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NEW TECHNOLOGIES COMPANIES (a1 y b1) Several companies use new tecnologies nowadays to be in touch with the clients and to promote their product: DIGITAL MARKETING




Is the page that promote Andalucia as a touristic destination.

Meta-search and SEO tool

Official website of “Patronato de Turismo de Granada”

Internet of things

Disneyworld MagicBand

QIt helps you to localize places in your accomodation


Website for digital nomads; people that have to constantly travel because of their jobs

Augmented reality They offer a 3D and 360º videos on thir website

Cloud Computing

This company stock their data in the cloud.


They send you


offers, promotion, sales... Newsletter

Digital magazine about tourism news

PDF brochures and Their use PDF docs. special offers To promote the country Post-servuction mails

Used for rating the service and even the app.

Loyalty Programms Marriot Rewards

You pay four night and you get the fifth for free

2.0 Marketing Social Media

Motel Los PeĂąascales

They use Facebook, and more.


Barcelona as destiny

Barcelona promote itself in Youtube


AndaluciaNetwork. Touristic blog of Andalucia

Live Streaming


During the fair you can follow the ceremony live.

World of Mouse (Digital Feedback)

Another travel search engineering


Commercialization and promotion of touristic sector


Paypal/Credit Meliรก Card/Bank Transfer

You can without cash


This restaurant was oppened thanks to money this method

La Tenada

MOBILE Whatsapp/Snapchat Barcelo Illetas / SMS Albatros

They promote to their clients sending information to your mobile phone



You can see timetables and buy tickets directly from the APP

Website in Mobile version


There is a simplier version for mobile of this company


It has an especific version just for tablets.






Halcรณn Viajes



Rumbo Vuelo

Solteros Viajeros

Viajes Barcelรณ




American Express


Hard Rock Hotel

Hilton Worldwild


MSC Cruceros

Grupo Sentire





Atienza Hernández José Luis 30 m

Dominguez Hernando

Fernando m

García Charradi


kimico6@hotmail.c 20 om


Hernández Romero Mª Victoria



Martinez Quesada


martinezquesadaandrea 21

Mateos Girón


Irene19 8mateos@hotmail.c om

Melguizo Ilgesias

María Elvira

mariamelguizo92@ 24

Montes Jimenez


charimontes13@gm 24

Mira Castán

Ada Andrea


Morales Higueras


carolinamoraleshigu 27

Moreno Gonzalez



Navarro Da Silva


darionds1997@gma 19

Ocaña Puertas


maridehuetor@gma 21


Povedano Montoro Virginia

virginiapovedano95 21

Quirosa Martín


pedroquirosamartin 20

Ramirez Carmona


noeliacr92@gmail.c 33 om

Ramirez Muñoz


elisarm_93@hotmai 23 Reche Ruiz

Antonio Luis 18 m

Romero Sánchez


maleloveskpop@ho 18

Rueda Carnicero

Ramón Alfonso 19 m

Sánchez Fernández Joaquín

joaquinaso95@gma 21

Santiago Moreno


judithsantiago664@ 18

Navarro Sierra


samuel_sml_7@hot 25

BIG DATA (f1 Is the recoletion proccess of high quantity of information and his inmediately analysis to find hide info, recurring patterns, new correlationships, etc; the data set is so big and complex that the traditional ways of prosecution are useless.We are talking about challenges like analysing, capturing, collecting, searching, sharing, stocking, transfering, visualizing, etc. huge amount of information and getting knowledge in real time and putting all the senses in the personal data protection. The size to harbor all the proccess has been increasing constantly to be able to collect and integrate all the information. There are 5 V's that resumes big data: 1. Volume- To capture and organize absolutely all the information that arrives to

us is essential for the complete records, and that the conclusions that are obtained serve efficiently at the time of the decision making. It is the Business Intelligence that we all know, but in a big way; Although the difference with classic business intelligence is marked by the rest of V's.

2. Velocity. Time is always important if we face both the need to generate

information (and remember that we are talking about many data) and analyze it, but more so if we need to react immediately; The whole process calls for agility to extract business value from the information being studied and do not miss the opportunity. 3. Variety. It is necessary to give uniformity to all the information, which will

have its origin in data of the most heterogeneous, as we will see in the following section. One of the strengths of Big Data lies in being able to combine and combine each type of information and its specific treatment to achieve a homogeneous whole. 4. Veracity. It refers to the quality of the data and its availability; In an

environment described by the previous V, Variety, we must find tools to verify the information received; The technologies created in the service of Big Data are essential and efficient to meet the challenges. 5. Value. Working with Big Data has to serve to bring value to society,

companies, governments, ultimately, people; The whole process has to help drive development, innovation and competitiveness, but also improve the quality of life of people. There are also another 6 key of big data in tourism: 1. Reliability- The data extracted with the Big Data application are based on

actual consumer actions and not on data obtained from surveys, predictions or projections. Therefore, the results obtained are objectives and assessments that lead to interpretation. 2. Representation-The more sources of data collection, the better the sample representation is obtained. A sample basis, based on data accurately harvested, which increases considerably compared to that extracted from conventional research.

3. Detail of the information and segmentation capacity-When handling cold and contrasted data, the information obtained is easily readable and can be converted into more adjusted and effective actions, which allows optimizing the results of tourism management by knowing in detail what the customer You want. Thanks to Big Data, companies can know the actual volume of customers, their habits and preferences and, based on it, you can predict, for example, the price that best suits each customer and improve their experience. 4. Hybridization of data with other current or future sources - Reliability, representativeness and detail of data is combined with other sources, such as social media or open public data; Both current and those that can be created in the future. By crossing the data obtained with other variables new conclusions are obtained. For example, the possibility of having not only a record of attendance but a record of assistance distributed by hours, place of origin and average expenditure. 5. New information flows-Big Data emerges as a new source of data extraction through technologies that the tourist himself provides (such as card payment or the connection of his mobile device). This information increases the knowledge about the target audience and allows to define their preferences. In addition, the rise of mobile technology and the explosion of mobile applications allows to value, punctuate and share opinions, so that the possibilities of obtaining a much larger sample base multiply. 6. Possibility of new business opportunities-This last point summarizes the previous 5 strengths: Big Data as a source of business ideas. The companies can contrast their internal data with the results obtained after the application of Big Data, which allows to determine if the offers are adjusting to the demand of the tourists and, if not, to have the necessary information to redefine them. In this way, the opportunity arises to innovate, generate new lines of business and customize the experience of tourists.

The difference between databases and big data is simply and has huge results, while databases are busy to do and collects only the infomation about your costumers, in big data all the info is collected, prosecuted, classified and join you to all kinds of costumers, in resume we can say that big data is so useful for make studies about the people and databases are useless and only keeps you to classify your costumers with the information you already have.

PRIVACY AND POLICY TERMS (e1) The objective of the organic law 15/1999 13th December (LOPD) is to guarantee and protect the public freedom and the fundamental rights of physic people in order to preserve the personal and familiar privacy and the full exercise of the personal rights in confrontation with alteration, lost, treatment or not authorised access. The develop of the LOPD regulation establishes the obligation for every entities, private or public, of having measures that guarantee the protection of those data. It also exists the Europe Union directives, some Royal Decrees that develop the LOPD, as well as several public directives published in BOE by the Agencia Española de Proteccion de Datos (see Agencia Española de Protección de Datos for further information: BASIC LEGAL OBLIGATIONS OF THE LOPD 1. Data quality: Personal Data can only be recollected when they are used and not excesive with what theye were ask for. (ART.4 LOPD) 2. -Must of secret: It is an obligation to keep the data in secret, whoever is the person that work with them (ART 10 LOPD)

3. -Data collection information: People must be informated of the existence of a personal file, the use of the data and who will use the data before they give the data (ART 5 LOPD) 4. -Affected allowance: The personal data treatment requires the acceptance of the affected, It is not necessary the acceptance only if the data is used by public administration. (ART 6 LOPD) 5. -Communication or transfer of the data: Personal data that will be used can only be communicated to a third if it will be used for the reason that was signed unless the law allows the transfer. (ART 11 LOPD) 6. -Third part treatment: It must be regulated in a contract and establishing that the treatment will only treat the data with the file responsible instruction. 7. The contract will tell the security measure of the Royal Decree 1720/2007 that the responsible of the data must impement. 8. File registration in the general file of Agencia Española de Protección de Datos. 9. Security document redaction that englobes all the security normative needed to guarantee the security of the data that will be treated. (ART 9 LOPD) 10.Audit: every two year of the legislation and security process fulfillment (ART 96 and 100 of the Royal Decree 1720/2007) The infringementS are classified in mild, serious and very serious. (Further information can be seen in Agencia Española de Protección de Datos for further information: LOPD PENALTIES The amount of money of the penalty will be regulated attending to the right violated, the volume of treatment effected, the profits, intentionallity level, reincidence, damages to the interested and third persons and any other relevant circunstances of the acts.

DIGITAL MARKETING (g1) There is a a Data Base that the companies make, hotels as example; this Data Base is used to know the preferences of every single client, so that apart from knowing the custome tastes, it helps to make a better and more personalized service and also it helps to the fidelization of the client and to attract new customes thanks to the positive feedback that you receive from the good service offered. Once the companies have this information, they can offer their product to the clients that can be interested, if the number of clients are not sufficient, the companies can modify the product or service to reach more potential clients.




Low Costs

It is cheaper to gestionate Via facebook your promotion if there are not intermediaries

Audience Selectivity

You contact with the In facebook you can seek market segements that you people for an age range are interested in offer your product

Global Reach

It doesn´t matter where the Internet allows you to be target is in touch with anyone around the world

24h Availability

As is the owner of the You can launch the company who publish the promotion at any time of advertisements, he/she can day or night do it whenever he/she wants

Instant Feedback

The reaction of people is seen at the moment of published

Sharing, liking, hashtags...

Quick Response

People rate and comment instantly

Liking, commenting...

Highly Flexible

It is really easy to use, modify and publish whatever you want

You just need a pc and internet connection

High Level of Personalization

More posibilities are offered because of the media chances

Choosing all the varieties available of the product itself

Capacity of Instantly Update

You can update it whenever you want

Nowadays, companies renew their offer constantly

Virtual Partnership

To promote other companies and to be promoted by them

“Share for share” method

Easy to Traffic Measure

You know where / how your ad is used / seen

Programs like google analytics




Security and Privacy Concerns

Once something is Through sharing, your published you can´t control advertisement can go out how it will be used of control


Overuse of advertisement= The emails that are sent Annoyment several times to the same person

Partial Market Coverage

Not everybody uses internet, so there is always someone who won´t know about your promotion

Navigation Problems

The internet connection Some rural towns have not can not always be available internet

Volume of Formation

You need some informatic Not all the companies can knwoledge (photoshop, make their website as well video making programs...) as others

Difficulties Establishing Credibility

People tend to be affraid of Banners and fake websites scams

Lack of Human Touch

There is no face to face negotiation

If your product is released looking for people in their 60´s internet would not be a good idea

Chat Robots





Website + social media


Website + social media


Website + apps

Artiem Fresh People Hotels

Websites+ Social Media+ apps

Agencia Valenciana de Turismo

Website + mobile webpage version

The Peninsula Hotel

Website + email promotion

Eccleston Square

Website + email promotion + social media

The Wit Hotel

Website + video + social media + email

Blow up Hall 5050

Website + email


Website + app + email

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