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International Product Liability Law Firm of the Year in France EBA Endrös-Baum Associés Dr Florian Endrös Partner Tel: +33 (0)1 53 85 81 81 / +49 (0)89 2420785-0 EBA Endrös-Baum Associés has longstanding experience in expertise proceedings involving French courtappointed experts and European party-appointed experts. EBA Endrös-Baum Associés deals with the questions, plans, problems, projects and visions of international enterprises and companies with interests in France and in Germany, providing services in a prompt, efficient, purposeful and pragmatic manner, at reasonable costs. The Franco-German firm intervenes, both as a consultancy and as a litigation firm, in the practice areas of industrial risk, plant construction, industrial product liability and safety, and the related insurance law. Its clients are international industrial groups as well as international insurance companies. International companies operating in crossborder business between French, German and

English speaking countries often encounter legal and communication difficulties. These may arise from language differences, different cultures or sometimes from substantial differences in law.

through to subcontracts, including questions of insurance and liability. This enables the client to conduct business transactions and legal proceedings as free of legal risks as possible or in full knowledge of the risks involved.

EBA Endrös-Baum Associés and its trilingual partners, Dr. Florian Endrös, Marguerite de Vaublanc, Myriam Bennaïm, Muriel Mazaud, Céline Lustin-Le Core, and Tim Jakobs, not only offer their clients detailed knowledge of the French legal system, but also the understanding of linguistic and cultural differences necessary for efficient dealings and well-organised international negotiations with cross border counterparts. This applies also to intra-company communication between parent and subsidiary.

The firm also gives advice on reinsurance and related cross border insurance problems, particularly in cases where the local insurance coverage is linked to a master or umbrella policy stipulating a governing law different from the one applicable to the local policy.

Practice areas EBA Endrös-Baum Associés gives advice and assistance in the field of supply contracts, construction law and plant construction, and provides contract coordination as well as claim handling, from the stage of entering into contracts with public or private clients,

EBA Endrös-Baum Associés has longstanding experience in expertise proceedings involving French court-appointed experts and European party-appointed experts. The firm works at the interfaces between law and technology, language and culture, offering its clients assistance in several languages as well as prompt local assistance. EBA Endrös-Baum Associés cooperates closely with commercial law firms all over Europe, mainly in German, French and English, but also in Danish, Russian, Portuguese and Hebrew.

Chemical Patents Law Firm of the Year in Germany Schiweck Weinzierl Koch GbR, European Patent Attorneys Wolfram Schiweck Partner Tel: +49-89-18947690 Schiweck Weinzierl Koch is a dynamic, relatively young yet highly experienced team with a strong technical background across the chemical, pharmaceutical and life science sector. The firm is particularly experienced in antibody inventions and inventions relating to artificial binding molecules with antibody-like properties. These technologies have become the driver in pharmaceutical development, including (cancer) immunotherapy and diagnostic applications. The firm has an additional focus on opposition and appeal proceedings before the EPO, and on freedomto-operate and due diligence work. Partner Wolfram Schiweck noted: “In 2014, we also added medical devices to our technical expertise – to meet the demand of our clients and we continued to grow in this area in 2015.” He added: “What separates us from our peers is that we aim to have as much direct


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contact with our clients, and to engage them in discussion to work as a team and to get the best possible result for them. In addition, we are a multicultural team with, for example, English, Chinese (Mandarin), Polish, and German native speakers, and thus have the ability to overcome potential communication barriers.” According to Mr Schiweck, common legal issues that Schiweck Weinzierl Koch encounters include those related to building strong IP position for its clients’ key technology, especially antibody inventions / artificial binding molecules with antibody-like properties. “But yes, we have the expertise to develop such strong IP positions,” noted Mr Schiweck. “Also, conducting due diligence and freedomto-operate work to assist our clients in securing business deals is quite common.” Today, the firm’s clients are highly focused on research and innovation, whether it is an academic institution, a start-up company or a multinational corporation. Its client base

consists of a mix of clients from academic institutions, small and medium enterprises as well as multinational corporations. Also in 2015 Schiweck Weinzierl Koch assisted a number of clients in securing investments from strategic investors, or in being acquired by multi-national companies that were looking to boost their product pipeline. One of these deals included the acquisition of one of the firm’s clients by a NASDAQ listed company for over $US 200 million; another major deal was the acquisition of another client by a US pharmaceutical company for $US 21 million. Looking to the future, Mr Schiweck noted: “We will be further expanding, and taking on new attorneys to complement our expertise with their technical background – and, ideally, multilingual background.”

The firm’s clients are highly focused on research and innovation.

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