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“All About Me” Writing Portfolio Project

“A Day in The Life Of Me.”

Table of Contents:

_____ 1. Letter of Introduction _____ 2. What’s in a Name? _____ 3. Personal Alphabet _____ 4. Likes/Dislikes List _____ 5. Sensory Experiences _____ 6. Metaphorical Definitions _____ 7. A Quality Personality _____ 8. Color Your World _____ 9. Room Sweet Room _____ 10. Personal Metaphors _____ 11. Extended Metaphors _____ 12. Symbolic Recipe _____ 13. Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse _____ 14. Telling Tales _____ 15. Unfinished Sentences _____ 16. Personal Symbol _____ 17. Map of Life _____ 18. A Mysterious Place _____ 19. Synectics _____ 20. A Day in the Life. _____ 21. These Words Belong to Me _____ 22. In Other Words _____ 23. Flashback

_____ 24. Remembrance of Things Present _____ 25. As Time Goes Bye-Bye _____ 26. My Own List of Lists _____ 27. Cheer Yourself Up! _____ 28. Metamorphosis _____ 29. Picture This _____ 30. Look Who I Look Up To _____ 31. Remembering the Child _____ 32. One Medium Suitcase _____ 33. The Perfect Present _____ 34. Memorable Event _____ 35. How to … _____ 36. Always Say Never _____ 37. Are You Hungry? _____ 38. Where I’m From _____ 39. Deck of 52 _____ 40. The Examined Life _____ 41. Annual Report _____ 42. Ekphrasis _____ 43. Visually Speaking _____ 44. Lessons I Learned Too Late _____ 45. The Door _____ 46. Advice to the Young _____ 47. Who Am I? _____ 48. Rewarding Experiences _____ 49. Valuable Lessons _____ 50. Futures – Fantasy and Fact _____ Epilogue

Entry #1 – Prologue “ A Day in the Life of Me”. That is my cover page. The significance behind my cover page is that my life gets Better and better each day. I would love to share my thoughts with my classmates! “A Day in the Life of Me” doesn’t necessarily pertain to my life, but also to my Thoughts, and the way I feel about things. The purpose for this project is to get us to Expand our skills. I really think this is the best way. My name is JR Untalan, and I’m Not Spiderman. I am a boy who speaks his mind. I tend to get nervous but a lot can calm me down. During this project I hope To get a lot done. If anyway possible, I hope to succeed in this. That’s the reason Why I am here today.

Entry #2- What’s in a name?

My nickname is JR, but some people Don’t know what JR stands for. So this is the amazing story. I was born on the 10th of February in the year. 1996. I don’t know if I was supposed to be named something else. Anyways, My grandpa had asked my mom one thing, and that was to name me after his grandfather. She allowed it and therefore my name was Juanito. Then, my mom had the idea to have my middle name Ramon, the name of her grandfather. JR is short for Juanito Ramon. That’s how my name came about. It’s a great story and it’s something I can tell my kids.

Entry #3- Personal Alphabet A Athletic Victorious B Brave C

H Hearty I Irresistible


J Joking






Q Questionable

X D Determined

K Kind

R- Rushing

E Exiting Zesty

L Loving







T Talkative





U Upset


Entry#4- Likes and dislikes list



1. Christmas 2. food

1. liars 2. Heat

3. Exercise

3. homework

4. church

4. Cereal

5. music

5 Stealers

6 Dirty


7 School cell phone

8 oily foods

9. veggies

9 Screamo Music

10. Sleep.

10 Sand

Entry # 5 – Sensory Experiences It’s a cold windy night. The bright

It’s a cold windy night. The bright

are hitting the field. You hear the crowd roar. Your nervous, you smell the BBQ burning. I associate with a football game.

Entry #6 – Metaphorical Definitions Beauty + IS+ a prom dress. Courage+ IS+ a sword with no shield. Determination + IS + Family. Jealousy + IS + an angry bull. Loyalty + IS + like paper. Love + IS + like a box of chocolates. Hatred + IS + dirt. Trust + IS + like dust. Weakness + IS + a burning bush. Joy + IS + a championship

Entry # 7- A quality personality Patience: My main quality is patience. In patience, the quality is very hard to find. It hangs out with kindness, and honesty. Its parents, are thoughtfulness and pride. Its teacher, is Mr, Perfectness.

Entry # 8 – Color your World

List of colors: Best colors for foot wear:

Best colors for body wear:








Sky Blue







Entry # 9 - Room Sweet Room My room is my man cave. Its my weekend get away. My room means a lot to me. I love how I color coded my clothes. The trophies on my shelf remind me of what I have accomplished through the years. My shoes are lined up which tells me I’m Kind of organized in a way. I love my room because it’s a place for me to think when I’m down. Its private and I appreciate what I have because some people my age don’t have a room.

Entry #10 – Personal Metaphors.

1. a falcon

1 a guitar

2.a camaro

2 A octagon

3 pants

3 A chase

4 Friday

4 We cant stop – Myle Cyrus

5 Steak

5 Winter

6 Blue

6 Danny Phantom


the avengers

8 Driven – Derek Jeter 9

Empire State Building

10 a Venus Fly Trap

7 Spiderman 8 A jack hammer 9 Earthquakes 10 Awesome

Entry #11 Extended metaphors

An Octagon- The reason why I chose an octagon was simple. I have a lot of sides. It takes a lot to get me mad, but also a lot to make me happy. I also chose an octagon because I cut corners a lot. A octagon has lot of corners. One last reason is because I love watching UFC.

Driven- Derek Jeter- This is a fragrance. Its light but very affective on women, just like me. It comes in a container of blue which Is my favorite color. The guy Derek Jeter is a baseball player which is my 2nd favorite sport. I also chose this because he is my favorite baseball player.

Friday- The reason why I chose Friday is simple as well. It’s the best day of the week. Everyone is looking forward to that day. Its MY favorite day of the week. I always look forward to that day.

Steak- I chose steak because it’s a man’s choice of meat. Its tough like I am. I just love steak and its also my choice of meat. You can cook it so many ways, also season it so many ways. I chose steak simply because I love it.

Blue- I chose blue because its my favorite color. Most of the stuff I have is blue. It matches my skin color and looks good on me. If you ever see me, I’m almost always wearing blue. Blue has been my favorite color since I was little. That’s why I chose thid color.

Entry #12- Symbolic Recipe.

How to make JR Untalan Ingredients ½ teaspoon of patience 1 full bag of friendliness 3 cups- Love 4 cups honesty ¾ cups of loyalty

Directions: Get a large bowl. Add 1 full bag of friendliness Slowly add ½ teaspoon of patience

Pour in 3 cups of love. Then add 4cups of honesty Last, add ¾ cups of loyalty

Tips- be sure to put exact measurements and blend in water. Warning: don’t over fill or JR will explode.

ToEntry #13 Whom it may concern, please excuse me for being absent on May, 9 2014. You see, I was on my way there but then I had flat tire after I ran over nails on the road. It had looked like someone had set it up there. While I was changing my flat tire I felel a sharp pain in the back of my head because I was hit with a baseball bat. I was taken hostage by mutants and was kept there for quite a while. They decided to let me go because they had captured the wrong person. They even helped me change my flat tire. I was on my way back to school And I run into something else. The ground started to shake and aliens came down. The next thing I know is that I was floating up like the aliens were kidnapping me. I was in their spaceship and I had to talk to their leader. The leader also noticed I was the wrong person. So even they set me free. They even apologized. Still I was on my way to school, nothing worse can happen, but it did. I was pulled over by the police because my vehicle’s brake lights weren’t working. They asked me to step out of the car and took me to the police station. When I was there, automatically they ripped off their flesh and I found out they weren’t cops! They were zombies! They were crowding up on me trying to make me “one of them” but I sprinted out the door. Right when I stepped out I fell in a ditch that was too deep to get out of. By the time I found a way to get out, school was just about to end. So I just went home. And it turns out, my parents are zombies.

Entry#14 – telling tales. My name has history behind it. My name Juanito is an unusual name. The story behind my name is that my mom made a deal with my grandpa to name me after his father. My mother agreed with him which is how I got my first name. The story about my middle name is similar. My family tells me that I was the favorite grandchild. I was the happiest of all the babies. The rest of the grandchildren were brats. I was also the handsomest. All the grand’s were jealous of me because no one paid attention to them. I don’t see why they have to be jealous. We are all loved the same.

Entry #15 I usually worry about passing Ms. Griffins English class. She’s a great teacher and her work is hectic. I have problems at times but this helps us out for after high school. I feel angry when things are used without my permission. I say this because if it gets broken, its going to be a worse situation. Id rather you just ask and for me to say yes, and if it brakes or gets lost, its my fault because I said yes. I feel moody when, it is hot. I feel moody because I get irritated with heat. I don’t know why I get irritated. Maybe because I just tend to get irritated by it. I’m happiest when I am with family. I love being around them. I can be myself and not have to worry about anything. I love helping them out and just being there when I can. Family means a lot to me. I feel confident when, I work out at the gym. I feel like I get bigger and bigger every time. Being at the gym is also a stress reliever for me. It eases my mind. Working out keeps me occupied away from trouble. I feel frustrated when my football team starts to lose. Lets be honest, no one likes to lose. Its not a good feeling. In order to win, you have to lose though. Which makes sense. You’ll never get better if you never learn from losing. I feel depressed when a loved one passes away. I never like losing a loved one. It hurts to see that. I feel depressed because ive known them for so long. I am comfortable when, I am in bed. I just lay there and sleep. My bed is my thinking spot. I can lay there for hours if I had the chance. Im sure most guys would agree to think. I feel nervous when I have my first game. Everyone is counting on me. They expect me to do good. I don’t want to let them down. I always get nervous on first games.

I feel sentimental when I se the “Feed the Children” commercials. I wish they had something to eat. I wish they had clothes to wear. I see the commercials and it makes me want to give everything I have. Some kids are just not as fortunate. I cant imagine living like that.

Entry # 16- Personal Symbol My cap and gown for graduation This year. It is symbolic because it’s a motivation for me. I need to graduate ad I need to succeed in life. Also, my class ring is a motivation. If I want to walk down in those things these are one of the classes I need to pass. Every time I look at it speaks to me (metaphorically). I need to pass.

Entry # 17- Map of Life. Born: 2/10/96 in Saipan.

Moved back to Guam at 2 yrs old.

Had the biggest bday party ever. Received first holy communion. First day of 6th grade.

Graduated from BBMCS. First day of freshman year. Won a championship for football 11th grade year.

Graduate from GWHS.

Entry# 18 – a mysterious place The White Lady’s Bridge in Maina There is a lot of tales to this one. Different versions and different stuff that happened to people. The story that I was told is that a young Chamorro woman, was about to marry her fiancé which he was a military man. He was an American. They both agreed that on their wedding day that they would meet at the bridge. Well, on that day he never showed up. So of course she was depressed. She jumped off the bridge and she drowned herself. They say her ghost has been lurking the bridge now. There are stories about people going there to see if they can see her. When they get back into the car, it wont start. People say at 6:00 at night she starts waiting at the bridge for men who look like her husbnd as if she were still waiting on her wedding day. There are many ways she appears also. Some people say they see her in a old fashioned wedding dress with no face. Others say she is half woman half horrible creature. White Lady’s Bridge is a mysterious place because its is history to our island. Many people even visit it to see if the legend is true.

Entry#19 – Synectics A pencil is wiser than a pen because with a pencil you can erase your mistakes. With pen, your mistake is permanent. A side walk is easier to forgive than a street. Cars cant drive on sidewalks therefore you are more safe. A clock is smarter than a calendar because a cock counts 24 hours in a day. So it can keep track of what day it is every 24 hours. A calendar only tells dates and not time. An entrance has more pride than an exit because if you exit, It may mean you ar not enjoying what there was when you entered. A friend is more useful than an enemy because the more friends you have you can destroy your enemies. Music is more happier than art because it is easier to understand lyrics than a picture. Rain is more suspenseful than snow because I think its more intense. A night mare is more difficult than a dream because you can have the same nightmare for days, plus you can never seem to wake up from them. Literature is more useful than history because history can not teach you how to speak properly. New is more fearful than old because with the new, you don’t know what to expect. With the old, you know what happens because you’ve been around it for so long.

Entry#20 Jr wakes up for school. He gets in the shower to start his day. He leaves the house at about 6:30. When he gets to school he tries to hold it together and not sleep. His first period is at the Office Aide. He runs around the school doing errands. Every now and then he meets up with Ms. Griffin. The bell has rung, and its time for break. Break isin’t even that long for JR. He starts to head to his second period. He has a sub so they just watch TV. 2 hours pass, and its time for JR to eat lunch. He is really hungry. When lunch is done, he heads to the most hardest class this year, English 12. @ hours pass again and JR heads home because he is over worked. Right when he gets home, he is too tired to eat dinner. H goes straight to bed and doesn’t wake up till the next day.

Entry #21 – These words belong to me. Note: These words were found on Oxford English Dictionary

Bestie – Short for bestfriend Demo- Related word to demonstration, or demonstrate. Makeover- to redo, or make beautiful, can refer to a person place or thing. Lock Screen- button on your cellphone used to lock the phone with password. Vacay- Short for Vacation. Hackable- able to hack. blog- to post on the web to the public. Twerking- a dance originated to shake your butt up and down. Usually explicit. Blondie- referring to someone who is dumb or absent minded. Squee- to set aside.

Entry #22 – In other words. In all your ways, acknowledge him, and he will set your path straight. – Proverbs 3:6. Pain is weakness leaving the body. – Bruce Lee. Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity wont. – LeBron James Just Do It – Nike If you do what you need, you’re surviving, if you do what you want, your living – unknown. Don’t be sad its over, be glad it happened. – unknown You only have one chance to make a first impression. – Coach Ryan Rios. Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what your going to get – Forrest Gump. Light is so precious in a world so dark.- Mahatma Ghandi Never back down, never quit! – John Cena

Entry # 23 – Flashback If I were to go back to an experience, it would be my Sophomore year when we won championship. It was the best feling in the world beating all the teams coming out number one! That championship was the first one I won ever! It was such a great moment because we were all pushing for it and we wanted nothing less. That day was important to me because out of my 12 years of football, that was the only one I won.

Entry#24- Remembrance of things present

I want to be remembered that I was a Kind and patient person. I was friendly and liked to mess around with everybody. Im a senior attending GWHS and is weeks away from graduation. I am 18 years old now. I want to be remembered as a comedian. I want Ms. Griffin to remember me the most.

Entry #25 The way I would want to say my good bye is through song. Even though I cant sing, that how I would want it to be. It would be a grand farewell to everybody. I don’t know what song id sing. I want this also because its really meaningful.

Entry#26 – my own lists of lists 1. People who have influenced me: Nina Nino Brother Dad Teachers Family

2. Places that make me happy :

4.Things in people which I like:







Around family


Around friends




3. Places I would like to go Japan

5. Things in people which I dislike.







Six Flags



greed Rudeness

6. Things that worry me:

7. Things I would like to know how to do:






play basketball


how to type faster



End of the world.

Spear fish

8. Things that have moved me:

9. Things that intrigue me.:

Confirmation retreat


Sad movies



I pads

Break ups

glow in the dark stuff

Sad stories




10.Personal Favorites: Rastaclats Nike roshe runs Vans Trucks Pranks

storage wars

Entry # 27 When I am depressed I eat. Eating makes me feel better. Also like I said, I go to the gym. It eases my mind. I can also just brake things.


I used to be na誰ve, but now I am more knowledgeable.

Entry#29- Picture this.

I have a picture of the famous painting called “ The scream�. The person who painted the picture is Edvard Munch. In this painting, the artist seems to reflecting on life. He also seems to be painting a person representing all of us humans. The person in the picture seems tobe in shock. He is in a place where he is not familiar. Maybe the place represents a choice he made and is not satisfied by the out come. Maybe the person in the picture is in shock of how serene the location is.

Entry#30 Who I look to. The first person I admire, is Rosa Parks. What she did that was so admiring Was she mad a statement, not only for African American people but also African American women. She refused to give up her seat in the front for a white person. They were forcing her to get to the back but still she refused. Therefore she was arrested. Though she was arrested, she still made a statement and proved that integration was on its way.

Entry # 31 – Remembering the Child.

I interviewed my grandma and my nina. They were both saying the same things about me. I was such a happy, curious baby. Everything I had in my reach, I either put it in my mouth, sucked it, or chewed it. They were telling me a story of when my nina had gotten married. I was the ring bearer but someone else had to do my job because I couldn’t keep still. I was only two years old so what do you expect? Those to me, even though I don’t remember it, are funny, and precious memories.

Entry#32- One medium suitcase

Im leaving home, to fight off zombies that have been Taking over Guam for about one month. I know Im not going to return. Theres too many of them out there. What I would bring are basic needs. Id pack as much bottled waters as possible. My choices of weapons would be a machine gun and a shovel. Last but not least, id bring clothes. I can live off coconut trees for food. Id bring these things because They are useful, water is a must and weapons are a must to atleast TRY and stay alive.

Entry#33- The Perfect Present

The perfect present for me, is patience. I really need this gift. Ive lacked this gift for years. I think I need it because once I get into the real world, I need a lot of patience. Please help me Ms. Griffin and give me the gift of patience.

Entry # 34- Memorable Event

My family took a vacation to San Diego. We were originally there for my uncles wedding. But we just made a vacation out of it. It was such a great experience. We went to the San Diego Zoo. The Zoo was just about as Deddedo. My whole family attended this. I would love to do this again because family means a lot to me.

Entry # 35- How to.

“ How to Survive Football Practice�

Its not easy. Its not easy if you make the wrong choices. An example of a wrong choice is to not hydrate all day. So that’s one step……HYDRATE. Another step, is to stretch. If you don’t stretch, you will cramp up. One last step is to rest. You need lots of rest to keep you energized.

Entry # 36 Never’s:





Favors Shower dogs.


Entry #37 - Are you hungry. My favorite meal is my Grandmas Tinaktak. It was served at her house. What she does, is she soaks in coconut milk. She puts lots of cherry tomatoes. This can be a homecooked meal. It is best served hot.

Entry # 38- Where im from.

Guam Chamorro Hafa Adai

Hagatna Huts Nobenas These all reveal who I am because Im a Chamorro from Guam. All these things on the list describe who I am.

Entry # 39 – Deck of 52

“52 things I want to do before I die.” Drive a go cart Knit a quilt

Play basketball with the president Go on a streak Join the army Relax in hawaii Explore Africa Graduate from college Make an invention Get married Have kids Watch the superbowl Ride a cruise ship Ride an elephant Try crickets Skydive Scoobadiving Swim in chocolate Swim with dolphins Visit the pyramids Join a boxing match Control an airplane Buy my own island Play twister with paint Own a zoo Meet wiz khalifa Smoke Drink

Get arrested Buy a yacht Have a project x party. Star in an action movie Build an arch Go to the moon Dance like Micheal Jackson Sing like Mariah Carey Have my own tv show Kill a deer Get a garage full of cars Buy a company Get a lot of apple computers\ Buy a state Find a cure for cancer Make my own line of shoes Eat a lot of candy Spearfish Eat balate Go to the north pole Own a penguin Donate to the poor Get a scholarship to anywhere Make my own talaya

Entry # 40- an examined life The Best things about myself: There are many great things about me. Im at great friend. Im someone who you can trust. Im completely honest and im always there if you ever need any money. You can count on me if you need something done.

My greatest faults: My greatest faults are a big thing. At times im very tunnel vision. People can get the wrong impression of me. I can be a jerk but only when I feel like I have to. When im getting treated with unfairness I will stand up for myself. I know its rude but that’s why its one of my flaws.

Entry #41- annual report Last year, I was a junior still attending GWHS. During this time I had no idea what I was going to do after high school. I was still growing up. You can say I was still confused and wasn’t sure about where my life was headed. I was hoping id find out by my senior year. This year, im a senior about to graduate From GWHS. I now know what im going to do. I want to go to college.

I want to receive my degree in Criminal Justice. After I have done that, I want to join the Army or Air Force reserves. When I aEntry # 40- an examined life The Best things about myself: There are many great things about me. Im at great friend. Im someone who you can trust. Im completely honest and im always there if you ever need any money. You can count on me if you need something done. My greatest faults: My greatest faults are a big thing. At times im very tunnel vision. People can get the wrong impression of me. I can be a jerk but only when I feel like I have to. When im getting treated with unfairness I will stand up for myself. I know its rude but that’s why its one of my flaws. m elisted, I plan to join up with the Guam Police Department. I have progressed through out the 4 years ive been in high school. I know what I want to be and how to get there. Entry #42 – Ekphrasis Oh, Mona, why must you confuse most people? Your facial reactions get the best of us. Are you sad? Happy? Troubled? Confused? What is it? Only Entry #41- annual report


Entry#44- Lessons I learned after it was too late.

When I was in 8th grade, I was still friends with Greg.

We were going to the same school. We were at, Skinner Plaza park which is now going

to be the new Guam Museum. Greg and I spotted smoke where the stage was at. So being

curious, we went over and checked it. When we checked it, some guy was burning trash

trash under the stage which is illegal. It’s called arson. We never joined him and started

burning trash. Instead, we ran back up only to come up to a worker who suspected US to

be burning the trash. He never let me explain my story and he called the cops. I thought

that was unfair. So I told my story to the cops. They told me to show them the person the

other person could get in trouble. The lesson that I learned was, to never go where smoke

is at.

Entry # 45 When I walk out that door, I want to Run for my bus. Want to scream in joy because school is over. Ive worked so hard and I deserve a good nap. I want to also grab a popsickle on my way out. It’s a hot day I need something to cool me down. When I walk out that door, I don’t want Ms. Griffin or Ms Butler to be by the door, blocking it. I love them and I don’t want to stampede over them. When I walk out that door, I don’t want to run into anybody. I want to get out safe. I want to be safe and sound.

Entry#46 Advice to the young. Please don’t take high school for granted. It goes by very fast. Please take it seriously so you wont stay back. Also in life, don’t take it for granted either. Never give up. Family comes first before anybody.

Entry #47- Who am i? Im a lover- I care about everyone. Im a procrastinater- I wait till the last minute. I never take the initiative. Im always struggling to get things done before the due date. Im a shoe collector. I have ,any pairs of shoes. Im a church goer. I love Jesus, God and everyone else in the bible. I go to church every Sunday.

Im a Gatorade drinker- I just love the taste. It quenches my thiEntry #47- Who am i? Im a lover- I care about everyone. Im a procrastinater- I wait till the last minute. I never take the initiative. Im always struggling to get things done before the due date. Im a shoe collector. I have ,any pairs of shoes. Im a church goer. I love Jesus, God and everyone else in the bible. I go to church every Sunday. rst.

Entry # 48 Seeing Girraffs for the first time. – I was amazed by their long necks. Playing with snow- The snow felt magical Having my first bottle of black tea- It became my favorite drink.

Entry #49

1. Learning how to ride a bike. Its valuable because y dad taught me and that’s what dads are supposed.

2. Learning to read. Its valuable because it got me through high school.

3. Learning how to cook. Its valuable because I can make my own meals if I get hungry.

4 Learning how to play chess.- Because it exercises my brain.

6 Learning how to dance – Because my family likes to dance

7 . Learning how to use a computer because it got me through high school.

8 Learning how to spell because without it I wouldn’t get through school

9. Learning how to type.- It really helps in Ms. Griffins class

10 Learning how to relate. – I wouldn’t have as much friends as I do.

Entry # 50- Fantasy and FactJR, you have a bright future. You have gotten married to your high school sweet heart. You and your wife has taken a honey moon to Bora Bora. After that, you came home and started your own family. You are currently living in California. JR, in 10 years, you will be in the military And also with the Guam Police Department. You don’t know exactly what your going to do after graduation. You will be employed with a part time job. You work at Macys and are trying to get into college. This is where you are at in life.

I think my realistic part is more sensible. I say that because I am already too late to sign up for any college. Also because ive never Been scouted here In Guam. I think it will be more better for me anyway. The work I want to do in the future help me give back to my community.

Epilogue: I was taking my daily walk on the beach. This Sunday, happened to be really strange and different. While I was walking, I see white trash in the air. I knew I had to pick it up because that’s what I usually do . I went towards it and I noticed it was a book. I thought to myself, "why on earth is there a book here?, people don’t use books these days, they use kindles. " I was curious so I just took it to read. The cover said, "All about Me." I then thought to myself, oh this must be a book written 10 plus years ago." In this book, there were 50 pages total.

I turned to the 1st page and it read, "Prologue". I read it through, and the person who wrote this book happened to be a student from the school that I currently attend. He also has the same teacher that I currently have. Its very ironic. In his prologue, he tells what he is about to tell in his book. Dark secrets, personal stories and even emaressing moments. I read the whole book through, and I seem to know a lot About this person. He is well rounded. Though he has his flaws he also has his good things about him. He seems to be described as an athlete with mediocre grades. He is very disciplined and is all about respect. He of course is a male and is looking forward for anybody and everybody to read and share this book of his.

All about me final  
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