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Who is who in The Opera Atelier We are a group of artists and intellectuals with successful professional paths in different fields of knowledge: Music, Visual Arts, Psychoanalysis, Languages, Anthropology, Education, Mathematics, Information Technology, Media and Web Design, Cinema, and even Law. We share a close friendship and a passion for opera. Thanks to the resulting synergy across multiple disciplines, and to our relevant connections to national and international opera centers and other institutions, we at Opera One are pleased to offer singers powerful tools, resources and training that transcend geographic frontiers and traditional paradigms.

Vision Contributing to the aesthetic development of opera as an artistic expression and to emphasize its universal social function as a transforming agent of human values and overall growth for artists and general public.

Misi贸n To offer personalized services in the comprehensive training and promotion of opera singers towards the development or their artistic and professional careers, as well as the advancement and dissemination of opera through fostering the interaction of the different social agents involved (singers, vocal teachers, agents, presenters, opera houses, media, among others), and the creation of informational platforms of national and international scope.

The Opera Atelier


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...because Opera is everything

Opera Moments The Greeks ascribed Art to the Gods. Music was seen as a gift to Men. We see Orpheus descending to Hades protected by the magic of his lyre. Aristotle understood the social function of Art in the spiritual liberation he called catharsis. Through terror and pity the people sublimated their emotions in the ritual representation of Greek Tragedy. In the XVII century The Florentine Camerata sought to synthesize the Arts into one higher form: Opera. Today, we experience the fragmentation of Contemporary Man, with the subsequent loss of the spiritual liberation through the shared experience of catharsis. While in the 18th and 19th centuries with the rise of the amateur movement, artists and audience intermingled on almost equal ground, making the Creative Act a collective experience, now the pursuit of perfection and technique for its own sake, can turn Opera into luxurious and cold scenography removed from its essence. In the words of Carlos Jimeno, our texts messages can be the recitatives of the 21st Century. In our pursuit of beauty, artists and audience join in their enjoyment of the Artistic Act. Social bonds are created and strengthened. Our aesthetic sense is metaphoric, not evident, but poetic and at times even surreal. We blur the boundaries of Time and Space, Imagination and Reality. We invite you to experience the elements of these readings of great operas.

Executive Board:

Jorge Arcila Artistic Director

Daniel Daroca Spokesman & Musical Director

Xiomara Ponce Psychosocial Director

Jacqueline Solorzano Media & Logistics Director

Brochure The Opera Atelier - English  

Brochure The Opera Atelier - English