Rescue & Animal Care - October/November - Issue 179

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Dear Friends, A short time ago I was complaining a bit about the heat and how I wished I could take off my coat and hang it up on the peg with the human ones. However, Mistress is wearing hers in the evening actually inside the house and I am glad I have my thick fur on because the radiator usually warm and toasty is turned off! So here I am laying in my bed with a throw to keep the chill off, thinking of jumping under the covers with Mistress. I noticed that she had a delivery of an electric blanket the other day but she has not offered to share it with me. I’m not sure what is going on but very few lights are turned on in our house in the evenings and the central heating is on for only an hour or two a day. Mistress keeps moaning about the electric and gas bills and follows Little Mistress around pulling out plugs from anything on standby. Then to add insult to injury my toilet outing times have been put well out of sync. Suddenly it is darker an hour earlier and so we go out while there is still a bit of daylight left. But my toilet habits haven’t changed with the clocks and I am as regular as clockwork -around 6pm (which apparently clashes with wine o clock☺)so Mistress is out with the torch poo spotting, terrified she will miss a plop and a neighbour may step in one!! Last night was Halloween and Trick or Treat. Now Little Mistress is all grown up we no longer have a pumpkin lit outside our front door and we tend to hide. How mean!!

No warm radiator for me! I am pleased to report we didn’t hear any fireworks which was a huge relief. There are Low noise and quiet Fireworks apparently available to buy so I am hopeful along with all my furry friends that people will consider buying them. In the next issue I will be talking about Christmas and dropping hints about certain gifts I would like. I have already noticed some in this issue to put on my list and I bet you have too!

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