Rescue & Animal Care - August/September- Issue 177

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I’ve taken up Pigeon Spotting again!!

Dear All my Lovely friends §

and I was told to look away. Mistress told them to get a room. What on earth was she going on about! It is so much cooler today and I’m so relieved because it was too hot to handle as all you with fur coats on will agree. Night time was the worst I had a wet towel thrown over me which was lovely but when I decided to find a more comfortable place to lay the towel fell off me. For future heatwaves, which I understand are on their way again very soon Mistress has ordered a hot water bottle for me. Ok I may be a bit slow to understand human ways but I asked her why on earth would I want one of those in this heat and was she having a laugh! She explained she will fill it with cold water and pop it in the fridge. Then when it’s my bedtime she will put in on my bed right next to me. I wish we had a swimming pool. Or even a paddling pool but I have been putting my head under the watering can when the plants are given a much needed drink. Although I am not a foot person, in desperation I have also tried unsuccessfully to get part of me into the washing up bowl filled with water that mistress has taken into our garden to put her feet in to chill. But I found there wasn’t room for me and all those toes! If you have tip to share with me about how you are keeping cool I would love to hear them! I hope you all have a lovely summer and see you in September.

I’ve taken up my Pigeon Spotting hobby again and here I am staring out the two of them wobbling on the fence to see who blinks first. Mistress tried to get a photo of them but they started kissing and lost interest in me. Then they started doing other stuff Follow us on facebook Rescue and Animal Care

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