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Easy clean Kennel and Cattery systems

XXL Dog cabin

Chicken House

Greyhound kennel

Perfect for any size of dog. Door can be pinned back with a hook and and eye. Flooring made from phenolic coated board which is non-stick and scratch resistant. £750

Easily removable side panel for fast cleaning and access. Secure turn button latch on door. Vents on both sides allowing good air circulation for your hens. £329

Removable raised dog bed - 1m deep. Chewproof edging. Box profile metal roof over thermally insulated roof. Sliding guillotine hatch. £1,595

Rabbit Hutches

Double block of Walk-in Kennels

Plastic Thermal Dog cabin

Fully insulated panels. Removable roof. Easy clean and hygenic. Fully insulated panels. Chew proof edging. £349

Have a plastic outer layer with polystyrene insulation. Chew proof edging.Easy cleaning and hygenic. Sliding guillotine hatches x 2. £2,200

Easy clean and hygienic. Removable roof. Draught screen. Ventilation. Made from composite panels which are fully insulated. £429

Plastic Thermal Walk-in Dog Kennel

Double XXL Dog Cabin

Small Dovecote

Box profile metal roof over thermally insulated roof. All of the surfaces are easy to wipe down and clean, either use a hose pipe or pressure washer for a really thorough clean. £1,500

This small dovecote will fit perfectly into any garden and makes a wonderful focal point. All of our cotes are hand made to order. £350

Our full height walk in plastic dog kennels are perfect for any size of dog. The door can be pinned back with a hook and eye. £1,100

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Nutrition for pets ...

ACE-High Multivitamin/mineral supplement high in vitamins A, C & E in aiding animals such as fish, birds and reptiles through periods of stress, sickness and disease 50g £8.58 100g £13.19 500g £58.68

CystArk+ Complete solution for urinary health. Supports lower urinary tract wellbeing in dogs and cats. Triple action formula one complete solution for urinary health. Easy to administer. Palatable powder and tablets. 30 tablets £18.00 Powder 30g £16.80

Ark-Klens A 3-in-1 veterinary disinfectant, cleanser and deodorizer. Protects against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and diseases and is non-toxic and non-irritant. Use for the routine cleansing of animal housing, food bowls and work surfaces. Ready to use 500 ml £6.72 250 ml concentrate £9.18 1L concentrate £22.68 5L concentrate £63.00

Avipro plus

BSP Vitamin drops

Probiotic and soluble fibre probiotic for dogs, enhanced with vitamins A, C & E and electrolytes. Essential during illness and veterinary treatment. Easy to administer, simply add to food or water.

Liquid vitamin drops for adding to the drinking water for all cage and aviary birds, enabling effective supplementation for even the most picky of animals. Contains high levels of essential vitamins. Easy to administer, simply add to food or water. Sugar free to avoid bacteria growth.

100g £10.74 300g £24.00 1kg £62.16

50ml £7.19 100ml £11.28

Natural de-stress and calming for all year round use with pets ... First Aid For Stress Tin Rinse Free Foam Shampoo A stress free way to keep your pet’s coat clean and fresh. No water – No fuss – Quick and easy Ideal for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets who become anxious or stressed when in the bath or shower. £12.00 for 200ml

Even the calmest pets can suffer from stress from time to time. Stress can be triggered when we least expect it, so keep this handy tin in a safe place, ready to help any pet when stressed. Kit contains: 15ml Calming Spray 6 x Individual Calming Wipes. £12.00 Luxury bandana with 15ml Pet Remedy Calming Spray In stressful situations, simply spray Pet Remedy a couple of times on bandana. The calming effect will start to help instantly. Lasts up to 4 hours. Sizes available: XS, S, M or large. £12.00

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Dirty Dawg No Rinse Dog Shampoo Spray This no-rinse spray-on dog shampoo has a deep cleaning action that removes dirt and odour from your dog's coat quickly and easily. No need for bath mats and hose attachments, towels and a drenched dog or bathroom. £5.50 Visit

FuzzYard Step-in Dog Harness Candy Hearts Easy to put on and doesn't need to go over your dog's head. A great solution for dog's who don't like things going over their head or for dog's with a larger head. Simply unclip the buckle, undo the velcro and let your dog step in. You are good to go! £18.00 Available in sizes: XX Small, X Small, Small, Medium or Large Visit

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Go Nuts for Donuts Super cute in a delicious light cream melamine scattered with a yummy donuts design. Inside the patterned melamine outer is a removable stainless steel inner bowl. Available in Small, Medium or Large. £11.00 Visit

FuzzYard Dog Toy - Ice Cream This fun summer ice cream dog toy is adorable and totally calorie free. Woof! £9.95 Visit

Natures Greatest Secret Britain’s No.1 Colloidal silver brand Quality Colloidal Silver products with the greatest choice and value everywhere. We use medical grade equipment in our production process which ensures a well regulated and consistent ionic and colloidal solution.

Colloidal Silver Eye drops for pets We have created an all natural hydrating and antibacterial eyedrops for your pet. All natural Colloidal Silver toothpaste Refreshing peppermint, spearmint and tea tree. Naturally freshens breath and removes plaque. Appropriate for dogs of all sizes. Edible and safe. No artificial colours or flavours. 50g £8.21

30 ml £11.21

Colloidal Silver Tick and Flea Pet Care Shampoo Repellent Our newly improved dog shampoo now includes tick and flea repelling ingredients. Boost your dogs vulnerability to ticks and fleas with our gentle and purifying shampoo. 500 ml £20.96

All natural Colloidal Silver tick and flea Repellent Is an effective repellent against fleas, ticks, mosquitos and other parasites. Fights bacteria and helps combat fungal infections. 250 ml £11.21

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01275 853800

Champion Penthouse

Walk-in Chalet The standard unit you will need for your licenced cattery, also used and approved by leading rescue groups throughout the UK. The fully lined and insulated walk-in sleeping quarter measures 4ft wide x 4ft deep x 6ft high and has a vinyl floor for easy cleaning. Two removable UPVC shelves, a fully adjustable air vent, lockable cat flap and a fully opening window leading to a sunning shelf and ladder, make this a firm favourite with customers and cats alike! A 6ft long exercise area gives your cats plenty of space to explore and relax. A second sunning shelf provides another area to watch the world go by as it is near the front of the pen.

With a fully lined and insulated raised sleeping area, our Penthouses have extra run space underneath. There is a large viewing window in the front door of the sleeping compartment, a white, removable uPVC internal shelf and a fully adjustable air vent. A cat flap leads to sunning shelf one which has a detachable ladder leading down to the exercise run and a second sunning shelf is at the safety porch end. Lift out shutters are fitted to the top half of all exterior walls which, when removed leave just the galvanised mesh allowing your cats to enjoy a truly outdoor experience. If you are having more than one pen, full height sneeze barriers will be fitted between each pen and you will have the choice of solid white or clear acrylic for these. Our Champion range of cat pens come in standard 3ft and 4ft widths

Premier Champion Penthouse Our Premier Champion range of cat pens come in a 3ft or 4ft width and, to the naked eye, look exactly like our standard Champion range. These though, are fitted with a seamless fibreglass module, exclusive to Lindee Lu, in the sleeping compartment offering ultimate hygiene and durability. These pens are perfect for breeders, private cat owners and charity fostering pens, being an absolute necessity if you have elderly or unwell cats or kittens who cannot manage a ladder. The Premier range is also available with an additional downstairs module, so each pen has two sleeping areas, both of which are able to accommodate a panel heater.

CLASSIC HOUSE CAT PENS FOR BREEDERS Our hand made Catteries are manufactured in the UK 4ft Classic House Our Classic House has a full-height walk in sleeping quarter – much the same as our standard 4ft Chalets but these are manufactured for those wanting a single pen which will be installed up against a fence, hedge or boundary wall. The Classic benefits from a full, solid insulated roof and a solid timber back wall providing ultimate protection and ‘classic’ good looks! The sleeping area of the Classic House has an additional opening window to the 4ft Chalet, for added ventilation, which is secured using galvanised mesh when open. Two sunning shelves in the exercise area and two, removable uPVC shelves in the sleeping area give your cat plenty of choice on where to hang out. Our Classic House also benefits from a raised floor throughout, fully covered with vinyl which not only looks very smart but it’s warm underfoot and very easy to clean.

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Tickety Boo (Pork, Sweet Potato & Apple) Ideal for fussy dogs, allergic dogs & those with sensitive stomachs.

TO SUIT ALL YOUR DOGS’ NEEDS Customisable Whelping boxes. Any colour, Lightweight, Robust, Come pre-assembled, Easy to clean and maintain. Visit

Bag Size: 2kg Bag [+£12.99], 4 x 2kg (same variety) [+£36.99], 4 x 2kg (mixed varieties) [+£36.99], 13.5kg Sack [+£46.99] Visit

Foldable Water Bottle Foldable transparent plastic water bottle with a belt clip and detachable cap. 420 ml capacity. Convenient and perfect for those on the go. Available in Green or Pink. £4.00. Visit

Pack of two galgo shopper bags Pack of two galgo shopper bags – perfect for those trips to the shops. 100% Cotton Size: 38 x 42cms. £8.00 Visit

Tickety Boo (Chicken, Sweet Potato & Herbs) Grain Free, super-gentle hypoallergenic recipe that's packed with 55% chicken. A great all-rounder that's ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Visit

Furr Boost A tasty complementary drink to our dog’s daily water intake, designed specifically to aid our well- being. Furr Boost is a hydrating drink, but it can be used as a topper over food, frozen to make ice lollies, poured into Lick Mats and Kongs and frozen for enrichment or a fun iced treat. There are lots of flavours to choose! Go to

Car Sunshades Pack of two Car Sunshades featuring a lovely galgo design and our website details. Size 440 x 360mm. £9.00 Visit

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9 TIMES WINNER OF ‘Product I can’t live without’

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Offer Code is RAC0708225 for 5% OFF New Customers Only

Bacta-Care Bubblegum

Buy 2 get 2 FREE

Concentrate Deodouriser Air Freshener Perfect for use in all areas where odour control is paramount. It is capable of eliminating unpleasant smells at the source which prevents them from returning and leaves you with a refreshed pleasant smelling surrounding. Bouquet refreshes large soft furnishings or items that cannot be washed in the washing machine. Available in six fragrances Apple, Bubblegum, Cherry, Freesia, Lavender or Lemon

Animal Shampoo Baby Powder

This detergent cleaner and sanitiser removes unpleasant smells and odour. Ideal sanitising wash for fake/ artificial grass/astro turf. Ideal soaking solution for equipment and tools. Available in six fragrances: Apple, Bubblegum, Cherry, Freesia, Lavender and Lemon

Baby powder animal shampoo is suitable for all dogs and animals big or small, even those with sensitive skin. Our unique formula will help cleanse, revitalise and banish odours. Fur/coats will smell beautiful and look clean, fresh and shiny with a beautiful glossy lustre to the coat. 5L £15.00

5L £20.00

Bacta-Care Freesia Concentrate, detergent cleaner and sanitiser for professional use. Once diluted, it is effective in destroying a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms. To be used safely in and around kennels, catteries, stables, all other animal type housing.

Buy 2 get 2 FREE

Animal Shampoo Extra thick cleansing shampoo. Our sweet smelling cherry animal shampoo is suitable for all dogs and animals big or small, even those with sensitive skin.Our formulation will help revitalise, lift dirt, fight germs, stop frizz and leave fur/coats smelling and looking clean, fresh and sleek.

25L £100

2.5L £10.00

Animal Conditioning Shampoo

5L £15.00

Biodegradable Disinfectant Wipes

Suitable for all animals big or small, even those with long or curly hair as it will help to hold the curls. The added blend of conditioners will help to wet comb and de-tangle fur with ease.

Can be used in high risk areas including surgical equipment, tools, metals, plastics, rubbers and glass.

5L £18.75

150 wipes per tub £8.00

Broad Spectrum Disinfectant Cleaner Use on all instruments, hand surfaces, walls, floors, cabinets, carriers and unoccupied animal habitats to effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms and aid in your decontamination process. Available in 5ltr or 2.5ltr containers.

Chlorhexidine Hand & Body Scrub BioScrub can be used directly on human and animal bodies providing disinfection, antiseptic and antifungal healing where necessary, ie before and after surgery and for use on wounds and lacerations. Can help dry and itchy skin. 5L £25.00

VirEquine Broad Spectrum Disinfectant Cleaner Can be used for general disinfecting purposes providing a rapid and effective cleaning action whilst remaining biodegradable. Provides more efficient removal of surface contaminants making it an ideal choice of disinfectant. Fragranced with Apple if preferred. 25L £118.75

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Collars & Leads All these products are available from

Leather Dogmatic Headcollar

From £28.99 Cushioned webbing Headcollar

Padded, Cushioned, Webbing Dogmatic Headcollar The padded, cushioned webbing eliminates pulling and lunging with complete but gentle control. New clasp fastening, fully adjustable, easy to fit, safe & secure. Available in 5 colours: Silver, Black/Silver, Gold/Silver, Purple/Silver, Blue/Silver.

Padded Cushioned Webbing Sizes Size: Nose/Neck ½ Nose 1 Nose 2 Nose 3 Nose 3L Nose 4 Nose 4L Nose 5 Nose 5L Nose 6 Nose 7 Nose 8 Nose

7.5-8.5” 8-9” 9-10” 10-11” 11-12” 13-15” N/A 15-17” N/A 16-18” 17-19” 18-19”

PCW Adjustable Clasp: Inches ½ Neck 1 Neck 2 Neck 3 Neck 3L Neck 4 Neck 4L Neck 5 Neck 5L Neck 6 Neck 7 Neck

11-12” 14-17” 14-17” 15-18” 18-23” 19-24.5” N/A 19-25” N/A 21-26” 26-33.5”

Leather Dogmatic Headcollar The New Luxurious Soft and Lined Leather Dogmatic Headcollar. Our unique Registered Design means it will not ride up, under or into the eyes which causes distress to your pet and as it is much more comfortably and securely fitted, it avoids any potential dangers for you or your dog. £39.99.


Leather Gripper Collars

Padded, Cushioned Webbing Matching range of adjustable Collar

Now available top quality, buckle collars in a combination of rein web with rubber insert and quality leather. These collars are beautifully made and also have the bonus of matching our Gripper Training Leads. Available in Black/Brass and Brown/Brass.

The soft padded lined webbing is fully wipe-able, therefore, easy to clean. Adjustable with strong clasp fastening. Small: 15 mm x 260-400 mm £15.99 Medium: 20 mm x 350-500 mm £16.99 Large: 25 mm x 480-700 mm £17.99

Padded, Cushioned Webbing Matching range of Training Leads Ideal for training, obedience and general walking. The Training Leads can be used at different lengths, for general walking, lengthened for use in Training (practising recalls etc...), for giving your dog more room to stretch out on a walk, for tethering your dog to a bench etc... or for walking two dogs together. A quality Lead offering multiple uses. Can be wiped clean and very comfortable to hold. Medium: 20 mm x 2000 mm £27.99 Large: 25 mm x 2000 mm £29.99

Soft Leather Show slip Lead Available in Black/Brass and Brown/Brass. Size: ¼ ” x 66” £22.99

Leather Gripper Training Leads Our design gives added security and confidence, offering multiple uses - ideal for walking/training or wet weather conditions. Can also be used with gloves. Available in Black/Brass and Brown/Brass. £31.99

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Products for your pets Redwings Dog Bandana A red bandana featuring our white logo. This comes with an adjustable collar (30 to 42cm). £3.50 Visit

rfect The pet for trea nine a o y ur c nd e i fr Pooch’s Cheese Bones Pooch’s - The traditional bakers of hand made dog treats. Made in Norfolk with locally sourced ingredients and Eco Friendly packaging. The perfect treat for your canine friend! Each bag contains 250g £4.00 Visit

Beco Rough & Tough Recycled Dog Toy, Shark, Large Some dogs believe in tough love. This is for them. A rough & tough toy that can withstand a chew and wrestle during playtime. Made from recycled materials, it reuses what’s already here, giving waste a second life while encouraging its collection and reuse. £14.00 Visit

The Boett® Veterinary Blanket

Redwings Dog Lead A red nylon dog lead with our logo running down its length. 120cm long. £3.50 Visit

The boett blanket provides a totally effective barrier against insect attack and prevents the typical symptoms of this allergy. Unique, breathable, water repellent fabric. Does not damage hair. Imagine your horse is backed up against the wall, the measurement is taken from the centre of the chest, to the end of the hindquarters (but not around to the tail). This measurement should be within a few inches of the length of the rug that the horse normally wears. (See Measurement Guide Below of example) 5ft 0″ rug =60″ A would be 56″-59″ 6ft 0″ rug =72″ A would be 69″-71″ From £165.50. Visit

Bio-Plus capsules for horses These improve general health, reduced stress, stronger immune systems and resistance to disease. Visit

Beco Dog Toy, Parrot This will bring hours of fun for your dog, at least it cant’t talk back! £15.00 Visit

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Hay Expert

Natural products for Rabbits and Small Animals

Wooden Rabbit Feeder The Hay Experts Wooden Rabbit Feeder is a great way of group feeding pellets, hay or forage. The trough design allows for multiple rabbits to get to the good stuff at the same, and is deep enough to hold a good volume of forage for them to have a bit of a rummage! Can be used alongside a rabbit bowl or hay rack for variety of food source.

Wooden Carrot Bowl This shapely Wooden Carrot Bowl from The Hay Experts is big enough to use for pellets or forage, and will make a fetching addition to any mealtime! It will be ideal as a rabbit bowl or guinea pig bowl. This bowl is the perfect way to serve some of The Hay Experts Forage produce - including the Feast of Forage - or even perhaps a sprinkling of Green at Forage Hay? Yum!

Peter Rabbit Twin Daisy Design Tea Towels The wonderful Peter Rabbit is featured in this 100% natural cotton twin tea towel set. Contains two tea towels; one featuring the cheeky Peter Rabbit in a contemporary daisy design, and the other is a green and natural cotton stripe to compliment. These tea towels will make a great gift and be as useful as they are stylish.

Herb cookie stars The Hay Experts Herb Cookie Stars are hand made using only natural, healthy ingredients, and are designed for rabbits, guinea pigs and others. Yummy, healthy, additive-free and hand made!

Lop Eared Rabbit Bowl When it comes to feeding bowls, shape does matter - especially if bunny shaped with loppy ears!! This Lop-Eared Wooden Rabbit Bowl from The Hay Experts will compliment any feeding time. In addition to the bowl, there's even space on the 'ears' to put some extra tasty morsels! This bowl is the perfect way to serve some of The Hay Experts Forage produce - including the Feast of Forage for Rabbits. Just lovely!

Green Wheat Forage hay Simply Nibbles Dandelion Garden These Simply Nibbles Dandelion Garden from Rosewood are made only from 100% natural ingredients. With a base of dandelion, green oat and meadow hay, Dandelion Garden also includes tasty carrot, peppermint and marigold. Yum! Designed to be fed as a natural treat for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degu.

The Hay Experts Green Wheat Forage hay is a wonderfully tasty and chunky mix of thick stalk, broad leaves and lovely seed heads. In addition, the drying process ensures all the goodness, aroma and deep rich green colour is locked in to give your little ones the very best. This hay is great for all-round variety, for adding in with other hays for additional foraging fun, or added as a tasty topper to pellets or vegetables. Or just fed 'solo' as a yummy bowl of natural goodness!

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Odor-Kill This product is safe to use with: Sofas, Patio and stone areas, Artificial lawns, Beds, Carpets (Either in a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner) and Washing machines. Even a small amount in the hoover bag will do away with stale dusty vacuum smells! From £6.00

Safe to use in Kennels, Catteries and on litter trays

Probiotic Universal Cleaner SupaClean The importance of keeping everywhere clean has been a top priority for everyone this year. Use this steriliser to clean all areas indoors and out, floors, surfaces, patios, door handles and even wild bird feeders. Makes light work of even ground in dirt. Dilutes up to 1;400 so a little goes a very long way. From £12.46

Parvo-Virucide It can be used to safely and effectively disinfect animal cages, veterinary surgeries, table tops, floors, utensils, equipment etc. From £12.67

Probiotic Universal Cleaner is the easy and economical way to reduce your cleaning chemical use. This general-purpose all-rounder is suitable for cleaning most hard surfaces. Use instead of chemical cleaners for kennels, whelping boxes, hutches, cages etc. £19.08

Prozyme Powder


One of our top canine sellers. Every dog owners essential product for the cupboard. Puts good bacteria back into the gut flora. Available in 100g, 500g and 3kg resealable buckets. From £6.85

Scoopy-Do is a clean and more pleasant way to handle your pet mess for use indoors and out. Wool-safe approved for use on indoor carpets. From £1.00


Probiotic Pet Allergy Free The spray is easy to use for pets with itchy, flaky skin, excessive scratching, hot spots, and rashes. It helps your pet to feel happier and more comfortable. £16.92

A dog and cat skin allergy prevention spray that significantly reduces itching.

Coop Zone is a 100% natural Anti-Bacterial bedding powder which creates a dry, safe, healthy environment in coops by reducing moisture and eliminating ammonia. £7.20

PowAir Gel Uses essential oil based odour removal technology to quickly and safely . Choose from Apple crumble, Tropical breeze or Passion fruit. From £8.41

Wash & Show Perfect for the wetter months, this handy NON Rinse shampoo means you can spray and rub away mud and dirt from your pet with out having to fully bath them. Ideal to keep in the car for after a dog walk. Available in a handy spray bottle as well as refill bottles of 500ml, 2.5lt & 5lt. From £8.65

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Cat Products From toys to treats check out the range from Catit

Catit PIXI Smart 6-Meal Feeder Making sure your cat has enough food while you are out can be a tricky situation as you don’t want to under or overfeed them. This app controlled smart feeder allows you to schedule and feed them up to 6 varied meals a day and they don’t have to have dry food…they can enjoy wet food and even treats! The added addition of ice packs under the compartments preserves food and keeps it fresher for longer. £99.00

Catit PIXI Fountains Catit have introduced an adorable range of cat drinking fountains named after their rescue cat PIXI. These water fountains are purrfect to encourage cats to drink. They have some clever features such as PIXI’s nose changes colour to let you know when she needs refilling, and the nightlight helps guide your cat no matter what time of the day or night it is. Having a water fountain means that your cat will have access to fresh, clean running water 24/7 so there is no need to change and top up bowls or keep turning taps on. This practical and stylish range is available in cute pastel colours, with a stainless-steel top and a smart version which has a UV-C clarifier and connects to your phone via your WIFI to send you notifications. From £35.00

Catit Go Natural! PeaHusk Cat Litter An eco-friendly plantbased cat litter which has had rave reviews and is very popular with our feline friends and their owners. Made from sustainable pea-husks, this highly efficient litter clumps naturally without any dust or tracking and the delicate scent helps to combat odours. Available in two delicately scented varieties; Vanilla and Lavender. £18.00

Vesper Castle This funky pop-up cat play furniture from Catit allows your feline to survey their kingdom and people from atop of the tower. The front doubles as a movable drawbridge and there are two separate levels to explore, lounge and nap in. Easy to assemble and store so you can bring it out whenever Royalty wishes. £45.00

Catit Creamy The healthy, hydrating lickable cat treats that are so popular they are now in MEGA packs of 50! Treat your feline friend to a tasty all-natural treat straight from the tube or if it’s a hot day then pop them in the freezer and turn them into ice pops. Available in a choice of 4 delicious flavours; Chicken, Chicken & Lamb, Salmon & Prawn and Tuna. Packs of 50 are £18.79, other pack sizes are also available

Catit Divine Shreds A premium range of tasty wet food made with 4 high-quality ingredients. Ideal for your cat to eat as a healthy low-calorie treat, to eat on its own or to mix and compliment their dry food diet. There are no by-products, so you know exactly what is in your cat’s dish. Available in a choice of 8 delicious flavours; there’s a favourite for even the fussiest of felines. Prices start at £1.30 for 75g pouches, multipacks are available for £13.00

Catit PIXI Spinner A paw-activated cat toy and treat dispenser in one! This fun cat toy is part of our ever-growing Catit PIXI range and provides your feline friend with some whimsical fun even when you aren’t at home. Available in a choice of two colours; silver and blue. £20.00

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The Labrador Lifeline Trust is a charity dedicated to rescuing, rehoming and helping Labradors

The ultimate dog toy for shakers and movers! Squeaks and rattles to satisfy natural instincts Durable centre panel for vigorous thrashing Ideal plush toy for indoor play. £10.00

Kong Octopus Toy – Large Snuggle and Play Dog Toy Fun squeakers in head and tentacles. £10.00

Sophie Allport Peg Bag Dog Bowl A perfect gift for any Labrador owner, the bowl is available in two sizes: small (500ml) and large (1 litre).

Give the tumble drier a break, and peg your laundry out in the garden. £12.50

Kong Wild Knots Bird Hours of fun with this toy which has rope inside to make it tougher. Internal knotted rope satisfies natural instincts. Soft and durable. £10.00

Donation £50 Sophie Allport – Fab Labs Tea Towel LLT Hoodie by Sarah Cee Our very popular Hoodie embroidered individually by Sarah Cee and exclusive to Labrador Lifeline. Sizes: S-5XL Different colours available. £35.00

The Fab Labs tea towel features the Black Lab, Yellow Lab, Fox Red Lab and Chocolate Lab on an olive green background. The tea towel is 45cm x 65cm and is 100% cotton. There is a handy ‘loop’ on the top left corner of the tea towel so you can hang it up in your kitchen. £10.00

If you would like to make a donation to help us in our work we would be very grateful and so would our dogs. All donations are acknowledged personally and we can send you a Gift Aid form if you are a taxpayer. Every donation goes to help Labradors and none is used for administration purposes. If you wish to donate via charity checkout it has a button on the right side of the page and this way it will deal with your Gift Aid directly without you having to do anything.

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Great products for you and your pet


Atomic Ball Varied bounce for interest. Huge squeak. Floats. £7.39

Challenge your dog with the Ancol Strap Tennis Ball! This camouflage ball has a strong nylon strap to help you throw it further! £1.85

Gor flex squeaky ball Super bouncy squeaky flexible ball 9cm (approx). £5.79 Available in blue or red.

Oshi the Whale 27cm with squeak 100% recycled outer fabrics and stuffing made from plastic bottles. £6.99

Border Collie Glass Clock Diameter 20cm. £14.99

Fusion Hybrid dog toy Green Tugger 20 cm, Blue ball frame 12 cm, Pink Tri Star. Light but hardy, and can float and bounce for fun retrieval games. With grooves to help gently cleanse your dog's teeth, £4.49

Border Collie Wooden Plaque

5" square Border Collie wooden plaque. Can be hung or free standing. (£8.95)

Shopping Bag Border Collies Are Great Jute Shopping Bag. 31cm X 31cm X 23cm. £6.49

Love Border Collies Border Collies Heart Shaped Fridge Magnet. £2.99

Jumbo Jaws Coil Tugger The perfect toy for dogs who love tug of war. £8.99

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over Flip it omes e b c and it r bowl t a aw e

Zisc Zogoflex Toys Designed to fly far and straight. Made from a material that isnt’t hard on dogs’ mouths. Flip it over and it becomes a water bowl ... keeping active dogs happy and playing for hours! £15.20

The best your pet can get naturally our Keep y ated r d dog hy is toy h t wth ak just so r in wate

All you need is Love treats

Catnip Caterpillar Can provide hours of fun and exercise for your cat. £5.65

Mighty Mutts Ball Kiwi Flyer Will hydrate your dog whilst they are playing in the hot weather. The fun kiwi round shaped frisbee dog toy is a soft toy that you are able to soak in water then give to your dog. The toy also has a squeaker for added entertainment for your dog. £6.00

This ball is super tough and durable. Ideal for those aggressive chewers. £4.40

Bio Chem Natural Dog Odour Spray Multipurpose spray that degrades the source of the odours can be used in cars, pet blankets, boxes and sleeping areas, refuse collection areas, carpet and fabric care, animal crates. £15.95

The healthy way to treat or train your dog. Tasty, grain free and rich in liver. Helps boost the immune system. No soya, dairy, wheat or gluten. £3.05

Chuck N Play Throw the ball further and pick it up without getting dirty hands! Promotes exercise and great owner/pet interaction time £2.50

White and Grey Medium Paw and Bone Dog Bowl The Ancol Grey Stripe Dog Bowl is made from premium grade melamine which is strong, safe, and hygienic. This bowl’s design features stylised bones and paws on a stripy grey background for a modern and fun look. This bowl has high sides to reduce overspill deep center to accommodate any meal size. £3.73

LickiMat – Splash Make bath time, grooming, vet visits fun again with a Lickimat Splash. Suction cap allows it to stick to any hard surface like tiles, glass and laminates. By spreading your pet’s favourite soft treat over the surface, you create a tasty fun game with them having seek out every morsel with their tongue. Freeze treats in summer for refreshing longer lasting entertainment. £6.99

DentiFresh Finger Toothbrush Pet finger toothbrush made from soft rubber to gently clean. Available in Red, Blue or Green. £3.70

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Food and Treats Salmon Oil for Dogs (Cold Pressed) Tasty Supplement for Joint Mobility, Skin & Coat and More. Bentley’s Salmon Oil for Dogs is suitable for both dogs and cats. Full of naturally occurring Omega 3 & 6 oils, our salmon oil is the ideal supplement for dogs with itchy skin and helps aid coat condition.

Dried Prawns for Dogs Tasty Dried Prawns, natural and healthy reward treats! These 100% natural North Atlantic Dried Prawns are the perfect reward treat for your dog. A unique raw protein source to supplement your dog’s diet. 200gm £18.00

Bentley’s Healthy Digestive Supplement Bentley’s Digestive Supplement for Dogs contains proven ingredients for a wide range of digestive health benefits for dogs. 300g £16.00

500ml £18.00

Turmeric for Dogs – High Content Turmeric & Whitefish Cookies WHOPPING 10% Turmeric with an Array of Health Benefits. These 100% Natural, crunchy, grain free fish treats are packed with goodness, helping to promote the health and well being of your dog. Available in sizes 100gm, 200gm or 500gm £6.00 – £22.00

BENTLEY’S – Taste of the Ocean

BENTLEY’S – Salmon Superfood Blend Grain Free Dry food

Rated the BEST UK dry food by the All About Dog Food Directory. BENTLEY’S Taste of the Ocean is the UK’s first 82.5%/17.5% nutritionally balanced complete premium grain free dry dog food.

BENTLEY’S Salmon Superfood Blend 65%/35%/0%, complete premium grain free dry fish dog food with well balanced nutrition.

Available in sizes 1.5kg, 3kg or 13.5kg bags £3.00 – £78.00

White Fish Jerky Rollers by Bentley’s Thick Crunchy Rolls for Larger Dogs

Available in sizes 2kg, 12kg £18.00 – £63.00

Dried Sprats

Made from 100% natural ingredients, these low fat, low calorie tasty treats will help to promote the health and well being of your dog. The rough texture of the fish scales helps to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth.

Pure Dried Fish Make a Great Raw Source of Protein. An ideal Pure Fish training treat or tasty reward that can be fed whole or broken up. Hide them around the house or garden to keep your dog’s brain stimulated while searching them out.

Available in sizes 1kg, 3kg £34.00 – £85.00

Available in sizes 1kg, 3kg or 5kg £4.50 – £76.00

Super Training Treats by Bentley’s Highly palatable, small fish shaped treats. A perfect healthy training treat. An ideal healthy reward or treat, due to containing no artificial preservatives or colouring. Easily digested which makes them ideal for dogs with sensitive digestive systems. Available in sizes 50gm, 200gm, 500gm, 1kg or 5kg £3.00 – £58.00

Feed as a treat or reward between your dog’s meals, as part of a balanced diet.

White Fish Jerky Mini’s Low fat, healthy dental treat Made from 100% natural ingredients, these low fat, low calorie tasty treats will help to promote the health and well being of your dog. The rough texture of the fish scales helps to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth. Dogs love these tasty healthy fish squares, suitable for all breeds as well as making an ideal training treat for larger dogs. Available in sizes 500gm, 1kg, 3kg or 5kg £16.00 – £86.00

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Concave Double Feeding Dog Bowl

ClimaCOOL ‘Grade B’ Self Cooling Dog Mat (Medium – Large) Designed as a cooling aid for your dog. Light staining to grey side due to storage. Self Cooling no fridge required. £6.99

The George Barclay, Concave Double Feeding Bowl is produced using a combination of melamine and stainless steel. These two high-quality materials harmonise beautifully together, producing a stylish, yet functional product. Availabe in two sizes: 2x 350ml, 14cm (5.5in.) diameter bowls and 2x 700ml, 16.5cm (6.5in.) diameter bowls. Available in Antique White or Pebble Grey. From £14.99

Uses natural evaporative cooling, to help keep your dog cool during hot weather. Reflective top panel to reduce heat. Available in 7 sizes XS-XXXL. From £24.99

Machine Washable MuttMOP® Deluxe Dog Towel The George Barclay, MuttMOP® Deluxe Dog Towel, removes dirt and water easily from your dog’s coat. It will absorb more water and dry faster than a conventional towel. £13.99

This bed is available with our orthopaedic, blended memory foam particles mattress, for dogs that like to settle into their bed. Alternatively our memory topper mattress offers a flat sleeping surface, with firmer support. Replacement outer covers are sold separately. From £89.99

MuttMOP® Deluxe Dry Mat (Medium)

Exbury Dog Mattress – Blackberry, Medium ClimaCOOL Dog Cooling Jacket (Vest)

Heritage Dog Sofa Bed – Dark Chocolate, Medium

The bed utilises a soft woven fabric topper, paired with contrasting faux leather sidewall. Removable outer cover, Non slip oxford base. Machine washable. From £49.99

Removes dirt and water easily from your dog’s coat. Ideal for drying your dog after that coastal walk. Available in Grey, Olive and Plum. £13.99

Travel Bowl Comprises of two collapsible bowls contained in a handy case. An ideal accessory for days out. Available in two sizes 400ml and 700 ml. £9.99 – £14.99

Height Adjustable Double Feeding Dog Bowl This double feeder has a quick-release mechanism to easily adjust the level of the bowls to suit your dog. Each of the 1400ml capacity bowls is fitted with a silicone bead around the rim to eliminate sliding and noise during feeding. £39.99

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Supplying the UK with high-quality wild bird food and bird seed We are a family run wild bird food and wild bird seed supplier based in rural Lincolnshire. We supply only the finest quality products. SUITABLE FOR ALL YEAR ROUN D FEEDING FROM BIRD TABLES

Ground feed mix Our orginal ground feed mixture that's so adored by Robins, Blackbirds, Song Thrushes and all other ground feeding birds. Suitable for all year round feeding. Either scattetered on the floor or placed on a table or ground feeder. Contains no wheat. £39.90/25kg


Split Peanuts

Economy wild bird mix

Small blanched, split peanuts (skins removed). Extra rich in both protein and oils, thus making an excellent and essential food for all year feeding. Peanuts are suitable and liked by most species of birds, and have long been the most popular of wild bird feeds. All our peanuts are certified as nil detectable signs of aflatoxin. £46.50/25kg


With our specialised blending of a number of nutritional seeds, this mix is suitable for a large variety of birds. High in black sunflower thus providing oil and protein and meeting all essential feeding requirements. Suitable for all year round feeding. £29.50/25kg

Superior high energy mix An extremely high energy mixture blended with the highest quality seeds. Suitable for all small birds and ideal for all year round feeding. Best fed from a seedfeeder or scattered on a bird table. Contains nowheat. £41.25/25kg


Dried mealworms Dried mealworms are a tasty treat for garden birds with all the nutrition of live mealworms without the 'worm factor'. Attractive to robins, blackbirds, thrushes and all other insect eating birds. Available in sizes ranging from 250g to 10kg. £33.50/3kg


Sunflower hearts Bakery grade premium sunflower hearts. No unsightly husk. A food that is loved by most species of birds being high in both protein and oils. Makes a most desirable all year round food. £49.75/25kg


Suet special blend mix

Small fatballs The best, fattiest fat balls on the internet. Small Fat balls (no nets) offer a wide range of wild birds a nutritious and important source of energy specifically during winter and nesting season. Each fatball at approx 95g available in a box of 150. £27.90

This blended suet mixture is packed full of highIy calorific ingredients, it is ideal for all year round feeding and will attract a great variety of both small and medium sized birds to your garden. No re-growth under feeding station. Contains no wheat. £52.70/25kg

5% DISCOUNT on all orders OVER £50 Tel: 01778 342665


Won’t grow mix Blended with 60% bakery grade sunflowerhearts, this energy rich mixture has been blended to ensure no re-growth under your feeding station. Suitable for all year round feeding. Best fed from seed feeder, scattered on bird table or from ground feeder. Contains no wheat. £46.75/25kg

Superior finch mix This classic mixture was blended specifically with finches in mind. Contains a wonderful selection of the finest seeds and is suitable for all year round feeding. Best fed from seedfeeder or scattered on a bird table. Contains no wheat. £44.75/25kg

10% off first order for new customers use promo code NEW10 at checkout

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Transport cages Your pets can travel in comfort, safety and style

Our range of transport cages come in a choice of colours and configurations. These are all custom made and tailored to the vehicle and the customer’s needs and requirements. We offer an extensive range of colours and finishes for the panels and drawers, and can colour match the vehicle if required.

01969 666063

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