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Jesuit Refugee Service/USA Annual Report 2013

Cover: Pope Francis greets refugees during a visit to Jesuit Refugee Service Italy’s Centro Astalli soup kitchen, where 400 refugees are fed daily. (Alessia Giuliani/Jesuit Refugee Service) This page: A child plays in the rubble of Aleppo, Syria. The war in Syria has caused the greatest forced displacement since World War II, with the crisis growing larger every day. The Steven J. and Melissa C. Kean Charitable Foundation, Inc. provided $50,000 for JRS emergency relief in Syria. (JRS Middle East and North Africa)

Jesuit Refugee Service provides education, counseling, social services and a Safe Haven for vulnerable refugees at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. (Christian Fuchs — JRS/USA)

Dear Friends of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA Not long ago I met a young woman I will call Maria at a U.S. immigration detention center near the U.S. border with Mexico. She told with me that she had fled the violence in Mexico following the killing of her brother. She also thanked me for the spiritual care she had received from the JRS/ USA pastoral team during her two-month detention. María shared with Armando Borja me that in the midst of her emotional pain the daily presence of a JRS/USA pastoral worker brought her peace and a sense of accompaniment. I was very moved during my brief encounter with Maria. During 2013, JRS/USA provided more than 50,000 multi-faith worship opportunities for many detained immigrants like Maria throughout the United States. The sense of accompaniment María expressed to me was also stressed by Pope Francis during a visit to refugees at a JRS welcoming center in Rome. On that September day, Pope Francis called on JRS workers to enshrine the dignity of refugees and “find practical answers to their needs.” Pope Francis added, “always keep their hope alive! Help them to regain trust! Show them that with acceptance and brotherhood it is possible to open a window on the future…” In reflecting on this prophetic statement I was reminded of the work JRS/ USA supports at the Kakuma refugee camp in Northern Kenya. At the JRS Safe Haven within the camp, many


JRS/USA National Director Armando Borja and JRS Project Director Alex Kiptanui speak with refugees one of the JRS centers in Kakuma refugee camp in northwestern Kenya. The camp is home to more than 137,000 refugees, with more arriving each day from the new crisis in South Sudan. (Christian Fuchs — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA)

vulnerable refugee women find welcome and protection, and children with special needs receive a proper education.

has provided funding for the provision of blankets, shoes and hygiene kits to ease the suffering of thousands of displaced Syrians.

Pope Francis reminds us that “serving and accompanying also means defending, it means taking the side of the weakest.” In that, JRS/USA has played a significant role in denouncing before the U.S. government and the international community the plight of more than 200,000 Dominican citizens of Haitian descent who are at risk of being stripped of their nationality by the Dominican government, thereby becoming stateless.

Providing spiritual care, protection and education and advocating for the human rights of refugees continued to be a major thrust of the work of JRS/ USA during 2013. We have been able to accomplish our work thanks to the generous financial investment made by individuals like you.

Accompanying, serving and advocating, the three core principles of the mission of JRS, cannot be illustrated more deeply than in the courageous work of JRS workers in Syria where not long ago we suffered the tragic loss of a JRS staff member who along with his elder son fell victim to the unspeakable violence now prevalent in that war-town country. JRS/USA

On behalf of all of the refugees and internally displaced persons that JRS/ USA strives to serve, I want to express to you my gratitude and appreciation for your continued support to our mission. If you want to learn more about our work or get more involved please visit us online: With every good wish and blessing,

Armando Borja National Director

“Serving means recognizing and accepting requests for justice and hope, and seeking roads together, real paths that lead to liberation.” ~ Pope Francis

Fr Richard Sotelo S.J. celebrates Mass for detainees at the Service Processing Center for detained undocumented immigrants in El Paso. During 2013, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA chaplaincy programs coordinated 1,339 religious services (Christian Fuchs — JRS/USA)

Detention chaplaincy and humane immigration reform Jesuit Refugee Service/USA provides direct service via the Detention Chaplaincy Program. The JRS/USA chaplaincy programs provide pastoral and religious assistance to meet the needs of non-citizens detained by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in three U.S. federal detention centers located in Texas, Arizona, New York. These programs enable people of all faiths to have access to pastoral care within their faith tradition. Jesuit Refugee Service/USA chaplaincy programs provide pastoral and religious assistance to meet the needs of non-citizens detained in three U.S. federal detention centers; and we’ve created a guide for chaplains and volunteers in centers around the country to use. These programs enable people of all faiths to have access to pastoral care within their faith tradition. We believe ensuring detainee ac-

cess to a Religious Service Program is crucially important, as detainees have a fundamental right to freedom and exercise of religion. Chaplains understand how important an individual’s faith is in the context of a detention center. They help detainees deal with the emotional and spiritual factors associated with separation from family, loss of economic stability, and pending legal decisions. During 2013, Jesuit Refugee Service/ USA chaplaincy programs coordinated 1,339 religious services, 504 religious teachings, and 582 spiritual support sessions in which 50,566 detainees participated. JRS/USA’s chaplaincy staff spent nearly 1,071 hours of direct service offering religious services, religious teachings, and spiritual support. In addition, our chaplains spent 1,086 hours visiting detainees in special housing units as well as another

1,655 hours providing detainees with religious items, processing requests for religious diets. Volunteers played a significant role by giving more than 1,538 hours for religious services, religious teachings, and spiritual support. In addition to the direct service offered by our chaplaincy program in Federal detention centers, JRS/USA continues to work in Washington, D.C. to limit the use of detention of asylum seekers by the U.S., and to propose alternatives to detention and to improve the conditions of detention. JRS/USA helped establish a structure for engagement between Customs and Border Protection and NGOs; JRS/ USA was then invited to help develop a training module for CBP officers on the complaint process available to migrants who need to report an abuse — an important process not currently taught to officers.


“How often do we raise our voice to defend our own rights, but how often we are indifferent to the rights of others!” ~ Pope Francis JRS/USA worked closely with Congressional staff to develop the Protect Family Values at the Border Act, which integrates the recommendations for safe repatriations developed by JRS/ USA and the Kino Border Initiative: strictly limiting nighttime deportations, helping preserve family unity during the deportation process and, for the first time, providing standards for CBP’s short term custody facilities. In April, JRS/USA, the Jesuit Conference and KBI worked with Congress to hold an Ad-hoc Congressional Hearing on apprehension and repatriation practices, with a focus on family separation, based on our report Documented Failures: the Consequences of Immigration Policy on the U.S. Border.

JRS emergency relief to Syrians consists of food support, provision of hygiene kits, non-food items such as blankets and clothing (being distributed above in Aleppo), basic healthcare, managing of shelters and rent support. (JRS)


“We want to be men and women of The Hearing played a significant role peace, and we want in our society, in catalyzing Congressional convertorn apart by divisions and conflict, sation about a devastating program that peace break out!” which separates families during the deportation process, making all With these words Pope Francis recently deported migrants—but espe- captured both the tragedy of the war cially women and children—extremely in Syria and the profound longing of vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Syrians for peace. This echoes the Ultimately, we collaborated with same clear message that JRS workers, Senator Chris Coons to successfully their families and local Syrian commuamend the Senate immigration reform nities wish to send to the international bill to make deportation practices community. safer, in line with recommendations in The war in Syria has caused the greatthe Documented Failures report. est forced displacement since World With the Jesuit Conference and the War II, with the crisis growing larger Kino Border Initiative, we are working every day. Last year, the generous supto urge reform of Customs and Borport of JRS/USA donors provided more der Patrol policy regarding the use of than $1,514,000 to support the work force and the treatment of vulnerable of JRS in Syria and other countries in individuals and trafficking victims. We the region. have urgently voiced our opposition The work of JRS is guided by the to such dangerous practices as the deportation of people in the late hours of humanitarian principles of humanity, independence, impartiality and the night, and the separation of famineutrality. JRS is inspired by the core lies during custody and deportation. values of compassion, justice, particJRS/USA advocated for the fair ipation, solidarity, hospitality, dignity treatment of refugee and asylum and hope. seekers worldwide. The publication of In addition to direct service and fiPersistent Insecurity: Abuses against nancial assistance, JRS/USA also works Central Americans in Mexico shed light to support the work of JRS in the reon the alarming rates of abuse that gion by informing policy makers in the migrants suffer. U.S. government of the tragic effect


the crisis is having on people caught in the conflict. Our firm belief in real and inclusive peace is the cornerstone of our advocacy, whose aim is to engage the international community to work towards key goals. Our priority is to promote diplomatic efforts and to apply pressure on the Syrian government and opposition groups to agree upon an immediate ceasefire and to reach a negotiated solution. During a visit to the U.S. by JRS Middle East and North Africa Regional Director Fr. Narwas Sammour, S.J., and in partnership with The Catholic University of America, JRS/USA organized a roundtable entitled Keeping Alive the Hope of Peace on the subject of the potential for cooperation among Catholic organizations in response to the crisis in Syria. Organizations attending included the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Relief Services, the Catholic Near East Welfare Association, as well as academics from Catholic University and Boston College. JRS advocates for resources to expand medical, educational and housing facilities in refugee hosting countries so as to meet the needs both of refugees and the local community. We support freedom of movement both within Syria and over the borders for those fleeing to neighboring countries; and we work for protection

for vulnerable groups, especially separated children and single women who are particularly vulnerable to such abuse as exploitative labor situations, trafficking and forced marriage. Pressed by the continued deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Syria and the disconcerting diplomatic stalemate, JRS is advocating for peace in this war-weary country, challenging primary decision-making centers in North America, Europe and elsewhere to pay attention, and to make a difference.

JRS advocacy is driven by a clear message: promoting a negotiated solution that includes an immediate stop to the war, which has not only displaced millions of people, but has already resulted in the death of more than 140,000.

to more than 300,000 people inside Syria and to 115,000 more in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. JRS seeks to serve those who are in need, regardless of creed, and this lends credibility to the advocacy we undertake in their name and voice.

Our advocacy is rooted in our presence on the ground. The Jesuits, together with JRS staff and volunteers from diverse faith and ethnic backgrounds, are working tirelessly to deliver food and other aid, healthcare, educational and psychosocial support

A Jesuit Refugee Service volunteer who works in the field kitchen in Aleppo. JRS food security programs have benefited more than 209,000 people in the Middle East. (Jesuit Refugee Service)

JRS Middle East and North Africa Regional Director Fr. Narwas Sammour S.J. speaks about the Syria crisis at an event in Wilkes Barre, Penns. (Christian Fuchs — JRS/USA)

JRS works with Syrian refugees in Naameh, south of Beirut. JRS teams work throughout the region in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey providing urgent assistance and educational and psychosocial support to refugees from Syria and elsewhere. (Don Doll S.J. — JRS)


“Accompanying on its own is not enough. It is not enough to offer someone a sandwich unless it is accompanied by the possibility of learning how to stand on one’s own two feet. Charity that leaves the poor person as he is, is not sufficient.” ~ Pope Francis Jesuit Refugee Service programs seek to provide refugees the means to become self-sufficient. By providing educational opportunities, legal support or small business loans, our goal is to provide refugees and forcibly displaced people the means to step boldly into a future filled with hope. Despite the peace negotiations in Colombia, people continue to seek refuge in Panama, seeking the relative security and stability offered there. JRS instituted a program to improve conditions for Colombian refugees in Panama. A grant from the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) enabled JRS to provide emergency humanitarian assistance — food vouchers, medical assistance, and short-term shelter; legal assistance and guidance for processing immigration documents; financial support for refugees to operate their small businesses; psychosocial care for children and teenagers aimed at preventing violence and promoting a culture of peace.

JRS/USA publications The Refugee Voice: Refugees in Panama face long road to stability and Still Living on the Edge: The State of Colombian Refugees Living in Panama and Ecuador underline the perilous security situation facing displaced Colombians and the need for aid leading to protection and long term solutions for them. The reports were used to successfully advocate for the resettlement of particularly vulnerable refugees from Panama, and in 2013 the first cases of refugees resettled from Panama to the U.S. began.

Kakuma refugee camp opened in Kenya in 1992, and JRS has provided services there since 1994. UNHCR reports the camp is home to more than 137,000 refugees, with more arriving each day from the new crisis in South Sudan. A PRM grant enabled JRS to continue to provide counseling, education, services for refugees with learning disabilities and a Safe Haven for vulnerable women and children.

JRS staff visiting a Colombian refugee family in Panama City. Despite the peace negotiations in Colombia, people continue to seek refuge in Panama, seeking the relative security and stability offered there. JRS instituted a program to improve conditions for Colombian refugees in Panama. (Christian Fuchs — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA)


JRS works to improve the psychosocial well being of intellectually and developmentally challenged persons at Kakuma through training and support. This is accomplished by training refugees to care for people with learning disabilities, and by training parents to care for children with disabilities. The goal of the Kakuma Safe Haven program is to increase the well being of sexual and gender based violence survivors by giving them shelter in a protection facility, and by offering counseling while collaborating with partner agencies to find durable solutions. All refugees admitted to Safe Haven receive both psychosocial and other support from their case manager until their case is resolved to their satisfaction. The JRS Safe Haven engages adults in structured activities such as tailoring, and literacy programs. Children at Safe Haven take classes at Sunshine Preschool, allowing them to continue their early childhood education.

The JRS Safe Haven at Kakuma refugee camp engages adults in structured activities such as tailoring, and literacy programs. Children at Safe Haven take classes at Sunshine Preschool, allowing them to continue their early childhood education. (Christian Fuchs — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA)

In Chad, the PRM grant funded a secondary education program in two refugee camps for people who fled the ongoing violence and instability in Sudan’s Darfur region. In 2013, JRS sought to create better learning conditions for secondary school students in refugee camps in Eastern Chad by providing basic learning supplies and establishing classrooms with more learning-conducive environments. More than 1,100 refugee secondary school students received basic school kits — pens, notebooks, textbooks, lamps and geometry kit, and solar panels and generators are being installed in several of the schools. Support from iAct enabled JRS to provide school supplies, classroom furniture and hand washing and drinking supplies to students at the Little Ripples School in Goz Amir refugee camp. iAct also funded teachers and guards at the school.

Refugees from Sudan’s Darfur region are able to continue their education in Chad due to JRS programs. (JRS/USA)

The Mai Aini refugee camp in Ethiopia is home to more than 17,000 refugees from Eritrea. In addition to our counseling services, PRM support allows JRS to provide psychosocial support to children and young adults. Children in camp situations such as Mai Aini often face a bleak existence that can lead to depression and longterm problems. To combat this, JRS developed and implemented training programs in the arts and sports. These programs allow children to have something to look forward to; to be children. Nearly 1,000 children took part in JRS intramural sorts programs last year, and more than 300 took part in drama and music classes. Additionally, 97 refugees received training in basic counseling skills, and 215 refugees participated in life skills and awareness-raising workshops.

More than 300 children and youth took part in music and drama programs at Mai Aini refugee camp in Ethiopia. (Christian Fuchs — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA) The Loyola Foundation provided Jesuit Refugee Service $10,000 for a vehicle to use in support of education projects at the Melkadida Refugee Camp, near Dollo Ado, Ethiopia. The camp is home to more than 50,000 refugees from Somalia. (Christian Fuchs — JRS/USA)


Refugee children around the world are a major concern. JRS/USA advocates for a more timely, professional and comprehensive international response to the needs of refugee children, who make up nearly one half of the refugee population. On this page, young refugees from Eritrea at the Mai Aini refugee camp in Ethiopia. (Christian Fuchs — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA

The circumstances of flight and exile often lead to tragic results for the refugee child. Impoverished and lacking access to shelter, adequate food and nutrition, medical assistance and schooling, many refugee children face challenges to their physical, mental and social development. Many such children are further threatened when they lose one or both parents or become separated from them. These children too often become victims of exploitation and abuse. In the face of such challenges, JRS/USA is working for new approaches to the protection of children in refugee emergencies, and for the rapid assessment of vulnerable children’s needs so that immediate protection and long-term solutions can be achieved for them.


In pursuit of our mission to serve the most marginalized refugees, JRS has long been a leader in responding to the needs of urban refugees, often among the most neglected refugees. In cities around the world, JRS seeks out such refugees to help meet their immediate needs and to help them to gain access to shelter, medical care, education and legal protections. The traditional response to largescale refugee movements has often been to provide shelter in camp settings. In recent years, however, refugees have increasingly come to reside in urban and semi urban areas, seeking the autonomy and access to employment and services that urban areas can provide. In many instances urban refugees encounter serious legal, social and political barriers to accessing such services. Assistance to refugees in urban

settings is complicated by their invisi- because required pre-school courses bility within the urban population, and are fee-based, which their families in many cases by negative attitudes on cannot afford. the part of local residents and officials. In 2013, thanks to generous supportIn Nairobi, many new refugees from ers throughout the U.S. and primary Somalia face discrimination by their support from the Chicago-Detroit own community, who hold them reProvince of the Society of Jesus, JRS sponsible for the present crisis in their was able to implement an education homeland. Urban refugees in Nairobi program for some of the most vulnerlive on the margins of society, not able refugee children in Nairobi with a legally allowed to work, and struggling $62,567 grant. in an already over-crowded city. Many JRS/USA supports efforts on behalf of refugees end up living in economically urban refugees by working with the deprived areas, desperate to find a UN Refugee Agency and the U.S. govplace to call home, searching for hosernment to press for resources to meet pitality in an unfamiliar country. urban refugee needs, and works to Despite these challenges, many refugee families continue to dream of an education for their children. Children who lack access to educational opportunities are even more vulnerable to abuse, but many Somali refugees in Kenya cannot attend primary school

promote the adoption of best practices and policy reforms improving their protection, highlighting the role that faith based organizations such as JRS have in ensuring that refugees in urban areas are received with hospitality, respect and compassion.

The Frankel Family Foundation generously awarded JRS/USA a $25,000 grant for an informal education program for urban refugees in Amman, Jordan. The program aims to increase the range of knowledge of refugees by developing language and extra-curricular skills through kindergarten, adult education, literacy, language courses, sports activities, art classes, teacher training and the upgrading of school facilities. The program also provided internet access, recreational services and distribution of school materials for Iraqi, Sudanese, Syrian, and Somali refugees. (Jesuit Refugee Service Jordan)


The Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities provided a grant of $25,000 for a women’s shelter in Jimani, on the border of Haiti. Holy Trinity Catholic Church, in the District of Colombia, provided $3,000 to furnish the shelter. (Christian Fuchs —JRS/USA)

Compassion guides our work on behalf of stateless individuals as well. JRS/USA continues to be active in efforts to defend the rights of Dominicans of foreign descent from the effects of xenophobia and discrimination in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican government has put in place new policies that have resulted in the denial and/or revocation of the nationality of Dominican-born persons of Haitian ethnicity. A Dominican Constitutional Court decision in late 2013 supporting these policies means that more than 200,000 people may be denied the right to legal employment, to register the birth of their children, to marry, to vote, to go to school and to otherwise participate in civic life. Working closely with Jesuits in the Dominican Republic, JRS/USA is advocating for a strong response from the United States to prevent implementation of this ruling in a way that ignores the rights of the Haitian-Dominican community. The shelter for women was established to address the gap in protections for vulnerable Haitian migrants in Jimani. It is a safe place to stay for women and children who have been victims or witnesses of abuses, who must appear in court, who have a health or legal situation to address, or


who need a safe place to stay for a short period of time. In addition to this function, the shelter also offers support to vulnerable Haitian migrants through legal services Colombian refugees in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. As in Panama, refugees in Ecuador and Venezuela live in and psychosocial support, which are provided to men, precarious circumstances. (Christian Fuchs — JRS/USA) women and children.

Within this context, the vast majority of Colombia’s five million internally Despite some progress in peace talks displaced people and 500,000 refugees are still unable to access voluntary, in Colombia, conditions for displaced safe, and dignified returns. The U.S. persons in Colombia and for Colomand global support for the protection bian refugees continue to be difficult and the international response insuffi- and assistance of Colombia’s refugees and internally displaced continue to be cient to the need. insufficient to fully fund UNHCR and Like Colombian refugees in Panama, NGO efforts in the region, and resetthose in Ecuador and Venezuela contlement needs continue to far outpace tinue to live in precarious circumstanc- opportunities for resettlement. es, often lacking access to basic serTo raise awareness, JRS/USA coordivices, and vulnerable to a host of legal nated the 2013 Days of Prayer and Acand social challenges that impede full tion for Colombia, an annual event in integration into their countries of first which hundreds of congregations and refuge. other religious organizations across Although peace talks began between the U.S. learn about the situation in the Colombian government and the Colombia, pray for the Colombian peoFARC in October 2012, violence conple, and take targeted action related tinues in many regions of the country to that year’s theme. as the government has stepped up its campaign against the FARC and paramilitary successor groups have struggled to maintain power.

The international community benefits from the resources of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but not without a significant human cost. War in Congo has raged since 1995. Human rights abuses occur daily with 2.6 million people internally displaced, including more than 60 percent of the populations of North and South Kivu. Above, a youth at the Mweso camp for displaced Congolese in North Kivu. (Peter Balleis S.J. — Jesuit Refugee Service) Masisi camp for displaced people in North Kivu. Throughout 2013, JRS/ USA worked closely with JRS Grand Lacs to bring reports on the effect of internal displacement in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo to the attention of the U.S. government, and to call for greater engagement. The recent appointment of a U.S. Special Envoy to the region was a significant step in meeting that goal. (Peter Balleis S.J. — JRS)


Young Advocates Launched in September 2013, the Young Advocate Leadership Program is a formal, year-long program that provides students in Cristo Rey schools with the opportunity to develop leadership and advocacy skills while engaging with refugee issues. Full participation entails academic and extra-curricular involvement, as well as an in-person conference in Washington, D.C., for one outstanding leader from each participating school. Currently, nine of the 26 Cristo Rey Network schools participate in our program. The mission of the Cristo Rey Network is to provide quality, Catholic, college preparatory education to young people in urban settings with limited educational opportunities. Our partnership with Cristo Rey schools enables JRS/USA to more fully realize our mission, firmly rooted in Catholic, Jesuit principles, to seek the greater glory of God and to serve where there is the most need.

JRS/USA Outreach Coordinator Erin Stabile speaks with students at Christ the King Preparatory School, a Cristo Rey school in Newark, N.J. (Clare Bonsignore — ­ JRS/USA)

The goal of the program is to create lifelong advocates who will use the skills they learn to identify and address social justice issues in their own disadvantaged communities, deepening the impact exponentially. Through collaboration with JRS and each other, schools in the Cristo Rey network will also realize their goal of active participation in their own network—and beyond. Mary Small of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA speaks to students attending the 2013 Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice. Small shared information about abuses faced by migrants passing through Mexico from Central America. (Christian Fuchs — JRS/USA)


Ways to Support the Mission of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA You can support the mission of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA by partnering with us for your charitable gifts. Support from the U.S. Jesuit Conference covers nearly all of our management and fundraising expenses, allowing us to direct at least 93% of your contribution straight to programs that assist refugees through direct service, advocacy, and educational outreach in the United States and in countries such as Colombia, Syria, Kenya, and Thailand. All gifts to JRS/USA are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Gifts are recognized at the following annual levels: Arrupe Council

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Additional Ways to Give Contact the JRS/USA Development team at 202.629.5948 or visit to learn more about any of these ways to support JRS/USA. Combined Federal Campaign — The JRS/USA CFC number is 10148.

For where your treasure is, there also will be your heart. Matthew 6:21

Matching Gifts — Employers frequently match charitable gifts. Please check with your employer’s Human Resources office; you may be able to double the impact of your gift. Honor/Memorial Gifts — Remember a loved one or honor a special occasion in someone’s life such as a holiday, birthday, wedding, or anniversary. Estate Gifts — Gifts through your will, IRA account, insurance policy, or the creation of a trust can provide meaningful support for JRS/USA and also reduce estate taxes. Gifts of Securities — Gifts of appreciated stock may have significant tax benefits. Recurring Donations — A little can go a long way every month! Make an ongoing commitment through our monthly accompaniment donor program.


Financial Report 2013 (Audited Statements 2013) Revenues:

Expenses: 1. Management


2. Gifts $1,736,863

2. Development


3. Grants $2,692,605

3. Advocacy and

4. Contributed Services


Communications $556,420

5. Investment Income


4. Chaplaincy Program

6. Other Revenue


5. International

1. U.S. Jesuit Assistancy


Total $5,064,596 4


Refugee Programs $2,545,322



6 5



2 3

2 3 5



A JRS classroom at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. (Christian Fuchs — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA)

Jesuit Refugee Service/USA Legacy Society These individuals have remembered JRS/USA through their wills or estate plans. Thank you for pledging this legacy support of JRS/USA. James and Dina Howell-Burke Philip and Madeline Lacovara William C. Matthews, MD Patrick D. McNelis Rev. Brian Morrow Rev. Dr. Josepwh P. Oechsle Paula Perry Grace Kobbe Tevis Robert and Pat Willis Ron and Pat Ferreri

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This year’s annual report includes donations made from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013. Every effort has been made to ensure that names are listed correctly. If you find an incorrect name or an omission, please bring it to our attention.


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Robert and Elizabeth G. Ackerman Joseph and Laura Acosta Anthony and Julia Albrecht Dr. and Mrs. Andrews Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Andrews, Jr. Cecilia Arnold Fahed F. Azar Nouri’s Syrian Bakery, Inc Raymond G. Bedwick Robert and Abigail Benkeser Mark Beyerly Joint Base Anacostia Bolling Armando Borja Bernard and Antonia Bouillette James and Michele Bowe Loretta J. Brady Curtis and Judy Brand William and Mary Buckley John and Mary Buffington Jorge and Antonieta Caicedo Tino and Dawn Calabia Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Carfagna Stephen and Molly Cashin Valley Chevrolet, Inc. John Christensen Emad Ghith and Linda Ciaccia Jesus Lledo Climaco, M.D. Charles and Gloria Clough GWC Service Co Inc. College of the Holy Cross Susan Collopy Richard L. Conlon John and Jane Corrou Crimmins Family Charitable Foundation Jerry and Diane Cunningham Carlos L. Curbelo Alexa Dare Ram Das Rao and Maria Rodrigues Michael and Regina Dowd Frederick and Cynthia Eaton Sally Elliott Michael S. Farrell Henry and Aurora Ferrero Joan Fix Mary J. Donnelly Foundation The Gail and Harry Grim Foundation Mr. John Foust and Dr. Marilyn Jerome Paul A. Frank Georgetown University Charles and Nancy Geschke George and Roberta Gilbert Ben and Kathleen Gill Robert and Lilia Gutowski Robert and Cornelia Hallinan Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. X. Hart Charles Heinlen Mary Kate Hermann Reverend James Hewes Michael Hirschhorn and Jimena Martinez

Mai Aini refugee camp in northeastern Ethiopia. (Christian Fuchs — JRS/USA)


John S. Horan II Charles and Isabel Hughes Lawrence Hyde Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas Jesuit Community, Boston College Jesuit Community, Eastern North Carolina Jesuit Community, Ignatius House Jesuit Community, Jesuit Novitiate, Minn. Jesuit Community, Jesuit Retreat House, Oshkosh, Wisc. Jesuit Community, Loyola Marymount University Jesuit Community, Old St. Joseph’s Church Jesuit Community, Santa Clara Jesuit Community, Scranton Jesuit Community, St. Ignatius Residence Jesuit Community, Strake Jesuit College Preparatory Jesuit Community, White House Retreat Jesuit Community, Xavier University J. Grover Kelley Joseph and Daad Khudari Edward C. Klopping III Frank and Carol Klotz Christopher P. Konrad Jay Langhurst Gregg Leach Nancy E. Lindsay Alice Linsmeier John and Anne Marie Lounibos Chris Lowney Loyola Marymount University Loyola University, Chicago Catherine Lyons William and Helen Lyons William P. KalosiehJohn A. Mackay Joan Madeja Marianne Malen Michael and Kimberly Marsh John and Lauren McBride Kathleen A. McDonald Chris McGeehan John McGrath and Karen Donato John J. McNeill Patrick D. McNelis Therese M. Mierswa James H. Monahan and Margaret MacDonnell Mary Ellen Mooney Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Chris and Kathy Moroney Congregation of the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother Don J. Murphy New England Province of the Society of Jesus New Melleray Abbey Jerry and Sally Neyer Frank L. Nockley, Jr.

Joseph and Marie Nowak Thomas J. Nuckton Kathryn Brisnehan Nygaard John and Adeline O’Rourke Parish Evaluation Project Martha L. Parmalee Martha Pascual James and M. San Miguel Paulson Paul and Kerry Perez Bruce and Kirstin Pickle Marianna Pierce Kent and Joann Porter John and Joanne Presper Ryan and Kristine Rebuck Leila Reduque Ken and Jennifer Reed-Bouley Andrew J. Remick Shirley Ricketts Robert Vasilak and Joan Rosenhauer Stuart Rowe J. David and Diana Russell Luke H. Ryan Rev. Jose C. Corral, S.J. Katherine Safford-Ramus Gary Sander Paula Sapienza Christopher and Mary Schneider St. Francis High School, Mountain View, Calif. Mitzi I. Schroeder Victoria R. Schultz Seattle Preparatory School Seattle University Daniel and Ann Selmi Serad Holdings Limited John J. Shay, Jr. The Shea Family Charitable Fund Edward and Mary Pat Sherry Silicon Valley Community Foundation Jeremy B. Silverman John and Patricia Simonds Clare Siu, M.D. St. Ignatius Church, Portland, Oregon St. Joseph Church, Seattle St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel Eugene and Mary Anne Sullivan Joseph H. Sweeney Walter and Patricia D. Szopiak Robert L. Tambur Andre and Marie Terrot The New York Community Trust The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth The Standard Employee Giving Campaign Frank Thomas and Nancy O’Keefe Michael and Kathryn Trentacoste U.S. Charitable Gift Trust George and Madalaine Volpetti Carrie Watson George and Kathleen Weisskopf Patrick and Jessica Welsch Steven L. Williams Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus William and Kathryn Wolff

The following individuals supported JRS/USA through the 2012 Combined Federal Campaign. Thank you for your generous support. Zenebe Abraham David E. Adorno Alan Alanis Kathryn K. Appler Jaime J. Bestard Ruan Callian Matthew Carnavos Robert E. Crane Peter Crippen David Dann Steven P. Donald Karen A. Donato Robert L. Donovan Michael S. Farrell William A. Ferrando Joeli Field Kevin Friend Joseph N. Hogan Susan P. Inzeo Nicholas Inzeo Mark Miskovsky Sean R. O’Toole Riley J. Owens Nicholas Renna Adam T. Ropelewski Ryan Webb Yvonne Wennen-Aluko William J. Wrabley Joseph and Jaimie Wright John S. Yarosz Richard and Marilyn Zande

Fr. Richard Sotelo, S.J., listens as a detainee asks a question in the law library at the Service Processing Center for detained undocumented immigrants in El Paso. (Christian Fuchs —JRS/USA)


Gonzaga Society Knights of Columbus #8224 Frederick and Eileen Ahearn Charles and Patricia Bidwill Michael and Leah Bloom Michael and Clare Bonsignore Mr. and Mrs. David Brisnehan Shirley and Murray Brooks Brophy College Preparatory Bruce Brown Richard and Diane Buchta Rev. Ian C. Burch Rev. Paul Campbell, S.J. Kevin and Julie Carty Suzanne M. Ching Thomas M. Noone and Margarita Clarens Paul and Jane Colford Lockheed Martin Employees' Political Action Committee Jack Williams Tire Company, Inc. Diamond Manufacturing Company Randolph and Gloria Connolly Kevin and Lynne Corydon Dr. Thomas Donahue D.M.D. Frank Damrell Gary and Sharon DeRosa George and Margaret Degnon Kieran Duffy Michael Duffy Rev. Msgr. William E. Elliott The Diocese of Chicago Episcopal Roger and Mary Falge Ron and Pat Ferreri John and Eileen Flynn Fordham University The David Nathan Meyerson Foundation Michael Frain Joseph and Barbara Fredrick Michael and Denise Frigo Anne Fury John and Mary Ellen Gannon Cutberto and Yolanda Garza Camille Gaspard Michael Tomalis and Theresa Gatusky Theresa Gerold Warren Gould and Mary Kathryn Anderson Vance Greene Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gross Thomas Grossman and Sarah Saltzer David Haines Charles M. Harris, Jr. John and Kathleen Hayes Nicholas and Susan Inzeo Pamela Janson Jesuit Community, Campion Residence and Renewal Center Jesuit Community, Colombiere Center Jesuit Community, Jesuit Retreat House Jesuit Community, Manresa House of Retreats Jesuit Community, McQuaid Jesuit Community, Our Lady of Guadalupe Jesuit Community, Pere Marquette Jesuit Community, Regis Jesuit Community, University of Detroit Mercy Jesuit Community, Vatican Observatory Jesuit Community, Wheeling John Carroll University Albert Jonsen Maria and Hanna Kaspar John A. and Nita J. Kellum Angela Brady Kelly


A JRS volunteer works in a soup kitchen in Aleppo, Syria. The Ohrstrom Foundation generously awarded JRS/USA a $20,000 grant to serve Syrians through the provision of food and non-food items such as blankets and clothes to help meet some of the most basic and essential needs of those displaced or affected by the violent conflict. Concerned parishioners of St. Elias Orthodox Church in Sylvania, Ohio, and S.H.A.R.E. of Toledo generously donated $20,000 for life saving and critical support for internally displaced Syrian families. These parish leaders welcomed Fr. Nawras Sammour, S.J., Regional Director of JRS Middle East and North Africa to their community during his visit to the United States in October. (JRS Middle East & North Africa) Thomas and Lydia Kennedy Grace Kessel Maureen L. Kleiderer Joseph's Garden & Greenhouse, LLC The Renaissance Center FSLJC, LLC Vern and Eileen Lahart Mary Jo Lavin Le Moyne College Peter Leibold and Elizabeth McCloskey Charles B. Lynch John and Kay Mallon Leonard Mangini James and Helene Manning Ana Paula Marino Michael and Kimberly Marsh Kieran and Mary Frances Malone Jacqueline Massood Edward P. McDonagh Michael McGonigle Andy and Tricia McMillin Frank and Roberta McVay Matthew B. Mellon Morton H. Meyerson Michael and Judy Michalek Crete Anne Miller William and Linda Mitchell Sami and Ebtisam Moussa George and Catherine Moussally Godfrey Mungal Sharon Mussomeli Fawaz Nassar Francis and Maryann Nockley Timothy O'Connor and Margaret Rafferty William and Margaret O'Neill Joseph and Diana O'Sullivan John M. Odenbach, Jr. Rev. Dr. Joseph P. Oechsle

Lysandra Ohrstrom Lloyd E. Opoka PepsiCo Foundation Matching Gifts Program John Person Laura M. Pliska James and Maureen Power Prietto Cuetto Fund Piero and Mary Puccini Eugene and Jane Rainis Una Rand Stanley and Mai Rashid Nicholas Renna Brooke Riggio Edward S. Riquelmy Rockefeller Matching Gift Center John and Helen Rothermich Dr. J. Michael Ryan and Dr. Linda Ryan Thomas S. Ryscavage Rev. Frank Moan, S.J. Rev. Stefano Del Bove, S.J. George and Husn Samman Santa Clara University Soha and Hany Shanoudy John Shen Roy and Barbara Simms Clayton Sinyai Sisters of the Divine Savior Daniel Solomon St. Aloysius Church St. Francis Xavier School Bill and Mary Stoiber Jill Szawara James J. Taggart Anthony Tambasco Arthur and Mary Lou Thivierge H. Stuart Thomas John Tomaszewski

Joseph Tran Jason Trepanier Leo and Susan Troy Richard and Dolores Tunney U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops University of San Francisco Catherine and Joseph Varley Agnes Yu

In October, Dr. Raymond Khoudary (second from right, with his family and Fr. Narwas Sammour, the director of JRS Middle East & North Africa) organized a fundraiser with friends in Wilkes-Barre, Penns. Dr. Khoudary is himself originally from Aleppo, Syria, one of the cities most torn apart by conflict. Dr. Khoudary and his friends hosted Fr. Sammour at this event where guests, many of whom are Syrian Americans, contributed more than $75,000 to JRS emergency relief programs in Syria, and also written and video messages to people in Syria in a show of accompaniment. (Christian Fuchs — JRS/USA)

JRS Sponsor Shaina Aber Jimmy and Lola Abou-Khalil Rocco Haertter and Josianne Aboutanos Good Shepherd Academy John and Elizabeth Aciukewicz Ackels & Ackels LLP Marwa Adi Patrick and Judy Adonizio Ashok and Margaret Aguiar Kevin Ahern Issam and Perla Al-Shayeb Rami Alharethi American Airlines Political Action Committee Robert and Judy Amory Thomas and Kathryn Anderson Margaret Andresini Dr. and Mrs. Andrews Anonymous Mary K. Ansara Joseph G. Antkowiak, M.D. Darren and Dana Archer Carl and Carol Armbruster Mark Armbruster Raid and Eileen Attar Richard and Susan Audap-Page James and Georgette Austin Hiba Awad Abir F. Azar Catherine Bain Charles and Joan Baker Jonathan Bakkelund Harry and Julianne Baram Richard and Karen Barbieri John Barrett Timothy and Michelle Barrett Kenneth Bartos Jean and Marie Battikha Marguerite Bavaro Matthew Beach

Dr. William and Mrs. Margaret Beauregard Robert W. Beiter Luke Beland John and Jeannette Bell Elizabeth T. Bennett Susan Benzie Christopher Berger Rev. Peter J. Bernardi, S.J. George and Samia Berro Jaime J. Bestard Kathleen E. Betz David and Mary Ann Birch Fayez Birro Fadi Bitar Anne D. Blackford The Hon. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bliley, Jr. T.D. Blodgett Gene and Sandy Block Thomas and Susan Boerboom John and Patricia Bomalaski John Bonzagni Alberto Borello Joseph and Susan Boris Jean Boston Brian G. Boyland Ollie and Patty Boynton Joseph and Jane Brennan Abraham and Leonore Briloff Bachir Brimo Earl and Maureen Britt Sherrill Britton Ian and Elaine Brock Matthew J. Brophy Kristina and Debra Brown Wallace and Sheila Brown Vicki Brubaker Robert and Judy Du Brul Michael and Janet Buck Nathaniel Buck Joseph and Linda Buehler Lourdes Buenaventura

Edward L. Burke William and Mary Burke Rev. Gerald H. Burns Susan M. Burns John and Molly Burtle John A. and Ann C. Bushnell George D. Byrne Mary C. Byrne James and Effie Caldarola William Bonczewski and Jeanne Calko Robert and Claire Callen Janet Callis Mark Canales Dr. and Mrs. Cantando A. Richard and Rosemary Caputo Carlos Eduardo Cardenas Daniel and Patricia Carey Matthew Carnavos George and Joanne Carr Justin and Megan Carter Thomas Carty Patricia Casey Kevin P. Casey Joseph and Anastasia Cates-Carney Loris Cathcart Terry and Mary Lou Cavanaugh Kearney Breast Center Pierre and Grace Chahraban Samira I. Chamoun Walda C Chesnut Cheverus High School Yosuke Chikamoto Christine Chmarney Diane Cho Paula Christiansen Peter-Minh and Chang Chu Elizabeth Chudy Michael and Stephanie Clancy Patricia S. Clock Med Plus Supply Co. Inc. Gerard and Grace Collins


Laughter and play during a JRS music workshop for Colombian refugee children in Puerto Pina, Panama. (Christian Fuchs — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA) R. Gregory Collins and Cynthia A. Daywood Collins Joan Collopy Mary Jane Collopy Tom and Sally Coman Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Mid Atlantic Community St. Pius X Parish Community William and Maureen Conlen Matthew Connolly Gary and Kristyn Conrad Oliver W. Coppedge, III Mamary Durkin Funeral Service Corp Arlene Crane Robert E. Crane Margaret Crocco Bryan and Tina Cruz Vas and Robert P. Culleton Dr. Maria P. DaCosta Mark Danis David Dann Patrick J. Dauterive Burton and Laura Davis Edward and Harriet DeBroeck Dr. and Mrs. Decker John F. Kane and Jean Demmler Northeast Imaging & Diagnostics Augustus and Susan Diana Grant A. Dibert Jr. Charles Dickel Ann S. Dickson Paul and Martha Diehl Vincent J. Digiovanni, M.D. Diocese of Youngstown Hoang and Giao Do Marilyn C. A. Dodd Adrian W. Doherty Michael Doherty and Kathleen Kane Sean and May Doherty


Richard and Leslie Donahue Steven P. Donald Patricia Donaldson Mary Ashcroft Donoso Hector Y. Doueihi Most Rev. John M. Dougherty, D.D. Travis C. and Rebecca Buck Douville James and Mary Dudley John and Diana Duffey Charles Duffy and Lynn Terry John and Catherine Dummer Thomas Dunigan Clare M. Dunsford Gabriel Melendez and Christina Duran Andrew and Janet Ingraham Dwyer Elizabeth Early Katherine P. Early Robert J. Edmondson Tom and Anne Edwards Justin and Lisa Eggleston Hussam George Saleeby and Lina E. Eid John J. Engelhardt Dr. and Mrs. Erwin Engert, Jr. Carolyn Eriksson-Ey John and Amal Eskander John and Denise Esmerado Susana Estrada Edward and Colleen Evert Jonathan and Angela Fadely Kieran and Kathleen Fallon M. Patricia Fallon Jeremy Fauber and Ann Hemmerle Fauber Steve and Margaret Faughnan Barbara Fay Brian and Veronica Felix John Fellinger Mildred Feloney Joeli Field Andres Figuerola

A grant of $15,000 from the J. Homer Butler Foundation enabled JRS to provide medical care for detainees in Thailand’s largest immigration detention center, IDC Bangkok, which hosts an average of 1,000 detainees each day. (JRS Asia Pacific) Michael and Marybeth Fino Brigid Fitzgerald Patricia Fitzgerald Kathryn V. Fitzsimmons Amy E. Flood Kristin Flora Dennis and Karen Florance Thomas and Dolores Floyd Brian and Ann Foley Steven D. Fought The Black Horse Foundation, Inc Christopher Franz Richard and Margaret Freije Kevin Friend Raymond F. and Liany D. Frost Donald L. Fuchs Mark and Geri Fucile Carl and Mariann Funch Munir and Myriam Gabriel Jacques and Rebecca Gagne Maureen Gallagher Michael William Gambone Carlota Garcia Omar and Amy Garcia Rodrigo Garcia Richard Gauthier Adam and Maureen Gavin Matthew Geiger Richard and Mary Beth Gemperle Salvatore Gentle and Beverly Lafferty Jennifer Germanese

Robert Gerut Rev. William Francis Gerut, S.J. Gesu School, Inc. Michael J. Gibbons Mike and Theresa Gilbert Frederick Philips Gilliam Diane M. Giova John and Denise Girardi John and Irene Glynn Elizabeth Goeke Emilio and Linda Gonzalez Peter and Grace Gorman Robert Gorman Donna Gormley Denise Gorss Joan Grant Daniel M. Grant Mrs. Eileen Greene Arthur R. Greenwood Linda M. Grevera Rev. Msgr. Edmund Griesedieck Stanley and Rebecca Grohowski Donald Gross Henry and Mary Gundling Bernadette Guthrie Jesus and Luz Gutierrez Joan C. Hadden Thomas J. Hanlon Mona Hanna John and Judith Hardin Candace Harrington Richard and Henrietta Harrison Gerard Hart and Annamarie Camoratto Denise Hart James Hathaway Thomas and Catherine Hayek Robert and Janet Heaney Peter and Carol Hearne Stephen E. Hebert Kathryn Hein Susan Henry Ramona Hietpas Ann G. Hill Wayne and Kay Hill David and Karen Hinchen William Hobbs Joseph N. Hogan Lawrence and Teresa Holzen Paul and Maryann Homan David and Mary Anne Hoover William A. Horin Richard and Martha Horwitt Elizabeth Hughes Medico Industries Integrated Financial Strategies, LTD. Mary Jacobs Gregory and Margarita Jannasch Thomas J. Jenkins, Jr. John Loughlin and Darlene Jeris Jesuit Community, Arrupe House, Wisc. Jesuit Community, Brebeuf Jesuit Community, Canisius House Jesuit Community, Casa Luis Espinal Jesuit Community, Church of Our Lady of Sorrows Jesuit Community, Dallas Jesuit College Prep Jesuit Community, Fresno Jesuit Community, Immaculate Conception Parish, NM Jesuit Community, Jogues Retreat Center Jesuit Community, Loyola House, Calif. Jesuit Community, Nogales Jesuit Community, St Peter's

Jesuit Community, St. Andrew Hall Novitiate Jesuit Community, St. Ignatius Loyola Parish, Colo. Jesuit Community, St. Peter's College Jesuit Community, The Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos Jazmin Jimenez Roger S. Johnsen Timothy and Patricia Johnson Joyce Johnson James A. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Jorissen Ed and Linda Kaiel Marilyn R. Kaiser Joseph and Mary Kalista George and Marie Kalosieh Ann Marie Karam Clayton and Theresa Karambelas Virginia Keenan James J. Kelly John and Lisa Kelly Joseph Kelly Edward and Janet Kenny Deena A. Khabbaza Joseph E. Khabbaza Michael Khabbaza Ihab Khalouf Jeanne and Lawrence King Mary L. King John and Artemis Kirk Gloria M. Kittel Maureen Kizer John and Kelly Kleiderer Helen K. Klenklen Vincent and Colette Klink Thomas E. Knauer Dr. Michael Koury Susan Kral David G. Krill Christian and Melinda Krokus Edward and Margaret Kruse Bright Futures Child Care Center LLC Central PA Cardiology LLC Nancy Cleaners LLC Lawrence, Cable and Company, LLP Luzerne Optical Laboratories LTD Lauretta Lambrecht Susan Larkin Michael E. Latham Paul and Louise Latzko Neal Laurance Robert and Kathleen Lawrence Amie Lay Glenn Layaou Jr. and Amy Layaou William and Christine Leandri Knights of Lebanon Michael E. Lee Joyce Legaz John and Rose Ann Leonard Allan Letoile Martin and Eileen Lilly Pamela J. Lockyear Tony Louie and Anna Gavin James K. Low Dennis and Pam Lucey Anthony and Caroline Lukaszewski Joseph Lyons Joseph and Janet Lyons Teresa Maciejczyk Frank and Theresa Mack John and Leticia Macleod George and Anne Madaus Marlene A. Maddalone

Phillip Maher Edward L. Mahoney Dan Mai Kathleen A. Makoid Amit and Jane Malhotra Margaret M. Maloney Nora Maloy Michael and Helen Mangan Drs. Ted and Teresa Marchese David Margules and Nancy Walsh Maroun T. Maroun Samir T. Maroun Herbert and Betty Martin Francisco and Elizabeth Martorell Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Rev. John J. Mattimore, S.J. Robert and Joan M McCabe Michael and Barbara McCann Mark D. McCarthy Michael J. McCrystle Megan McCullough Kathleen McDonald Pat McGinley Mr. and Mrs. John G. McGoldrick Joseph and Kathleen McGrath John P. McGuinn Rev. Anthony McGuire Francis and Clare McLaughlin Daniel and Mary McMahon Hugh and Katie McManus Vincent P. McTighe Scott and Kathy McWilliams John Alden Meade Angelo J. Medico Cataldo Medico Matthew V. Merola Arthur and Elizabeth Messiter Gene Messner William and Elaine Mestrezat Jacqueline Michell Donald and Lynda Middleton Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit Mobil Retiree Matching Gifts Program (ExxonMobil Foundation) Ronald Modras and Mary Hogan Nancy Moeller Dr. Anthony T. Molitoris James Moore Jose Miguel Moracho George and Doris Morrash Richard and Anne Morris John Morris Barbara Morrissey Rev. Brian Morrow Dr. John Moser Suanne Moses Shafik Moussa Raymond and Norma Mueller Thomas and Janet Mug Mr. and Mrs. Germano Mularoni Ross M. Muller Louis and Audrey Munin James Murray John and Angeline Murray Marlene Muto Amir Ali Noori Naeini Ahed and Manar Nahhas Jeffrey T. Namey Jeffrey and Claudine Namey John and Corinne Namey Mr. Norman Namey, Esq.


Dr. Norman Namey Antoine and Hitaf Nammour Pearl Nancoo Nazih Nassar Charles and Margaret Nastro Nause, Inc. John Neddoff Hoa Thi Nguyen Luyen and Dung Nguyen G. Michael Nidiffer, M.D. Napoleon and Afra Nobay Frank Nockley Jr. and Marlena Nockley Mairead T. Nolan Mike Nonn Daniel and Marion Norman P. Andrew and Karen Nousen Walter and Karen Novak Edward J. O'Brien Kevin J. O'Brien Matthew and Denise O'Connell Maureen O'Connell Col. and Mrs. Joseph E. O'Leary Edward and Frances O'Neill Walter P. and Kim Thi O'Brien William and Marianne O'Connell Nicholas and Patricia O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. Charles Obeid Vincent and Mary Frances Obradovich Fred and Margaret Ogden Mary T. Ogles Joseph Olah Anthony and Theresa Onorato Casey H. Oswald Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters Rev. Bernard J. Owens, S.J. John and Nancy Paar Wynne Paasch August and Trena Pacetti Sandra Panzitta Darrel J. and Shirleydean Cezar Papillion Young Sin and Joon Park J Douglas Parks George W. Pasha, III John and Rose Marie Pastizzo John Garate and Mary Patrick John P. Paxton John R. Payne Carlo A. Pedrioli Walter Petri Nockley Family Pharmacy, Inc. Arthur and Denise Phillips Pasquale and Linda Pingitore Idin Pirasteh Karl Pister Stephen Pope Kathleen M. Potts Vincent L. Prietto Mericle Properties Sarah Prout Benoit Provost Vincent D. Quinn Sr. Janice Farnham, RJM Sr. Margaret Donohue, RSM William Rakowicz Drs. N. and Vimala A. Ranjithan Madlen L. Rassam Alex and Susan Ravnik Andrew and Elizabeth Reck Pamela Rector Jacqueline M. Regan Allied Services Heinz Rehab Lisa M. Rhode Randy and Cindy Rice


Gregory and Martina Rickerd Susan Riley Martin and Nancy Robb William Robb Mary M. Roda Christopher and Caroline Roe Joseph and Carol Jo Roeder Robert J. Rokusek Oren Root Adam T. Ropelewski Joaquin and Myrna Rose Paul and Dyane Rude Win and Mary Rutherfurd Rev. John E. Dister, S.J. Rev. Jon D. Fuller, S.J. Rev. Kurt M. Denk, S.J. Rev. Patrick M. McCorkell, S.J. George and Desiree Saab John A. Neddoff and Maria Sabatino Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House Eyad Salloum and Denise Bazerji Salloum B.J. Sanford Frank E. Scerbo Lawrence G. Schaefer Sue A. Schoenfelder David and Daly Schreck Mitzi J. Schroeder Jeanne Schroeder Patricia J. Schulz Stephen Schwarzbek Brigid M. Scott James and Laurie Scott Jo Ann Scott Seattle University, Department of Fine Arts Azra M. Sehic James Seitzinger Robert Selig and Maureen Patrick Nicholas Senzamici and Elizabeth Fragola Samir Shahrestan Michael J. Shawver Richard and Ruth Shea Dennis P. Sheahan Claire Sheen Margaret Maureen Sheridan Edward M. Shiner Judy Shubin Clifford and Katherine Shultz Anton Sidari Robert Sigler Kathryn S. Singer Alia Habib and Johanna Siscavage-Habib Sisters of Mercy Shalom Convent The Sisters of St. Francis (Mount St. Francis) Daniel and Linda Sloan Stephen and Sarah Smith Maryjane Smith The Gate of Heaven Church Altar and Rosary Society Dr. Daniel Solomon Richard Solomon Leo Solomm Brian Spadora Barbara N. Spafford Oliver and Jacqueline Sparks Spellman Hall St. Ignatius of Loyola Church St. John's Jesuit High School and Academy St. Joseph's University St. Michael's Parish Jim and Deb Stanford Bob and Denise Stanley Charlene Stender Dr. and Mrs. Richard Stoebner

Murray Stone Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Stowe Edward Sunshine and Ann Connor NEI Ambulatory Surgery, Inc. Shaddy N. Swade Joanne Tenneriello Nancy Tenneriello Kathleen Tenpenny Viguen and Teresa Terminassian Joan and Patricia Terracina Elisabeth Tetlow Catherine Theodorakis Michael Thielmann Michael Thompson and Mary Harms George and Maire Thornton Thomas Tidey Joseph and Donna Tierney Candice Shiner Tohme and Zakaria Y. Tohme William E. Toner Michael and Maureen Touhey David and Erin Tressler Anne Tropeano Latona Trucking, Inc. SJOP Irrev Apostolic Fund Char Trust Michael A. Tucci Richard and Barbara Umbdenstock Catherine Upchurch Rev. Edward V. Vacek, S.J. Robert and Mary Vacek Joseph Vallely Patricia L. Van Dyke Josephine R. Varni Mark and Margaret Vaughn Rev. Josef V. Venker, S.J. Francisco A. Villaronga Dan and Rose Vodvarka James Wagner and Jennifer Bailey James and Maureen Waldron Gardner and Patricia Walkup Kenneth and Susan Wallace Ronald and Mary Ann Wallace Regina A. Walsh John Walsh Mary Walter Diane M. Warner James and Susan Watson Elizabeth A. Weaver John and Elizabeth Weiss Joseph and Rosemary Weller Ruth Werts William F. Werwaiss Myles V. Whalen, Jr. Margaret R. Wheeler Sr. Joanne Whitaker, RSM Lindsey Anne White Eugene and Marjorie Wiemels Anne Wieser Leon and Elaine Wilczynski Bradley Williams Justin and Cathy Williams Zachary Williamson Rev. George Witt, S.J. Robert and Kathy Wood Claudia Woodward William J. Wrabley Dr. Nidal Yacoub Dr. and Mrs. Wael Yacoub Sonia Yam Engin Edwin and Yvonne Yaz Nasr Yazigi Clifford M. Yeary Mona Najia Younis Najla Younis

Ted Yurek Gary and Maureen Zack Dorene Goryeb and Tracy Zarola Tracy Zarola Susan and Phil Zera Dan Zimmerman

Friend of JRS Zenebe Abraham David E. Adorno Alan Alanis Priscilla R. Alcocer Barbara Ann Alfano Anonymous Robert J. Ansaldi Kathryn Appler Robert J. Armbruster Steven A. Armstrong Peter and Kathleen Arnold Souad Atie Catherine Audage Victor Azzi Marcia Bacci John Baesch and Evelyn Herzog Wael Barakat Anna May Barclay and Patricia Korkosz Albert J. Bardar Donna T. Basile Stephen and Judith Beall Dr. William P. Beatrous Anne T. Bedwick Donna Bedwick Charles Bell and Teresa Gallagher-Bell Alan and Marianne Bergman Richard and Kristi Berryessa John and Alice Biernacki Allan and Judith Bogar Joan M. Bolger William J. Bollwerk Michael and Elizabeth Bono Martha S. Boucher Ellen M. Bourbon Wayne A. Bower Boy Scouts Troop 518 Steven and Judy Boyanowski Sara Brabec Louise A. Bradley Rebecca and Stephen Brandmaier Robert M. Brennan Jane R. Brim Dorothy Brinker Juan and Maria Brito Edward C. Broody Richard Brown, Jr. Val Bruech Salustiano and Victoria Bunye Michael and Raeann Buonsante Karen Burke Diana Burns David and Dolores Burroughs Donna L. Byrnes William Byrnes Joshua and Sam Cafe Jodi Calabro Nicholas A. Calamusa Ruan Callian Jack and Shirley Cammarata Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Francis X. and Monika V. Caradonna

Presider Fr. John Ridgway, presenters Fr. Gary Smith and Jessica Herringer, and coordinator Mike Buck prepare for one of the evening Masses during the Novena of Grace at St. Ignatius Parish in Portland, Ore. Novena participants who chose to do so contributed to support the work of JRS in East Africa. Altogether, these generous supporters contributed $1,900. (Courtesy photo) Anne Kilbourn Caretto Christopher Carr Patricia Cassidy Rolando Castro and Cecile Ehrmann Rev. Richard J. Cerpich Thomas and Sonya Cesarini Norbert Chausse M. Elizabeth Cinquino Stephen and Shannon Clifford Daniel and Patti Cmarik Lawrence Collins Colours, Inc Donald and Linda Conroy Robert J. Conroy Erin Conway Rev. Michael L. Cook, S.J. Charles and Marie Corliss David and Dorothy Crean Jere and Cynthia Crean D. Kerry Crenshaw Basil and Peggy Ann Crimaldi Peter Crippen Joseph A. Crivello Pierce and Roberta Cunningham Francis and Foutine Daher Blu Dallas Inc. Craig and Meghan Dalziel Sara Damewood Anthony and Jane Davaransky Joann Marie Davis Eileen M. DeAcetis Mr. and Mrs. David A. DePastina Russell J. DePaula Wilfred F. Declercq

Helen Ann Deprimo Rosemary A. Deveer John and Patricia Devron Donna R. DiNardo Margaret Mary Dietz Charles M. Dixson, Jr. John and Janet Dolan Dorothy C. Donahue Eugene L. Donahue Robert L. Donovan Daniel P. Dowling Pat Downing Bridget Doyle Thomas R. and Mary Beth Doyle John and Christine Draz Gary and Bernadette Druby Charles and Nancy Duck Andrea L. Duda Edmund C. Duffy Kathleen Dunn George Elias Jr. and Madelyn Elias Jennifer Elias Lawrence and Laura English Robert L. Erickson Mary Anne Ernst Suzanne Esker Mark Evans and Danelle Zalfa-Evans Lana Faber Loren Fagella Joanne L. Falck Peter and Diane Fanelli Susan Ferrantelli William Ferrando Beau S. Ferry


Michele Fidrych Scott and Michele Finchler Kevin Mulcahy and Julie Fissinger Mary C. Fitzgerald Rev. Paul Fitzgerald, S.J. Patricia J. Fitzmyer Daniel G. Flannery Brian and Katherine Flinn Mary E. Ford Kenneth J. Forton Patricia Fox-Riley Kathleen Friel Rev. Gerhard R. Frohlich, S.J. Christian P. Fuchs John J. Furman Jr. and Regina M. Furman Joseph Gaglioti and Jane Hazen Michael and Pamela Galligan-Stierle Sharon Rogers & Daniel Gammon David and Yvonne Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Garcia Lee Gardenswartz Michael Garner John Garty Stephanie Gaskill Daniel Gates Wilson and Julie Gautreaux Margaret George William P. Gillen George Gilmore John J. Godfrey Josh Gorman Frank and Regina Grandizio Dennis M. and Arlene M. Grapo Casper and Carolyn Grathwohl Joyce O. Grattan Carol Hurd Green William and Amanda Green Rev. Thomas Greene, S.J. Gloria Greenspun Timothy and Courtney Griffin Frank Grimes Dolores Guerrero Thomas and Anneliese Haas Victor Haburchak Ron and Gabrielle Hampsey Penny Kosick Hanks Robert Hansen and Claire Foley Eric and Kathleen Hanson Sheila Hayes Katherine Hayes Richard and Andrea Hebda Daniel and Margaret Hebert Andrew and Robin Hendricks Thomas Hickey and Patrizia Gemperle Patrick W. Kennison and Mary K. Higgins Julienne Hoang John and Mary Hofstetter Anne M. Houlihan Christoper O'Brien and Karen Howard Susan Humphrey John Hyder Daniel and Lisa Marie Idzikowski Peter and Sheila Irmiter Dolly M. Ito Thomas and Thelma Jennewein James and Louise Johnson Richard and Mary Ann Johnston Nathalie Simmons Jorge John B. Joseph Leland and Victoria Jurgensmeier Robert and JoAnn Kalinowski Beatrice J. Kalosieh Kevin and Anne Kane


Antoine Saad Karam Benef and Hanna Saad Karam John and Kathleen Karkheck Frank and Therese M. Kasmark Kathleen Kearns William T. Keller David Kelley Madelene J. Kenny Christopher Kerr Donald and Mary Jo Ketchum Mary J. King Jayne A. Klenner Arlene H. Koeferl Barbara K. Kopp Robert Howe and Hiromi Kowaguchi Bomar and Barbara Kramer Katherine M. Krefft, Ph.D. Jerome and Kathleen Kreger Otto and Ann Marie Kreuzer John and Lorraine Krizel Tom and Mary Ann Kunnecke Enoch Kuo Franz G. Kuo John and Roberta Lally Julia Landry Vincent A. Lapomarda James T. Latourette Ivy Ka-Yee Lau Victoria Laudenbach Anna Jean Leib William and Ellen Leibold Richard and Mary Leiweke Sheila A. Lemieux Leona L. Leo Marie Carella Leonardini Jose and Magdalena Lequerica Richard Lesage Grace Link James Littleton Garry and Bonnie Loeffler Maurice and Ernesta Lonsway, Jr. Robert and Monique Lowd Abe's Lunch Peter and Paulette Lynch Joan MacDonnell Lorraine Macchello John and Anne F. Mack John F. Makowski Stephen and Winifred Mallard Mark Seefeld and Mary Malley Geraldine Mann Daniel and Leah Marias Matt and Kathryn Marino Joseph P. Martin Gerald M. Masar Richard and Helen Mattis Oscar and Jill Mayorga Patrick McAleer John J. Zarobell and Keally D. McBride John McCarthy William McCarthy Robert and Alma McChesney William and Mary Ann McConnell Lisa McDermott Myles T. McDonald Tom and Marjorie McDonald Kyle McGlynn Mark and Cheryl Ann McGrane James McGrath Evelina McGuigan John and Sheila McInerney Mary Ann McKeirnan

Rev. Gerard R. McKeon, S.J. Mimi and Steve McKindley-Ward John McParland Robert J. McTigue William and Joanne Mealia Valerie Meausoone Carolyn Meehan Peter and Kathleen Meler Eric W. and Patricia Mooney Melvin Angela Menard James and Larisla Mendez Victor and Rosario Mendoza Michael Coyne and Victoria Merlo Katherine Merriman Marcus Mescher Lena A. Michael Bette Milazzo Catherine Miner Mark Miskovsky Lee Moisant Anthony and Sallyann Molitoris Michael Molyneux and Lisa Matthews Patrick and Ann Monahan Jairo Montezuma Michael E. Moran Patricia Morris Bernadine A. Moses Susan Ellen Mournian Michael and Ann Mulvihill Eugene and Frances Munson Mary Ellen Murphy Rev. John V. Murphy, S.J. Donald and Anne Murray Sr. Mary T. Neal George and Grace Nedy Frank and Barbara Negvesky Robert and Mary Nespeco Tho Anh Nguyen and Conganh Pham Mr. and Mrs. Tuyen D Nguyen Anthony and Sharon Nicola Roger and Luanne Nilsen Edward and Anne Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Dave Nona Grace I. Nuber Patrick Nugent Donald Nugent Laurie O’Bryon John and Mary Ann O'Connell Bernard and Patricia O'Donnell Brian O'Donnell O.D., P.C. John and Sandra O'Donnell John and Ann O'Hara William J. O'Leary John and Patricia O'Sullivan Robert and Catherine O'Sullivan Sean R. O'Toole Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus Robert Osipower Jr. and Kristin Osipower Catherine Ostrowski Jeffrey and Alison Otto Riley J. Owens Roland C. Parent Laurence and Dorthea Parrish Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Patts III Ann R. Pennington Adrianne S. Perks Albert and Nancy Peters Timothy and Maureen Peterson Ernest and Martha Petti William and Dorothy Pickett Frank Pietrowski Jr. Angela Pignataro Elizabeth Pirman

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Morning classes at one of the four JRS centers for refugees at Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. (Christian Fuchs —JRS/ USA) Gregory and Marie Stahl Jerome and Johanna Stegman John E. Stevens Rev. Jim Stickney John and Mary Strandquist Gregory and Stephanie Stubbs Timothy J. Sullivan Yaakov Sullivan Richard R. Super John August Swanson Mary T. Sweat Paula R. Sweeney Daniel and Virginia Swift Helen Mary Szablya Barbara and Stephen Szemenyei Joseph and Mary Beth Tabit Myron and Maureen N. Tantum Gloria Marmo and Janice A. Taylor Patrick and Mary Taylor Philip and Leslie Tedeschi John and Catherine Thielmann Joseph Thomas Michelle Thomas Brendan and Sandra Thomson Matt and Jen Tilghman-Havens Hon. V. Paul Timko Anthony and Phyllis Tocco Peter Toepfer George and Janet Torpey Mike Touhey James and Elaine Tourtelotte John Samuel Tucci Linda Tull James and Jane Turner

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Jesuit Refugee Service/USA is an international Catholic non-governmental organization whose mission is to accompany, serve and advocate for the rights of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. To accompany means to be a companion. We are companions of Jesus, so we wish to be companions of those with whom he preferred to be associated, the poor and the outcast. JRS services are made available to refugees and displaced persons regardless of their race, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs. JRS advocates for just and generous policies and programs for the benefit of victims of forced displacement, so that those made vulnerable by exile can receive support and protection and durable solution to their plight can be achieved. JRS/USA witnesses to God’s presence in vulnerable and often forgotten people driven from their homes by conflict, natural disaster, economic injustice, or violation of their human rights. As one of the ten geographic regions of Jesuit Refugee Service, JRS/USA serves as the major refugee outreach arm of U.S. Jesuits and their institutional ministries, mobilizing their response to refugee situations in the U.S. and abroad. Through our advocacy and fund raising efforts, JRS/USA provides support for the work of JRS throughout the world. JRS/USA gives help, hope, ear and voice to vulnerable people on the move by being present to and bearing witness to their plight; by relieving their human suffering and restoring hope; by addressing the root causes of their displacement and improving international responses to refugee situations. Inside a camp for displaced people in Masisi, Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Peter Balleis S.J. — JRS)

In addition, JRS/USA inspires the Ignatian family and others to respond together to the needs of refugees and displaced persons worldwide and forges strong partnerships with like-minded institutions and agencies devoted to the cause of refugees and displaced persons. JRS works in more than 50 countries worldwide to meet the educational, health, social and other needs of approximately 700,000 refugees and other forcibly displaced persons, more than half of whom are women. JRS services are available to refugees and displaced persons regardless of their race, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs.

Sr. Rita Specht prepares to offer counseling to a detainee at the Service Processing Center for detained undocumented immigrants in El Paso. (Christian Fuchs — JRS/USA)


Approximately 280,000 children, young people and adults receive primary, secondary, tertiary and vocational education services each year. JRS places the highest priority on ensuring a better future for refugees by investing heavily in education and training. Further, JRS undertakes advocacy to ensure all displaced children be provided with access to quality education. JRS services are provided to refugees regardless of race, ethnic origin or religious beliefs.

National Staff Armando Borja National Director Clare Inzeo Bonsignore Development Director Christian Fuchs Communications Director

Board of Directors Richard Kelly
 The Bridgeford Group
 Board Chairman Madeline Lacovara
 Community Leader
 Board Vice-Chair

Andy McMillin
 The Coca-Cola Company David McNulty
 Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus James Mullaney
 Regiment Capital Advisors

Brenda Garcia Grants Development Coordinator

Frederick L. Ahearn, Jr.
 Center for International Social Development,
Catholic University of America

Sean Kelly Program Officer

Jennifer Bailey
 Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project

Erin Stabile Outreach Coordinator

Rita Bennett
 Founder & Executive Director of Bennett Associates [ret]

Joan Rosenhauer Catholic Relief Services

Michael Bloom Now You Know Media

Michael Schack Joseph Academy

Rev. Thomas P. Greene, S.J.
 Office of Social and International Ministries,
U.S. Jesuit Conference

Very Rev. Thomas H. Smolich, S.J.
 President, U.S. Jesuit Conference

Mitzi Schroeder Director of Policy Mary Small Assistant Director of Policy Kevin White, S.J. Mission & Identity Coordinator

Religious Services Program Staff

Margaret Green-Rauenhorst
 Community Leader

Paul Perez
 Delegate Advisors, LLC Marianna Pierce
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sr. Joanne Whitaker, RSM
 Former Regional Director, JRS Southern Africa

Very Rev. Timothy P. Kesicki, S.J.
 Provincial, Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus

El Paso Service Processing Center El Paso, Texas Fr. A. Richard Sotelo, S.J. – Religious Services Coordinator Sr. Rita Specht, RSM – Religious Services Specialist Maria Brito – Administrative Assistant Florence Service Processing Center Florence, Ariz. Sr. Lynn Allvin, OP – Religious Services Coordinator Dr. Ines Chisholm – Religious Services Specialist Cynthia Watson – Administrative Assistant Buffalo Federal Detention Facility Batavia, N.Y. Fr. Robert Moreno – Religious Services Coordinator Dcn. Daniel McGuire – Religious Services Specialist Mindy Bittner – Administrative Assistant

A displaced young Syrian woman in Aleppo. Almost half of the entire population of the country are in serious jeopardy due to the ongoing conflict in Syria (JRS Syria)


Jesuit Refugee Service/USA

Jesuit Refugee Service/USA 1016 16th St NW Ste 500 Washington, D.C. 20036

Jesuit Refugee Service/USA

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Jesuit Refugee Service/USA 2013 Annual Report  
Jesuit Refugee Service/USA 2013 Annual Report  

2013 Annual Report