Corporate INTL Annual Full Service Adviser Guide

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Corporate INTL Annual Full Service Adviser Guide

Full Service Adviser Guide The worldwide economic crises have been a prime factor in the emergence of full service firms. Companies, especially multinationals, have responded to the tumult through consolidation. As a result, there is a renewed emphasis to deal with fewer law firms – or indeed one specialist one – covering a wider geographical area and a wider set of subject matter / disciplines. Today, even small businesses are likely to operate across borders. No longer are law firms defining themselves as simply ‘London’-, ‘Paris’- or ‘Moscow’-based. International expertise and capability in legal advice has become a prerequisite – and is something that only full service firms can provide. Enterprises have become savvier about their requirements. Whereas previously, corporations only sought advice for deals, there is now a need for support services such as employment advice, property advice, intellectual property and contract law, among other areas. Consequently, there has been an acknowledgement among law firms that they need to be able to handle these additional demands and responsibilities. This has been true for all law firms, ranging from ones with blue chip clients, to the middle-market and mid-sized firms. For the latter in particular, full service is a necessity as they seek to hire new partners and open new practice areas to cater for changing needs. Legal matters are today fraught with complexities that may cross over practice area boundaries, and so a full service law firm is one that can handle those areas that are mainstays, as well as offering expertise pertaining to more niche areas. On rare occasions where the issue stretches beyond their arena, full service lawyers can recruit the necessary help for clients via networking. One the whole, the sole point-of-contact approach provided by full service law firms is a practical highlight for businesses – as that sole adviser is able to build familiarity with the business(es) in question. Diversification is also a boon for full service firms. With the UK’s housing market in the doldrums in recent years, firms specialising in property law have seen their demand decline. Conversely, bankruptcy law has seen renewed growth because, in a stalling economy, people are unable to live up to their repayment commitments.


Introduction Intellectual property has also grown as people seek to protect their rights and content online. For example, in a landmark IP case involving the future of e-commerce and high street stores, eBay won a judgement in the US federal courts, protecting their position as an independent online trading platform. The victory was the culmination of a four-year legal battle with the jewellers Tiffany over who should be held liable for the sale of counterfeit goods on eBay, and came only weeks after similar cases in France went against the online giant. In those cases, eBay was forced to pay some £30 million compensation to LVMH for failing to prevent counterfeit sales of the conglomerate’s luxury goods. The judgement highlights IP as a relatively new service area, but one that will have significant presence for full service firms in the future. As Tiffany and LVMH realised, there are myriad complexities involved in enforcing patents, copyrights and trade secrets across borders, especially in the emerging BRIC economies. Back in April of 2009, the US listed Russia and China as the two worst offenders of IP violation. In recent years, responding to US and WTO pressure, Chinese authorities have begun a crackdown on piracy. In 2007, Nike received $46,000 against two Chinese shoe manufacturers and a French supermarket – after a Shanghai court ruled in its favour over a copyright infringement case. However, as more businesses become reliant on the Internet, a rise in disputes is inevitable, and many law firms are capitalising on this development by adding specific IP practices to their full service offering. Full service firms are also exploring sectors that were previously niche, but are now expanding, such as environmental law. Once viewed as a potentially lucrative field that never materialised, intense media coverage highlighting environmental issues has brought it to public attention. Last but not least, EU directives and stakeholder pressure are forcing businesses to approach environmental issues proactively, rather than simply complying with regulations. As many countries employ the EU standards themselves, China included, environmental law practice is expected to boom – with full service firms already positioning themselves for the field in the future. 3

Index A Argentina / Bianchi, Galarce & Castro Videla - Abogados............................................................... 6. Australia / Norton Gledhill..................................................................................................................7. Austria / Bilanz-Data......................................................................................................................... 8. Austria / Dax & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH................................................................................. 9. B Bahamas / DELANEY PARTNERS...................................................................................................41. Barbados / Hastings Attorneys at Law........................................................................................... 10. Barbados / MERIDIAN LAW............................................................................................................11. Belgium / AFSCHRIFT Law Firm......................................................................................................12. C Canada / Cassidy Levy Kent.......................................................................................................... 13. Cayman Islands / Travers Thorp Alberga........................................................................................14. Chile / A. Pizarro y Cía. Abogados................................................................................................. 15. China / Liu, Shen & Associates....................................................................................................... 16. Cyprus / Costas Tsirides & Co LLC.................................................................................................17. Cyprus / Economides Legal........................................................................................................... 18. E England / Freeth Cartwright LLP..................................................................................................... 19. England / Winston & Strawn LLP.................................................................................................... 20. F France / Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LL........................................................................................21. G Germany / HERMANN Rechtsanwälte Wirtschaftsprüfer Steuerberater........................................ 22. Greece / Kleopas Alliott Business Consultants S.A. (Accountancy).............................................. 23. Greece / Your Legal Partners.......................................................................................................... 24. I India / AZB & Partners.................................................................................................................... 25. India / I. G. & Associates................................................................................................................. 26. India / RNClegal / Rajinder Narain & Co..........................................................................................27. Italy / Giambrone Law Studio Legale Internazionale...................................................................... 28. 4

J Jamaica / Nunes, Scholefield, Deleon & Co................................................................................... 29. L Luxembourg / Lex Thielen & Associates........................................................................................ 30. M Mexico / DEL RIO Y MORENO DE LEIJA ABOGADOS..................................................................31. Mexico / Dumont Bergman Bider & Co., S.C.................................................................................. 32. Mexico / Goodrich, Riquelme y Asociados.................................................................................... 33. Mexico / Rivera Gaxiola, Carrasco y Barrera, S.C.......................................................................... 34. P Pakistan / RIAALAW........................................................................................................................ 35. Portugal / SRS Advogados............................................................................................................. 36. Portugal / Vieira, Costa Gomes-Sociedade de Advogados, RL.....................................................37. R Romania / Cabinet M. Oproiu......................................................................................................... 38. S South Korea / Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners........................................................................................ 39. Switzerland / Poledna Boss Kurer AG............................................................................................ 40. T The Bahamas / DELANEY PARTNERS............................................................................................41. Turkey / ELİG, Attorneys-at-Law..................................................................................................... 42. U UK / Matthew Arnold & Baldwin LLP.............................................................................................. 43. US – California / Hochman Salkin Rettig Toscher & Perez PC....................................................... 44. US – Florida / Sharp Partners P.A................................................................................................... 45. US – New York / Meredith & Keyhani, PLLC................................................................................... 46. US – Rhode Island / Pannone Lopes...............................................................................................47.




Alberto B Bianchi Senior Partner Tel: +54 11 4812 1200

Bianchi, Galarce & Castro Videla - Abogados is a law firm that has centred its practice on personally caring for its corporate clients’ complex concerns, mostly in the field of public law. Its partners provide their respective shares of professional experience, combined to offer a product aimed at excellence.

Tel: +54 11 4812 1200 Fax: +54 11 4812 1200 (ext. 108)

In the contemporary context, the legal profession has two choices: the big law firm that offers standardised services in all practice areas, or the boutique firm that provides personalised and highly specialised services. The legal services that the Bianchi, Galarce & Castro Videla team provides are ranked among the latter, while still deploying the dynamics of the large international law firms.

Av. Callao 1243, Piso 2 C 1023 AAF Buenos Aires Argentina

In order to do so, the firm gives priority to excellent service, caring for rapid responses and a maximum degree of professionalism, while minimising costs in relation to the client’s needs. It also believes that an understanding of the political and economic environment in which its counselling is sought, along with the ability to identify adequate solutions to complex situations, is very important. Further, the firm encourages team work by its professionals among themselves and with those from other domestic and international law firms, as well as with experts in various disciplines. Alberto B Bianchi, Bianchi, Galarce & Castro Videla senior partner with almost 35 years of experience as a lawyer, has become one of the main specialists in his field. He has always matched his daily law practice with an intense academic life in the belief that both can thrive in harmony and for mutual benefit. Mr Bianchi is an advanced constitutional law professor for the Universidad Católica Argentina and Universidad. He has authored 18 books. He has also written more than 300 publications on economic regulation, administrative law, constitutional law and constitutional litigation, as well as various publications in newspapers such as ‘La Nación’, ‘Clarín’ and ‘Ámbito Financiero’. Moreover, Mr Bianchi is a member of the Asociación Argentina de Derecho Procesal Constitucional, the Asociación Argentina de Derecho Constitucional and the Asociación Argentina de Derecho Administrativo. Lino B Galarce has an uninterrupted professional experience of more than 20 years backed by a firm grasp of business law, and possesses high versatility and a natural ability to understand the client’s needs. Santiago M Castro Videla, the firm’s youngest partner, is fully skilled in public law and regulation. His unlimited drive is devoted to reaching effective solutions.




Jeremy Cousins is a principal with Norton Gledhill, specialising in Australian employment law & industrial relations. He advises employer clients on industrial relations strategy, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, defending claims under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and under both state and federal anti-discrimination legislation. In addition, he assists clients with workplace investigations, performance and injury management issues. He also acts as an advocate in conciliation, tribunal, commission and court proceeding, and has particular experience in the prosecution of claims arising out of breaches of confidentiality and restraint of trade matters. Mr Cousins is an updating co-author of Thomson’s Lawbook - The Laws of Australia’s labour law chapters on The Australian Industrial Relations System and awards and agreements, as well as the work chapter in the Human Rights section. He is also a certified professional with the Australian Human Resources Institute and regular speaker on employment law and industrial relations related topics.

Jeremy Cousins Principal Tel: +61 3 8623 7167 Tel: +61 3 8623 7167 Fax: +61 3 9629 1415 Level 23 459 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

Norton Gledhill’s Employment & Industrial Relations team, along with Mr Cousins, assists employer clients with the full range of employment law & industrial relations matters including: Award interpretation and compliance issues;

HR policies;

Confidential information, restrictive covenants and other post-employment issues, including obtaining and executing Anton Piller (Search) Orders;

Industrial disputes;

Construction industry and Fair Work (Building Industry) Act 2012 (Cth) matters, including compliance issues relating to the National Code of Practice for the Construction industry, Fair Work Building & Construction investigations and examinations, etc; Disciplinary issues, employee grievances and performance management; Discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying issues; Employment contracts and executive service agreements; Enterprise agreements including assistance with negotiations, drafting, agreement making and disputes; All Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and Fair Work Commission matters;

Independent contractor agreements; Labour hire agreements; Management of injured workers; Occupational health & safety (and road transport safety); Privacy; Redundancy; Right of entry; Strategic industrial relations and employment advice; Transfer of business issues and employee due diligence – arising on outsourcing, insourcing, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions; Unfair dismissal and general protections / adverse action claims; Workplace investigations, including equal opportunity, bullying and harassment, misconduct and employee fraud investigations.




Erich Baier Certified Tax Adviser Tel: +43 (1) 516 12 0 Tel: +43 (1) 516 12 0 Fax: +43 (1) 516 12 14 Schwarzenbergstraße 1-3 / 14a 1010 Vienna Austria

Erich Baier is a certified tax adviser in Vienna. He is the owner and CEO of Bilanz-Data Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH, a tax-law firm in Vienna, which concentrates on domestic as well as international tax-planning. He is also a member of the American Tax Institute in Europe and Deputy President of the Commission on Inheritance and Estate Tax within the International Association of Lawyers. Mr Baier has practised international tax law for more than 25 years. As a member of the board of a large number of Austrian private foundations, he has gained significant practice in this field of business. In addition, Mr Baier has given lectures at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna on international taxation. He has also contributed to the following books: International Tax Systems and Planning Techniques; Trusts in Prime Jurisdictions; and World’s Leading Financial and Trust Centres. Bilanz-Data Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH, established in 1987, is a certified tax law and accounting office. It provides national and international tax planning services to its clients, including corporate and individual tax planning, corporate reorganisations, inheritance and gift-tax planning, tax litigation, nominee and trustee services, annual accounts and tax returns, as well as working out and obtaining advance tax plannings from the tax authorities. Further, the firm handles the establishment and management of trading companies, holdings and private foundations. It advises on tax efficient structures concerning royalty income and other income flows, along with structuring hybrid entities with written approval from the Austrian tax authorities. The firm also negotiates specific situations with the local tax authorities before filing annual accounts and tax returns as an additional service for its clients. Bilanz-Data Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH’s professional practice has received particularly high client satisfaction in the following areas: the reorganisation of a business, tax wise; the establishment and management of Private Foundations and of holding companies; and the working out of international structures saving taxes.




Dax & Partners was founded in 1994 and has evolved into a renowned business law firm with more than 60 employees, of which approximately 20 are trained lawyers. The firm possesses specialists in all areas of law, in particular, in the field of corporate and business law, providing services to clients in different languages. Due to its close and long-standing relationships with advisers from other fields of practice, Dax & Partners regularly coordinates its services with those of tax consultants, auditors and investment banks, if so requested by the client. The firm also offers its clients the coordination of advisory services in international legal transactions. In addition, Dax & Partners saw the need to develop relationships with technical advisers and specialists. In the energy, infrastructure and property development business especially, it is fundamental to also provide know-how on a technical level. The firm delivers unconventional solutions. A main pillar of its work is its partnership and close ties with its clients. Dax & Partners explores the boundaries of all possible solutions and seeks to find the right solution when faced with difficult situations. Its lawyers can look back on many years’ experience and successes in all areas of business law. The firm’s philosophy guarantees the implementation of the best possible solution, not just of the first idea that comes to mind. Dax & Partners therefore regularly cooperates with its clients for long periods of time and not only in singular projects. The lawyers therefore know their clients very well and can therefore advise on a much higher level.

Mag. Johannes Wutzlhofer, LL.M. Austria Tel: +43 (0)5/9004 -200 Mag. Werner Dax Partner Tel: +43 (0)5/9004 -400 Mag. Markus Dax Partner Tel: +43 (0)5/9004 -300 Tel: +43 (0)5/9004 200 Fax: +43 (0)5/9004 299 Zaunergasse 4-6, 1030 Wien

Due to the fact that Dax & Partners provides clients with services from nearly all business areas, it doesn’t have a ‘typical client’. It usually advises clients in several matters over long periods of time, therefore developing a quality client relationship. With the firm’s ability to provide individual solutions, it was able to develop cooperations with several of its clients, which are beneficial not only to the firm, but also for the clients themselves. Since Dax & Partners knows its clients, it can provide legal advice on a much higher level for them.




Barry Gale QC Attorney-at-Law Tel: +1 246 427 9264

Hastings Attorneys at Law is a partnership of attorneys-at-law, formed in 2008, comprised of Barry Gale QC and Leodean Worrell, in addition to three associate attorneys and an accompaniment of 12 team members.

Tel: +1 246 228-9420 www.hastingsattorneysbarbados. com

Mr Gale QC has been an attorney for 33 years, having obtained his law degree with honours from the University of Cardiff, UK, in 1976. He has extensive experience in the commercial field, including conveyancing, mortgages, incorporations, partnerships, corporate acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, corporate finance and public offerings.

Trident Insurance Financial Centre Cnr. St. Matthias Gap & Highway 7 Hastings, Christ Church Barbados

His civil litigation practice includes appearances in the High Court and Court of Appeal of Barbados, the Privy Council in England and the Caribbean Court of Justice. His litigation experience in court has encompassed virtually all aspects of civil litigation, including corporate, commercial, banking, insurance, personal injury, property, admiralty, cross-border and multi-jurisdictional litigation. Mr Gale QC was called to the Bar in England in 1977. Having been admitted to practise in Barbados in 1980 and in St Vincent and the Grenadines in 1983, he began practising law as an advocate / barrister, as well as practising non-contentious law. He has appeared as counsel in several major arbitration proceedings. In 2002, he was awarded the honour of Queen’s Counsel. Further, Mr Gale QC was elected president of the Barbados Bar Association on May 18, 2013. Hastings is a firm of attorneys offering a wide range of legal services in both the international and local business areas. Its services include, but are not limited to, banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, ship charges and mortgage finance, mutual funds, bond issues, joint ventures and advice on international finance and syndicated loan transactions. The firm is also experienced in other areas of law such as property, securities, corporate, commerce, trade, employment, estates, personal injury and debt recovery. In the areas of commerce and trade, Hastings provides legal services pertaining to distribution and agency agreements, licensing, trademark and copyright, recording and publishing, advertising, franchising, confidentiality agreements, computer software licensing, and cabling contracts and licences. In addition, Hastings advises on the establishment of international entities as well as providing corporate services for them. It represents a number of large domestic banks and insurance companies, including FirstCaribbean International Bank (formerly Barclays Bank PLC and CIBC), Republic Bank Barbados Limited and Sagicor Life Inc, a leading regional and international insurance and financial services company. It also offers advice on project and real estate finance, as well as comprehensive litigation support services for its clients.




ABOUT MERIDIAN LAW Meridian Law is a commercial law firm in the Caribbean. Based in Barbados with global reach through it legal networks, the firm’s focus areas of practice are primarily corporate, commercial and international finance and tax law, providing legal services to private clients and both local and international corporate clients in all sectors. Our services include advising on structuring, company and entity formations mainly for international business, employee issues, tax both international and local tax, immigration, trusts, special purpose vehicles, Intellectual Property, real estate transactions, debt and equity financing, restructurings, cross border and securities transactions, with our lawyers working together in cross-disciplinary groups. We provide consulting services to companies in various industries looking to do business or doing business in Barbados and in the Caribbean at various stages of their development whether it be at concept, cost-benefit analysis, or post start-up stage. To ensure the success of our clients’ business we provide practical, forwardthinking and a strategic approach to the law when faced with their issues and concerns. Our network both local and regional allows us to facilitate and find solutions for our clients’ problems.

Dawn A. Williams, LL.B., M.B.A. Principal Tel: +(246) 431-6677 Tel: +(246) 431-6677 Fax: +(246) 435-0607 Ashton House Strathclyde St.Michael BB 11077 Barbados West Indies

Our clients include UHNWIs, European trust companies, foundations, family offices, banks, insurance and reinsurance companies, Hotels and Hotel development groups, regional and international banks, security exchanges and commissions and governments. Our M&A Department has been counsel in some of the largest acquisitions in the Banking sector and largest acquisitions in the Hotel & Leisure sector for the last three years in Barbados. The Firm’s Corporate Department also provides corporate secretarial and administrative services to multinational , international and local and regional companies. Our expanded Litigation Department deals with multi-jurisdiction commercial litigation with over USD 1B at issue under areas such as jurisdiction, forum and governing law, complex derivatives securities litigation and global asset recovery cases. The firm has developed substantial experience internationally and its Principal is a member of the International Tax Planning Association (ITPA), speaker at Euromoney/ Latin Finance and local and regional conferences and contributor in international publications.




Muriel Igalson Partner Tel: +32 2 646 46 36 Tel: +32 2 646 46 36 Fax: +32 2 644 38 00 208 Avenue Louise, B-1050 Brussels Belgium

AFSCHRIFT Law Firm, established in Brussels in 1994, specialises in domestic and international tax law and law relating to white collar crime. Taking into account the internationalisation of the business, the firm has expanded over the years and reinforced its presence in Antwerp, Geneva, Luxembourg, Madrid, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong. The extremely innovative law of most of these foreign jurisdictions is particularly interesting for its sophisticated and advantageous structures for tax purposes. AFSCHRIFT appears in the WORLD FINANCE 100 list, established by the famous World Finance Magazine. Further, it is the only Belgian law firm to be awarded ‘Tax Law Firm of the Year’ three times, in 2006, 2012 and 2013. Practising tax law requires a constant and almost exclusive practice of the tax law, a high level of confidentially and a personalised service. Therefore, the firm has adopted a ‘boutique’ form, as it dedicates its entire activity to the sphere of tax law and financial criminal law. AFSCHRIFT advises all taxpayers, natural or legal persons, on how to organise their private assets, real property or professional patrimony to the best standards. It helps its clients in performing transactions, for instance by setting up international financial packages that minimise tax costs while remaining legally compliant. The firm’s lawyers give preventive and rigorous advice in relation to the decisions and behaviour clients plan to adopt, in order to comply with tax and penal laws and regulations. It advises a significant number of major Belgian and foreign companies and banks in reorganisations, tax planning and tax litigation. Moreover, AFSCHRIFT defends taxpayers in all litigation concerning tax matters as well as taxpayers undergoing criminal prosecution in tax and all other financial cases, in order to make sure that their fundamental rights are preserved. Muriel Igalson specialises in tax law, including direct taxation, VAT, regularisation and litigation, real estate tax, tax planning and gift tax. She was admitted to the Brussels Bar in 1997, the Antwerpen Bar in 2010 and the Luxembourg Bar in 2012. Ms Igalson is a lecturer at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and ManagementU.L.B., where she teaches real estate taxation and corporate real estate. She is the author of an important number of contributions on real estate, Belgian and international tax law, as well as white collar crime issues. She has also spoken at more than 30 conferences on Belgian and international tax law and white collar crime.




Cassidy Levy Kent is an international law firm with offices in Ottawa and Washington. Its practice is focused on helping clients address international trade and investment issues, whether they involve US or Canadian trade controls, trade remedy litigation, dispute settlement proceedings under the World Trade Organization (WTO) and bilateral and regional free trade agreements and investment treaties, or negotiations and other policy efforts. The firm represents the interests of clients before governments by developing legal and policy arguments to promote fair trade policy. This includes preparation of issue papers for executive and legislative officials, appearing on behalf of clients at hearings, and ongoing representation at various levels of government. It advises North American and foreign producers on all aspects of US and Canadian customs matters, including valuation, tariff preference, classification, country of origin, marking and labelling, qualification for NAFTA or other free trade programs, import bonding and foreign trade zone issues.

Christopher J Kent Partner Tel: +1 (613) 482-9308 Tel: +1 (613) 482-8985 Fax: +1 (613) 482-8987 55 Metcalfe Street Suite 1470 Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6L5 Canada

Cassidy Levy Kent’s attorneys have practised before US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for decades, and have successfully managed a wide range of enforcement proceedings – from CBP and CSBA disclosures to customs fraud investigations. They also assist clients with all forms of protests and appeals, including requests for reliquidation, supplemental information letters (SILs), requests for further review at CBP Headquarters and appeals before the US Court of International Trade in the United States and the CBSA, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal and the Federal Court in Canada. Chris Kent, a founding partner of Cassidy Levy Kent (Canada), has been involved in a large number of the highest profile Canadian and US international trade disputes of the past decade, including Softwood Lumber, Steel and Appliances. He is consistently recognised as one of the pre-eminent international trade lawyers in Canada. Mr Kent also provides advice and representation across the spectrum of trade regulation, trade policy and market access issues, including import and export controls and sanctions, the WTO, NAFTA and other trade treaties, as well as procurement issues on behalf of clients. Cassidy Levy Kent’s lawyers have decades of experience as partners in the international trade and investment practices at some of the largest, most prestigious law firms in Canada and the US. The firm was started with the objective of combining the experience and high-quality service for which large firms are known with the flexibility and personal attention of a smaller firm.




Michael Alberga Managing Partner Tel: +1 345 949 0699 malberga@traversthorpalberga. com

Travers Thorp Alberga is a boutique Cayman Islands law firm that provides intuitive and incisive advice on all types of offshore structure, including hedge funds, private equity, corporate and partnership vehicles, asset and structured finance, capital markets and general corporate and commercial matters. The firm specialises in litigation and insolvency.

Tel: +1 345 949 0699 Fax: +1 345 949 8171

Michael Alberga is the managing partner at the firm and has been practising law in the Cayman Islands for more than 35 years. He has served as president of the Cayman Islands Law Society and on a number of public and private committees. His practice includes government relation matters, regulatory matters, licences, financial entities, corporate, commercial and real estate.

2nd Floor, Harbour Place, 103 Church Street, Grand Cayman, KY1-1106 Cayman Islands




A. Pizarro y Cía. Abogados, established in 1975, is formed of eight bilingual lawyers who are all well known specialists in labour and employment law for corporations. The firm’s main activities are in strategic HR planning; litigation, with a very high percentage of favourable rulings (approximately 89%); legal and strategic advisory in collective bargaining processes; and relations with unions. Since 1999, the lawyers have also served as advisers in Congress regarding the formation of labour laws.

Alvaro Pizarro Maass Senior Partner Tel: +56.2.24906300 Tel: +56.2.24906300 Miraflores 178 piso 11, Santiago Chile




Michelle Ma Partner Tel: +86-10-62681616 Tel: +86-10-62681616 Fax: +86-10-62681818 Hanhai Plaza (1+1 Plaza) 10F, 10 CaihefangRoad, Haidian District, Beijing 100080 China

Liu, Shen & Associates is the first private law firm in China focusing intensively on patent and trademark procurement, strategic counselling on all aspects of intellectual property and enforcement of IP rights, including litigation. It has around 400 members of staff, which includes more than 70 attorneys at law and approximately 180 patent attorneys and patent engineers with expertise that covers almost all technical fields. The firm’s great legacy of experienced professionals, well trained staff and strong commitment to delivering high quality services are rated by clients as its core values. Managing Intellectual Property has ranked Liu Shen as the top tier IP firm in China for eight consecutive years, from 2006 to 2013. Liu, Shen & Associates’ practice focuses on filing and prosecuting patent applications, registering trademarks, legal counselling on all phases of intellectual property and enforcement of intellectual property, including litigation. As one of the first group of patent attorneys qualified in China, Michelle Ma has worked in the field of intellectual property for almost 30 years. She joined Liu, Shen & Associates in 1993 and became a partner in 1995. Ms Ma’s expertise and knowledge is in patent filing, prosecution and invalidation proceedings in the field of mechanical engineering and design patents, as well as providing legal opinions on patent operation related matters. She leads the firm’s design patent team and is regarded as one of the design experts in China. Further, she has actively participated in studies discussing the proposals of the improvement and reformation of the design patent system in China, organised by the Chinese Patent Office, the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate Court and the Beijing High Court. She was one of the members of the research group appointed by the SIPO to propose amendments to the patent law of China with respect to design patent. As a partner of Liu, Shen & Associates, Ms Ma is responsible for coordinating the firm’s patent operations. She has been one of the key characters in charge of its patent operation and her active involvement has made a remarkable contribution to the growth of the firm, which is now recognised as one of the leading IP firms in China. Liu, Shen & Associates’ business has been expanding in 2013, particularly in the areas of patent filing and patent litigation. In the coming 12 months the firm will continue in its efforts to further expand its local client market.





Costas Tsirides & Co LLC was founded in 1970 by Costas Tsirides. Since then it has established itself as one of the most reputable and respected law firms in Cyprus. It was first established as general practice firm, and has remained so during the years. Today the firm offers a large variety of services covering all aspects of the law. It has a particularly strong litigation and corporate law department led by its managing director, Alexandros Tsirides. Members of the firm have experience conducting international commercial litigation in their own right or as part of a multijurisdictional team of lawyers. The litigation department handles both local and international disputes with particular emphasis on contractual disputes, fraud, corporate litigation and insurance cases, including the obtaining of injunctions, discovery orders and other interim remedies.

Alexandros Tsirides Managing Director Tel: +357 25820810 Tel: +357 258820810 Fax: +357 25359772 Office 203, Panayides Building, Griva Avenue, Limassol Cyprus

One of the firm’s targets and concerns in dealing with its clients has always been to respect their individual needs, as well as offering them personal services tailored to their specific circumstances. Costas Tsirides & Co is committed to each and every one of its clients and handles each case with respect and discretion, aiming to develop a personal relationship with them, based on mutual trust.




George Economides Director Tel: +357 25 866 480 george.economides@ Tel: +357 25 866 480 Fax: +357 25 866 481 17, Gr. Xenopoulou Street, 3106 Limassol, Cyprus P.O.Box 58043 3730 Limassol, Cyprus

THE FIRM E & G Economides LLC is a dynamic and fast growing law firm. A team of specialised advocates is focused in selected areas of practice. Concentrating in our core areas and adapting to clients’ real needs form the foundations on which the firm has been built and gradually evolved. We are practical and highly responsive, a mix our clients have come to appreciate and expect. The firm is based in Limassol, Cyprus and also maintains an office in Moscow, Russia. OUR CLIENTS Clients include high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, magic and silver circle law firms, tax firms, as well as banking and credit institutions located within and outside Europe, blue-chip and financial services firms, private equity funds and shipping institutions. INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATIONS Our clients’ interests often have a global focus and we are thus frequently mandated to cooperate with international law firms on multijurisdictional projects/cross-border engagements. Such assignments have been pivotal in yielding a globally minded perspective and have brought us in close cooperation with international law firms. We are often the firm of choice for a number of law firms and maintain an active network of global associates. ASSOCIATED SERVICES Totalserve Group,, an award winning and long established international Group of companies specialising in the fields of international tax planning, corporate, trusts, and fiduciary services. The Group is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus and maintains a further twelve offices across four continents.




Freeth Cartwright LLP is a major national practice offering services to commercial and private clients across the entire legal spectrum. Originating in the East Midlands in 1805, the firm became Nottingham’s largest firm in 1994, and has since pursued its dynamic strategy of becoming a regional law firm. It has offices in London, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Stoke-on-Trent and Manchester. The firm has grown rapidly in recent years, and now ranks as one of the leading national firms offering comprehensive legal services in the public and private sectors. It combines first-class legal expertise with a thorough knowledge of its clients’ business. Freeth Cartwright’s practice areas include: banking & finance, business structures, commercial contracts, construction, corporate finance, debt recovery, dispute resolution, employment, infrastructure & project finance, immigration, insurance, intellectual property, IT & data, licensing & regulatory, mediation, minerals & mining, notary services, planning & environment, real estate, restructuring & insolvency and taxation.

Mushtaq Khan Partner Tel: +44(0)845 634 2587 mushtaq.khan@freethcartwright. Tel: +44(0)845 634 2575 Fax: +44(0)845 634 2576 6 Bennetts Hill Birmingham West Midlands B2 5ST United Kingdom

Within its real estate group, there are approximately 100 banking, construction, environmental, planning and real estate lawyers with a singular focus – achieving success for clients by consistently applying their knowledge and providing an excellent service on time. The firm specialises in the care, charities, drinks, hospitality & leisure, education, energy & natural resources, food, franchise, insurance, local government, manufacturing, NHS & healthcare providers, retail, social housing and transport sectors. Freeth Cartwright’s social housing team is highly ranked by Chambers and Partners and has 16 members who are ranked leaders in their field. Further, team members have presented on behalf of national housing organisations, including the National Housing Federation and Building Research Housing Group, as well as directly to a number of registered providers. They have also been on the board of, or worked in, social housing organisations. Overall, the firm has more than 100 years’ combined experience of acting for the social housing sector. Mushtaq Khan, a partner at the firm, is a leading social housing lawyer. He has more than a decade of experience in the social housing sector, advising housing associations, arm’s length management organisations and local authorities on housing and asset management issues, as well as litigation. He also advises senior management and board members on policy review and strategic planning. Mr Khan has delivered talks on behalf of national housing organisations, including the National Housing Federation and the Building Research Housing Group, as well as directly to a number of registered providers.




Zoë Ashcroft Partner Tel: +44 (0)20 7011 8725 Tel: +44(0)20 7011 8700 Fax: +44(0)20 7011 8800 CityPoint 1 Ropemaker Street London EC2Y 9HU United Kingdom

Winston & Strawn London focuses on cross-border business and finance transactions, international commercial dispute resolution and intellectual property. The London office serves as the gateway for the firm’s international practice in corporate and finance transactions outside of the United States and also has a vibrant practice advising clients in relation to cross-border transactions and dispute resolutions in emerging markets. The London office represents major international financial institutions and corporate clients in corporate lending, securitisation, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and joint ventures, private equity, US and UK private placements and public offerings of debt and equity, as well as other UK national and cross-border transactions. Winston & Strawn’s lawyers are committed to understanding the economics of every transaction, including its accounting and tax implications. Its global corporate practice provides securities and M&A legal services to multinational companies of all types and sizes, as well as to investment banks and other financial services firms. The firm has extensive experience advising boards of directors and independent committees on corporate governance, transactions, investigations and change-ofcontrol issues. It is a significant provider of securities and M&A legal services to a number of Fortune 300 companies. In addition, Winston & Strawn’s litigation attorneys have assisted in the successful completion of contested mergers and acquisitions for its clients. The attorneys have extensive experience dealing with issues of European and English law and procedure in a wide range of areas and business sectors, acting for businesses of all types and sizes, financial institutions and governmental entities. Zoë Ashcroft, one of the founding partners of Winston & Strawn’s London office, is an English qualified solicitor. She specialises in business and finance transactions. Ms Ashcroft has 25 years’ experience handling complex cross-border deals for a broad range of corporate clients, with a particular focus on clients who are either operating or investing in the United Kingdom, or who are based in the United States, Continental Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and elsewhere who select English law as the governing law for their cross-border transactions. Her experience includes cross-border mergers and acquisitions; strategic alliances and joint ventures; debt and equity investments; private placements and public offerings; and corporate lending, representing both lenders and borrowers. Ms Ashcroft’s clients include companies in a variety of industry sectors, including oil and gas, clean technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, financial services / investment funds, consumer / retail products and services and general industrial.




Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP is a leading global law firm, focused on serving companies in the technology, energy and financial sectors. It is recognised worldwide for delivering the highest quality, commercially-orientated legal advice and for its culture of innovation and collaboration. The firm’s platform offers clients a distinctive combination of local insight and global reach across 25 offices. In 2006, Orrick merged with Rambaud Martel, one of Paris’s preeminent law firms, creating an unparalleled source for corporate legal counsel in France. Orrick Rambaud Martel, with 90 lawyers in Paris, benefits from the structure of a global law firm while being deeply rooted in the local socio-economic background. It also demonstrates excellence in litigation, international arbitration, competition, employment and real estate, specialising in project finance, energy and public law / PPP, M&A / corporate and restructuring. With a well diversified sectoral expertise and a broad geographical coverage, the firm assists global companies, governments, organisations, local collectivities and associations in France and throughout the world.

Pascal Agboyibor Partner Tel: +33 1 5353 7500 Tel: +33 1 5353 7500 Fax: +33 1 5353 7501 31, Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie 75782 Paris Cedex 16 France

Further, Orrick’s lawyers have extensive emerging markets experience, representing international development and commercial banks and industrial companies in their activities in particular in Africa. Pascal Agboyibor is the office leader in Orrick’s Paris office and a member of the Energy and Infrastructure Group. He heads Orrick’s Africa practice, a multicultural team with corporate, finance and dispute resolution lawyers, specialised in advising on complex projects in a number of sectors, including oil & gas, power, mining and infrastructure. Mr Agboyibor’s expertise covers significant project financings and M&A transactions for international and local financial institutions, commercial banks, governments, investors, as well as constructors, power producers and industrial suppliers, in French and English speaking African countries. He has an in-depth understanding of the local business markets and socio-political contexts, and is called on by local African authorities and multilaterals to advise on the development of policy and regulation, particularly with respect to OHADA law and financial markets. He advises governments, multilaterals and private companies in building the infrastructure that will drive Africa’s growth, and is currently advising several of the most important power projects underway in Africa.




Ottmar Hermann Founder / Senior Partner Tel: +49 69 91 30 92 0 Tel: +49 69 91 30 92 0 Fax: +49 69 91 30 92 30 Bleichstr. 2-4, 60313 Frankfurt am Main Germany

HERMANN Rechtsanwälte Wirtschaftsprüfer Steuerberater (HERMANN RWS) is one of the leading German law firms for insolvency administration, debtor-in-possessionproceedings, insolvency law and restructuring. The firm advises entrepreneurs as well as corporations and financial institutions in all aspects of insolvency, business law, tax, labour law, real estate and construction law. Its special focus is on well-targeted services and diligent consultancy in all areas of business life and in connection with corporate crises and insolvencies, also across borders. The roots of the law firm are in the areas of insolvency and restructuring. HERMANN RWS’s outstanding expertise is based on thousands of successful proceedings. For many years, numerous professionals within the law firm have been closely involved as insolvency administrators with the handling of insolvency proceedings. Therefore, they are familiar with all the matters accompanying insolvency. HERMANN RWS offers a competent and multi-disciplinary support to all parties involved in the insolvency proceedings, including investors as well as other clients affected by business crises. Insolvency proceedings are carried out particularly in the fields of automotive, aviation, construction and real estate, energy, finance, freelancer, retail, telecommunication, entertainment and gastronomy. Especially regarding the administration of insolvency, a profound understanding as well as the capability of finding a solution for all subjects on the basis of legal and practical knowledge is needed, which might come out when national and international concern is acquired, operated or sold. In 2012, HERMANN RWS was able to maintain its position as one of the leading insolvency practices in Germany. With the new German insolvency law, debtor-in-possession, proceedings became more favourable. In addition, a debt equity swap has been newly introduced in German insolvency. Here, Mr Ottmar Hermann, founding partner, was appointed as custodian in the case of Dura Group, one of the first proceedings under the new legislation, while founding partner, Rainer M Bähr, was involved as custodian in the Solarwatt case, one of the first cases under the new law including a debt-to-equity swap. This extensive expertise and detailed corporate knowledge has led to HERMANN RWS accompanying national and international concerns as a permanent legal adviser, apart from the administration of insolvency. Besides the SMEs, there are corporations and groups of the industrial and service sector who are clients of the firm. Due to the positive disposition on the market, HERMANN RWS is involved in national as well as transnational M&A of various industries.




Firm’s Professionalism, Excellence and Integrity are highly appreciated by the Greek market.

John Kleopas Shareholder / Chairman of the Board and Managing Director Tel: +30 2109579050

Regardless of the size and the industry of the business, Kleopas Alliott fully covers all Accounting, Tax and Compliance needs. Firm’s goal is to provide a highly personalized service and specialist advice that makes a real difference of its clients, maximizing opportunities and minimizing costs.

Maria Gratsia Board Member / Leading Manager Tel: +30 2109579050 (int.119)

Established in 1986 in Athens, Kleopas Alliott exclusive expertise are Accounting and Taxation support of businesses.

The firm is a full member of Alliott Group a worldwide alliance of independent accounting, law and consulting firms, supporting business efforts worldwide. Clients working with Kleopas Alliott’s operational best practices are achieving: • A considerable change in Quality because of the access to a wider Experience, and deep Knowledge, • Statutory Compliance, • Minimization of Risks, • International experience, local expertise.

Tel: +30 2109579050 Fax: +30 2109579456 179 Sygrou Av. 17121 Athens Greece

Kleopas Alliott is not selling services. It is providing clients with Benefits, aiming to be chosen as partner of client’s business, not as a services supplier. Kleopas Alliott’s vision is to provide clients with unlimited opportunities to improve their business. Firm’s mission is to build successful longstanding client relationships. Kleopas Alliott offers a full range of services with an entrepreneurial, commercial, and focused on success approach. Main areas are: Accounting & Auditing • Bookkeeping Outsourcing • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements • IFRS • Management Reports • Cost Accounting • Due Diligence Taxation • Statutory Compliance • Tax Planning and Advices Payroll Outsourcing • Regular and Extra Payroll cycle Calculation

• Statutory Compliance • HR Management Practical Assistance Administrative Assistance • Invoice Preparation • Payments to suppliers, public authorities and third parties Start up Business • Company formation • Registration processes Corporate Finance • Evaluations •M&A




Mrs Katerina Christodoulou Partner Tel: +30 2103388831 katerina.christodoulou@

Your Legal Partners’ banking and finance practice covers the full range of international and domestic finance activities, with particular emphasis on structured products, securitisations, syndicated loans, asset finance, project finance and LBOs as well as regulatory matters for banks and relevant dispute resolution.

Tel: +30 2103388831 Fax +30 2103388825

Katerina Christodoulou, key partner and head of the Finance Practice at Your Legal Partners, has a very strong record in international, high profile, pioneer (mostly the first of its kind in Greece) and intellectually demanding finance legal work. She has acted for some of the world’s leading investment and commercial banks, and worked in the most complex project finance and asset finance transactions.

11 Omirou & 1 Vissarionos Street, GR-10672, Athens Greece

Further, Mrs Christodoulou has a wealth of experience in corporate and finance cases and projects; concessions and other forms of PPP projects; and privatisations, notably in the field of infrastructure and aviation. She regularly advises banks, car financing companies, infrastructure project companies, venture capital, and real estate development companies. Your Legal Partners’ main areas of practice include: banking, finance and capital markets; real estate, construction, PPPs and PFIs; corporate; M&A; and energy.




AZB & Partners, formed in 2004, is a combination of CZB & Partners in Mumbai and Ajay Bahl & Co. in Delhi. The firm has since expanded to Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Gurgaon. Its main areas of practice include: mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, general corporate, private equity, banking & finance, infrastructure & project finance, real estate, employment, insurance, competition and litigation & arbitration. AZB & Partners has been extensively engaged in the resolution of civil, criminal (economic offences), commercial and constitutional law disputes through litigation in the Supreme Court of India, various high courts in India and several other courts and tribunals. In addition, it has conducted arbitrations, mediations and negotiations on behalf of its clients within and outside of India.

Zia Mody Senior Partner Tel: +91 22 3028 0900 Tel: +91 22 3028 0900 Fax: +91 22 5639 6888 Express Towers 23rd Floor Nariman Point Mumbai 400 021 India

Zia Mody is a senior partner at the firm. Her primary practice consists of M&A, private equity, securities laws, BPO related work and litigation. She has practised in the Indian Courts for more than 15 years as counsel. She has also advised several international and Indian clients in significant M&A transactions. Apart from her commitment to the legal practice, Mrs Mody is also a committed Baha’i by religion. She serves as a member on various Baha’i organisations and Baha’i sponsored NGOs in the field of education and empowerment of rural women. She completed her law degree at Cambridge University and then went on to do an LLM from Harvard University. Thereafter, she worked with Baker & McKenzie in New York, from 1979 to 1983, and was admitted as a member of the New York State Park by examination. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Hong Kong. Further, Mrs Mody was selected as one of the 25 most powerful women in Indian business by Business Today, September 2004, and was selected as one of India’s 100 most powerful CEOs by the Economic Times in 2005. She was also awarded within Business Women of the Year 2003, by the Financial Express, in the category of Best Knowledge Manager.




Indranil Ghosh Partner Tel: +91-11-4100 0224, 4103 0225

I. G. & Associates, founded in 2010 by Indranil Ghosh, is a full service law firm of advocates specialising in different fields of law, along with various associate offices in different parts of the country. The firm’s members come from varied backgrounds and have vast expertise and experience in a variety of disciplines.

Tel: +91-11-4100 0224 / 4103 0225 Fax: +91-11-2923 9074

Mr Ghosh has more than two decades of long standing expertise in legal practice in almost all areas of law, being enrolled with the Bar Council of India since 1989. His areas of expertise are: arbitration and alternate dispute resolution; civil, criminal and commercial litigation; corporate and transactional documents; banking & finance; intellectual property rights; mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and foreign collaboration; real estate, property and conveyancing; regulatory approvals and compliance; and taxation.

C-172, LGF, Greater Kailash - I New Delhi - 110048 India

Prior to establishing I. G. & Associates, he was associated with a Tier I law firm for a span of more than 20 years, and was the senior partner and head of litigation and arbitration. He has also been instrumental in assisting and advising major Indian corporates in their day-to-day corporate operations, corporate restructuring, as well as their transactional contracts and agreements. Further, Mr Ghosh presently holds membership of the International Bar Association, Supreme Court Bar Association, Delhi High Court Bar Association, Indian Council for Arbitration, All India Management Association and Inter Pacific Bar Association. I. G. & Associates’ lawyers are counsellors, advisers and confidants of some of the brightest upcoming entrepreneurs in India. The firm’s approach of partnering its clients, along with its collaborative culture, enables it to provide clients with innovative, sophisticated, business-specific and customised solutions. Members of the firm take pride in handling several matters relating to constitutional law; civil and criminal law; commercial contract disputes / claims; mining and environment laws; law of negotiable instrument and recovery matters; banking laws; trust and probate; medico-legal disputes; property laws; and family laws, among others. These include drafting and filing all kinds of petitions, suits, reply, written statements, rejoinder applications and appeals before all courts, forums, tribunals and departments in various jurisdictions across India. The jurisdictions covered are: the Honorable Supreme Court of India, various high courts, Consumer Forums - District Consumer Commissions, State Consumer Commissions and the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Debt Recovery / Appellate Tribunal, Competition Commission of India, Company Law Board, Electricity Appellate Tribunal, District Courts, BIFR, AAIFR, CEGAT, Enforcement Directorate, FEMA Board, T.D.S.A.T., APTEL, etc.




Ravi Nath has 24 years of experience in aviation-related laws, such as aircraft equipment & facility financing, regulatory and litigation. His clients include the major manufacturers, leading banks and financial institutions, lessors and export credit agencies, such as: Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier, Dassault, US Ex-Im, COFACE, ECGD, Euler Hermes, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, ABN Amro, Standard Chartered, Macquarie, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, BNP Paribas, GECAS, ILFC, HKAC, BBAM, Avolon, AWAS, Aircastle, Airlease and AerCap. His practice includes government regulations, companies, cross-border financing and securitisation. Mr Nath is a partner at one of India’s oldest legal firms, RNClegal / Rajinder Narain & Co. He was also the president of Inter Pacific Bar Association in 2004. Two of the firm’s other partners were chief justices of the Delhi High Court and one a president of The High Court Bar Association.

Ravi Nath, Esq. Partner; Attorney-at-Law Advocate Supreme Court of India Tel: +91 11 4122 5000 Tel: +91 11 41225000 Fax: +91 11 4122 5001 Maulseri House 7, Kapashera Estate New Delhi - 110 037 India

During the last 10 years, Mr Nath has advised on transactions in excess of $15 billion. The Legal 500 stated: “Ravi Nath’s esteemed reputation as an aviation expert puts clear blue water between Rajinder Narain & Co. and its rivals…” In addition, Who’s Who Legal 2013 has identified him as one of the world’s 10 highly reputed aviation lawyers. He is a frequent speaker at various international conferences and serves on the Legal Advisory Panel of Aviation Working Group. Mr Nath served as the chair of the Aviation Committee of the International Bar Association and is the editor and author of various books and papers on aviation laws. He regularly advises on major aviation transactions and issues. Moreover, The Bar Association of India has conferred its highest honour on him. He was invited, along with India’s finance minister, Mr P Chidambaram, and president of the Bar Association, Mr Nariman, to be a co-author on a book relating to legal aspects of doing business in India. Mr Nath received his BCom (Hons) and his LLB in International and Competition Law at King’s College London and in Public International Law at Harvard University. He completed an apprenticeship at erstwhile Sinclair Roche, London.




Alessandro Gravante Senior Lawyer / Head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution Tel: +39 091 7434 778 Ext. 224 alessandro.gravante@ Tel: +39 091 7434 778 Giovanni Bonanno 122, (Ang. Via Libertà), 90143, Palermo Italy


Giambrone Law is a leading Italian law firm providing full service and comprehensive legal advice on almost every aspect of business. It currently operates in six jurisdictions across three continents and is staffed with 40 internationally and domestically qualified lawyers with English, Italian, French, Arabic and more language capabilities. Alessandro Gravante practises across a broad range of commercial law, litigation and international commercial arbitration. He is widely recognised in Italy for his litigation skills, which contributed to Giambrone Law being awarded ‘Litigation Law Firm of the Year 2013’ by ACQ Legal. His scope of expertise encompasses breaches of warranty, commercial contracts, insolvency, employment, fraud, professional negligence claims and technical disputes in divorce and separation proceedings between Italian and foreign nationals. Mr Gravante’s specialisation is in the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements in Italy under EU Regulations and international private law. He is often called upon for witness statements as an expert in Italian law for UK and US courts.



Nunes, Scholefield, DeLeon & Co. is the successor partnership to Judah, Desnoes, Lake, Nunes, Scholefield & Co. The firm’s predecessors can be traced from as far back as 1929, making it one of the oldest law firms on the island. It has a broadly based practice with a reputation for offering a comprehensive range of quality legal services.

Donovan Jackson Partner / Head of Commercial Department Tel: +1 876 960-8995 / 9008 / 9009

The firm’s commercial practice areas include: company and business formation and corporate governance compliance, employment / labour law, joint venture & partnerships, M&A, pensions, securities, banking & finance, and taxation. The department also has the benefit of the strong real estate and litigation departments’ support.

Tel: +1 876 960-8995 / 9008 / 9009 Fax: +1 876 968-9692 / 9699

Nunes, Scholefield, DeLeon & Co. is equipped with modern technology and is constantly striving to improve its resources. Staff training is ongoing, and attendance and participation in continuing legal education seminars keeps partners and associates up-to-date with current legal developments. The result is a highly motivated group of professionals committed to exceeding client expectations.

6a Holborn Road PO Box 95 Kingston 10 Jamaica

The firm’s client base is diverse and includes large international and local corporations. At present the firm has 14 partners, nine associates and two consultants. It stands ready to offer representation throughout Jamaica. Donovan Jackson, head of the firm’s Commercial Department, joined Nunes, Scholefield, DeLeon & Co in 1994; having previously practised with another of the island’s other major law firms. He has wide experience in various areas of law, including commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, employment law, pensions, taxation, arbitration, receiverships & liquidation and commercial litigation. The firm represents a number of clients in the petroleum industry, manufacturing, distribution, insurance, services and the financial sector, with respect to various aspects of their business operations requiring legal assistance. Mr Jackson has vast experience in civil litigation, with special emphasis on commercial litigation, including enforcement of security documentation, contracts, arbitration and legal advice. He also has experience in conveyancing and dealing with complicated restrictive covenants. He is a member of The Jamaican Bar Association and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb).




Lex Thielen Founder Tel: +352 26 26 02 02 Tel: +352 26 26 02 02 Fax: +352 26 26 02 26 10, rue Willy Goergen L-1636 Luxemburg

Lex Thielen started his career as lawyer in 1987 and founded his law office, Lex Thielen & Associates in 1990. Looking for excellence in every matter, Lex Thielen has a clear vision of his profession: a full dedication to his clients. For 25 years, he has led his law office by working with multi-skilled partners who represent all legal areas and anticipate each client’s needs. This vision starts with a statement: the real work of a lawyer does not start when clients come with an issue. The real work is to support them on every milestone with a high range of expertise. The focus of the firm’s work is in corporate law, domiciliation of companies and family office. In the area of litigation, every major field of civil litigation and arbitration is handled, including labour, family, criminal, corporate, commercial, intellectual property law, among other areas. Lex Thielen is also specialized in real estate law and contract law, and is the author of many publications pertaining to lease agreements as well as real estate matters. His books are now a reference in the Luxembourgish Court. The firm has a deep understanding that on an international business platform, lawyers must provide globalized services. In order to guide his clients in their crossborder and international activities, Lex Thielen assures them a worldwide support wherever they are located, through his affiliation with the Alliott Group, a worldwide alliance of independent accounting, law and consulting firms. Alliott Group includes more than 160 member firms in more than 60 countries. Being deeply client-oriented and having an international vision are not the only points that make the “Lex Thielen concept” unique. The firm’s main differentiator is its strong will to be “the lawyer of everyone – not only the lawyer of the wealthy professionals and private individuals in Luxembourg, but the lawyer of the poorest all over the world as well”. To this end, for years Lex Thielen has been part of A4ID (Advocates for International Development) – an association that strives to eradicate poverty by providing pro bono legal assistance. Lex Thielen & Associates abides by the motto: “We are not all born with defenses, and your defense is our profession, as lawyers and as human beings”.




DEL RIO Y MORENO DE LEIJA ABOGADOS is a law firm specialised in criminal law litigation and consultancy. Its offices are located in Mexico City, with a network of correspondent lawyers in the country’s major cities. The firm is comprised of lawyers with many years of professional experience. It offers a personal, high quality service, offering timely and effective solutions in criminal matters facing its clients. The firm’s commitment is to work in permanent communication with its clients to ensure the correct and accurate defence of their interests. DEL RIO Y MORENO DE LEIJA has participated in the drafting of various laws and rules regarding criminal law and human rights – hired by local governments as each state of the country has its own rules and laws – as well as by the federal government.

Alberto del RíoAzuara Partner Tel: +52 55 52024155 Tel: +52 55 52024155 Paseo de las Palmas 751 – 6th Floor Lomas de Chapultepec 11010 Mexico City México

The firm’s practice areas are: criminal investigation, criminal trial, constitutional lawsuits, extraditions, provisional remedies and restraining orders, reclusion centres and application of sanctions, and consultancy and auditing services. DEL RIO Y MORENO DE LEIJA offers advice to both individuals and companies in the prevention and protection of their interests when their freedom, their assets or their rights are at risk. Due to the very nature of the firm’s specialised area – criminal law – it maintains the utmost confidentiality regarding the identity of its clients. The firm’s referrals are professionals and firms specialised in other judicial areas in both Mexico and abroad, and according to the criminal nature of the case, including: property crimes, tax crimes, banking and financial crimes, environmental crimes, crimes against life and body integrity, intellectual property crimes, crimes against public administration and justice, and others. Its consulting services have also been hired by local governments in the preparation of diverse initiative of law and rules regarding criminal law and human rights. Alberto del RíoAzuara established DEL RIO Y MORENO DE LEIJA with Jesus Moreno De Leija in 2009. He was secretary to Mexico City’s attorney general and to the attorney general of the Republic from 1988 to 1991. He was also a public counsellor in crime prevention. Mr Del Río entered private practice, and became partner of the criminal law firm, Bufete Luengo Creel, from 2000 to 2009. He was also previously a criminal law professor at Escuela Libre de Derecho.




Laura Collada Managing Partner Tel: +52-55 5322-6230 Tel: +52-55 5322-6230 Fax: +52-55 5661-3056 Av. Insurgentes Sur 1898-Pent Office 21, Col. Florida, C.P. 01030, Mexico City Mexico

Dumont Bergman Bider & Co., S.C. (DBB), founded 73 years ago, is a Mexican intellectual property firm that has remained contemporary and responsive to everchanging client needs. Its practice includes all aspects of intellectual property, such as: obtaining, registering and protecting inventions – patents, utility models and industrial designs; distinctive signs – marks, trade names, brand slogans and appellations of origin; copyrights – owner and author’s rights, related rights; information technologies – domain names and Internet assets; and data protection issues. The firm also has an extensive expertise in litigation, anti-counterfeiting and related commercial law, including corporate, licensing, immigration, regulatory and tax. Its capabilities provide a full array of IP related legal services. Due to its commitment to technology, efficiency and the highest quality service, DBB has been ISO 9001:2000 certified. It is the only IP firm in Mexico that has received the ISO 9001:2008 certification by the German organisation, TUV Rheinland. The certification indicates that the firm meets high quality standards for its management systems, including counselling, filing, prosecution and consulting services, litigation and the managing of intellectual and industrial property rights (filing, prosecution, etc). It means that the quality of DBB’s legal work is consistent, constant and reliable in each and every case. The firm’s commitment to modern technologies, such as implementing PATRIX HELPWARE System, a state-of-the-art docketing system, has enabled it to offer the highest quality and most complete intellectual property service. It has also digitalised its archives and is fully able to service clients that request a paperless environment. The main contacts of the firm, along with other colleagues, receive training in different areas, not only legal or technical, in order to achieve client satisfaction. The firm also has a PR department that is in constant communication with their clients. DBB offers personalised, proactive and preventive legal strategies, corporate, tax and added value services in order to achieve and exceed the expectations desired by its clients. The firm is committed to maintaining a leadership position in legal trends, technology and business.




Intellectual property (IP) is the most important field of practice within Goodrich, Riquelme y Asociados. Due to the size and scope of its IP practice, the firm proudly represents several of the most renowned corporations in different industries – pharmaceutical, retail sales corporations, oil enterprises, cosmetics, fashion, entertainment, foods, etc. It has not limited its service to a specific type of client or a specialised area of trademark law; instead, it continuously adjusts to meet each of the clients’ needs. Enrique A Diaz is senior partner and head of the IP Department at the firm. The IP Department relies on the expertise of its lawyers, engineers, paralegals and administrative staff – a wide range of specialists committed to their fields of study. As a leading IP law firm in Mexico, Goodrich manages the prosecution of more than 3500 trademarks and more than 1000 patents per year, regularly filing and handling more than 400 litigation cases in both fields. The vast majority of the firm’s intellectual property work is for companies outside of Mexico who are conducting business in the country.

Enrique A Diaz Senior Partner Tel: +52 55 5525 1422 Tel: +52 55 5525 1422 Fax: +52 55 5207 3150 Paseo de la Reforma 265 MZ-2 Col. Cuauhtémoc Delegación Cuauhtémoc 06500, México, D.F. Mexico

Its staff of attorneys, engineers and computer specialists help adapt foreign patent specifications and claims to Mexican law, register patents and trademarks and maintain them by ensuring their renewals. With the help of a sophisticated computer program that is linked to the Mexican Patent and Trademark Office (MPTO), Goodrich can provide its clients with timely notices of due dates and decisions made by the MPTO. It also performs trademark searches and prepares and registers user agreements. Goodrich registers copyrights and draft agreements between authors and publishers. Due to recent changes in technology, the firm is increasingly being called on for assistance in licensing and litigation relating to computer software. Its attorneys handle litigation for clients in areas such as licensing, patent and trademark infringement, including counterfeiting, pirating and unlawful duplication of computer software. The firm is focused on facilitating the exchange of specialised knowledge. It offers expertise in relation to the acquisition of rights and in transactions involving licensing and transfer of technology, as well as in technology joint ventures, research and development, supply and distribution agreements and dispute resolution. Currently, Goodrich has collaborating attorneys throughout the country. The firm’s participation in the Bomchil Group, an association with offices in every Latin American country, enables it to ensure that its clients are fully and efficiently represented, in a timely fashion, wherever their business takes them.




Alonso Rivera Gaxiola Partner Tel: +52 (55) 10-84-12-30 Tel: +52 (55) 10-84-12-30 Fax: +52 (55) 10-84-12-39

Rivera Gaxiola, Carrasco y Barrera, S.C. is a law firm dedicated to litigation, made up of professionals who have the highest level of responsibility and care for clients. Its main office is located in Mexico City, with further offices in Monterrey, Nuevo León. The firm practises throughout Mexico through its own staff, along with strategic alliances with the most prestigious local firms. Its practice areas include: civil and commercial litigation, bankruptcy proceedings, financial restructuring, shareholder disputes, administrative litigation, national and international commercial arbitration, telecommunications, aviation and maritime law.

Boulevard Manuel Avila Camacho 32 11th Floor Torre Esmeralda III, Mexico City, CP 11000 Mexico

Alonso Rivera Gaxiola, founder and directing partner of Rivera Gaxiola, Carrasco y Barrera, S.C., is a Mexican attorney with more than 20 years of experience. He is a specialist in civil, commercial, corporate and administrative litigation, bankruptcy proceedings, national and international financial restructuring, as well as national and international commercial arbitration. Throughout his career, Mr Rivera Gaxiola has faced the most complex cases with tremendous challenges and superb success. He focuses his practice on bankruptcy protection measures and financial restructuring, as well as on disputes between shareholders. Financial restructures regularly involve more than one judicial system and culture, due to the complexity and sophistication of international commerce, relations and transactions. Therefore, Mr Rivera Gaxiola must exercise great understanding and abilities, as well as a great deal of creativity. When dealing with shareholder disputes, his greatest challenge is to avoid a negative effect on the company’s operations and business while the shareholders resolve their differences and the courts adjudicate claims. The cases Mr Rivera Gaxiola takes on regularly require complex strategies focused on solutions that meet his clients’ goals and objectives.




With 10 partners and 49 associates, RIAALAW is one of the largest and most wellreputed laws firms in Pakistan. It is the only law firm that has offices in four major cities of Pakistan – Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar. The firm also has an office in Kabul, the heart of re-emerging Afghanistan, and affiliated offices in Beijing and London. Further, it is the exclusive member firm in Pakistan for Lex Mundi, the world’s leading network of independent law firms, with in-depth experience in more than 100 countries worldwide. The firm is known for its expertise in mergers & acquisitions, corporate advisory, energy, project finance and franchising. It also offers legal services in other practice areas, including: arbitration, competition laws, cyber laws and intellectual property, immigration, infrastructure development, insurance, litigation, media, petroleum and natural resources, real estate, tax, telecommunication and trade remedy. The firm has the advantage of having qualified specialists in the aforementioned practice areas, and adheres to high professional standards and a strict moral code, which is the key to its success and its retention of loyal clients throughout the years.

Bilal Shaukat Partner Tel: +92-21-35865198 Tel: +92-21-3586-5198 / 3587-2879 Fax: +92-21-3587-0014 RIAALAW Karachi D-67/1, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi Pakistan

As recognition of the outstanding quality of its legal services, RIAALAW has received the following awards in 2013: the Pakistan Firm of the Year Award by Chambers Asia Pacific; the Corporate Law Firm of the Year in Pakistan and Franchising Law Firm of the Year in Pakistan by Corporate INTL; and the Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation Award. In addition, it has been recommended as one of the top tier law firms by IFLR 1000, ‘The Guide to the World’s Leading Financial Law Firms’, for 2014, as well as being named as one of the top tier law firms by The Legal 500. Moreover, Mr Ahsan Zahir Rizvi, Mr Hasnain Naqvee, Mr Yousaf Khosa and Mr Bilal Shaukat, partners of the firm, have been ranked as ‘Leaders in their Field’ by Chambers Global 2013.




José Carlos Soares Machado Partner Tel: +351 21 313 20 00 Tel: +351 21 313 20 00 Fax: +351 21 313 20 01 Rua D. Francisco Manuel de Melo, 21 1070-085 Lisboa N 38.728202º W -9.15921º Portugal

SRS Advogados is a full-service law firm that has expanded significantly in recent years, and is comprised of more than 100 lawyers. It offers clients a strong position in the national and international market, benefiting from a presence in Lisbon, Funchal and Oporto (the latter by way of association), as well as a firstrate international presence through a number of international partnerships, namely in Angola, Brazil and Mozambique. Focus, drive, commitment, innovation and ambition are the values of its team, which works cohesively and with constant dedication to the client. The Litigation and Arbitration Department at SRS comprises a team of lawyers who are specialised in civil and commercial litigation, as well as international and domestic arbitration, insolvency and corporate restructuring. The lawyers have extensive experience in all areas of judicial dispute resolution (civil and commercial) and arbitration. They provide legal assistance to both national and international clients in a large variety of sectors, including auto, aviation, commerce and services, consumer, financial markets, patents, pharmaceutical and telecommunications, among others. José Carlos Soares Machado, head of the Litigation and Arbitration Department at SRS, has more than 30 years of experience in civil and commercial advocacy. He is specialised in dispute resolution and corporate arbitration. Currently, he is the president of the Portuguese Circle of Litigation Lawyers, a private association whose members are the heads of dispute resolution departments of all the major Portuguese law firms. He is also a visiting professor at the Faculty of Law of the New University of Lisbon (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), as well as an author of several published works on constitutional law, corporate law and real estate law. Further, Mr Soares Machado is a member of the International Commercial Arbitration Committee of the International Law Association. He is also a member of the National Supervisory Board of Insolvency Administrators, as representative of the Minister of Justice. He was general-secretary at Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Lisbon (Government Social Security Institute); Chief of the Cabinet of the Minister of Labour; and legal adviser on dispute resolution at the Ministry of Social Affairs. He was also vicepresident of Sporting Club de Portugal, and head of its litigation department. Regarding the Portuguese Bar Association, he was a presidential candidate in 1998, having taken on the roles of president of the Lisbon District Council, member of the National Governance Council and member of the National Supreme Council.




VIEIRA COSTA GOMES Sociedade de advogados, RL

Vieira, Costa Gomes-Sociedade de Advogados, RL was founded by Filomena Vieira and Margarida Costa Gomes, who have been practising law for more than 20 years. They handle all client matters, from initial contact to the very last meeting. The firm’s legal expertise, continuous study, integrity and independence enable it to make decisions in the best interests of clients. Filomena Vieira’s practice focuses on providing counsel to Portuguese and European companies to address licensing, zoning, environmental and public legal challenges related to clients’ investments. She has broad experience in all aspects of planning, developing and monitoring projects, particularly in tourism and health infrastructures. VIEIRA COSTA GOMES She regularly advises on investment decisions, both national and international, including those related to public procurement procedures and EU funds. In the context of the present European Funding Schemes, Ms Vieira has wide experience holding de advogados, RL preparation, Sociedade performing and closing audits of applications, particularly those concerning health, I&D, IT and industrial projects. She is also very experienced in litigation in administrative courts.

Filomena Vieira Co-Founder / Partner Tel: +351 217 810 910 Tel: +351 217 810 910 Fax: +351 217 810 919 Edifício Presidente Avenida Miguel Bombarda, nº 36 – 5º B 1050-165 Lisboa Portugal

In addition, Ms Vieira has wide experience in advising public administration and private companies in questions related to infrastructure, PPP, health, public procurement and public law, litigation and arbitration. She was appointed as adviser of the Minister of Economic Affairs and the Minister of Finance, and has also been adviser of Minister of Health, namely representing the government in the Monitoring Committee for the transformation of hospitals into public limited corporations. She has vast experience in the drafting of legislative proposals. Ms Vieira graduated in Law from the Portuguese Catholic University in 1989, and was awarded an LL.M in Juridical-Political Sciences (Administrative Law) from the Lisbon University Law School in 1995. She lectured on administrative law for 20 years and currently lectures on public procurement and regulatory law at a post-graduate level, organised by several Portuguese law schools of Lisbon. She also acts as a speaker in many seminars, in particular about e-procurement. Moreover, Ms Vieira is member of the Portuguese Bar Association, the European Group for Public Administration and the International Bar Association. She is fluent in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.




Raluca Vasilescu Partner Tel: +4021 260 28 33/34

Raluca Vasilescu started her career in IP in 1995, when Mrs Oproiu decided to open a new patent and trademark attorney firm, Cabinet M. Oproiu, and asked her to join.. She handles patent and trademark matters ranging from prosecution to enforcement.

Tel: +4021 260 28 33/34 Fax: +4021 260 28 35/36

In Romania, Cabinet M. Oproiu provides the following services: acquiring IP rights in patents, trademarks, designs including oppositions and appeals; nullity proceedings for patents, trademarks and designs; and infringement proceedings for patents, trademarks and design. The firm also handles court proceedings for the cancellation and enforcement of IP rights, as well as appeal proceedings against decisions of the Romanian Patent and Trademark Office. Within the firm, Mrs Vasilescu mainly handles prosecution matters.

Popa Savu 42, Ground Floor, Suite 1, PO Box 2-229, Bucharest Romania

In Europe, she assists with the filing and prosecution of European patents, including related oppositions and appeals, and community trademarks, including related oppositions and appeals. Mrs Vasilescu is one of Cabinet M. Oproiu’s designate members of INTA, ECTA and AIPPI. She is a member of the Anti-Counterfeiting Committee and the Council of the European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA) and vice-president of the Romanian Group of AIPPI. Since April 2013, she has been the president of the Romanian Chamber of Patent Attorneys. She speaks English, French, and Spanish fluently. Further, she is a registered Romanian trademark attorney, 1996, community trademark and design attorney, 2007, Romanian patent attorney, 1999, and European patent attorney, 2003. Ms Vasilescu is the author of numerous articles in the field of industrial property, most of them published in the World IP Review, WIPR Digest and Pharmaceutical Trademarks Guide. She is also the author of the Romanian chapter in the Vrins / Schneider book ‘Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Through Border Measures’, published by Oxford University Press in 2012. Her current writing projects include contributing to two books of commentaries on the Community Trade Mark Regulation and respectively on the Community Design Regulation in the English Language, to be published by C.H. Beck, Hart, Nomos, 2014.




Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners is an IP law firm providing a full range of services in all fields related to intellectual property. It consists of approximately 310 working professionals, including more than 130 IP attorneys and attorneys at law, working together to provide a full range of services to the full satisfaction of both domestic and overseas clients. The firm has often been referred to as the largest IP law firm in Korea. It has always strived to provide quality services for its clients. Since its inception in 1985, the firm has evolved and grown in size, but its motto – “Best service to the full satisfaction of the clients” – has remained the same. Its foreign clients have commented: “The applications prepared by your firm are better than any other ones from Korea” – “We have no reservation in recommending your services to our clients.”

Jay Jehyun Kim Senior Partner Tel: +82-2-580-4224 Tel: +82-2-588-8585 Fax: +82-2-588-8586 12F Daelim Acrotel, 13 Eonju-ro 30-gil (Dogok-dong), Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-971 South Korea

The spectrum of Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners’ service covers all aspects of intellectual property and technology. Highly experienced trademark attorneys also provide quality services for trademark cases. In addition to the firm’s strong prosecution practice, for which it has been ranked as a top-tier firm in Korea by several IP survey institutions, it is also active in technology and IP rights analysis, performing due diligence, IP consulting, licensing, patent mapping and IP portfolio management. Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners provides a well-reputed service in IP dispute matters. In collaboration with Yulchon, a top-tier litigation firm it formed a strategic alliance with in 2008, the firm’s litigation team has handled a number of high-profile IP dispute cases, including the ongoing case of Apple v Samsung Electronics. The firm’s attorneys share a unified vision and values. One of Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners’ principal objectives is to serve its clients by establishing stable, reliable, and long-term relationships. Another is to understand and anticipate its clients’ needs and interests by fostering collaboration, collegiality and mutual support among members, as well as foreign associate firms, in proactive and mutually beneficial ways. The firm’s services have continuously been enhanced and developed to fully satisfy every need of its clients.




Walter H Boss Partner Tel: +41 44 220 12 12 Tel: +41 44 220 12 12 Fax: +41 44 220 12 13 Bellerivestrasse 241, 8034 Zurich Switzerland

Poledna Boss Kurer AG (PBK) is a full service interdisciplinary business law firm, located in Zurich, Switzerland. It was founded by four experienced practitioners, with their respective teams, and has since grown to more than 20 professionals. Walter H Boss, one of PBK’s founding partners, was admitted to the bar in 1980. His areas of concentration are national and international tax law, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and corporate restructurings. He also advises private clients. Until 1984, Mr Boss served in the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (International Tax Law Division) as legal counsel and was a delegate to the OECD Committee of Fiscal Affairs. He then worked as an attorney with major firms in Lugano and Zurich. In 1988, he became a partner at Ernst & Young’s International Services Office in New York. Upon his return to Switzerland in 1991, he joined a major law firm in Zurich, prior to co-founding PBK. Mr Boss is a member of the Zurich Bar Association, the Swiss Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association and the International Fiscal Association. He is also a member of the Practice Council of the New York University Law School’s International Tax Program. Further, he serves as chairman of the Tax Chapter Board of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce. PBK offers the full range of services typically required in the context of international transactions and restructurings, namely corporate, contractual, tax and labour law advice. It assists clients in corporate tax matters primarily by providing tax advice on restructurings and obtaining a ruling from the competent tax authorities. It also engages in tax litigation and does corporate tax compliance. In addition, it has longstanding expertise in providing corporate legal and regulatory advice. The firm’s unique selling point, from a corporate tax law standpoint, is the experience of its tax lawyers and their awareness of current developments, as well as the administrative practice in the field of tax, which allows them to give concise and well founded advice. In regards to Swiss tax law, the federal and cantonal tax authorities still have a relatively high discretion. Therefore, PBK faces the challenges of whether the competent tax authorities will accept a given structure from a tax point of view. The certainty for the taxpayer renders the Swiss market very attractive to foreign investment. But also from the legal perspective, there is certainty of law, especially regarding M&A transactions.




DELANEY PARTNERS is a group of leading commercial lawyers in The Bahamas, advising financial, business and private clients. John K F Delaney QC heads the firm’s insolvency practice, bringing leading counsel experience and know-how. His insolvency litigation practice spans more than 20 years.

John K F Delaney QC Senior Partner Tel: +242-702-4500

Mr Delaney has been counsel to liquidators, receivers, creditors, shareholders and boards of directors in corporate insolvencies, as well as instructing counsel on behalf of creditors, liquidators and receivers in cross-border insolvencies.

Tel: +242-702-4500 Fax: +242-702-4524

In 2009, he undertook a period of public service as the attorney-general and Minister of Legal Affairs, where he led comprehensive legislative action in support of the financial services industry. His strong command of this area of practice made him well suited to spearhead a modernisation of the laws of The Bahamas on corporate insolvencies, resulting in a state-of-the-art regime, which came into force on April 30, 2012.

Lyford Manor, West Building, Lyford Cay, PO Box CB-13007, Nassau, The Bahamas

DELANEY PARTNERS regularly advises in cross-border insolvency engagements, such as representing a receiver appointed by the United States District Court for recognition in The Bahamas; representing joint official liquidators appointed by the Supreme Court of The Bahamas over foreign entities which conducted business from The Bahamas; and advising in the liquidations of entities in an international group of companies alleged to have perpetrated a Ponzi scheme in multiple jurisdictions. The firm’s advisory services include guiding strategy development, liaising with local and foreign regulators, instructing foreign counsel, facilitating recognition in foreign jurisdictions, advising on complex issues arising in the course of cross-border investigations and representing joint official liquidators in various court applications. The team’s extensive insolvency practice experience includes the following: • Counsel to court appointed liquidators of investment funds, private banks and trust companies; • Counsel to petitioners of the liquidation of private banks, funds and trading concerns; • Bahamian counsel to receivers appointed by the US District Court; • Legal advisor to liquidators of a financial institution based in a neighbouring Commonwealth Caribbean jurisdiction; • Representing former directors in proceedings brought by court appointed liquidators; and • Advising on issues arising in proposed pre-packaged receiverships or liquidations.” DELANEY PARTNERS are leading commercial attorneys providing legal solutions for business.




Tunç Lokmanhekim Partner Tel: +90 212 327 1724 Tel: +90 212 327 1724 Fax: +90 212 327 1725 Citlenbik Sok. No.12 Yildiz Mahallesi 34349 Besiktas Istanbul Turkey

ELİG, Attorneys-at-Law is an independent Turkish law firm, with a legal team of 42 people. It collaborates with many international law firms on various projects and takes pride in being able to assist its clients in most areas of law. Its main practice areas are corporate / commercial law, mergers & acquisitions, competition law, EC law, banking and finance, litigation, energy, oil and gas law, administrative law, real estate law and intellectual property law. Tunç Lokmanhekim, a partner at the firm, practises in M&A, general corporate / contracts and private equity. He is admitted to the Istanbul Bar, 1997, and is a member of the International Bar Association. ELİG has extensive experience in advising on general corporate / commercial law matters under Turkish law. It provides legal counselling concerning long-term strategic business planning and day-to-day operations of its clients. It also assists international and local clients in a wide range of fields. The firm handles the incorporation and restructuring of corporations, opening up branches and establishment of liaison offices, as well as the liquidation of corporations. It also advises on corporate governance issues, such as organisation of general assemblies and regulation of signature authorities, as well as the obtainment of work and residence permits for expatriates. Further, it assists clients with Employment Contracts; Stock Option Agreements; Licence Agreements; Franchise Agreements; Distributorship and Agency Contracts; Supply Agreements; Toll Manufacturing Agreements; Confidentiality Agreements; Revenue Sharing Agreements; Cooperation Agreements; Rent Contracts; Hire-Down Agreements; Subscription Agreements; Advertising Agreements; Services Agreements; Lease Agreements; Facility Management Agreements; and Construction Agreements. ELİG’s aim is to provide its clients with high quality legal services in an efficient and business-minded manner. It focuses on their interests and strives to find flexible legal solutions that fit their ever-changing needs concerning their international and domestic operations.




At Matthew Arnold & Baldwin we are committed to supporting our clients’ business needs by providing insightful, commercially astute and client focused advice, all while offering real value for money. We have differentiated our services from those of our peers through recognising our clients’ requirement for a high quality, cost effective alternative to the City. We have developed an innovative, hybrid resourcing model, offering multi-layered services which combine bespoke advice for complex matters with high quality, process driven, cost-effective services. Our core sectors are: Banking and Finance; Technology, Media and Telecommunications; and Life Sciences and Healthcare. Our clients tell us that they value advisors who truly understand the intricacies of their industries, and use that knowledge to offer proactive, commercially-astute advice coupled with services which offer real value for money. By harnessing our teams’ experiences and interests in our three core sectors, and investing in the development of these practice areas, we are able to do just that. Being an expert in a particular field doesn’t happen by accident; it is the result of careful planning, consistent input and unrivalled dedication.

Freddie Harrison Marketing Manager Tel: +44 (0)20 7936 4600 Tel: +44 (0)20 7936 4600 Fax: +44 (0)20 7842 3300 124 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1PT

We have won awards for, amongst other things, our commitment to client care, our innovative approach to tackling the minefield of challenges facing the Life Sciences sector, and our determination to recruit and invest in a diverse workforce.




Charles Rettig Managing Principal Tel: +1 310-281-3200 Tel: +1 310-281-3200 Fax: +1 310-859-1430 Hochman, Salkin, Rettig, Toscher & Perez, P.C. 9150 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 300 Beverly Hills, California 90212

HOCHMAN, SALKIN, RETTIG, TOSCHER & PEREZ, P.C., is internationally recognized as the preeminent tax law firm on the West Coast. The reputation of the firm for excellence and integrity in the tax community is unparalleled. The firm specializes in federal and state civil and criminal tax litigation, tax controversies and tax disputes with the federal, state, and local taxing authorities, white collar criminal defense, estate and business planning, probate, tax-exempt organizations, real estate, business and corporate transactions, and civil forfeitures. The firm’s attorneys serve on prestigious committees of the state and local bar and accounting associations and many are regular contributors to leading journals and publications involving tax matters. The members of the firm recently co-authored the Tax Management Portfolio “Tax Crimes” (Pub. 636) (2d.) published by the Bureau of National Affairs. With respect to taxrelated matters, few firms have the resources, expertise and collective experience offered by HOCHMAN, SALKIN, RETTIG, TOSCHER & PEREZ, P.C. Several of the firm’s attorneys gained their initial experience while working as Attorney-Advisors for the United States Tax Court in Washington, D.C., as tax prosecutors for the Office of the United States Attorney for the Central District of California, as trial attorneys for the Tax Division of the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. or the Office of District Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service. Some have been appointed to serve on the IRS Advisory Council, the Advisory Board for the California Franchise Tax Board and the Advisory Council for the California State Board of Equalization. The firm maintains an active national civil tax litigation and criminal tax defense practice and has received many notable decisions on behalf of its clients before the Federal Appellate Courts, the Federal District Courts, the Bankruptcy Courts, the United States Tax Court, various state courts, the California Franchise Tax Board, the California State Board of Equalization, and the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. The firm enjoys a favorable reputation and is highly respected within the government as a result of its representation of individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, and others in administrative tax controversies and tax disputes before the Internal Revenue Service, the Franchise Tax Board, the State Board of Equalization, and the Employment Development Department. Firm representatives have participated in coordinating efforts of hundreds of other private tax practitioners in discussions and negotiations with the IRS resulting in the announcement of various IRS settlement initiatives bringing thousands of U.S. taxpayers into compliance and literally billions of dollars of revenue into the government. More recently, firm representatives have actively participated in numerous similar discussions regarding the IRS offshore voluntary disclosure programs (OVDP) as well as coordinating a venue for the dissemination of information to numerous taxpayer representatives and others. These ongoing efforts continue to provide significant benefits to U.S. taxpayers and their representatives throughout the world. The firm’s extensive tax expertise includes a strong emphasis in numerous areas of civil tax and criminal tax including: The firm is internationally recognized as a leader in the representation of taxpayers throughout the world in matters involving the ongoing, extensive efforts of the U.S. government to identify undeclared interests in foreign financial accounts, voluntary disclosures (OVDP and otherwise), sensitive issue civil tax examinations, criminal tax investigations and prosecutions. The firm has represented literally hundreds of U.S. taxpayers participating in various IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs (OVDP) and other forms of disclosure regarding foreign financial account values far exceeding billions of dollars, in the aggregate. The firm has also represented numerous taxpayers involved in Grand Jury investigations, criminal prosecutions and, when beneficial for the client, the effective negotiation of plea agreements involving the alleged misuse of foreign entities to conceal legal and beneficial interests in foreign financial accounts and assets. Few other firms have the similar firm-wide depth of knowledge and experience necessary to effectively represent the interests of their clients in these matters.




William M Sharp, Sr is a partner at Sharp Partners P.A., an international law firm whose practice focuses on international tax matters with a particular emphasis on US inbound and outbound tax planning, international trust and estate planning, cross-border M&A and related global business restructurings, as well as US Tax Court proceedings, IRS appeals matters and offshore voluntary disclosure cases. Mr Sharp splits his time among the firm’s Tampa, Zurich and San Francisco offices. He represents United States-based clients as well as foreign-based clients with respect to international tax and legal matters and often serves in a ‘special counsel’ role, working in conjunction with clients’ general counsel, in-house counsel, accountants, financial advisers and trust companies, both in the United States and abroad. He earned his BS degree in Accounting and Economics from Drake University, with honours and passing the CPA exam; his JD from Indiana University, magna cum laude; and his LLM in Taxation, from New York University. He is a member of the Florida Bar, is listed in The Best Lawyers in America for taxation as well as international trade, and has the highest attorney rating given by Martindale-Hubbell (AV).

William M Sharp, Sr Partner Tel: +1 813 286 4199 Tel: +1 813 286 4199 Fax: +1 813 286 4197 4890 W. Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 900, Tampa, Florida 33609 United States

Mr Sharp has served as an adjunct professor at the Stetson University School of Law and a lecturer at the University of South Florida Executive MBA programme. Further, he has authored or co-authored numerous law review, law journal, bar association and similar articles and outlines dealing with the topics of international taxation, tax controversies, foreign investment and taxation matters. This includes publications in The International Lawyer, Tax Notes International, Tax Notes, The Florida Bar Journal, Indiana Law Review, Real Estate Law Journal, Southwestern Law Journal, Taxes - The Tax Magazine and The Texas Bar Journal. Moreover, Mr Sharp has been a member of the Society of International Business Fellows since 1985, and previously served as chairman in 2001. He is currently serving on the Indiana University McKinney School of Law Alumni Board of Directors. He is also a member of the Board of Advisors of The Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia, and is a frequent speaker on international tax and business law matters. Mr Sharp has also has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, Bloomberg, USA Today and other US and non-US media on international tax topics.




Darius Keyhani Founding Member Tel: +1 212-380-1325 Tel: +1 212 760-0098 Fax: +1 212 202-3819 330 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10017 United States

Meredith & Keyhani, PLLC, is a sophisticated intellectual property boutique law firm, with a vision of providing the highest quality legal services to clients around the globe. Meredith & Keyhani takes special pride in its ability to provide personalised attention to the needs of its clients at competitive costs. The firm has offices in Madison Avenue, Princeton, NJ and East Aurora. Intellectual property is increasingly becoming among the most important assets of every enterprise. With the globalisation of the world economy and commerce in recent years, the practice of law has also internationalised. Through strategic alliances with lawyers in countries around the world, Meredith & Keyhani makes the often challenging process of procuring and enforcing intellectual property rights in multiple jurisdictions almost seamless. It effectively and efficiently addresses cutting-edge legal issues in this dynamic area of law. Darius Keyhani heads the patent and intellectual property litigation and licensing practice of the firm, as well as advising clients on all aspects of intellectual property law. Mr Keyhani has achieved extraordinary results representing individuals and private and publicly held corporations in all phases of high-stakes and complex litigation from preliminary hearings through trial and settlement negotiations in patent, trade secret, copyright, trademark and unfair competition litigation in federal courts throughout the United States. His qualifications include: LLM, New York University School of Law; JD, State University of New York (Buffalo); MS, University of Rochester School of Medicine; MS Ed, University of Rochester Graduate School of Education; and BA, Cum Laude, University of Rochester.




Gary R Pannone is one of the founders of Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC (PLDW) and serves as the firm’s managing partner. PLDW is a full service law firm with offices in several US states, including Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. It employs more than 30 lawyers practising in multiple disciplines. The firm’s primary areas of practice include administrative law, business law, municipal infrastructure law, special masterships, civil litigation, employment law, government relations, real estate development, equity financing, trust litigation and estate planning. Its clients include individuals, start-up companies, closely held businesses, public companies, non-profit organisations, developers, municipalities and quasi-governmental agencies. PLDW is distinguished as one of the top ranked law firms in the region and has been selected as among the Best Law Firms in America by US News – Best Lawyers. The firm’s attorneys have consistently been recognised by their peers as Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers. They are cross-trained in multiple disciplines and work in teams, which promotes a more efficient platform to deliver creative solutions to complex legal issues.

Gary R Pannone, Esq. Managing Partner Tel: +1-401-824-5100 Tel: +1-866-353-3310 Fax: +1-866-353-5020 317 Iron Horse Way Providence, RI 02908 United States

Attorney Pannone leads the firm’s business law and non-profit organisations practices. His experience as a business lawyer spans over 30 years in the areas of business formations, corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and corporate compliance. He represents closely held businesses and non-profit organisations, including healthcare providers. His legal and business skills are recognised annually by Best Lawyers, Chambers USA and Corporate Counsel. He was recently honoured as the 2014 Lawyer of the Year in Rhode Island for his skills in the area of corporate and corporate compliance. In 2006, the founders of PLDW departed from an international law firm when they decided to form a different type of law firm platform based upon collegiality and teamwork that would deliver high quality legal services to their clients in a more cost-effective way. Several members of the firm, who are among the most respected practitioners in the region and were former partners in large national and international law firms, have joined PLDW as a result of the firm’s integrated approach to problem solving and training of young lawyers.


Corporate INTL

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