer this magnificent Asiatic Black bear. We're very grateful they can offer Yampil the future he deserves.”

n Yampil is set to arrive in Scotland in 2024. To support the mission and donate to the Zoo’s fundraiser to help fund Yampil’s rescue, please visit:

Yampil the Asiatic black bear RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 13

Rocket is a beautiful, loving, and affectionate 19-month-old Lurcherwith the most soulful brown eyes!

All you need is love.... and a Lurcher! Dogs Trust Canterbury urges adopters to consider lurchers.

Dogs Trust Canterbury is urging anyone with a dog-shaped hole in their life to consider adopting one of the Lurchers in their care.

Lurchers can often spend longer in the charity’s care than other breeds, despite their loving nature. Dogs Trust is now asking people to consider giving a forever home to one of its long-legged residents.

Lurchers are sighthounds (such as a Greyhound, Whippet or Saluki) crossed with another breed, and therefore differ in size, with variable hair lengths, and are found in a wide variety of colours. They are known for their long, graceful frames, deep chests, and loyalty as a companion.

Lurchers were the third most popular breed of dog rehomed by Dogs Trust last year, with 524 finding loving new homes in 2022. So far this year, over 350 have come into Dogs Trust’s care across the UK.

Dogs Trust Canterbury is currently caring for a number of long-legged lovelies who are all patiently waiting a new abode.

Joanna Stuckey, Manager at Dogs Trust Canterbury said:

“Lurchers tend to spend longer in our care than other breeds and are often overlooked. So, it’s important for us to

try and dispel any misconceptions that may exist about the breed and urge people not to rule out a Lurcher as their perfect pet.

“Lurchers are loyal dogs that form very strong bonds with their owners. They are trustworthy and gentle, renowned for being affectionate so will bring a lot of love to their owner’s lives. It is a myth that they need a huge amount of exercise and long walks, they do need regular exercise like every dog, but they also very much relish lounging on the sofa. Lurchers really are at their happiest when they are with their owner, the one they love.

“We are currently caring for several Lurchers that are desperate to build that special bond with a new owner and find a sofa to call their own. Each is unique with different personalities and colourings. All have so much love to offer and await their second chance in life.”

One loveable lurcher waiting for their forever home at Dogs Trust Canterbury is Rocket.

Rocket is a beautiful, loving, and affectionate 19-month-old Lurcher - with the most soulful brown eyes!

He is a smart young lad with lots of potential for training and he loves tasty treats, so this will be a great way to teach him new things.

Rocket is looking for a home with a

family who can give him lots of company and who have the time to settle him into his new life at a pace he is comfortable with.

He can live with confident children who are aged 14 years and over who will be calm and gentle with him, plus give him space to settle when he needs to.

Rocket would like to be the only dog in the house – so he gets all attention to himself!

n If you think you can give Rocket a forever home, please visit

Other Lurchers waiting for forever homes at Dogs Trust Canterbury include:

Anton -

Dom -


To find out more about the breed or to see the Lurchers currently in Dogs Trust care waiting to be adopted click here


Autumn Pup Mishaps - Case Study Round Up

From bonfire night sand buckets, Summer’s washed-up jellyfishes, or left over BBQ skewers hidden in the Autumn leaves, there is plenty to be wary of.

Case Study: Mirren the Greyhound's Harrowing Sand Ingestion Saga and Miraculous Recovery

Mirren, a rescued ex-racing Greyhound, joined a family of a variety of cherished dogs as the owner finds joy in giving animals a second chance. She exhibits the typical Greyhound trait of being laidback and she often dictates the pace on walks and dislikes disturbances during her naps. Adopted from kennels, Mirren initially showed signs of emotional numbness, however gradually came out of her shell, allowing her true character to shine.

On a glorious day at a run-free field, Mirren tragically ingested sand from a cigarette bucket on a hot day. Symptoms of sickness, diarrhoea, and loss of appetite soon emerged.

Mirren’s owner promptly contacted the vet, who administered anti-sickness medication. When symptoms persisted, Mirren was put on a drip and kept overnight. An x-ray revealed that the sand was moving naturally through her digestive system.

Despite a slow recovery from her sand ingestion, Mirren's determination prevailed. She gradually regained her appetite with the aid of probiotics and specialised food. Even though Mirren's treatment expenses were substantial, Agria Pet Insurance covered the medical costs, offering relief to her owner.

Mirren’s case highlights the crucial role of pet insurance in ensuring that unexpected medical costs don't compromise the well-being of beloved companions.

Case Study: Fenris the Cocker Spaniel's Jellyfish Sting Ordeal and Remarkable Comeback

After an ill-fated lick, Fenris, and 11-month-old Cocker Spaniel, began vomiting and showed visible distress, resorting to eating sand and drinking seawater. Realising the urgency, the owner promptly sought veterinary care. The vet swiftly assessed the situation and administered an antihistamine injection and opioid to counteract the effects of the jellyfish sting. It was explained that the window for treatment is crucial within the first 20 minutes to prevent a potential life-threatening allergic reaction.

Fenris is a typical Cocker Spaniel –happy-go-lucky, fearless, and sociable. She readily approaches new experiences and people with enthusiasm, showcasing her vibrant and curious nature.

Fortunately, Fenris didn't require an overnight stay at the vet but was closely monitored to prevent anaphylactic shock. With the required medical attention, Fenris's distress eased, and her owner was relieved to see her back to her usual self, even enjoying a walk later that day.

Agria Pet Insurance covered Fenris' treatment expenses, a welcome relief given the potential high costs of unexpected vet care. This incident highlighted the owner's quick action and the importance of insurance in handling unforeseen veterinary expenses, emphasising responsible pet ownership and preparedness within their strong bond.

Autumn is a beautiful season filled with fun holidays and vibrant colours. However, it's essential to remember that amidst the excitement, there can be hidden dangers for our furry companions. Staying vigilant can help ensure our canine friends have a safe and enjoyable autumn experience, unfortunately, accidents can happen.
Mirren the Greyhound Fenris the Cocker Spaniel

Case Study: A Tale of Survival: Barbara the Weimaraner’s Hear t-Stopping Ordeal and Astonishing Triumph

A UK family sends desperate warning to other pet owners after their beloved dog, Barbara, nearly died from swallowing a BBQ skewer.

"Opportunist food thief”, Barbara, a mischievous three-year-old Weimaraner, often tried to indulge in human food. However, her family was left reeling when Barbara consumed a BBQ skewer that became lodged dangerously close to her heart, causing considerable distress and damage to her chest cavity.

The discovery was made after Barbara's family noticed that she was rapidly losing weight. Suspecting that her notorious food escapades had taken an unfortunate turn, the family took

Barbara to the vet where an x-ray revealed the extent of her strange and concerning eating habits.

The situation was precarious, and the vet offered a 50/50 chance of survival. Fortunately, surgery saved her, but Barbara's recovery was slow.

Barbara’s Agria Pet Insurance policy proved priceless, as without this, the substantial expenses for her care would have been overwhelming. Barbara's story shows the unexpected challenges of seemingly innocent actions, and the reassurance that Agria's lifetime pet insurance provides. Her remarkable recovery continues to bring joy to her family, reinforcing the importance of preparedness and love.


businesses big and small Specialists in Commercial and Private Pet Waste disposal Contact us today To find out how we could help you with dog or cat waste disposal, get in touch with us 01580 857012 or email Tick your legal boxes Waste Carrier License: CBDU448794 Public liability insurance of £5 million RAMS Available on request 3 3 3 We’re SafeContractor Approved, so you know we’re taking the health and safety of our employees and your visitors or residents seriously. Certificate: KE1981 Enjoy Peace of Mind We’re SafeContractor Approved Our Speciality is a 140 L Wheelie Bin but can provide and service any other size bins up to 1100 -L. Need more collections? No problem, we offer a flexible service. Want to trial DOG WASTE BINS or waste bag dispensers in your public spaces? We can help you with that. RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 17
Barbara the Weimaraner

Every Dog Has It’s Day - Here’s How To Help Your Dog If they’ve Lost a Furry Friend

Two loving dog owners have made their dog a bucket list after he fell ill with pulmonary fibrosis. The list includes a whole manner of things like getting a cheeseburger, staying in a hotel and meeting farm animals.

The death of a pet is a heartbreaking and tragic event for many families and humans grieve in their own way. But it does beg the question of how dogs cope if a family member is to, unfortunately, pass away?

Dog experts Kennel Store have commented on how to best help a grieving pet and how long their grief could last, along with what to expect whilst your pooch is going through such a loss.

“A dog’s grief can last between two

and six months, so try to take it a day at a time.

Give your dog extra love and affection if they come to you seeking comfort, but there's no need to smother them.

See how your dog is behaving and if they are appearing to be more aloof and quiet, give them some space and keep an eye on them. An extra cuddle and a treat is always a nice way to treat a grieving pet.

Try to keep up with their usual routine to provide some continuity and normality to your dog’s life, now that their day to

day has been altered drastically. Keep an eye on them and if they begin to dramatically decline, for example not eating and drinking; take them to the vet.

Dogs can physically react to a family member passing and it can become very serious extremely quickly.”

Kennel Store are dog experts and have a plethora of knowledge relating to dog behaviours and pet care.

n For more information visit


The Catit PIXI Fountain provides your cat with a continuous source of fresh, filtered water, highly ergonomic and user-friendly. RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 19 Check out George Barclay’s collection of dog drying robes, mats and towels

Think you are giving your dog a good clean, think again

TOG24 partners with Cheshire Dogs Home to provide hints and tips on how to perfectly clean your pooch

New research from TOG24 has revealed the top spots in the UK for popping the question. And it’s all about the countr yside

–Dog owners need to avoid the mistake of constantly bathing their dog

–Owners also need to make sure that dogs have been dried properly after a wash

–It’s hard to avoid a messy bath time, as dogs will naturally shake themselves dry

Walking your dog can be a muddy affair with the UK’s propensity for wet Winter weather, wet Autumn weather, wet Spring weather and even sometimes wet summer weather. This means that for the 34% of UK households that are home to at least one dog, the muddy lanes, puddle strewn streets and boggy countryside walks that often greet us when out a stroll can mean wet, muddy dogs that need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Leading outdoor brand Tog 24 have always celebrated the UK’s love affair with our four-legged friends, releasing a range of dog coats that allow dog owners to match their pup up with the brand’s adult range. Their dog offering also includes dog toys and bowls so that dogs can enjoy the outdoors as much as their owners.

However, through their work with dogs TOG24 have learned that not all owners are as clued up about animal care as they could be. That’s why they’ve chosen to partner up with Cheshire Dogs Home, a leading dog charity in the Northwest, to look at ways care for dogs could be improved. One of the big issues the charity highlighted was with washing and cleaning of dogs.

A key issue they noted was the inappropriate use of human shampoos and products on dogs. Owners can often be tempted to use these products if they’ve run out of dog shampoo. However, dogs skin has a different PH balance to human skin and using non-dog products can upset this balance and cause irritation to skin and eyes.

Overbathing is another problem that the charity has identified. Owners often

think they’re doing their best for their dog by bathing them frequently, but this can wash off natural oils which help them maintain a healthy coat. Cheshire Dogs Home recommend typically washing them once every three months, washing them more frequently only if the dog id very muddy.

Mark Ward, TOG24’s managing director said “At TOG24 we love dogs and enjoying the countryside with them. We always want to make sure that they’re properly looked after and can enjoy a full and healthy life. That’s why we’ve been so excited to partner with Cheshire Dogs Home to help as much as we can in

terms of raising awareness about these issues.”

Anna Stansfield from Cheshire Dogs Home added “Sometimes owners can think they’re doing the right thing for their pets but are actually doing something that’s not in their best interests. It’s important to always make sure you check the correct way to handle and care for a pet and if you’re in any doubt, check with an expert or vet.”

n To see the whole list of care tips then you can visit TOG24’s blog here


K e e p y o u r p o o c h c l e a n

Pet Coat Care 300ml

The easy-to-use Pet Coat Care 300 ml spray has added Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, which deeply moisturise the hair follicles, fur, coat, and skin. From £15.60, Visit

MuttMOP® Deluxe Dog Towel

The George Barclay, MuttMOP® Deluxe Dog Towel, removes dirt and water easily from your dog’s coat. It’s the ideal accessory for drying your dog after a woodland walk, forest trail or coastal stroll. £15.99. Available in Olive, Grey and Purple. Visit

Citronella Shampoo


A great little bar of shampoo for your pet. Leaving a lovely fresh Citronella scent. Also available in Lavender, Dirty Dog & Sensitive. Plastic free packaging too. From £8.95 per bar. Visit

Probiotic Pet Wound Care 100ml

Probiotic Pet Wound Care 100 ml is a naturally sourced spray that promotes healthy wound healing. This easy-to-use spray gently cleans wounds and increases the skin’s natural resistance in and around wounds. From £16.92. Visit

Probiotic Shampoo

Restores and replenishes healthy sebum (the layer of fat under the skin that protects dogs from infection and cold weather). This is important because unhealthy sebum is often the root cause of unpleasant dog odour. From £14.40. Visit

MuttMOP® Dog Towel

To use, gently rub your dog’s coat with the MuttMOP® towel to remove dirt and water. In particular, dirt can accumulate on your dog’s paws and legs, ensure these areas are cleaned thoroughly to remove all excess dirt. After use, machine wash at 30 degrees with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach, air dry. Available in Medium and Large. From £4.49. Visit

'Mash Potato Like Substance' Can Kill Dogs In 24 HOURS - Dog Expert Advises Worried Dog Owners

Dog owners are being warned of the dangers surrounding blue-green algae, as a substance similar to mash potato has been discovered in the UK, able to kill a dog in as little as 24 hours.

Google trends data shows a 5,000% increase in searches for ‘is blue green algae toxic to dogs’ so this is actively being searched for and concerned pet owners want to keep their dogs as safe as possible.

Dog experts Kennel Store have advised dog owners on how to keep dogs safe and highlight the possible dangers of blue-green algae.

“Dogs love cooling down in bodies of water like rivers and lakes, particularly on hotter days. But it can be hazardous for our dogs to go swimming in waters when bacteria such as blue-green algae is around.

What is blue-green algae?

Blue-green algae is a term which describes a group of bacteria, called cyanobacteria. Whilst algae is in the name, it isn’t actually algae but a collective term for the bacteria as it looks like algae when it is clumped together in waters.

It can be hard to see blue-green algae unless it has collected together, therefore it can pose a risk to dogs. When you do see large patches of blue green algae, it’s common to see green flakes, brown dots and greenish bundles. It can often resemble foam and can be found at the edge of lakes or ponds. It’s often found where the water doesn’t flow and isn’t fresh, where rainfall is much less frequent, which allows the bacteria to build up. There could be dead fish in ponds and lakes that have a high concentration of toxic bacteria. Do not let your dog drink from water containing deceased animals.

What are the risks and why is it dangerous?

Patches of blue-green algae contain extremely harmful toxins which stop a dogs liver from functioning correctly. Although not every type of blue-green

algae is dangerous, it’s important to be cautious when walking near bodies of water to prevent your dog from becoming unwell.

Exposure to blue-green algae is often fatal, and for dogs that do survive they can be left with long lasting health problems. Some types of blue-green algae can have fatal effects quickly and can kill a dog in as little as 15 minutes to an hour after drinking contaminated waters.

Signs and symptoms of bluegreen algae poisoning

If your dog has been swimming or paddling in water and they start to show any of the following signs, contact your vet immediately and tell them you are concerned about blue-green algae:

• Seizures/fitting

• Vomiting

• Diarrhoea

• Difficulty breathing

• Weakness

• Collapsing

• Unconsciousness

• Confused or disoriented

• Dribbling

If caught early enough, your vet will attempt to make your dog vomit in an attempt to flush the toxins out of the body. There is no antidote, but if medical

intervention occurs early this gives your dog the best chance at surviving. Sadly, blue-green algae poisoning often eventually causes fatal liver failure, so it is important owners are vigilant.

How you can protect your dog

• Keep your dog away from bodies of water that you suspect to contain bluegreen algae.

• Do not allow your dog to swim or paddle in waters that contain bluegreen algae

• Don’t let your dog drink water that could contain blue-green algae. Wind often blows blue-green algae to the edges of ponds and lakes and higher concentrations of toxin can reside here, where your dog is more likely to drink.

• Note warning signs and hazard notices during dog walks and follow the advice provided.

If you are worried about your dog and they begin exhibiting signs of blue-green algae poisoning, contact your vet immediately. The effects of blue-green algae can happen extremely quickly, and it is important your vet intervenes and can advise in a timely manner for the best outcome.”

n For more information visit


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Complete solution for urinary health

Supports lower urinary tract wellbeing in dogs and cats. Easy to administer palatable powder and tablets.


Stops your dog or cat from ingesting their own faeces or each others.

Evexia Calm

Joint calming supplement for dogs and cats. Evexia calm support healthy joints and is rich in fatty acids. Palatable drops or tablets, easy to administer.


A 3-in-1 veterinary disinfectant, cleanser and deodorizer. Use for the routine cleansing of animal housing, food bowls and work surfaces. Also suitable for use as a disinfectnt for bird and chicken eggs and incubators.

CCF Critical Care Formula

A complementary feed for reptiles, birds and mammals.

It comprises of a unique blend of energy supplying glucose with protein concentrate CCF is a great nutritional support in instances such as loss of appetite, starvation, veterinary treatment.

Avipro Plus

Probiotic and soluble fibre prebiotic for dogs, enhanced with vitamins A, C & E and electrolytes. Is recommended to help maintain digestive health in dogs and is valuable when animals are having veterinary treatment for long and shortterm conditions.

Easy to administer, simply add to food ter.

Appeal for one-eyed kitten rescued in the nick of time

Cat welfare volunteers from the North East Lincolnshire Branch of Cats Protection are appealing for help to pay for the emergency care of tiny Nelson.

Nelson was discovered abandoned and alone on the side of the road by a volunteer fosterer who just happened to spot him while out on Cats Protection calls. It was clear Nelson, who was only eight weeks old, was in need of immediate veterinary care as one of his eyes was very badly swollen.

After calling on a colleague to come and assist, Nelson was rushed to the vets where he was given medication to ease the pain and to reduce some of the swelling.

Sadly, it was confirmed by the vet that his eye would need to be removed in an emergency operation, a procedure that will cost the branch £1300.

Branch Coordinator Michelle Mohamed said: “The volunteers that rescued poor little Nelson were really upset to see the poor state he was in for a kitten so young. We will do everything we can to make sure that Nelson goes on to live a happy and healthy life after having such a horrible start, and he will remain in our care until he is ready to go off to his own home.

“This year has been especially tough on the branch, with unprecedented numbers of cats coming into our care and with the price of vets bills going up, surgical treatment like this takes a toll on the branch finances. The team here at North East Lincolnshire work extremely hard to support all of the cats and kittens in our district, and we really do appreciate any donations that you can spare to help us do this.”

To assist with the cost of Nelson’s operation visit the JustGiving page at

The North East Lincolnshire Branch of Cats Protection is run entirely by volunteers who give up their time to help cats and kittens in the area. They raise

all of the funds themselves to continue the valuable work caring for cats in need and supporting better feline welfare. They are always on the lookout for fellow cat-lovers to join the friendly team and would love to talk to anyone that may be interested. For more information about the branch visit

24 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR 10 TIMES WINNER OF ‘Product I can’t live without’ NO MORE PULLING l NO MORE RIDING UP l NO MORE RUBBING l NO MORE COMING OFF l NO MORE DISCOMFORT Nelson now

Missing cat Phoebe reunited with her owner after turning up

from home

A three-year-old moggy has been reunited with her relieved owners after she was found wandering the streets 30 miles from home –nearly three months after going missing.

Phoebe is thought to have popped into one of the many delivery vans making stops at Savage’s Bar in Castlewellan, which is run by her owners Brian and Anne Savage.

Having gone missing in May, Phoebe was handed into Cats Protection’s Belfast Adoption Centre after being spotted wandering the streets in Dundonald – some 30 miles from home.

A quick scan revealed she was microchipped and Cats Protection staff were able to swiftly contact her owners to break the happy news that she was safe and well.

After collecting Phoebe from the centre, Brian said: “Phoebe was so excited when she got home, she kept running around and wanted to spend lots of time with us. We’re so thrilled she was found – after ten weeks you do start to lose hope a bit, so it was a lovely surprise to get the call.

“We live on the edge of the forest, so when she didn’t come home we searched and searched. We asked everyone around but there had been no sign or sightings at all. We have vans arriving and leaving all day with deliveries for our bar, so I think she must have jumped in the back of one of them and ended up in Dundonald. I can’t see how else she could have ended up there.

“We’re just relieved we had her microchipped, otherwise there’s no way we would have got her back.”

Cats Protection is campaigning for compulsory microchipping of pet cats in Northern Ireland, a measure which will become law in England next year.

Only 60% of Northern Irish cats are currently microchipped, lower than the UK average of 71%, according to Cats Protection’s Cats and Their Stats (CATS) report 2022.

Cats Protection’s Advocacy & Government Relations Officer Alice

Palombo said animal lovers can support the campaign by adding their name to a petition to ensure cats in Northern Ireland are not left behind.

She said: “Compulsory microchipping is already law for dogs in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, and from next year it will also be law for cats in England. We don’t want to see cats left behind, particularly on something which we know is a benefit to cat welfare.

“Compulsory microchipping of pet cats would ensure more cats can be reunited with their owners if they are lost or missing. It also helps to identify cats which have sadly died in road accidents, and helps to reduce the pressure on animal charities which may find it impossible to trace the owner of an un-microchipped stray or lost cat, despite their best efforts.”

n To sign the petition, please visit:

30 miles
Brian Savage and Phoebe

Kitten rescued from certain death after getting head stuck in mayonnaise jar

A kitten was rescued in the nick of time after getting his head wedged in a discarded mayonnaise jar.

Volunteers from the Northumbria Branch of Cats Protection were visiting a garden in Ashington following reports of a litter of feral kittens in the area.

Within minutes of being at the site, the owner alerted them to a one of the kittens hidden behind a piece of wood with his head jammed in a glass jar.

Branch Co-ordinator Sascha Dean said: “After rushing to see the kitten, I initially feared he was already dead because he was lying flat and felt cool to the touch. But after using a lot of cooking oil and slowly working his head out of the jar, the air lock he’d created broke. Once free, he began moving and we all felt such relief.

“By the time we got him to the vet he was in a fairly feisty mood. We were concerned that he had been injured while trying to break free but luckily there was no damage. It was estimated that he was no more than six weeks old.”

Given the apt name Mayo, he was brought into the care of the branch, while his siblings, who were found nearby were admitted to another local rescue charity.

No mother was ever found, and it is believed either something must have happened to her, as it’s unlikely she would have abandoned a whole litter, or the kittens were cruelly dumped.

Sascha said: “This kitten certainly had a lucky escape. We only happened to visit the garden after a change of plan,

and I doubt he would have survived much longer without an intervention.

“We’ll never know how Mayo came to get her head wedged in the jar but hopefully this story will make people think twice about discarding rubbish which could prove fatal to unsuspecting animals.

“The garden’s owner had been leaving out food for the kittens so we think Mayo got himself stuck in the jar elsewhere and managed to make it back to where help might be.”

Mayo has settled into life off the streets with a volunteer fosterer and has shown no signs of being wary of

humans. Once old enough she will be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated in readiness to begin the next phase of his life in a happy home.

n The Northumbria Branch of Cats

Protection is solely run by cat-loving volunteers, and as demand for its services consistently rises they are always on the look-out for like-minded people to join the team in a number of roles, from fosterers and fundraisers to drivers and administrators. To find out more about the branch and volunteering visit

28 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR 10 TIMES WINNER OF ‘Product I can’t live without’ NO MORE PULLING l NO MORE RIDING UP l NO MORE RUBBING l NO MORE COMING OFF l NO MORE DISCOMFORT Mayo now

Walk-in Chalet

The standard unit you will need for your licenced cattery, also used and approved by leading rescue groups throughout the UK.

The fully lined and insulated walk-in sleeping quarter measures 4ft wide x 4ft deep x 6ft high and has a vinyl floor for easy cleaning. Two removable UPVC shelves, a fully adjustable air vent, lockable cat flap and a fully opening window leading to a sunning shelf and ladder, make this a firm favourite with customers and cats alike!

A 6ft long exercise area gives your cats plenty of space to explore and relax. A second sunning shelf provides another area to watch the world go by as it is near the front of the pen.


Champion Penthouse

With a fully lined and insulated raised sleeping area, our Penthouses have extra run space underneath. There is a large viewing window in the front door of the sleeping compartment, a white, removable uPVC internal shelf and a fully adjustable air vent. A cat flap leads to sunning shelf one which has a detachable ladder leading down to the exercise run and a second sunning shelf is at the safety porch end.

Lift out shutters are fitted to the top half of all exterior walls which, when removed leave just the galvanised mesh allowing your cats to enjoy a truly outdoor experience.

If you are having more than one pen, full height sneeze barriers will be fitted between each pen and you will have the choice of solid white or clear acrylic for these. Our Champion range of cat pens come in standard 3ft and 4ft widths

Premier Champion Penthouse

Our Premier Champion range of cat pens come in a 3ft or 4ft width and, to the naked eye, look exactly like our standard Champion range. These though, are fitted with a seamless fibreglass module, exclusive to Lindee Lu, in the sleeping compartment offering ultimate hygiene and durability.

These pens are perfect for breeders, private cat owners and charity fostering pens, being an absolute necessity if you have elderly or unwell cats or kittens who cannot manage a ladder.

The Premier range is also available with an additional downstairs module, so each pen has two sleeping areas, both of which are able to accommodate a panel heater.


Our hand made Catteries are manufactured in the UK

4ft Classic House

Our Classic House has a full-height walk in sleeping quarter – much the same as our standard 4ft Chalets but these are manufactured for those wanting a single pen which will be installed up against a fence, hedge or boundary wall.

The Classic benefits from a full, solid insulated roof and a solid timber back wall providing ultimate protection and ‘classic’ good looks!

The sleeping area of the Classic House has an additional opening window to the 4ft Chalet, for added ventilation, which is secured using galvanised mesh when open. Two sunning shelves in the exercise area and two, removable uPVC shelves in the sleeping area give your cat plenty of choice on where to hang out.

Our Classic House also benefits from a raised floor throughout, fully covered with vinyl which not only looks very smart but it’s warm underfoot and very easy to clean.
01275 853800

Choosing dog boarding kennels and daycare

It's important to know what to look for when choosing a boarding kennel or doggy daycare for your dog so you can ensure they receive the best care possible

New licensing kennel regulations

Since the law changed in October 2018, those running a licensed dog boarding kennel, home boarding business or doggy daycare (including people operating as part of a franchise) must now meet a new set of standards. These regulations focus on meeting the welfare needs of dogs and ensuring they're given the enrichment and company they need while they're boarding.

Choosing a dog boarding kennel

Each kennel must provide dogs with a suitable environment, as well as ensuring that they monitor your dog's

behaviour and also keep a record of your dog's stay. These are just some of the things you should check are in place for your dog when using any boarding service.

As a guideline, your dog should always have the following while staying in boarding kennels:

l Access to their own sleeping area at all times.

l Enough space in the kennel to allow all dogs to sit and stand at full height, lie down fully, stretch out, wag their tail, walk and turn around.

l At least one walk a day outside their kennel.

l Their own kennel unit, unless you've given permission for your dog to share with another dog from your household.

l Toys to keep them occupied.

Boarders who aspire to higher standards will offer two walks per day, each lasting for at least 20 minutes.

Choosing dog home boarding

Licensed home boarding businesses must provide a suitable environment,


monitor your dog's behaviour and keep comprehensive records.

Your dog must be:

l Accommodated within the home and have their own room where they can be kept separate from other dogs if needed. Rooms don't include conservatories, garages, cellars, outside buildings/ sheds, balconies or outside structures.

l Exercised at least once a day and as appropriate for their age and health. As with boarding kennels, home boarders aspiring to even higher standards will provide your dog with two walks per day and for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Choosing a doggy daycare

All dog daycare businesses, including people operating as part of a franchise, are now required to monitor all dog behaviour, company and the environment in which they're cared for.

For a dog daycare to be fully licensed, in their care, your dog must be:

l Assessed before they can go to the daycare provider to make sure they're not scared, anxious or stressed around other dogs and people.

l Able to access a toilet area where

they can go to the toilet when they want to.

l Able to access a safe space where they can avoid seeing people or other dogs if they choose to.

Daycare providers aspiring to even higher standards will also document the interactions your dog has with people throughout the day.

As always, if you feel that these conditions aren't being met, we urge you

to walk away (taking your dog with you) and file a report to the kennel's local council. You can visit CGSG to find out more about how your dog should be looked after while in dog daycare.

n For further information visit nnels

Last Chance Animal Rescue

Buddy M

He is very playful and enjoys a cuddle on his terms, he especially loves a groom! And enjoys a walk at the beach.

A lovely, friendly boy who greets everyone he meets with a huge amount of enthusiasm. He is a very bouncy dog.

She does not like to be left at all and will bark when left. Would be better as the only pet in the house.

Jean F4

A lovely girl who loves to be around people. Sadly she has a problem with one of her eyes which will need to be removed.

Meadowgreen Dog Rescue Centre

Jess F5 and Badger M5

Ideally looking for a home together but will consider seperate homes if needed.

Josie F11 and Codie M11

A bonded pair of staffies, sadly Codie is in need of end of life care so would love to stay with Josie.

She loves to give kisses and have her head scratched. She will need a loving home with lots of attention and love.

Skye F1

This girl will need lots of stimulation at home and nice long walks once she has found her feet.

Bubbles & Pebbles

We are quite different characters–one very cuddly and affectionate and the other lots of fun and playful.

Dreamer F3

I am a bit bouncy so I am better suited to an older family home with no cats or other small furries.

Missouri M3

I am a very handsome and affectionate larger male. Recently retired but still looking for an active home.

Rodney M4

I am a calm, very friendly fellow who would be suited to most types of furever home as long as there are no cats or small furries.

I love to play especially with mouse toys and a fishing rod toy, these seem to be my favourite toys of choice at the moment.

Larry M2

I am more suited to an older children or teenagers family home. Come check me out and I will check you out too.

If you are looking for a cheeky chap like me, then please apply for me today!

I can be quite chatty as I run over to say hello! I enjoy my treats and my favourite toy is my small mouse teddy!

cont. from p30 32 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE
Mr Winchester M3 mths Ethel F10-12 Roz F6-8 Dennis M Dotty F1-2 Sheba F9 National Animal Welfare Trust

Cat who lost leg after being caught in snare given a fresh start in life

A stray cat who lost a leg after suffering horrific injuries when he was caught in a snare is settling into a new home after being nursed back to health by Cats Protection.

Two-year-old Jacob was found in Bedworth in June with a severe injury to his back foot which vets believe was caused during a frantic struggle to free himself from a trap. Despite needing emergency surgery to amputate his leg to save his life, volunteers at Cats Protection’s Coventry Branch say the black-and-white moggy recovered well from his ordeal.

After being cared for by volunteers while he adapted to life on three legs, Jacob is now settling in after being rehomed to new owner James Taylor, who has backed the charity’s campaign for a ban on snares.

James said: “Jacob’s recovered really well and adapted brilliantly considering what he’s been through. He’s playful, friendly and loves to explore the garden, and is a brilliant pet. Jacob has a wonderfully long and expressive tail that he uses to help balance after losing the leg.

“It’s hideous to think of him caught in a trap and alone with such a horrendous injury – he must have been in so much pain. His story shows just how cruel snares are, and I am completely behind Cats Protection’s campaign to have them banned.”

Cats Protection’s Coventry Branch coordinator Wendy Harris said: “The vet told us Jacob’s injuries were consistent with having struggled free from a snare. Although the injuries were clearly immensely painful and horrific to see, he was fortunate that he was able to escape. Many animals can never free themselves, and will suffer painful deaths as a result.”

Cats Protection’s Head of Advocacy, Campaigns & Government Relations Madison Rogers said that Jacob’s story highlighted why the charity is calling for an outright ban on snares. She said: “As Jacob’s story shows, snares are cruel, inhumane and cause

considerable pain and suffering to any animal they capture, including cats. They have no place in a modern society and we will continue to campaign for them to be banned.

“It is hard to describe Jacob as lucky, as he must have been in agonising pain before he was found. But fortunately he did manage to free himself and get help and we’re thrilled he is now starting a new life with James.”

Snares are soon to be banned in Wales under the Agriculture (Wales) Bill which is awaiting its final stage and Cats Protection will continue to campaign for the rest of the UK to follow suit.

n To find out more about Cats Protection’s campaign for a ban on snares and similar devices, please visit

Two-year-old Jacob RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 33
Jacob and his new owner James

A n n R e e s

Cushioned web adjustable clip collars

Simple and easy ‘just in case’ collars that can be tucked into a bag for those little emergencies that sometimes crop up. Also fab for enthusiastic swimmers. Available in 9 colours. From £10.00

Quilted Jackets

No need to get the chills on those crisp autumn mornings. These fleece lined coats are cosy yet wonderfully lightweight. Machine washable at 30 degrees (Dry naturally).

From £22.00

Classic Leather Buckle Collars

Cut from high quality shoulder hides. Strong chromed steel or brass fittings. Handstitched around fittings. Choice of width and neck size. Handmade to order. 8 Colours available. From £18.00

Cosy Fleece Coats

Beat the cold this winter with a super cosy polar fleece dog coat. Perfect for crisp winter morning walks and cold kitchens! Choice of 2 shape designs: square or hound. From £22.00

Working Dog Coats

Our working dog coats are 100% waterproof, wonderfully warm and are made to order with a choice of shape, size and colours. £34.00

Towelling Coats

These coats dry quickly eliminating the hassle of dealing with a wet dog and help to protect your car/home from your dog! From £22.00

Warm Winter Coats

No need to be stuck inside during the cold winter months, just put on your ‘big coat’ and continue with your adventures. Made to order with a choice of shape, size and colours. From £25.00

Autumnal breaks with your furry four-legged friends

Our beaches are sandy and easy to access year round; over 90 miles, all joined up along the coast and we have the Norfolk Broads, plenty of wonderful woodlands, heaths, marshes and miles and miles of easy to access, stock free paths. If you want to come away in the winter, this is a perfect place for it and of course winter holiday rates are cheaper too.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a cosy cottage to stay in too? One where your dogs are totally welcome to snuggle up on the sofa with you in front of the glowing woodburner. Here are our some of our favourites!

Rooster Barn – sleeps 4 and welcomes unlimited dogs for free.

A small barn conversion, full of character and detail. The woodburner is double sided in a central fireplace and there is underfloor heating too, under the textured tile floors. Absolutely ideal for older dogs. The parking is within the huge enclosed garden too and the barn is at the end of a dead end, private track so it really is very quiet. accommodation/rooster-barn-trunch/

Badger’s Retreat – sleeps 2 and welcomes 3 dogs for free

A charming and colourful annexe with a feature inglenook fireplace and 2 lovely comfy sofas. If the sun is out you can enjoy the conservatory too. The walks from the door have so many choices in the wonderful rural location. A short drive will take you to the beaches at historic Happisburgh and Walcott where there are shops and cafes and pubs –all dog friendly. accommodation/badgers-retreat-eastruston/ accommodation/ruby-gem-winterton/

Spinney Lodge – sleeps 6 and welcomes 5/6 dogs for free (very flexible)

Another very peaceful location tucked away in the Norfolk Broads village of Hickling. It has its own woodland and paddock and a secure fenced garden attached to the house. The fireplace is another double sided one with a woodburner and if you venture out at night you will be able to see the stars and hear owls in the trees. accommodation/spinney-lodge/

Badger’s Retreat

Hidden Gem and Ruby Gem –Both sleep 4 and welcome 3 -4 dogs for free.

The coastal village of Winterton is absolutely perfect for winter breaks and both of these lovely cottages have wood burners and very cosy interiors as well as secure outside areas. They are also both just a few steps from the beach, the pub, café, chippy and village shop. And it’s not just the beach – there are miles of easy walking dunes and inland paths too. accommodation/hidden-gem-winterton/

Corner Cottage – sleeps 6 and welcomes 4 dogs

If you are looking for a bit more space for family and friends then Corner Cottage is a great choice. Another beautiful interior and an inglenook fireplace with a stunning hop garland across it. The garden is fully enclosed of course, the walks from the door are easy and one of our favourite dog welcoming pubs is a short walk away too (and that is super cosy in the winter as well!) accommodation/corner-cottage/


We are very lucky here in Norfolk to have some of the best Autumn weather and scenes, places to visit and stay with dogs.
Rooster Barn Spinney Lodge Hidden Gem Ruby Gem Corner Cottage

Billy, Kenobi and Robbie – Three Collies looking for loving and patient new owners


Billy is a 7yr old neutered tri coloured short coated collie cross. He came into our care as his owners partner was diagnosed with dementia meaning he couldn't care for Billy whilst the owner was at work.

Billy is a little shy particularly around men. Once he knows a person he is very affectionate but requires an understanding owner who will give him space to build a bond. He is housetrained, ok when left alone for odd hours, travels well and knows basic commands. He wouldn't live with another dog. He is nervous of traffic and lunges at larger vehicles.

Billy does have a community protection order which means he has to be kept on a lead and muzzled when in a public place. This came about as in August 2022 when getting Billy out the car he nipped a male neighbour on the leg and they called the police. No injury was witnessed either by the owner nor the police and no written warning was issued prior to the CPN. Because of the above information we wouldn't home him with children.


Kenobi is a 10 month old entire tri smooth coated border collie. He came into our care from his own home as his owner was unable to provide the care and time he required.

He is wary when meeting new people and does alarm bark so will need time and space to make friends. He would be better suited to a quiet home with limited visitors and no young children.

He is used to being walked in woodland areas where there is lots of space so Kenobi will need a similar lifestyle as he may struggle being walked in busy areas with lots of dogs, traffic and people. He will need an experienced and understanding owner who will not put him in situations he may find difficult.

He is housetrained, crate trained, knows basic commands, travels well and is good when left alone for short periods of time.

He does bark at other dogs on a lead, but wants to play with them when off lead. He does chase joggers, cyclists and motorbikes but is better with cars

Kenobi is a 10 month old entire tri smooth coated border collie Billy is a 7yr old neutered tri coloured short coated collie cross
The Labrador Lifeline Trust is a charity dedicated to rescuing, rehoming and helping Labradors Tel: 01256 884027 / 07860 691251 / Email: They are now in their Twenty eighth year of helping Labradors in need of new homes and their main priority is placing the right dog in the right home. They cover the areas of Berkshire, Hampshire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex and Surrey Registered charity number 1076061 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 37


Robbie is a 4yr old neutered black and white short coated collie. He originally came into our care from another rescue, we don't know his history but were told he is good with other dogs and cats but can sometimes "herd" people.

He was in a home for 3 weeks but was returned as he snapped at the owners 7yr old child after she had stopped fussing him, no contact made. He has also snapped at 3 different people when out on a walk the third being a jogger that was running towards him and on this occasion Robbie did make contact on his leg but didn't break the skin. When meeting new people and children he is calm and friendly but due to the above incident we wouldn't house him with children under 13yrs old. He is housetrained, is good when left alone for several hours, knows basic commands and interacts well with visitors to the home.

He is restless travelling but is slowly improving. He does lunge at traffic, particularly larger vehicles.


Still ready to adopt?

Then please complete the Online Application To Adopt Form. This is the first step in the process

The Application Forms are reviewed regularly by our Adoptions Team who will contact anyone they wish to discuss further with but please understand that we can't contact everyone who completes the form. That doesn't mean we don't want you to adopt but there can only be one new owner for each dog.

Do keep an eye on the website, and if you see another dog, at any time, that you would be interested in adopting then

simply email with your name, post code and the dogs name you are interested in. We will then consider you for that dog.

Unfortunately we cannot make an appointment until The Adoptions Team contact you.

n If you still have some questions do take a look at the FAQ section or feel free to contact us on 01889 577058 (Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm) or of course email us. Tel: 01889 577058

38 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE cont. from p36
Robbie is a 4yr old neutered black and white short coated collie
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The charity's frontline inspectorate and Purina have teamed up to help struggling owners through the cost-of-living crisis.

The 'Better Together Fund' - which formally launched in October last yearenables RSPCA officers to issue pet care vouchers to members of the public for specific urgent veterinary and pet care treatments, thanks to generous funding from Purina.

Those in receipt of vouchers are identified by RSPCA officers as they

respond to welfare concerns and complaints.

The cost of living crisis is one of the single biggest challenges for animal welfare right now - but the RSPCA believes their work with Purina is "helping to keep family pets in loving homes".

Vouchers are provided directly to pet owners by RSPCA officers, helping them to pay for urgent vet and other treatments, which they otherwise couldn’t afford or which, in some cases,

might lead to the pet eventually having to be rehomed.

Purina’s continued support for pet owners most in need comes as the RSPCA’s new Animal Kindness Index reveals widespread concern among pet owners amid ongoing economic uncertainty.

The Index found that 81% of pet owners say it has become more expensive to look after their pets, while almost one third (30%) of owners are worried about being able to care for their

Nearly 900 pets ‘kept in loving homes’ thanks to Purina & RSPCA partnership
‘Better Together Fund’ offering vital vet treatments during cost-of-living crisis
RSPCA ACO Emma Byrne on duty in Kent
More than £75,000 of veterinary treatments have already been provided to owners in need thanks to an innovative partnership between the RSPCA and petcare company Purina.

pets properly amid a high cost of living.

The vouchers funded by the Better Together Fund have been offered out by the charity’s inspectorate groups to pet owners right across England and Waleswith those in South Wales, Devon and Cornwall, and West Mercia in receipt of the most funding and support so far.

Top ten regions in receipt of most voucher funding from the scheme:

South Wales £7,313.47

Sussex £4.220.08

West Mercia £4,220.04

Devon & Cornwall £4,148.07

Merseyside & Cheshire £3,981.85

Leicestershire & Northants £3,884.37

Kent £3,109.27

Thames Valley £2,875.86

Manchester £2,799.79

Gloucestershire & Warwickshire £2,746.05

Dermot Murphy, RSPCA Inspectorate Commissioner, said: "We want to keep as many pets in loving homes as possible.

"But the cost of living crisis is one of the single biggest challenges for pet owners right now - as proven by our landmark Animal Kindness Index.

"That's why our partnership with Purina has been so invaluable for keeping pets with their owners, and has offered a lifeline for hundreds of pet owners during this awful cost of living crisis.

“Our officers can offer struggling owners vital support with vet and pet care costs on the doorstep thanks to this partnership with Purina. So often, the work of our rescue teams is all about offering advice, education and support - and the Better Together Fund has become an integral part of that; making a real difference in communities all across England and Wales."

Support from Purina is set to continuewith the pet food company committing almost £150,000 to the scheme in total so far, meaning hundreds more pets are set to benefit.

Funding provided by Purina has already helped 868 pets - including 562 dogs and 306 cats.

Treatments delivered to pets using the vouchers have included emergency procedures, work for ongoing conditions and support for acute and chronic health conditions.

Calum Macrae, Managing Director for Purina in the UK, added: “We are delighted to be able to continue our support for the RSPCA by taking the Better Together Fund into its second year.

“We know how precious the pet human bond can be and want to help keep as many pets as possible happy, healthy and with their loving owners, even during these incredibly tough times.

“It's heart-warming to hear how the vouchers are helping RSPCA officers to make such an immediate and tangible difference for households up and down the country."

Pets helped by the scheme include a heavily matted dog with long claws seen by RSPCA inspector Hannah Nixon in Hampshire.

The dog's owners were elderly and vulnerable and were struggling financially. They knew their pet would need to be sedated to be groomed, which was not something they were able to affordmeaning they were “burying their heads in the sand” and the dog’s welfare risked paying the price.

Fortunately, with the help of the Purina-funded vouchers, the dog was sedated by a local vet and was clipped the same afternoon and returned to his owners.

RSPCA Inspector Hannah Nixon said: “We know times are tough right nowand we’re seeing on the frontline the impact this is having on many beloved

family pets.

“Sometimes - as problems escalateowners feel powerless to take action, especially when they know the price of treatment will be beyond their reach.

“I could see the owners had got into difficulty with this poor dog. Things had rapidly escalated, and they were worried about the spiralling financial costs of helping their pet. They ended up burying their heads in the sand.

“Thanks to these vouchers, we could get the dog the treatment he so badly needed and get the owners back on an even keel. It was a real relief for everyone, and it’s all thanks to Purina’s kind support that dogs like this can be kept in loving homes.”

The partnership with the RSPCA is one of a number of measures Purina has in place to help owners who might be struggling during the cost-of-living crisis. In addition to the Better Together Fund, this support includes regular monthly donations of at least two pallets of pet food to foodbanks and community support hubs through Fareshare. Pet owners can also visit a dedicated Owners Support Hub on our website for expert advice on many topics from behaviour and nutrition, through to how to minimise unexpected vet bills, as well as every day hints and tips to keep pets as healthy and happy as possible.

Struggling owners are also urged to visit the RSPCA's dedicated cost of living web pages to find out what help and support is available in their area. RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 41
Hampshire dog, Purina voucher case study

Do your bit to help hedgehogs this World Animal Day

The UK’s hedgehog conservation charity is urging people to celebrate the country’s only spiny mammal on 4 October, and to take action to help hedgehogs.

World Animal Day is an international day of recognition for all animals, and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society is embracing this year’s theme “Great or Small, Love Them All” – which puts smaller animals, like hedgehogs on the global map.

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) is dedicated to protecting hedgehogs native to the UK, through education, conservation and the funding of research focussed on hedgehogs.

There are so many ways to support hedgehogs to thrive – whether that is simply gardening organically with wildlife in mind, keeping areas of parks and green spaces wild to offer shelter, protection and natural food for hedgehogs, or adding a 13cm x 13cm square gap in the bottom of fences or walls to allow hedgehogs to pass through easily.

October is an important time for hedgehogs to build up their fat reserves, as towards the end of autumn, they begin to make nests for their winter hibernation. Favourite sites include under hedges, in wood-piles, compost heaps and under timber buildings and sheds – so take extra care not to disturb wildlife when carrying out gardening and maintenance work. The Charity suggests offering supplementary food (meaty cat or dog food or cat biscuits) for them if possible to help them bulk up - and

always shallow bowls of water for them to drink from.

n Visit for more information.

Fay Vass, Chief Executive, BHPS, said: “World Animal Day is a brilliant chance for us to all consider how our actions impact the wildlife around us, and how a small, positive change can make a difference to a small, at-risk species like hedgehogs.

“Whether that’s learning about how to garden in a wildlife-friendly way, sharing our social media posts, ensuring litter is disposed of responsibly or simply taking extra care to look out for nocturnal animals when driving at night – every small action helps.

“Hedgehogs are in sharp decline and it’s more important than ever that help protect their welfare and habitats – and taking a few moments on 4 October is a great place to start.”

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How to Prevent Dog Bites: Tips for Understanding and Preventing Negative Canine Behaviour

Brits are known for being a nation of dog lovers with our four-legged friends, a beloved part of society, but however much we love our dogs, it is a fact that dog bites can happen.

With dog bite-related hospital admissions reported to have increased by almost a third (33%) over the last ten years, it’s very easy to oversimplify and judge the dog and owner. However, the truth is that many dogs who bite are well cared for pets.

Sophie White, Veterinary Behaviourist at Agria Pet Insurance, shares her knowledge on dog bites, including tips for how owners can spot the signs and prevent their dog from lashing out.

Why do dogs bite?

Rather than looking for who to blame when there’s been a biting incident, it’s more important to think about the contributing factors. Serious dog bites almost always occur due to a breakdown in communication, typically when a dog wants space and this is not provided.

How to avoid dog bites

Reading body language and understanding what dogs are trying to express, as well as responding appropriately when this occurs, is vital. Confronting a dog showing aggression, and refusing to increase distance, means that the dog is more likely to escalate that behaviour in the future. It’s important to remember that dogs don’t bite out of malice; they bite out of necessity and an inability to cope with their situation. Scared and frustrated dogs are far more dangerous than those that feel safe and secure.

Does the breed of dog matter?

Every dog should be treated as an individual, no matter the size or breed of dog. Breed does not predict the likelihood of a bite, but it will influence the likely outcome. With many serious dog bites there is a dangerous combination of vulnerable individuals such as children or the elderly and large breed dogs with minimal training and novice owners.

It is vital to acknowledge that all dogs can and may bite. Some could cause more serious damage than others. Despite portrayals, there are no inherently ‘dangerous dogs’.

What to do if a dog is showing signs of aggression

There are several steps an owner can take to address any current issue and prevent future incidents. The first step is to consult with a veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions that may be causing or contributing to your furry friend’s aggressive behaviour. If a medical issue is ruled out, a vet may recommend a certified professional dog trainer or a veterinary behaviourist who can work with the dog to address the root cause of the behaviour and develop a behaviour modification plan.

It is important to note that aggressive behaviour in dogs is not a reflection of their character or personality, but rather a sign that they are experiencing stress, fear, or anxiety. With patience, persistence, and the right professional guidance, it is possible to modify a dog's behaviour and create a safe and harmonious relationship between an owner and their furry friend.

Sophie says: “Owning a dog is a big responsibility, and it requires more than just providing food and shelter. Dogs

also need socialisation, exercise, and proper training. As dog owners, we must be willing to invest time and effort in our pets to ensure they are well-adjusted and happy.

“Additionally, it's important to educate ourselves and those around us about responsible dog ownership. This includes teaching children how to interact with dogs, avoiding confrontations with unfamiliar dogs, and being aware of our dog's body language and signals.

“While dog bites can be a serious issue, it's important not to oversimplify and judge. There are no bad dogs, only dogs that need guidance and help. As a society, we must learn to read and understand our dogs' body language, respond appropriately to their needs, and seek help if necessary. By taking responsibility as pet owners and promoting responsible dog ownership, we can reduce the number of dog bites and create a safer environment for both humans and animals.”

n For more expert advice on how to keep your pet happy and healthy, visit the Agria Pet Insurance blog RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 43

Bagelman and Love Chloe Join Paws to Support Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, a Local Charity in East Sussex

As part of this exciting joint venture, Love Chloe will be baking delicious homemade, gluten-free, vegan dog biscuits for Bagelman to sell in their Hove store along Church Road, with 100% of the profits going to Raystede.

Bagelman, Love Chloe, and Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare have joined paws in a remarkable collaboration. As part of this exciting joint venture, Love Chloe will be baking delicious homemade, glutenfree, vegan dog biscuits for Bagelman to sell in their Hove store along Church Road, with 100% of the profits going to Raystede.

Jo Prior, the CEO of Bagelman, launched her first store in 1999, and her stores are well-loved across Brighton and Hove. The stores have always been dog-friendly, and a lot of her customers bring their pups along, so she wanted to create dog treats so they can enjoy them too while their owners enjoy the fresh bagels. She has a deep connection with Raystede after visiting the centre’s beautiful location in Ringmer and seeing the difference they make to the animals' lives. She is

looking to adopt a dog in the near future.

Jo said, “I look forward to this venture with both Raystede and Love Chloe. This is a very simple way for me to support everything that Raystede does at the animal welfare sanctuary. I’ve always encouraged my customers to bring their pups with them into my stores, and now they can give them a treat as they enjoy our artisan, freshly baked bagels!”.

After connecting with Eve Entwisle, the Founder of Love Chloe, she said, “After adopting my own dog, I realised there was a gap in the market for offering gluten-free, 100% natural, vegan dog biscuits for dogs with sensitive stomachs, so that’s why I started the business. I’ve been supporting local animal charities since the beginning, so I was super excited to be involved in this initiative and support Raystede.”

This exciting collaboration came to

fruition between all three parties after many discussions, but they are excited to start selling the dog biscuits, with all proceeds supporting Raystede and the animals they care for at the centre.

Janet Parsons, Head of Marketing at Raystede, said, “We are very grateful to both Bagelman and Love Chloe for supporting us and helping us raise awareness of Raystede’s work rescuing, rehoming and providing rehabilitation for injured and unwanted animals in need. This is a great opportunity for local businesses to support one another, whilst supporting animals that we all love and care for.”

You can expect to see these delicious dog biscuits in Hove, located at 106 Church Road, from the 12th of September. Visit or -gb


Dolly F7

A friendly, affectionate dog who bonds closely to people. A sensitive girl but has a cheeky personality!

Dogs Trust

She would benefit from living with a very friendly, calm dog that can build her confidence and owners to continue her training.

He can be deceptively strong on the lead and some loose lead training would go a long way with him.

A sweet, affectionate lad who loves a walk and his toys, he has a lot of energy, would love a family to help his mental and physical simulation.

Scottish SPCA

Eddie M8

He can be sensitive and hand shy but is a lively, busy spaniel. Would not cope in a busy household.

Luna F6

A sweet girl who loves to play and enjoys her walks. She can be quite terrified of loud noises.

He is looking for a home who will support him to continue to build his confidence.

Puddles M5

He is house trained and can be vocal/ excitable in the car. Puddles will need an adult only home.

He will need an experienced home that knows how to help a nervous dog cope in the world.

Nero M11 mths

This gentle giant, while initially a bit shy, blossoms into a big, lovable cuddler once he's built trust.

Ready to speed into his new loving new home. He is a total snuggle bug, he loves to jump up and cuddle into you.

Oz and Ace M9

This adorable pair of brothers are the sweetest boys and greet staff in their run each morning with a little kiss.

Foal Farm Animal Rescue

Although he enjoys a fuss from people once he has built a bond, he can be quite an independent boy who enjoys time to himself.

He is an incredibly shy boy, who hasn’t had much socialization but adores other dogs as they help him to come out of his shell.

She will need all basic training including house training and adopters will need to sign up to dog school classes as part of the adoption.

She is house trained and can be left alon for about four hours once settled in. Nala has a grade 2 heart murmur.

He is happy to jump in and out of a car so has the potential to join his new family on trips out and about.

Ben M5 mths

He walks well on lead and is almost toilet trained. Toys are a favourite of his and he enjoys interacting with them.

A bundle of fun, he has lots of energy and needs training to help teach him some self control.

An affectionate girl and loves a fuss but this has to be on her own terms. A game of ball is her favourite.

Poppy F8

This girl has so much love to give and is super affectionate, and loves a cuddle and a play in the garden.

John M1-2

He is a really affectionate boy who loves a head bump and a cuddle.


13 mths

Phoenix is a sweet cuddly boy who would love someone undivided attention.

Mars M10

Mars will require outdoor access in his new home and would be best suited to living in a quiet area.

He really loves his food and will do anything for a treat! He will make a lovely companion.


Loves his food and he gets excited for dinner time. He loves going for a little stroll and sniffing all of his surroundings.

East Midlands Dog Rescue

He is a very gentle and calm natured cat who wouldn’t hurt a fly, even when he is overwhelmed

A playful young cat who has a lot of energy, so she will be looking for a owner that can keep up with her crazy energy.

He enjoys taking long naps on his cat tower but will awake from his slumber if he hears you call him.

A young cat who loves to play, he is often seen entertaining himself with his toys.

Domino M7 mths

Sweet skitty boy who has had a harsh start to life. He needs a kind local home where he can blossom into a lovely pet.

Harry M2

A sweet, strong ‘bulldozer’ with bags of personality and potential. Needs an owner with time and commitment and a knowledge or love of the breed.

Jack M1

A truly gorgeous little man who adores everyone and we would love him to be part of a family.

Maddie F1

Shy, sweet and sensitive Maddie is a stunning little girl who needs a kind loving home where she can be spoilt and cherished.

This brother and sister are looking for a home together. Both are friendly and affectionate.

She is a lovely, crazy bundle of joy with lots of love to give and would prefer a quiet home. Soft toys are her favourite.


She is well behaved and a pleasure to walk on her lead and enjoys playing with toys. Will need toilet training.

He is an amazing cat, he is friendly and playful and loves people. He has potential to live with another cat.

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare
Daisy F1-2 Edwin M2-5 Jasper M3 mths Nala F2-5 Winston M2 Duke M5-7 Diesel M2-3 Kerri F4 mths M16 Koda M10 mths Lola F1-3 Rick M5 Dwaine M2-5 Sorbet F2 F1-3 Fudge F6 Dorito M Micky M12 Toby M2 M9- Miso M3-5 Big Buddy M3 James M16 wks & Michelle Fwks Steve M4
A.R.C. Animal Rescue Centre
delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this

P ro d u c t s f o r y o u r P e t s

Spinning top to entertain and stimulate your cat’s curious nature

Catit Play Treat Spinner

The Catit Play Treat Spinner is a slow feeder with silicone cover.Simply insert treats or kibble into the flower-shaped top opening and let your cat work for its food!! Regular price £12.00. Visit

MuttMOP® Deluxe Dry Mat

The mat can be used on the floor, as a bed liner/topper or in the car. The underside of the mat has a non-skid coating, to help keep the mat in situ during use. From £14.99.

Available in Olive, Grey and Purple.


Desk Calendar 2024

Featuring a few of our rescue dogs this calendar measures 8×8* and will look nice on any desk. One month per page. Cost includes postage and packing £12.00. Visit

Fleece Bodywarmer

Available in 5 colours from small to XX large. £22.99. Visit

F10® Aerosol Fogger

Use these canisters to fill whole rooms with a mist of F10® Veterinary Disinfectant – proven effective against all types of pathogen – to quickly and easily disinfect the airspace and all surfaces in the room.



White mule slippers printed with a lovely galgo design in black. £13.50.


Cat Luxury Grooming & Massage Kit

The perfect way to give your cat a calming and relaxing massage whilst removing loose hair from the coat.

Kit contains: Soft massage brush with 20 Pet Remedy Calming Wipes. £16.00.

Cat Dad mug

Ceramic mug for cat dads!

Exclusive to Cats Protection and features our logo. £6.99. Visit

HorseWorld Eco Jute Bag

This is our HorseWorld Branded, Eco Jute Bag. These sturdy shopping bags come in either blue or purple and are very helpful when you need to do a big shop. These bags are sure to last you a life time and also you can show the other people at the supermarket that your are a HorseWorld Ambassador! From £2.50.


Redwings Illustrated cushion

These cushions feature our exclusive design inspired by our amazing Adoption Stars. Cushion comes with removable filler. £15.00. 21 designs to choose from. Visit

Colloidal Silver Petcare products

Nature's Greatest Secret has the widest range of Colloidal Silver Petcare products and is one of the UK's longest established Colloidal Silver Brands. All new products are developed in partnership with a leading holistic veterinarian. Colloidal Silver Eyedrops for Pets, Colloidal Silver Tick and Flea

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F10®CL Veterinary Disinfectant

F10®CL Veterinary Disinfectant is proven effective against all known types of pathogen and for controlling parvovirus, kennel cough syndrome, giardia and more, yet is proven safe for use around animals, and on bowls, bedding, cages, equipment, etc.


Blue Cross publishes new ‘Mary King approved’ practical horse care guides

The guides, on keeping horses safe in summer, weight monitoring and atypical myopathy, join the charity’s extensive library of information on horse care.

“These new guides are brilliant,” said Blue Cross Equestrian Ambassador and Olympic champion event rider Mary King. “They have been written by Blue Cross’s highly knowledgeable welfare manager Ruth Court and make very useful reading for every type of horse owner. Ruth has chosen three important topics: keeping horses safe in hot weather and weight monitoring are very relevant for summer health and welfare while atypical myopathy is a dangerous disease that everyone

should be aware of, no matter the time of year.”

Keeping horses safe in hot weather covers the dangers heat can present to horses and provides some essential tips to help keep horses cool when the temperature rises.

How to weigh a horse explains the benefits of regular weight monitoring, the methods of weighing a horse and some top tips for weight management.

Atypical myopathy (sycamore poisoning) in horses outlines the causes, signs and symptoms of this highly fatal disease and provides practical details

about how you can help to prevent the risk for your horses.

Blue Cross horse advice can be found here

Blue Cross rehomes horses from its centres in Burford, Oxfordshire and Rolleston, Staffordshire as well as through its Home Direct scheme.

If you need support, advice or guidance about giving up your horse please email

n For details of Blue Cross horses looking for homes please visit

National Pet Charity Blue Cross has added three new practical horse care guides to its website to help horse owners keep their precious charges healthy and happy in the summer months.
Blue Cross Equestrian Ambassador and Olympic champion event rider Mary King

Can You Help Horses like Tom?

Where possible we try to rehome the animals that come into our care, but this is not always an easy task and therefore we give them forever homes at the Sanctuary. Some of the animals are too sick to be rehomed or are living in a family so cannot be spilt up.

We take phones call day and night and will always help where we can. We work closely with Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Nottingham, who sometimes take animals in where we cannot.

Tom’s Story

We received a call from a lady, who needed our help with a newborn foal. He had been taken to her after being found up on the hillside, by local people out walking. They had found him just laying there on his own, very cold and wet from the rain and they stayed around, watching to see if his mother came back to him. Sadly after a long wait they began to worry about the new born foal who was getting very cold out there on the hills.

They took him to a lady living very close by, who was well known in the area for her own beautiful ponies grazing on the hillside. And at this point, the lady who now had the newborn foal in her house rang us to see if we could provide something the foal needed very urgently, which is colostrum!

We drove to the lady’s house and met the beautiful colt for the first time. We decided to name him Tom after he shared a birthday with the famous Sir Captain Tom, the great Hero of the day, albeit 100 years apart!

As soon as we arrived at the lady’s house we gave him colostrum, in a Powdered form,which we always keep in stock. It was getting dark, so we quickly went to the place where he had been found, and sadly there was no sign of his mum that night. A proper search was carried out the next day, and sadly his mother still could not be found.

We could only believe that Tom’s mum was a maiden mare (first foal) and had for whatever reason, become separated from her newborn foal. We brought Tom back to the sanctuary, taking him up to the house and wrapping him up, giving

him warm foals milk every few hours. Sadly after 24 hours he started to have seizures. After our own Vet was called out several times, she decided that Tom needed a plasma transfusion (blood transfusion). This blood was donated by foal loving “Middy” who also lives at the Sanctuary. The transfusion enabled Tom to receive the vital antibodies needed for his little body to filter the toxins that were causing the seizures. Miraculously Tom’s seizures stopped within 24 hours!

As you can see, our strapping young Tom is now on top form! Tom was hand reared by all of the Woodfield Team, giving him his warm milk every few hours for the first few weeks, throughout the night as well. But Tom was lonely, he had no friends to play with and without a real mum, he became very attached to us. So we were delighted to take in two foals of a similar age! They became good friends and can be seen out playing “tag“ in the fields most days .

They have nice warm coats on to keep out the cold, several feeds a day of foal Creep, and now they are on proper feed, with lots of vitamins, and minerals to help them grow up into strong ponies and like all the ponies at the sanctuary, as much Haylage as they like! Our visitors enjoy seeing Tom out playing with his friends in the field. He is a very big

character, and can be cheeky, as so many hand reared foals are!

Where possible we try to rehome or look for foster owners for the animals that come into our care, but this is not always an easy task. If you are very experienced with caring for ponies and feel that you can offer a safe and caring home for one or more of our ponies, then we would love to hear from you.

We also offer a “permanent loan” scheme for some of the animals in our care. We run a very strict review and consultation process to make sure that the horses are going to loving, safe and well-maintained homes.

If for any reason the animals can no longer be kept in their loan homes, we always take them back into the Sanctuary.

If you would like to enquire about our loan scheme, please email us at or call Robbie on 01792 390 455 to discuss further.

To enable us to carry out more rescues please donate https://woodfieldanimalsanctuar

Thank you.

n For more information visit

Every year at Woodfield Animal Charity we rescue around 100 horses, cats, dogs, sheep and cows. Some have been mistreated, abandoned or their owners cannot look after them anymore. RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 49

Major milestone reached as 2 million dogs vaccinated against rabies

This turning point has been announced by Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS), a subsidiary of the charity Dogs Trust, after carrying out the work as part of its project Mission Rabies.

It comes as the World Health Organisation (WHO) are set to mark World Rabies Day on Thursday 28th September. An annual occasion, World Rabies Day raises awareness about the world’s deadliest disease and promotes the fight against it.

Rabies causes the death of a child at least every nine minutes and costs the global economy $8.6 billion annually.

Dogs are the number one source of human rabies deaths, and account for up to 99% of all rabies transmissions to humans. Once symptomatic the disease is deadly, and there is no treatment.

However, human rabies deaths are entirely preventable, and the vaccination of dogs is the most effective strategy to eliminate the disease, as it stops transmission at the source.

In addition to the human cost, each year millions of dogs are indiscriminately and inhumanely killed due to the fear associated with the disease. Vaccinating dogs protects them.

In May 2023, it was announced that Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) and its Mission Rabies project, would become part of the Dogs Trust family, in a move which will advance the fight against rabies and transform welfare standards for dogs and animals worldwide.

In addition to their vaccination programmes, the group operate several initiatives across the globe which aim to help eliminate human deaths due to dog bite transmitted rabies, and improve animal welfare standards around the world through sustainable improvements to veterinary care.

These include spaying and neutering dogs, vet training, and community outreach.

In May 2023, WVS and Dogs Trust commenced the largest ever rabies vaccination drive in Cambodia. The groundbreaking drive vaccinated more than 75,000 dogs over a ten-day period in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, where we estimate between 1-2 children die each week as a result of rabies. The project is now evolving into a bigger campaign, to save both children and dogs from this horrible disease.

The key is to vaccinate 70% of any dog population in endemic countries. WVS aims to vaccinate 70% of the canine population, the coverage needed to eliminate the disease in dogs and prevent human deaths.

Luke Gamble, Founder and Chief Executive of WVS, said:

“Our pledge is to half the number of human rabies deaths in the next five years and protect hundreds of

thousands of dogs. We can do this as part of Dogs Trust. The key to eliminating rabies is breaking the cycle of transmission by vaccinating 70% of the dogs in any given project site.

“We have to do this for a few years, build up concurrent surveillance and education and then we can create rabies-controlled zones.

“We know it works, there have been no human rabies deaths in Goa for the last five years – a direct result of our Mission Rabies project launched there in 2015 to make Goa the first rabies-controlled state in India.”

Karen Reed, Executive Director of Dogs Trust Worldwide, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to have supported the vaccination of over two million dogs against rabies. It is an important milestone to reach, however the work does not stop here.

"Rabies is a fully preventable disease, and our mission takes us around the world to engage communities and deploy rabies vaccination programmes.

“We know that the most effective way to end deaths by rabies is through mass vaccination of dogs.

“We look forward to continuing our important work alongside WVS and with our other partners.

“We hope that one day we can eliminate rabies, saving countless human and canine lives”.

Dogs Trust Worldwide and WVS are subsidiaries of Dogs Trust.

n For more information about WVS’s project, Mission Rabies visit and for Dogs Trust Worldwide

In a major milestone in the global fight against rabies, over two million dogs have now been vaccinated, including many in key regions such as India, Malawi, Cambodia, Zambia, Ghana and Thailand.

‘Hands-off Hardy’ to ‘Happy Hardy’

Overlooked moggy, whose care was supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, has landed on his feet with his understanding new owner

Black-and-white moggy Hardy was one of the longest stay cats at Cats Protection’s Cornwall Adoption Centre until an adopter decided to take a chance on him.

Hardy had been in care for one year, almost to the day, when Mark Robinson saw him on the centre’s website and got in touch to arrange a visit.

The intelligent kitty was a firm favourite with the centre team, but his aversion to hands-on affection earned him the moniker ‘Hands-off Hardy’ and meant it took longer than normal to find his purr-fect home.

Operations Manager Libby Jepson said: “We absolutely loved Hardy at the centre. He was one of the most intelligent cats we’ve ever had in our care. He loved a fishing-rod toy and mastered all of our puzzle feeders, but he did not want to be cuddly in any way – that was simply not for him!

“Hardy really needed a special owner who was willing to work with our Behaviour team to help him settle in at his own pace, without expecting immediate direct interaction from him.”

Regional Behaviour Officer, Elin Williams, explained: “Hardy struggled with coming into care, so the centre contacted us in the Behaviour team for support. I gave them advice around managing his stress and frustration levels, which included adding in more hides and vertical space, giving him his food in puzzle feeders, and providing play opportunities that enabled him to express his innate hunting behaviours without accidentally hurting his carers.”

“As well as providing support for cats that are in Cats Protection’s care, our team offers six months of advice to all new adopters so people can contact us if their new feline friend shows any challenging behaviours in their new home. In this case, I also provided a settling in plan specific to Hardy, so he could put his best paw forwards in his new home.”

Happily for Hardy, Mark was more

than happy to take on the challenge. With access to lots of outdoor space, outbuildings and caravans, he was able to provide an ideal setting to allow Hardy plenty of freedom to explore and expend his energy.

Hardy now spends his days following Mark to the greenhouse and workshop, visiting the caravans in the field, greeting anyone who comes onsite and enjoying a nice dust bath on the main driveway. He also has a favourite chair, which no-one else is now allowed to use, and spends a few hours each evening asleep on Mark’s knee.

Libby added: “We’re so thrilled to see that Hardy has found his forever home with Mark. We’re so grateful that he came forward to offer him a second chance.

“I’d also like to thank players of People’s Postcode Lottery, who help us look after cats like Hardy, by supporting

both our cat care costs at the centre and the work of our Behaviour team.”

Another cat currently seeking a more rural home is Rainbow, who has been in care for three months now. Rainbow finds a typical domestic home quite stressful, so would benefit from living somewhere with lots of outdoor space where she can do lots of exploring and interact with her human family members on her own terms.

If you’re in the Cornwall area and would like to consider adopting a feline friend, such as Rainbow, you can visit the Cornwall Adoption Centre’s website at or get in touch via or 01872 870 575.

n Those living in other areas of the UK can find out more and see cats in need of homes in their area at RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 51
Black and white moggy Hardy

Dog Accessory Brand Supports Charity Through Harness Sales

Dog harness and accessory specialist, Topdog, has been supporting charities across the UK through sales of its dog harnesses since 2019.

Based in Norfolk, Topdog sells a range of unique matching accessories for dogs and their owners, from poo bag holders to harnesses and ID tags. And, for every harness sold, Topdog will donate £1 to a chosen charity, with each style cleverly designed to support a different organisation.

For instance, sales of Topdog’s Pretty in Pink harness support The Pink Ribbon Foundation for Breast Cancer, whilst the Bee Happy design supports The British Bee Charity. A lot of donations have already been made in 2023, with Topdog reporting that harnesses have made up nearly one-third (31%) of the brand’s total sales this year. Each harness features an original, hand-drawn design, with reversible, adjustable, and nylon-strap options available. Topdog designed their harnesses with dogs and owners in mind - ensuring they are quick-drying, durable and allow ID tags to be attached. Most importantly, they are made to be adjustable and grow with your pup.

“We’ve experienced a lot of love for our harnesses”, Vanessa Applin, Director of Topdog comments. “Which is fantastic, as being able to support charity will always be central to what we do. We really want Topdog to be able to help promote charities and raise awareness of important issues and organisations. Hopefully, as our business grows, we will be able to increase our donations and help even more good causes”.

One organisation that has benefited from Topdog’s support is Norwich-based charity, The Feed which aims to tackle poverty, hunger and homelessness by providing food, training, and support services to vulnerable individuals and empowering people to overcome significant barriers to employment. As well as sponsoring The Feed’s successful dog show earlier this year, Topdog’s latest “Dog Save the King” range supports the charity, through its harness design and t-shirt - meaning owners can match their pups!

Speaking of the collaboration, Vanessa adds, “It has been wonderful to be able to support The Feed as part of our

ongoing charity partnerships at Topdog. As a local organisation, it is one we value personally and have really enjoyed being able to get a bit more involved, such as with the dog show, which was fantastic to collaborate on and see the support this received.

Having worked with The Feed for a while now, we have seen how passionate the whole team are, and it’s clear just how important the work they are doing is for the local community - their ‘Social Supermarket’ alone supports upward of 2,000 households, which is just one of many initiatives carried out by the organisation.”

n The team at Topdog plan to continue using their harnesses to suppor t charities, and are looking forward to collaborating with new charities as new styles are launched. Readers can explore Topdog's full range of harnesses here


Are delighted to sponsor the Rescue Centres Re-Homing pictures on this Page

Tel: 01952 245330

Sweet Tiny is an affectionate and chatty girl with lots of character. She loves cosying up on your lap.


With people he knows and trusts, he is playful and affectionate at times and enjoys a nice belly rub.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Wren F1-2

She loves a game with her toys, especially fluffy ones, and will happily keep herself entertained.

Blue loves food and tasty chews and toys, one of his favourites being a squeaky fluffy duck.

However, when it comes to people, she is a social butterfly and will nudge your hand for more fuss.


He knows a couple of commands but with the offer of a tasty piece of cheese or hotdog, his training is progressing well.

Bailey likes to play with his toys and will find them all if you hide them; making a really fun game for him.

Many Tears Animal Rescue

Ellie would like a quiet home where she will not be pushed into doing something or put in situations she finds uncomfortable.

Sprite M1

Sprite could possibly live with another dog that enjoys a play but also can be a good role model.

Cheeky Chico is an active, playful and fun loving chap. He loves to be out and about doing zoomies in the park!

River is looking for an experienced and active owner who is knowledgeable in dog behaviour and body language.


She enjoys her fuss and will greet you with a chirrupy miaow and some friendly head bumps.

She could live in a large indoor home with someone with cat experience as she likes her routines.

Pumpkin Pie M3 mths

A real purr machine. Now he's found his confidence he loves affection and to give head bumps.

Bea will need to have outside access so she can explore the great outdoors!

Pod F9

A little love bug who is looking for a family to call her own. Pod will need access to a garden once settled into her new home.

Chanel loves her creature comforts like a cosy bed, but also enjoys the great outdoors, exploring.


She needs TLC, kindness and lots of love to help her settle into her new way of life.

A wonderful little puppy who is full of beans and constantly on the go!

Prince is a lovely boy. He loves taking a stroll with another dog, sniffing and have a quick play as he goes.

She has never lived in a home before so this will be very new and scary for her at first.

He's like a Cadburys Chocolate Caramel Freddo, lovely chocolate outside and soft and sweet on the inside.

Danaher Animal Home

A beautiful young lady who can be very shy at first meeting but once she knows and trusts you she will melt in your hands.

She is very sweet and loves to have company - she enjoys fuss and greets you with a chirp in the mornings.

This handsome chap is Felix - he is a sweet boy who adores fuss and a chat with his human.

A friendly boy who is looking for a patient and gentle owner who will allow him his space when he wants it.


Nadia is a very calm and sweet natured girl who is longing for a sofa to call her own as well as a lovely enclosed garden that she can explore in.

Boston M3

This is our handsome Weimaraner boy, Boston! He thrives on long walks and plenty of games so are the perfect fit for the active family with plenty of energy!


The gorgeous Princess is looking for her forever castle! She loves a game of tug, will play fetch, or just simply cuddle up on the sofa for a fuss.

Sammy M6 Sammy is house trained as well as lived in a home environment before so should find this a familiar and comfortable space to be in.

Pete is such a special boy that needs a special someone to invest time into him and help him come out of his shell.


Dazzle will need an adult only and very experienced home who have had scared dogs before.

She is a lovely girl who is happy to be handled but a little bewildered to find herself here.

Looking for a home either where he can be an indoor cat or if he was to be allowed outside it would need to be in a quiet area.

I am a very fun loving guy and, a bit like the Duracell bunny, I just keep going! I love being in the company of people.

Are you looking for a dog with boundless energy? Well then HELLOOOOO. I’m Mocha. A very happy, friendly boy who will provide you with endless fun.

I’m looking for a quiet family who have had experience with nervous active breeds before. I’ll need you to help me learn about the world.


I’m Rusty – it’s so great to meet you. I love meeting new people, and dogs –I love dogs sooooo much!!

Tiny F12 M4 Chico M9 mths F11/2 Bosco M3 Ellie F7 Prince M8 mths Mia F4 Felix M12 F6 F2-3 F7 Chanel F2 Blue M2 Bailey M2 Bea F3 Buster M6 Thistle M6 wks Mocha M18 mths Pete M1 Lacey F8 Dazzle F5 Bean F2 Snowy F4 Magic Mika F1 River F7 Missy F6 Bubble F12 Mickey M9 mths Bacas M8 wks Rocco M3 Rusty M18 mths RESCUE AND ANIMAL CARE 29 SEPTEMBER – 29 OCTOBER 2023 53
Dogs & Cats Home

Much-loved Redwings Adoption Star Muffin the mule passes away


at Redwings Horse Sanctuary are heartbroken to announce the death of Muffin the mule, its much-loved and longest serving Adoption Star.

The beloved boy was 36 years old and had been at Redwings since he was rescued from slaughter in 1987 along with his mum, a pony called Doris, when he was just a tiny foal.

Tragically, Doris passed away shortly after their arrival at the Sanctuary when it was discovered she had a stomach ulcer. Baby Muffin had become friends with another youngster – April - and, with the support of the Redwings staff who cared for him, went on to become one of the charity’s most famous Adoption Stars for 30 years.

The Redwings Adoption Scheme allows people to support the charity through sponsoring one of their residents, who in turn receive updates on their lives as well as the chance to visit them. The funds raised go towards the care of their friend and that of the other horses, ponies, donkeys and mules at Redwings.

Lynn Cutress, Redwings Chief Executive, said: “We know so many people will be upset to hear this news. It’s left a huge hole in the hearts of all the staff here at Redwings and we know our supporters will feel that too.

“When people discover you work here, they always tell you that they remember Muffin and ask if he’s still with us. They tell you that their grandparents or parents sponsored him for them as gifts, and they grew up with his pictures on their childhood bedroom walls.

“Some families sponsored him for generations, and our priority was to write to them all personally before announcing this publicly as we wanted them to be the first to know.

“Visitors to Redwings Caldecott, where he lived, were delighted by Muffin’s friendly nature and mischievous ways for over three decades, as of course were the staff who cared for him day in and day out. We all loved him dearly.”

In his later years Muffin was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease (PPID) which made him prone to a painful hoof condition called laminitis. As a result of his specialist needs, which increased with his age, Redwings retired

him from the Adoption Scheme in 2017 so he could enjoy a quieter life with his friends.

As such an elderly boy, it was becoming increasingly challenging to care for him without him needing to have extended periods of time away from his herd. The recent addition of front shoes helped him feel more comfortable, and happily he had recently been living on a more-gentle woodchip paddock at his Caldecott home with a friend. Unfortunately, he had become very reluctant to take his medication and despite his carers trying various foods and methods of feeding and providing him with enrichment activities to improve his emotional health whilst in vet care, these measures were not working as well as was hoped. Sadly, on 11th September, it was decided that the kindest thing to do was to put Muffin to sleep to prevent his health and comfort deteriorating.

Laura Starkey, Redwings Caldecott Equine Centre Manager, said: “Our staff and the vet team cared for Muffin with such love and dedication.

“Muffin was one in a million, such a patient, calm boy. He loved his feed, and would often stand waiting by his bowl, 30 minutes before time, with a face that

said: ‘What’s been keeping you?’. He took life at his own pace and you certainly couldn’t rush him. He has been here since the beginning of Redwings Caldecott and we will miss him terribly.”

n To find out more about Redwings Adoption Scheme visit

1987 foal Muffin with mum Doris 2023 Muffin the mule's birthday
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