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Intellectual Property Adviser Guide Introduction Intellectual property (IP) protection is fundamental to a company’s success. Legal protection for the expression of creative ideas and the outcomes of scientific research is essential for the development and long term growth of business and innovation. Intellectual property encompasses the legal property rights over creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial, and the corresponding fields of law. Under intellectual property law, owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets such as musical, literary and artistic works; ideas, discoveries and inventions; as well as words, phrases, symbols and designs. Common types of intellectual property include copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets. For many companies, intellectual property is an extremely valuable, but not fully appreciated or understood, asset. All businesses have intellectual property, regardless of their size or sector. A company’s IP is likely to be a valuable asset. Securing and protecting it could be essential to a business’s future success. The first step to protecting and exploiting a business’s intellectual property successfully is carrying out a systematic IP audit. This is not always a straightforward task, as IP doesn’t just reside in patents held or trademarks registered. One must also consider items such as any bespoke software, written material, domain names and customer databases. The majority of IP rights provide creators of original works with economic incentive to develop and share ideas through a form of temporary monopoly. Although many of the legal principles governing

intellectual property have evolved over the centuries, it was not until the late 20th century that the term ‘intellectual property’ began to be used as a unifying concept. Solicitors within this field work in a broad range of areas, but most commonly ones for which design is central to their business, such as manufacturing and the creative industries. Intellectual property essentially provides a controlled monopoly for designers to exploit. An intellectual property solicitor works on the sale and purchase of IP, its registration and licensing – as well as dealing with third-party IP claims. The International Bar Association (IBA) – William B Bunker “I don’t consider myself a patent prosecutor – rather, I am a patent strategist and IP adviser to my clients.” – William B Bunker The International Bar Association (IBA) influences the development of international law reform and shapes the future of the legal profession throughout the world. It has a membership of more than 45,000 individual lawyers and more than 200 bar associations and law societies spanning all continents. It has considerable expertise in providing assistance to the global legal community. William B Bunker is Co-Chair of the Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committee (IBA) and a partner at Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, LLP, an intellectual property law firm. He specialises in patent prosecution and other forms of intellectual property protection primarily for the medical device industry.

Mr Bunker received his Juris Doctorate from the J Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University in 1978, graduating cum laude. He was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1978 and is admitted to practise before the US Patent and Trademark Office and the US District Courts in California. He is a member of the Orange County Bar Association, American Intellectual Property Law Association, and the International Bar Association. Further, Mr Bunker has been a contributing author on intellectual property law for the Los Angeles Daily Journal, including such topics as the GATT amendments to US intellectual property laws, European Community Trade Mark system, colour trademarks, doctrine of equivalents, declaratory judgement practice, etc. He has lectured on intellectual property law to the World Trade Association of San Diego, the Orange County and San Diego Patent Law Associations, San Diego’s High Technology Section of the CPA Society, the UCSD CONNECT Program on Technology and Entrepreneurship, the High Technology Section of the Orange County Bar Association, the Tax and Business Law Section of the Riverside County Bar Association, Licensing Executives Society, and the International Bar Association. Intellectual property around the world Globalisation and the rapid proliferation of technology have elevated the importance of IP protection for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The intangible nature of IP and the worldwide inconsistency of standard practices create challenges for international businesses wishing to protect their inventions, brands and business methods in foreign markets. Internationally, avenues to address IP infringement vary by country – and are dictated by local law.

Within the EU, a uniform system of protection of IP property rights, ranging from industrial property to copyright and related rights, constitutes the foundation for creativeness and innovation. Respect of the basic principles of the internal market (the free movement of goods and services and free competition) is based on standardisation of IP at European level. Protection of IP is covered by many international conventions, most of which are implemented by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Moreover, the EU possesses two important bodies to carry out its missions: the Office for Harmonisation in the International Market (OHIM), which is responsible for the registration of community trademarks and designs, and the European Patent Office (EPO). Copyright and related rights provide an incentive for the creation of and investment in new works (music, films, print media, software, performances, broadcasts, etc) and their exploitation, thereby contributing to improved competitiveness, employment and innovation. The field of copyright is associated with important cultural, social and technological aspects, all of which have to be taken into account in formulating policy in this field. There has been significant harmonisation of the substantive copyright law to reduce barriers to trade and to adjust the framework to new forms of exploitation. Common ground is also needed with respect to the rules on the enforcement of rights, i.e. on access to justice, sanctions and remedies regarding infringements.



Argentina......................... RIVEIRO Y ASOCIADOS............................................ 43 Australia........................... Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick........................................ 6 Australia........................... Cullens Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys................... 7


The Bahamas.................. KRyS Global............................................................... 44 Bermuda.......................... KRyS Global............................................................... 45 Brazil................................ VICENTE NOGUEIRA ADVOGADOS........................... 8


China............................... Eagle IP Ltd................................................................. 9 ° ˇ Czech Republic............... Rott, Ružicka & Guttmann.......................................... 10


Dominica......................... Stowe & Co................................................................ 11


France............................. Cabinet Debay........................................................... 12


India................................. LEX ORBIS................................................................. 13 Israel................................ Ehrlich & Fenster........................................................ 31 Italy.................................. Rucellai & Raffaelli..................................................... 14


Japan............................... SUGIMURA................................................................ 15 Jordan............................. Beiruti Attorneys & Counselors at Law, Amman........ 32


Kenya.............................. Walker Kontos............................................................ 33 Korea (South).................. YOU ME Patent & Law Firm....................................... 16


Mexico............................. DUMONT................................................................... 17 Mexico............................. Becerril, Coca & Becerril, S.C................................... 18 Morocco.......................... Kettani Law................................................................ 34


New Zealand................... Minter Ellison.............................................................. 19 Nigeria............................. Okonjo, Odiawa & Ebie.............................................. 20 Nigeria............................. Kusamotu & Kusamotu.............................................. 35 Nigeria............................. Tayo Oyetibo & Co..................................................... 36 Nigeria............................. SimmonsCooper Partners.......................................... 37 Nigeria............................. JACKSON, ETTI & EDU............................................. 38


Poland............................. POLSERVICE............................................................. 21 Poland............................. Traple......................................................................... 22 Poland............................. JWP............................................................................ 23 Portugal........................... Raul César Ferreira (Herd.), S.A................................ 24


Sierra Leone.................... Macauley, Bangura & Co........................................... 39 Singapore........................ Namazie & Co............................................................ 25 South Africa..................... SizweNtsalubaGobodo.............................................. 40 Sudan.............................. Elarabi Auditing and Financial Consultancy.............. 41


Texas............................... Osha Liang LLP US.................................................. 26


Uganda............................ Birungyi, Barata & Associates................................... 42


Venezuela........................ M. Uzcátegui & Asociados........................................ 27 Venezuela........................ Bolet & Terrero........................................................... 28 Vietnam............................ ANNAM IP&LAW........................................................ 29

Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick Australia Graham Cowin

Chris Schlicht

Michael O’Donnell

Karen Spark

Graham Cowin Managing Partner Tel: +61 3 9622 2210 Chris Schlicht Partner - Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick Lawyers Tel: +61 3 9622 2221 Michael O’Donnell Partner – Trade Marks Tel: +61 3 9622 2201 Karen Spark Partner – Engineering Tel: +61 8 8232 5199 Level 23, 367 Collins Street


The Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick Group incorporates a patent and trade mark attorney firm, an intellectual property law firm and a research and investigation company, which provide a comprehensive range of intellectual property services. We employ more than 140 people across offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Each of these offices has a team of professionals who specialise in helping identify, protect and defend intellectual property through research, advice, securing, managing, licensing, litigation patent, trade mark, design and copyright services. Our attorneys and lawyers provide a wide range of technical and professional qualifications and experience in diverse areas, including: Aeronautical Engineering - Biotechnology - Business Methods - Chemical Engineering - Chemistry - Clean Technology - Civil Engineering - Electrical Engineering - Electronics - Horticulture Information and Communication Technology - Materials - Mechanical Engineering - Medical Technology - Metallurgy - Mining Technology Nanotechnology - Pharmaceuticals - Physics - Polymers - Resources - Sustainabilit Our professionals are actively involved in promoting intellectual property in Australia and around the world through education, conference talks and memberships of professional associations. This enables us to remain abreast of IP developments as they occur and stay up to date with the latest IP news and information. These affiliations also give us a thorough knowledge of Australian and international IP laws. Through their roles with these groups, our professionals have been instrumental in developing and updating IP law around the globe.

Cullens Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

The Cullens team has experience and expertise in a wide range of technologies, including electrical, electronics and IT, chemical, mechanical, and mining engineering, biotechnology, biology and agriculture, pharmaceuticals and chemistry, as well as industrial designs and trade marks.


Founded in 1936, Cullens is one of Australia’s leading firms of patent and trade mark attorneys with offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Townsville. Cullens also practices direct in New Zealand, and through agents in several South Pacific countries.

Claude Anese

Gary Nock

Gint Silins

Regan Gourley

For over 76 years, domestic and international clients of Cullens have trusted us to provide advice and guidance in all aspects of IP protection and risk management, including Patents - searches & infringement opinions, drafting patent specifications, prosecuting patent applications, patent oppositions and maintaining patents/applications Trade Marks - searches & infringement opinions, trade mark registration, contesting provisional refusals, trade mark oppositions, trade mark renewals Designs - searches & infringement opinions, design registration and design renewals Other IP Services - watching & monitoring services, IP audits, IP litigation assistance, IP transfers & licensing advice, industrial copyright advice, plant breeder’s rights, circuit layout rights, domain names & business names At Cullens, our attorneys aim to provide strategic advice and practical assistance to achieve the client’s objectives in a cost effective manner. “We appreciate that, in the current global economy, service providers are under increasing pressure to offer competitive rates for their work,” said partner Gary Nock. “At Cullens, we take pride in the fact that our clients appreciate the value that we offer by providing services of the highest professional standards, yet at fair and reasonable rates.”

Claude Anese Partner Tel: +61730115555 Gary Nock Partner Tel: +61730115555 Gint Silins Partner Tel: +61730115555 Regan Gourley Partner Tel: +61730115555 Level 32, 239 George Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000


Vicente Nogueira Advogados Brazil Carlos Vicente da S. Nogueira

Mr. Carlos Vicente da S. Nogueira is a registered Brazilian lawyer and Managing Partner of the Vicente Nogueira Advogados São Paulo’s Office. He has been involved with the IP field for more than 25 years and his practice includes all aspects of intellectual property counseling with an emphasis on trade mark prosecution, portfolio management and licensing, trade dress And related law. He has been also involved with patent and industrial designs prosecution, product labeling and advertising, unfair competition and litigation. His office provides fully integrated assistance on IP rights with extensive experience on trademarks, industrial designs and patents prosecution, including clearance opinions, maintenance and portfolio management, licensing, enforcement measures and litigation. Committed to provide his clients with an effective and direct communication, rendering practical assistance and precise and clear opinions, the firm has consolidated a solid image of knowing and understanding their client’s business, always working to build a relationship based on trust and respect to their needs. Being flexible and adaptable to its client’s necessities without jeopardizing the quality of the services the firm provides, VNA has been seen as a trustful and respectful reference in IP law for the Brazilian jurisdiction. Mr. Carlos Vicente da S. Nogueira has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association ABPI from 2004-2007 and as a Co-Advisory Counsel at the Brazilian Industrial Property Agents Association - ABAPI from 2008-2009. He has also been a member of AIPPI, ASIPI, INTA and PTMG. He is also a Foreign Observer at the Asian Patent Attorney Association -APAA.

Carlos Vicente da S. Nogueira Lawyer – Partner Tel: +55 11 3105 0326 Praça Antônio Prado, 33 – 20º andar, São Paulo 01010-010, SP


Eagle IP Ltd. China

EAGLE IP LIMITED is an Intellectual Property (IP) specialty Agency. Its practitioners are well-versed in the IP laws of major jurisdictions, and Eagle IP strives to be the bridge between the East and the West for our client’s IPR matters. This has been the firm’s core value proposition. Together with strategic alliances, Eagle IP offers one-stop, full international legal services for its clients. Eagle IP is a member of the KnowHow IP Group with offices in both HK and Beijing. The Group has more than 50 Chinese, Hong Kong and US patent / trademark / PVR agents / attorneys, covering all technological areas in multiple languages including Chinese, English, French, Korean, and Japanese. Many of the Group’s Chinese patent attorneys had previously worked as patent examiners in the Chinese Patent Office. The Group is able to handle a full spectrum of IP matters not only for drafting, and prosecuting patent and trademark applications, but also technology licensing / commercial transactions and IP enforcement.

Dr. Jacqueline Lui

Eagle IP is also a strategic alliance of Edwards Wildman Palmer, a renowned international law firm. With 650 lawyers and 14 offices across the US, Europe and Asia, Edwards Wildman attorneys are known for their strength in private equity, venture capital, corporate and finance transactions, complex litigation, insurance and reinsurance, and intellectual property. With its strategic partners, Eagle IP can offer its clients a full range of legal services such as IP portfolio management, global IP enforcement and IP and legal due diligence in cross-border transactions. In addition, with a unique and in-depth understanding of the cultural and legal differences between the West and the East, Eagle IP can offer strategic advice for those who want to enter the Chinese market, whether they be small, established or multinational companies.

Dr. Jacqueline Lui Managing Director Tel: (852) 8101-4006 13/F Bright Way Tower, 33 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon


Rott, Růžička & Guttmann Czech Republic

The Rott, Růžička & Guttmann Patent, Trademark and Law Office was founded in 1990. It is a leading intellectual property firm serving domestic and foreign clients from offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Vladimír Rott

Michal Guttmann

Michal Růžička

We handle applications to protect inventions, utility and industrial designs, topographies for semi-conductor products, plant varieties, trademarks and designations of the origin of products, as well as research regarding patents and trademarks. The firm also assists clients with copyright and competition matters. When a clients’ intellectual property rights have been violated, we provide solutions in private law (such as filing claims and applying for preliminary injunctions) and in public law (such as working with customs agencies). The firm counts leading global brand manufacturers as clients for anti-piracy work and has links with practitioners in more than 120 countries. Members of staff are authorized to appear before the Offices of Industrial Property as well as the regular courts in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. One of the firm’s partners is also an arbitrator for the Arbitration Courts of both the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Agriculture. Our senior partners, attorneys at law, patent attorneys, legal clerks and additional collaborators have many years of practical experience in industrial property work and in all relevant scientific and technical fields.

Vladimír Rott Senior Partner Tel: +420 233 371 789 Michal Růžička Senior Partner Tel: +420 233 371 789 Michal Guttmann Senior Partner Tel: +420 233 371 789 Vinohradská 37/938, 12000


The office has a separate branch in Bratislava- Rott, Růžička & Guttmann Patent, Trademark and Law Office v.o.s. (general commercial partnership)- founded in 1993. By providing representation in both the Czech and Slovak Republics, we offer savings for clients. Across our offices, we have 5 attorneys at law and 15 patent attorneys. A separate research team conducts trademark research for world leading search providers. The office provides services in English, German, French, Russian, Slovakian and Japanese. Our partners and patent attorneys are members of the international associations AlPPI, INTA, AlPLA, FICPI,ECTA, MARQUES, and LES.

Stowe & Co Dominica

As one of the younger Law Firms in the Commonwealth of Dominica, we network with a team of experienced lawyers to render advice and provide representation on a full range of issues relating to our areas of practice. We continue to develop strong professional relationships with a diverse Clientele as we act for Individuals, Financial Institutions, Government Agencies, Public and Private Companies. Within the Caribbean, the other jurisdictions in which we practice include, Guyana, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Grenada, Antigua and St. Lucia.

Duncan Stowe Managing Partner Tel: (767) 449-8737 58 River Bank, P.O. Box 1786, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies


Cabinet Debay France

Cabinet Debay is a medium-sized Paris-suburb- based firm of IP (patent and trademark) experts. The firm founded in1984 has a long and successful history on IP searching, clearance and registration in FRANCE, at the European IP Offices, at OMPI (Geneva) and worldwide through a network of foreign law firms.

Yves Debay

Damien Debay

The firm can efficiently help to determine full IP strategies for clients, including worldwide IP protection utilising both the European IP offices as well as international protection l. It can also offer clear and practical advice in other IP related matters such as licensing, infringement, passing-off, IP watching and enforcement generally. Our firm is adaptable, utilises the latest available technology and can advise on matters such as copyright, domain name protection.

Valérie Pirotte

Yves Debay Patent and trademark attorney, Manager and Founder Tel: +33 (0) 1 39 18 46 24 Damien Debay Patent attorney and Partner Tel: +33 (0) 1 39 18 46 24 Valérie Pirotte Trademark and design attorney Tel: +33 (0) 1 39 18 46 24 Ile De France, 126 Élysée 2, 78170 La Celle St Cloud


Founder Yves Debay said: “Our firm may also provide assistance and advice with all activities concerning industrial property and in particular patent rights, namely writing specifications, filing and prosecution of patent applications to obtain registration of French or European patents, prior art search, opposition, filing of models, software protection, protection of integrated circuits, drafting of intellectual property agreements, assistance in case of disputes, legal proceedings for infringement or unfair competition, audits of patents and trademarks and audits of intellectual property agreements, due diligence.

Lex Orbis is a premier IP-Boutique firm based at New Delhi, India. With experienced IP attorneys, expert litigators and scientific and technical professionals, Lex Orbis offers a complete range of IP services to national as well as international companies. The firm has over 30 technical experts/Patent Agents (ranging from PhDs and post-graduates in Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology and Engineers from various streams) to handle Indian and overseas filing and prosecution of patent and design applications. Our trademark department has excelled in managing international portfolios of leading domestic clients as well as handling large portfolios of international clients in over 180 countries. Our trademark attorneys work in association with expert and experienced IP litigators to startegise and advise on contentious trademark matters including oppositions, transactional matters and removal of registered trademarks from the Register. The IP enforcement professionals at Lex Orbis have vast experience in leading some of the most successful Anti-Piracy and Anti-Counterfeiting campaigns in India for book publishers, luxury goods brands, automobile replacement part manufactures, apparel industry and electronic durables brands. Our IP litigators specialize in successfully handling and resolving complex trademark infringement, passing off and domain name disputes before various forums including District civil courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court. Specialties Patents, Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Designs, Copyright, Enforcement & Raids, IP Litigation, Licensing, Opinion drafting


Lexorbis IP Practice

Abhai Pandey

Amaya Singh

Deepak Sriniwas

Srinjoy Banerjee

Abhai Pandey Member – Legal & Contentious Tel: +91 11- 2371 6565 Amaya Singh Head – Trademarks Tel: +91 11- 2371 6565 Deepak Sriniwas Member – Patent Prosecution Tel: +91 11- 2371 6565 Srinjoy Banerjee Member – Design & Copyrights Tel: +91 11- 2371 6565 709-710 Tolstoy House, 15-17 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi-110001


Rucellai & Raffaelli Italy

Rucellai&Raffaelli, founded in 1979, is a full-service, independent law firm which has acquired a consolidated expertise in a wide range of practice areas. Based in Milan and having branch offices in Rome and Bologna, the firm currently counts around 70 lawyers, specialised in corporate, antitrust and competition, IP, EU Law, banking and finance, civil and commercial law and employment. Avv. Enrico Adriano Raffaelli

In particular, Rucellai&Raffaelli has been active ever since its foundation in the IP field, where the firm consolidated a significant knowhow in providing a complete assistance to clients, (advising them on patents, trademarks, models, designs, copyrights, parallel imports, unfair competition, trademark and patent licensing). The assistance in this field is ensured in the judicial area, where the IP team’s activities include assistance in: • •

actions for the protection of IP rights, also with precautionary measures before all the competent Courts; the preparation of petitions for the Customs - at a national and European level;

The assistance is also ensured in the extrajudicial area and includes: • •

Avv. Enrico Adriano Raffaelli Partner Tel: + 39 02 76 45 77 43 Avv. Michele Franzosi Lawyer Tel: + 39 02 76 45 771 Avv. Ottavia Raffaelli Lawyer Tel: + 39 02 76 45 771 Via Monte Napoleone, 18, I - 20121 Milano, Italy


advice through the drafting of legal opinion and contracts relating to IP rights; organisation of IP training sessions for the personnel of our clients.

The Firm recently obtained interim measures and judgments before various Italian Courts, regarding cases concerning patents, trademarks, and unfair competition; in several of these cases, the Courts established the publication of the decision on Italian newspapers as Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, IlSole24Ore. The firm’s clients, include leading multinational companies, active in various industries like information technology, manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceutical, insurance, financial services, land and air transport, large-scale distribution, energy and international trade.

SUGIMURA International Patent & Trademark Attorneys

SUGIMURA has earned a national reputation for quality and is repeatedly ranked among top Japanese patent and trademark firms. Their patent and trademark attorneys possess expertise in virtually every technology sector. They are not only skilled in the nuances of intellectual property laws and regulations; they are technical experts in virtually every industry. SUGIMURA attorneys have years of experience working in-house at major corporation as researchers, engineers, and IP professionals. They also have attorneys who have served for decades at the Japanese Patent Office. This combination of expertise allows them to understand the perspectives of corporations and patentees as well as the JPO enabling SUGIMURA to deliver result-oriented solutions to further client’s business objectives. In order to better serve international clients, SUGIMURA established a regional office in Palo Alto, California. The Palo Alto office offers clients the personalized care of a boutique firm with the resources of their global counterparts. Through SUGIMURA’s multilingual teams,both in Tokyo and in Palo Alto, their attorneys are able to meet with foreign clients regularly to develop IP strategies that meet the client’s business goals, discuss intricate technical and legal issues, and give tutorials on Japanese IP practice. Their offices work together seamlessly to deliver tailored solutions and around-theclock service. SUGIMURA attorneys are active in their community, presenting on topics regarding Japanese IP practice in various venues to include, in-house client presentations, patent seminars, and law schools. The firm also publishes articles on Japanese IP practice in magazines distributed around the world.


SUGIMURA International Patent & Trademark Attorneys is a leading intellectual property law firm in Japan founded in 1923. They have 90 years of experience in patent, utility model, design, and trademark law. SUGIMURA has offices in Japan and the United States, providing convenient IP services to both local and international clients. Kenji Sugimura

Tatsuya Sawada

Akihito Okura

Haruo Awano

Kenji Sugimura President Tel: +81-3-3581-2241 Tatsuya Sawada Partner Tel: +1-650-494-4946 Akihito Okura Director, Information Technology Tel: +81-3-3581-2241 Haruo Awano Director, Advanced Science Tel: +81-3-3581-2241 Common Gate West Tower 36th Floor, Kasumigaseki 3-2-1, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan


YOU ME Patent & Law Firm Korea (South)

David Hunjoon Kim

Sukheum Kwon

Chinhi Kim

Wonil Lee

David Hunjoon Kim Attorney-at- Law, Partner Tel: +82-2-3458-0727 Sukheum Kwon Patent Attorney, Partner Tel: +82-2-3458-0727 Chinhi Kim Trademark Attorney, Partner Tel: +82-2-3458-0727 Wonil Lee Patent Attorney, Partner Tel: +82-2-3458-0727 Seolim Building, 649-10 Yoksam-Dong, Kangnam-Ku, Seoul, 135-080


Since its establishment in 1981, YOU ME Patent & Law Firm has grown into a highly recognized and reputable Intellectual Property (IP) firm in Korea. Specializing in the protection of IP rights, ranging from patent, utility model, trademark, and design prosecutions, and legal and supportive services, such as advanced searches, evaluations of technology, licensing, dispute resolutions, and litigation, the key to YOU ME’s success is its clear vision and broad resources, which allows the firm to focus solely on the needs of its clients. Multinational corporations to small entities, and entrepreneurs alike, depend on YOU ME to meet their IP needs, both in Korea and abroad, and as a result, YOU ME has obtained patents and trademarks in over 160 countries, with its jurisdictional expertise increasing with each year. This confidence is reflected by YOU ME’s international composition. YOU ME takes pride in its strong human resources, which includes more than 60 patent and trademark attorneys, 7 attorneys-at-law, 8 foreign consultants, and 150-plus technical engineers and administrative staff, all of whom have significant backgrounds from Korea, Japan, the U.S., Australia, China, the UK, etc. Such professional diversity has allowed YOU ME to successfully establish another office in Washington DC, near the United States Patent & Trademark Office, presenting YOU ME with opportunities to forge long-term relationships with IP Examiners and provide clients with greater accessibility to fulfill their needs. As a young and energetic firm with the experience to handle the most challenging IP matters for international and domestic clients, YOU ME Patent & Law Firm has a proactive approach to finding the most efficient and comprehensive solutions for the advancement of its clients’ IP assets, and is constantly redesigning its work process to lower the costs of IP protection, without sacrificing the quality and integrity of its services.

Dumont Bergman Bider & Co., S.C. was founded in Mexico City in 1940. The firm’s attorneys, engineers and specialists are dedicated to the filing, prosecution, maintenance, protection and enforcement of intellectual property (Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Internet, Data Protection, Industrial and Commercial Secrets). Also, the firm is dedicated to the defense and enforcement of Intellectual Property rights through IP litigation, anti-counterfeiting, enforcement actions, custom seizures and border measures before the Mexican authorities, as well as advisory, counseling, strategies, negotiations and implementation of agreements.


Dumont Bergman Bider & Co., S.C.

Laura Collada

Armando Pinto

Jorge Gómez

Karla Islas

We provide high quality service to our customers around the world in a clear and precise way, about the form, application and interpretation of the laws and regulations in force, case law and International Treaties in IP related subjects as well as means of defense to effectively safeguard those rights before the Mexican Courts Our services also comprise themes in specialized areas such as Copyright, related Rights, Corporate Law, Information Technologies, Anti-Counterfeiting, as well as the drafting and elaboration of Franchise Agreements, appraisals of both brands and patents in compliance with the Financial Information Standards (NIF). We are committed to maintain a leadership position in legal trends, technology and business as well as offering personalized, proactive and preventive legal strategies, corporate tax and added value services that we provide in order to achieve and exceed the expectations desired by our customers. Our ample experience in the field, specialization and constant updating, the use of technology created for the subject (Patrix ® Helpware) and the fact that we are the only company in Mexico certified by TÜV Rheinland (Registration No. 74700 8162) since the year 2008 in both the operational and administrative quality system (ISO 9001:2008) allows us to provide services with high quality standards. DBB is a firm that is client oriented.

Laura Collada Managing Partner Tel: +525553226230 Armando Pinto Partner Tel: +525553226230 Jorge Gómez TM & Litigation Sub Director Tel: +525553226230 Karla Islas Patent Sub Director Tel: +525553226230 Av. Insurgentes Sur 1898 - 21 Floor, Col. Florida, C.P. 01030, México, D.F.


Becerril, Coca & Becerril, SC Mexico

With more than 40 years of influencing the environment of Intellectual Property in Mexico, and keeping innovation as a tradition, Becerril, Coca & Becerril has become a reference in Mexico and abroad in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer matter.

Fernando Becerril

The firm collaborates as strategic ally of major representatives of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, information technology and computing sectors, oil corporations, academic research institutes, universities, and major luxury brand companies. In the past year, the firm has developed a series of business solutions to its clients, e.g., anti-dilution strategies to support notorious and famous trademarks; strategic models for the operation of programs to manage, distribute, negotiate and license IP rights in research institutes; integral protection systems for Trademark portfolios including any actions – administrative, judicial, or civil as well as corporate affairs, negotiation of agreements in the field of technology, trademarks, copyrights - needed. Becerril, Coca & Becerril, S.C. has been a Gold Sponsor for the Cleantech Challenge Mexico 2012, which promotes the development of self-sustainable and ecology-focused companies. Awards and Recognitions. • • • • •

Fernando Becerril CEO Tel: + 5255 5263 8730 Leibnitz 117 PH1, Col. Anzures Del. Miguel Hidalgo, 11590, Mexico City


Technology Law of the Year Award by the Corporate – INTL Magazine for 2011 and 2012. Inspirational Company Award for 2012 by The World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) Top Communicator in Mexico in the website 4 recognized experts in the 2012 edition of The Legal Media Group Guide of the World’s Leading Patent Law Practitioners Tier 1 in Patent Prosecution and Patent Contentious in the Managing Intellectual Property magazine Survey 2013

Minter Ellison Rudd Watts

• • •

• • •

Commercialisation of IP, including structuring, licensing, using IP as security, IP financing, and effective tax structures. Branding strategy, trade mark registration and portfolio management. IP aspects of major corporate transactions, including IP due diligence, preparing practical commercial due diligence reports, and dealing with IP in commercial transactions, including negotiating IP aspects of sale and purchase contracts and licensing resulting from the transaction (mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers, licensing, joint ventures, development agreements, and capital raisings). IP dispute resolution and litigation including trade mark, copyright, Fair Trading Act, passing-off, confidential information. Marketing and advertising, Film and related advisory work. IP relating to major sporting events. IP forms a significant part of our sports law practice.

New Zealand

Our firm has a dedicated IP practice and a leading team headed by Christopher Young. We are a full service corporate law firm and provide full corporate, litigation and commercial law services as well as advising on all aspects of IP work, except patent registration, being best known for:

Christopher Young

Our IP team is part of an Australasian / international practice. We work closely with the Minter Ellison Legal Group’s IP practice, to provide seamless service for clients over both the New Zealand and Australian markets. In addition we have a wide global network of trade mark associates. Through our connections we can assist client’s to implement an effective and efficient international registration/ enforcement strategy for IP. New Zealand has recently acceded to the Madrid Protocol. From 10 December 2012 trade mark applicants can designate New Zealand in their international trade mark applications, and New Zealand businesses will be able to file international trade mark applications. We can assist overseas practitioners to assess and overcome objections raised by the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office. Christopher Young Partner Tel: +64 9 353 9910 Lumley Centre, 88 Shortland Street, Auckland 1010


Okonjo Odiawa & Ebie (Legal Practitioners, Consultants & Trademark Agents) Nigeria

Okonjo, Odiawa & Ebie is a filly integrated and multi dimensional Nigerian business law frim, providing legal services to local and international organisations, governments, institutions and individual clients. One of our key service areas is intellectual property law. The firms intellectual property department has alliances with several IP firms worldwide, and is able to offer services in the area of complex trademark registrations, PCT filings, patent designs and copyright, by way of registration and defence of such rights. Our goal is to secure the increased protection of the intellectual property rights of our clients, in a cost effect and timely manner. Operating in an emerging economy where the strict adherence to the protection of intellectual property rights is relatively nascent, Okonjo, Odiawa & Ebie directs its focus towards optimally harnessing the benefits of Nigeria’s membership in the Paris Convention 1883, Berne Convention 1886, the Universal Copyright Convention 1952, The Rome Convention 1961, the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Agreement 1994 (TRIPS), as well as its membership in the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and the position it holds in the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) as an observer.

Patrick Okonjo Partner Tel: +234 8 062633938 Chetanna Achara Associate Tel: +234 8 066783067 11 Raymond Njoku Street, South-West Ikoyi


We maintain a broad outlook in the protection of intellectual property rights, and have displayed a magnitude of prowess in providing diverse consultancy services in the filing, processing and registration of trademark, patent, copyright and industrial applications, as well as advisory services for the protection of trade secrets/confidential information, geographical indications of source, utility models and all other matters necessarily incidental to the protection of such rights, both locally and internationally. Our membership of the Anti-Counterfeiting Committee of the International Trademarks Association offers us an avenue through which we have succeeded in further circumventing the infringement of intellectual property rights. We remain very keen on enhancing our capabilities, while also developing channels to further protect intellectual property rights both in Nigeria and the sub region.

Polservice Patent and Trademark Attorneys Office Poland

POLSERVICE is one of the biggest patent and trademark attorneys firms in Poland. The firm has been operating on the market since 1964. POLSERVICE currently employs 43 patent and trademark attorneys (including 33 European patent attorneys) specialised in various areas of technology, law and economy, and teams of experienced lawyers and professional translators. POLSERVICE provides a variety of services in all fields of industrial and intellectual property protection for companies and individual clients from all over the world. The main fields of activity include:

Andrzej Ponikiewski

Elżbieta Wilamowska

Anna StopińskaŚlefarska

Stanisława Chrzanowska

patents, utility models and industrial designs - trademarks, trade names, geographical indications - Internet domain names - patent and trademark searches - new plant varieties - copyrights and combating unfair competition - licence agreements and exclusive rights transfer - litigation, enforcement and dispute resolution - anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy actions - monitoring and payment of renewal fees. POLSERVICE attorneys represent clients before the Polish Patent Office, the European Patent Office (EPO), the Office for Harmonization in the Internal market (OHIM), as well as before civil, administrative and arbitration courts. They also cooperate with Customs and prosecution authorities. POLSERVICE is proud of representing more than 2650 clients from more than 70 countries, being both worldwide corporations and local SMEs. Additionally, POLSERVICE has been cooperating with the most renowned patent and trademark firms in all European countries, the United States of America, Canada, South and Central America, Asia, Australia and Africa, which enables the firm to provide efficient legal protection for its clients all over the world. In each case the firm looks for the best solution to satisfy its clients. An individual and creative approach to all tasks, supported by profound legal and technical knowledge, has earned POLSERVICE the trust of the clients. POLSERVICE and its attorneys are members of many international organizations gathering companies and individuals dealing with intellectual property protection: AIPPI, INTA, ECTA, LESI, UNION, MARQUES and EPI. The firm’s attorneys, apart from fulfilling their everyday duties, attend numerous meetings, conferences and trainings held in Poland and abroad, also as lecturers or moderators. As a result of their continuous involvement, many of the firm’s attorneys serve as leaders of these organizations or their respective committees. Both Polish and international IP magazines ranked POLSERVICE as one of the top trademark and patent firms in Poland.

Andrzej Ponikiewski Head of Patent Department II Tel: + 48 22 44 74 600 Elżbieta Wilamowska Head of Patent Department I Tel: + 48 22 44 74 600 Anna Stopińska-Ślefarska Head of Trademark Department Tel: + 48 22 44 74 600 Stanisława Chrzanowska Head of Annuities Department Tel: + 48 22 44 74 600 73 BLUSZCZAŃSKA STREET, 00- 712 WARSAW


Traple Konarski Podrecki i Wspólnicy Poland Elżbieta Traple

Xawery Konarski

Paweł Podrecki

Elżbieta Traple Partner Tel: +48 12 426-05-30 Xawery Konarski Partner Tel: +48 12 426-05-30 Paweł Podrecki Partner Tel: +48 12 426-05-30 Krolowej Jadwigi 170, 30-212 Kraków


The Traple Konarski Podrecki & Wspólnicy Law Firm is one of the leading law firms on the Polish market. The Firm is now made up of 44 lawyers, among them attorneys at law, legal advisors, doctors of law, a patent attorney, bar trainees, Ph.D. students and junior lawyers. The Firm’s employees have undergone a careful selection procedure, which takes account of their practical skills and theoretical knowledge of the law, fluency in foreign languages and vocational experience gained during apprenticeships and fellowships abroad. The Firm specializes primarily in the following areas: intellectual property law, technologies, media and telecommunications, IT, competition law, advertising and promotion law, pharmaceutical law, corporate housekeeping, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and property development investments, financial institutions law and finance and public procurement. The Firm also represents clients in court litigation and in administrative proceedings. It is based in Cracow, but the lawyers also work from the local office in Warsaw. We provide legal services in Polish, English, French and German. The partners in the Firm conduct research and teaching activities at the Chair of Civil Law and the Chair of Intellectual Property Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. Furthermore, the Firm’s lawyers include academics representing the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Law. Our lawyers have produced hundreds of academic publications, including books and monographs concerning, first and foremost, civil law, intellectual property law, new technologies law, advertising law and pharmaceutical law. The Firm continually provides legal assistance to a wide range of Polish and foreign businesses and acts as a permanent expert for numerous artistic and business organisations, for instance the Polish Filmmakers’ Association, the Polish Chamber for IT and Telecommunications, the Polish Chamber of Insurance, the Polish Trade and Distribution Organisation and the Union of Employers in the Internet Sector IAB Polska.

JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys

JWP offers over 20 years of experience and broad expertise in patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, domain names, computer law and Internet law as well as combating unfair competition and anti-counterfeiting.


JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys is one of the leading Polish IP law firms providing comprehensive business focused assistance in the field of intellectual property protection and litigation in Poland and Europe.

Dorota Rzążewska

Joanna Janoszek

Helena Gajek

Piotr Godlewski

JWP serves over 3000 domestic and international clients in various sectors such as pharmacy, cosmetics, chemistry, biotechnology, telecommunication, electronics, IT, mechanics, car industry, clothing and food. The firm has also a considerable input in increasing business, offering advice, training and providing pro bono educational workshops on IP protection and litigation for entrepreneurs, inventors, students and media. JWP provides a full range of services related to IP protection, which include: comprehensive IP searches in domestic and international data-bases - drafting and filing patent and utility model applications with the Polish PTO, international PCT-based applications, European applications with EPO - national validation of European patents supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) - filing and handling trademark and design applications with the PTO, WIPO and OHIM - IP renewals & recordals - opposition and invalidation proceedings before the Polish PTO, OHIM, EPO and further proceedings before administrative courts - civil and criminal courts proceedings related to IP infringements - civil and criminal courts proceedings related to unfair competition - drafting license and assignment agreements, contracts of pledge over exclusive rights and others - alternative dispute resolutions. JWP Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys operates in cooperation with JWP Attorneys at Law, dealing with IP litigation and company & trade law questions and JWP Foundation – dealing with pro bono activities and training. The JWP Group can offer the combined expertise and resources of a law firm, IP agency as well as training and consulting organisation.

Dorota Rzążewska Managing Partner, Attorney at Law, Polish and European Patent and Trademark Attorney Tel: +48 22 436 05 07 Joanna Janoszek Head of Wrocław Office, Polish and European Patent and Trademark Attorney Tel: +71 342 50 53 Helena Gajek Patent and Trademark Attorney Tel: +48 22 436 05 07 Piotr Godlewski Patent and Trademark Attorney Tel: +48 22 436 05 07 Sienna Center, Żelazna 28/30


Raul César Ferreira (Herd.), S.A. Portugal

Raul César Ferreira (Herd.), S.A. is a Portuguese leading IP firm incorporated on 1929, also working in Macao, Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde and Timor.

João Jorge

Pedro Alves Moreira

Patricia Rodrigues

Jorge Faustino

Our Trademark Department has years of experience in clearance searches and search opinions, prosecution, enforcement, opposition and litigation regarding National, Community and International trademarks. Our Patent Department provides expertise in several technical areas (chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, mechanical engineering, etc.) and is skilled in drafting, prosecution, enforcement and litigation as well. There is no typical client for RCF as our clients’ portfolio includes some of the most important Portuguese companies, as well as European, American and Asian companies in various business fields besides national and foreign SMEs that have chosen us directly or due to good references from our colleagues abroad. All our clients get the attention and equal care they surely deserve. In what concerns our clients’ portfolio we act as outside counsels on behalf of several well-know trademarks owners, assisting them in the enforcement of their IP assets.

João Jorge Chief Operating Officer Tel: +351 213 907 373 Pedro Alves Moreira Trademark Department Tel: +351 213 907 373 Patricia Rodrigues Trademark Department Tel: +351 213 907 373 Jorge Faustino Patent Department Tel: +351 213 907 373 Rua do Patrocinio, 94, 1399-019 Lisboa


Remarkably RCF has developed a very effective anti-counterfeiting strategy that win IP owners’ interest by proving to be quite effective in achieving good results. RCF also has a longstanding experience in matters related with utility models, design, copyright, domain names as well as in ensuring proper process and steps on IP issues, namely analysis as for IP rights validity and infringement, great experience in handling litigation, infringement investigation, state of the art and advanced technical searches, an efficient surveillance and maintenance system not to mention our team of carefully selected technical translators. RCF team is strongly committed in the work undertaken by international organizations like INTA, ECTA, AIPPI, FICPI, MARQUES, PTMG, ITMA, UNION, VPP, GRUR, CIPA, ABPI, ASIPI, CIPA and EPI.

Namazie & Co.

The firm’s clientele includes a rich mix of multi-national corporations, research institutions, technology start-ups, individuals as well as small and medium enterprises both locally and internationally, across diverse industries.

Farah Namazie


NAMAZIE & Co. is an Intellectual Property & Technology law firm, established in 2001 for clients who require specialized legal services and solutions to protect and commercialise their Intellectual Property assets in Asia.

Sakolwan Bassi

The firm has a strong South East Asian practice, and handles cross-border intellectual property disputes and commercial transactions. Many of our clients entrust us with their trademark, patent and design rights portfolios for South East Asia, and benefit from the advantages of our one-stop-shop management of their IPR portfolios. Namazie & Co. is reputed for its prompt and attentive service. Our experienced team includes IP professionals from across South East Asia, familiar with the practices of IP Registries in the region. Glendoris R. Ocampo

NAMAZIE & Co. continues to be listed as one of the top ten Intellectual Property practices in Singapore by ASIA PACIFIC LEGAL 500 since 2003. The firm has earned an international reputation for providing “first-class service” and “excellent support to clients” on a range of legal issues in Intellectual Property & Technology law. We manage our clients’ trademark and patent portfolios with close attention and provide clients with effective regional strategies for their IPR portfolio management. NAMAZIE & Co.’s clients have the benefit of our 4 key attributes: • • • •

Specialization in IP & Technology law; Contemporary industry based experience; In depth experience in South East Asian IP practices; and Commitment to offering optimal solutions for our clients.

Farah Namazie Intellectual Property Lawyer Tel: +65 6538 9711 Sakolwan Bassi Trademarks Manager Tel: +65 6538 9711 Glendoris R. Ocampo Patents Manager Tel: +65 6538 9711 51 Goldhill Plaza, #24-06/07 Penthouse 4, Singapore 308900


Osha Liang LLP USA

Founded in 1997, Osha Liang is an intellectual property law firm with a global presence. With offices in Texas, California, France, China, and Japan, our goal is to assist our clients in protecting and enforcing their intellectual property interests worldwide. The firm prides itself in being one of the most technically and legally proficient IP firms in the world, delivering to our clients the highest level of quality and customer service. John Osha

Osha Liang has expertise in worldwide patent and trademark procurement, portfolio management, licensing, acquisition, due diligence, opinions of counsel, litigation, and strategic IP counseling, among other areas. We are recognized as one of the top 50 IP firms in the nation based on the number of patents issued. We believe in a team approach when servicing our clients. At Osha Liang, no partner “owns” a client. Through open discussion with each client, an appropriate team is assembled within the firm based upon experience, technical backgrounds to meet the needs of the client in each particular matter. Although a single lawyer may be appointed as a primary point of contact, each project is staffed within the firm to yield the highest quality work product. We represent clients throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, file patent applications in every industrialized country in the world, and conduct business in a variety of languages, including: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese. We are particularly proud of the broad range of technical skills possessed by our firm’s professionals. Our Patent Agent program, multilingual staff, foreign-licensed attorneys, worldwide network of foreign associates, as well as our indepth knowledge of international rules and foreign business cultures make our firm one of the most diverse and uniquely experienced intellectual property practices in the world.

John Osha Managing Partner Tel: 713-228-8600 909 Fannin, Suite 3500, Houston, Texas 77010


M. Uzcategui & Associates Venezuela

A professional firm founded in 1955 in Caracas, Venezuela by Dr. Mariano Uzcátegui Urdaneta and Dr. Rafael Pizani under the name of Escritorio Pizani. In 1980, was established exclusively as a familiar firm under the current denomination, continuing with the attention to its clients exclusively in Industrial Property (Trademarks, Patents) and Copyright matters. Currently, new members have been incorporated, and also new systems and technologies to give all our clients a quality and excellent service in Industrial Property matter not only in Venezuela but in all American coutries. M. Uzcátegui & Asociados, since its foundation, has provided its uninterrupted services, at a National and International level, allowing in this manner the accumulation of more than fifty-five (55) years of IP experience and satisfaction of our clients. Within our gamma of activities we have distinguished in the execution of franchising contracts, assignments, audits and licenses of trademarks and patents. We can take care of processing from your search, filings, administrative prosecution, litigation, investigations and enforcement of IP rights. M. Uzcátegui & Asociados is Active Member of: INTA - ASIPI COVAPI among others recognized Associations specializing in Intellectual and Industrial Property around the world.

Leonardo R. Uzcátegui P. Administrative Partner Tel: +58 212 693 6857 Dulce M. Uzcátegui P. Partner Tel: +58 212 693 6857 Leonardo Enrique Uzcátegui L. Partner Tel: +58 212 693 6857 Leonardo R. Uzcátegui P. Av. Neverí, C/C Los Chaguaramos


Bolet & Terrero Venezuela

Manuel Polanco

Jose R. Fermin

Bolet & Terrero is the oldest Law firm in Venezuela dedicated since 1915 to the Intellectual Property activities. As from its foundation, has uninterruptedly handled the registration and processing of its client’s patents, trademarks, copyright and domains names in Venezuela, including counseling, prosecution, portfolio management, licensing, arbitration, litigation, unfair competition and anti-counterfeiting. Over the 98 years since its establishment, Bolet & Terrero has rendered its services to various enterprises in the pharmaceutical, foods and beverages, household items, apparel, cosmetics, financial services, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals, mechanical and manufactured equipment, entertainment and software. Bolet & Terrero has been constantly recognized in International rankings as the main intellectual property firm in Venezuela and has earned several recognitions for its efficiency and loyalty to its clients. The extensive clientele that handles our firm in the luxury goods sector has allowed us to design effective tools to combat piracy and has placed us among one of the leading firms in the fight against this scourge. Manuel Polanco, (Managing Partner) throughout his career has managed worldwide trademark portfolios across a range of industries, including beverage alcohol, music, entertainment, fashion and apparel; counseling clients on worldwide clearance, registration, licensing, policing and enforcement of trademarks; negotiating and drafting assignment, coexistence and settlement agreements; conducting due diligence on intellectual property- related aspects of corporate transactions.

Manuel Polanco Managing Partner Tel: +58 (212)283.94.44 Jose R. Fermin Legal Counsel Tel: +58 (212)283.94.44 Av. Francisco de Miranda. Edificio Cavendes. Piso 12. Los Palos Grandes


Jose R. Fermin (Senior Legal Counsel) has focused his practice on IP protection, litigation, unfair competition and anti-counterfeiting. Throughout his career he has represented major international companies in various legal disputes such as patent infringement, trademark abuse and actions against counterfeiters and has contributed significantly to the new customs regulations in Venezuela and has written extensively on this subject.

ANNAM IP & LAW is one of the most professional intellectual property & law firms in Vietnam with a staff consisting of lawyers and patent and trademark agents practicing in the IP field since 1992. We provide clients with a full range of IP services to protect their inventions, trademarks, industrial designs and related matters not only in Vietnam, but also in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other jurisdictions. The firm also advises on corporate and business law. The firm is a member of APAA, INTA and VIPA. ANNAM IP & LAW handle thousand of patent, trademark and design applications for all sorts of clients, from individuals to multinational corporations in all technical fields. Around 10% foreign patent applications filed in Vietnam through our firm. The firm’s patent attorneys and technical staff have been graduated from different technical universities in chemical, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, electrical, and mechanical fields, among others. A patent application will be handled by a professional in the right technical field of the invention. In addition to its in-house staff, ANNAM IP & LAW has technical associates including professors, specialists and engineers who work for the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Institute of Chemistry, Hanoi University of Technology, etc. They have been effectively supporting our patent division to provide our clients with precise Vietnamese specification versions and technical advice. With the experience of more than 20 years in the IP field, patent and trademark attorneys and associates at the firm provide clients with professional services from filing patent/design/trademark application to granting certificates. Their offering is always accurate, timely and cost-effective. Vietnam has a long border and beach that makes it difficult to prevent smuggling. However, ANNAM IP & LAW effectively cooperates with Custom Office to prevent IP infringed imported products. Recently, our firm cooperated with Custom Office to prevent allowing a counterfeit hydraulic valve to enter Vietnam.


Annam IP & Law

Le Quoc Chien

Dzang Hieu Hanh (Mrs.)

Le Hoang Son

Le Loc Ha

Le Quoc Chien Managing Partner Tel: (844) 3718 6216 Dzang Hieu Hanh (Mrs.) Partner - Head of Trademark Division Tel: (844) 3718 6216 Le Hoang Son Partner Tel: (844) 3718 6216 Le Loc Ha Partner Tel: (844) 3718 6216 No. 10, Lane 34, Au Co Street Tay Ho District, Hanoi


Annual Subscribers

Ehrlich & Fenster Israel

Ehrlich & Fenster is Israel’s leading patent attorneys firm, offering premier expertise in all matters concerning the protection and prosecution of intellectual property. The firm and its team are renowned for excellence in both the local and international professional arena. The synergism between highly personalised service and unrivalled expertise in all technological fields has made Ehrlich & Fenster the most reputable IP firm in Israel. The firm’s extensive professional knowledge and experience, along with scientific insight, enable it to offer an optimal intellectual property strategy and assist in managing the intellectual property portfolio for clients in light of their business strategies – be it in licensing, investment, financing and buyout exits as well as deals amounting to billions of dollars.

Dr Gal Ehrlich

Dr Gal Ehrlich, Ehrlich & Fenster founder and manager, leads a large team of highly experienced patent attorneys and technical advisers, most of whom have PhDs and are licensed to practise directly before the Israel and / or US Patent Offices as well as the UK, Europe and elsewhere. His areas of expertise include: biotech, immunology, agro technology, bioinformatics, pharmacology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics and electronics. The firm’s unique structure is organised around four distinct pyramids in biotech, including agro tech; pharmacology; physics, including mechanics; and electronics & communications, ensuring that each file is handled at some stage by its most senior staff, including Dr Ehrlich himself, without compromising on the level of personal service. The quality of service is also enhanced by the firm’s unique custom-made computer programs, which include leading edge docketing, billing and accountancy systems as well as an innovative task management system that optimises efficiency. Ehrlich & Fenster’s thousands of clients in Israel include all of the country’s universities and colleges as well as their technology transfer companies, leading high-tech, biotech and pharmaceutical firms, as well as start-ups, technological incubators and private individuals. The firm also acts for major international companies on matters relating to patents, trademarks and designs. Ehrlich & Fenster combines corporate and private practice experience to manage IP portfolios for the benefit of each client. All clients obtain a global perspective of intellectual property management, while larger corporate clients maintain the insight required for communicating with individuals or their smaller clientele. The firm helps clients identify, determine and broaden the protection scope of their core intellectual property. This is achieved by analysing and assessing the potential business opportunities that may emerge from the client’s innovative technologies and areas of invention. Ehrlich & Fenster’s strategic advantage is in its ability to identify the individual or multi-core technologies often hidden within a development. It pursues all the potential business directions available to a client including buying, in-and-out licensing, selling and international expansion.

Dr Gal Ehrlich Founder and Managing Director Tel: +972 (0)73 7919199 /


Beiruti Attorneys & Counselors at Law, Amman Jordan

Mohammad S. Beiruti is the managing partner of Beiruti Attorneys and Counsellors at Law. He has extensive experience in corporate law, concessions, finance, mergers and acquisitions, industrial projects and general commercial law and dispute resolution. He has particular experience in the energy sector, having worked on some of the largest energy projects in Jordan. Mohammad S. Beiruti

Mr Beiruti has acted as team leader for innumerable legal assignments that involve private and public sectors as well as international clients, and has been invited by foreign courts to submit a number of expert opinions on Jordanian Law. He was involved in numerous disputes involving local and international high profile litigants. Mr Beiruti is recognised among the leading Jordanian law practitioners by Chambers Global, Legal 500, and IFLR1000. Beiruti Attorneys & Counselors at Law is one of the leading law firms in Jordan, founded in 1962. The firm provides a full range of business legal services and litigation, and conducts a national and international general legal practice. The firm offers comprehensive and integrated legal advice and assistance to local and international clients, ensuring responsible and efficient services based on a full understanding of clients’ needs and clear view of the best approach. Throughout its 52 year history, Beiruti Attorneys and Counselors at Law has grown progressively by attracting and retaining high calibre professionals. The firm has been distinguished by its commitment, experience, efficiency, communication and partnership with its clients.

Mohammad S. Beiruti Managing Partner Tel: +962 6 5862367/8


Walker Kontos, founded in 1988, is one of Kenya’s leading commercial law firms. It has grown to comprise seven partners, six associates and more than 30 support staff. The firm’s focus lies in corporate and commercial law in Kenya and the region, with particular emphasis in banking and securitisation, project and corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and conveyance and property law. It has also built up a substantial practice in commercial litigation as well as corporate and debt recovery. Alexandra Kontos, Walker Kontos senior partner, has qualified as an advocate in three jurisdictions and has practised in Kenya as a corporate and commercial lawyer since 1979.


Walker Kontos

Alexandra Kontos

She initially trained initially in civil law, then switched to a common law jurisdiction, and now specialises in corporate and commercial work, with particular emphasis on banking and corporate finance. She has advised on all kinds of banking and financial transactions such as project financing, loan syndications and loan securitisation. She also specialises in mergers and acquisitions, particularly those involving transactions relating to banks operating in Kenya. Walker Kontos has acted in M&A transactions across a number of sectors as diverse as aviation, horticulture, pharmaceuticals and edible oils. It has also acted in most of the recent M&A’s involving banks and financial institutions in Kenya. The firm has advised on a number of M&A transactions, both as counsel to the vendor and as counsel to the purchaser. In the latter function, the firm has the capacity to undertake pre-bid and pre and post acquisition due diligence exercises, where it merges its expertise on all matters of applicable and relevant legislation and regulatory requirements. Walker Kontos’ M&A work also extends to advising on joint ventures, partnerships and equity participations, again within a wide range of business sectors.

Alexandra Kontos Senior Partner Tel: +254 20 2713023-6 / +254 20 2718432-6


Kettani Law Morocco

Kettani Law Firm (KLF) is a major Moroccan business law firm founded in 1971 by Professor Azzedine Kettani. It covers the whole spectrum of financial and business activities. The firm acts for banks and other financial institutions, international businesses, major public and private companies and government departments. It has 20 lawyers, and a total of 50 staff. Nadia Kettani

Nadia Kettani, Kettani Law Firm partner, practises in the areas of business law, foreign investment, international transactions and litigation. She was admitted to the Casablanca Bar Association in 1994. She also has a master’s degree in business law from the University of Hassan II, Casablanca. KLF is an acknowledged leader in the fields of corporate finance, banking, project finance, company and commercial law. The firm’s other areas of expertise include: stock exchange laws; aviation laws; telecommunication regulations; labour law; and industrial property. It also has a large experience in litigation handling all forms of commercial disputes. The firm acts as a local counsel for international public and private corporations, investments banks and financial institutions, governments and international bodies. It has handled a number of high profile projects for clients around the world. These include advising France Telecom as a potential buyer of Maroc Telecom ($2.3 billion), the national telecommunication operator, advising Telefonica for the acquisition of the second GSM line bid ($1.1 billion) and advising Imperial Tobacco in the acquisition of the Moroccan state owned tobacco company Régíe des Tabacos for approximately EUR1.3 billion. Kettani Law Firm advises on all operations relating to the financial strategy of Moroccan and foreign companies, such as restructuring and regrouping (mergers and similar operation, joint ventures), acquisitions, take over bids, public offers of exchange, stock exchange listings and other equity transactions.

Nadia Kettani Partner Tel: +212 5 22 43 89 00


Kusamotu & Kusamotu Nigeria

Ayodele Musibau Kusamotu attended the University of Lagos where he obtained his LL.B. (Hons) in 1997. He worked with Clarke, Parko & Associates as well as Abdulai Taiwo & Co., (Solicitors) as an associate before joining the firm. Mr Kusamotu is a consummate professional with an exceptional eye for detail. He is a director of the (USA), the brain behind the One-Laptop-Per-Lawyer scheme of the Lagos NBA, a driving force in the One-Laptop-Per-Child program in Nigeria and has also been in the forefront of enhancing Creative Commons awareness in Nigeria. Mr Kusamotu was the pioneer chairman of the Information and Communication Technology Committee of the NBA and a Director of the OHADA CLUB OF NIGERIA (Organisation pour l’Harmonisation en Afrique du Droit des Affaires – a system of business laws and implementing institutions adopted by sixteen West and Central African Insitutions). He is also a fellow of the University of Massachusetts, National Centre for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution. Mr Kusamotu is the author of several publications and articles. He brings the dynamism and freshness of new innovative thinking to the firm’s practice.

Ayodele Musibau Kusamotu Partner Tel: +234 (0) 814 720 3068


Tayo Oyetibo & Co. Nigeria

Tayo Oyetibo & Co. is a multi-service law firm that provides legal services to a wide variety of clients, ranging from large corporations to private individuals. The firm is well-known as one of the leading law firms in Nigeria in the area of dispute resolution, particularly litigation, forensic advocacy and arbitration. It has a reputation for integrity, diligence, proficiency, professional competence and devotion to client service. Tayo Oyetibo, SAN

The firm’s clients range from private individuals to multinational corporations. This includes banks and other financial institutions, communications companies, health institutions, manufacturing companies, oil and gas companies, government bodies and insurance companies. The dispute resolution practice at Tayo Oyetibo & Co. benefits from the wealth of experience in dealing with complex litigations and notable cases of wide public interest and value. This allows the firm take effective steps geared towards protecting the interests of its clients even in high pressure situations. The firm’s experience and expertise from conducting matters in almost all the States of the Federation of Nigeria allows it to provide international clients with effective legal advice and representation due to its vast knowledge of the Nigerian jurisdiction. Tayo Oyetibo has a great deal of experience in dealing with complex litigations. His work is regularly reported in renowned law reports and journals in Nigeria. He also regularly advises on a wide range of high profile commercial transactions. Mr Oyetibo has been described, in respect of an extradition proceeding, as ‘a skilful advocate with great capacity to make a success of an otherwise hopeless situation’. He was appointed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as a member of a team of consultants to the National Assembly of Nigeria to advise on the first and second amendments to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which were carried out in 2010.

Tayo Oyetibo, SAN Founding Partner and Chief Counsel Tel: +234 8033049489


SimmonsCooper Partners Nigeria

Dapo Akinosun leads the Energy and Infrastructure Projects team at SimmonsCooper Partners. He represents clients in all energy related transactions. Mr Akinosun provides valuable counsel in all stages of the energy and natural resources sectors including statutory and regulatory compliance regimes, negotiation and preparation of financing, structural and operational contractual documents and top-tier interaction with regulatory authorities. He also advises state governments in Nigeria on public private partnerships for infrastructure projects and has successfully advised three state governments on the issue of bonds for various infrastructure projects.

Dapo Akinosun

Committed to excellence and with a strong dedication to his clients, Mr Akinosun has consistently obtained outstanding results, both in and out of the court. He has litigated a wide range of commercial cases including issues relating to a large-scale and complex financial corporate fraud, oil spill and environmental damages and disputes in state and federal courts and before arbitrators. Some of Mr Akinosun’s clients include the Nigerian Gas Company, The Gas Aggregation Company of Nigeria, Vertex Energy, the Lagos State Government, the Osun State Government and the Ekiti State Government.

Dapo Akinosun Partner Tel: +234 1 4614 018



JACKSON, ETTI & EDU, one of Nigeria’s leading law firms, has been rendering legal service and advice for more than a decade to a broad spectrum of local and international clients on diverse corporate and commercial matters. It has four full-fledged and functional offices strategically located in in Victoria Island (the corporate and financial centre), Ikeja, Abuja and Ghana. Norma Jackson-Steele

The firm diverse client base ranges from individuals and small private companies, to major multinational, financial institutions and conglomerates – including philanthropic organisations for whom it renders practically pro bono PR services. JACKSON, ETTI & EDU is a product of the integration of two highly reputable law firms, NORMA JACKSON-STEELE & CO. and ETTI, EDU & CO. It started as a medium-sized law firm, to emerge as one of the leading firms in the country today with a total staff of 100, including 40 lawyers and three consultants, one of whom assists the firm with government related issues. The integration of the two firms has produced a unique and formidable firm that has successfully blended years of experience with a dynamic and innovative approach in the provision of qualitative legal services in the handling of substantial and complex corporate and commercial transactions. JACKSON, ETTI & EDU is made up of proficient lawyers with a wealth of knowledge in diverse areas of legal practice. Its three main practice areas are corporate / commercial; dispute resolution practice; and intellectual property. The firm’s IP Department provides specialist IP services through a complement of experienced and seasoned lawyers who have distinguished themselves in this field. They are members of various international IP associations and institutions, who also hold international and local leadership positions and continue to act in various capacities of influence in this practice area.

Norma Jackson-Steele Principal Partner Tel: +234 (1) 4626841 jacksonettiedu@jacksonettiandedu. com


Macauley, Bangura & Co. Sierra Leone

Macauley, Bangura & Co. is a relatively new player in the legal field in Sierra Leone. The firm was set up to meet the obvious gap in the provision of legal, consultancy and other services that was emerging towards the end of the conflict in 2000. The partners have positioned themselves to meet these anticipated developmental strides in the expanding legal and private sectors in order to respond to the rapidly changing needs of clients both within and outside the jurisdiction of a new and investment-hungry Sierra Leone. Consequently, the firm is now ranked as one of the top five law firms in the country and Sierra Leone’s largest. Macauley, Bangura & Co. has grown from an initial three lawyers to now include numerous associates and legal officers, all qualified to practice as barristers-at-law and solicitors. This ensures that the firm maintains its undertaking of rapid, quality service to clients as partners and other lawyers of the firm are on call 24 hours a day to attend to the needs of clients. Macualey, Bangura & Co. prides itself on its competitive edge and maintains excellent relations with all the key players in the public, private and legal sectors in Sierra Leone, ensuring a complete service in investment, consultancies and legal matters. The firm is committed to first-class service delivery and is research-oriented, with young, dynamic, fast-paced and client focused lawyers. The lawyers in the firm can call upon over 20 years’ experience of private and institutional practice including practicing in the offices of the Attorney General & Solicitor General of Sierra Leone and other law firms prior to the establishment of Macauley, Bangura & Co.. The firm has undertaken work since its inception for clients ranging from government and quasi-government departments and agencies, corporations, foreign investors and sovereign states.

Centus O Macauley Managing Partner Tel: +232 22 226164


SizweNtsalubaGobodo South Africa

SizweNtsalubaGobodo is an African firm that delivers excellence and seeks opportunities to create a global legacy. Launched in 2011 through the merger of two leading auditing firms, SizweNtsaluba VSP and Gobodo Incorporated, SizweNtsalubaGobodo has a combined legacy of 28 years and has established itself as the first fully home-grown South African practice.

Victor Sekese

While rooted in Africa, the firm’s international links with leading global consulting and professional services firms enables it to meet the cross-border needs of its clients. This also gives it a broader footing across diverse industry sectors together with valuable insights into their operations in the global economy. SizweNtsalubaGobodo is a member of Morison International (MI), a global association of leading professional service firms established to meet the international accounting, auditing, tax, legal and business consulting needs of clients around the world. With 90 individual member firms in 65 countries, SizweNtsalubaGobodo’s strategic alliance with MI ensures that it has a global footprint that offers clients the audit and assurance expertise they need wherever they need it. The firm offers the full spectrum of auditing, advisory and forensic services, providing high-value expertise to deliver solutions that support the growth of its clients, enable innovation and improve financial performance. It holds a presence in all nine provinces with 11 offices around the country. SizweNtsalubaGobodo is the first African member firm of Protiviti, a global consulting and advisory firm. Protiviti provides solutions on a host of consulting matters to more than 35% of the FORTUNE 1000 and FORTUNE Global 500 companies. This alliance further enables SizweNtsalubaGobodo to tap into Protiviti’s vast knowledge and skills base. The firm’s highly trained team of 1000 professionals locally and 3500 globally, offers a unique perspective on the challenges and risks that organisations face, enabling it to harness the opportunities that these present for innovation and development. Victor Sekese, CEO of SizweNtsalubaGobodo, has extensive audit and consulting experience in which has various key industries such as information communication technology, transport and logistics energy and public sector. Mr Sekese has always been very active in the accounting profession. He is the vice chairman of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. He is the former national president of the Association for the Advancement of Black Chartered Accountants in Southern Africa (ABASA).

Victor Sekese CEO Tel: +27 011 231 0600


The firm is a high performance organisation with high performance leadership. Its highly qualified team of professionals hold an invaluable breadth and depth of experience in key industry sectors. It serves clients in blue-chip listed companies, long-established owner-managed businesses, emerging enterprises, as well as government and state-owned entities. In-house training and development platforms through its corporate academy enable SizweNtsalubaGobodo to build the knowledge, skills and competencies that keep it at the leading edge of the profession.

Elarabi Auditing and Financial Consultancy Sudan

Elarabi Auditing and Financial Consultancy, located in Sudan, is a professional audit firm specialised in the field of accounting. Its objective is to provide the best professional services, specialised to meet the demand of clients in transparency, accuracy, sincerity and legality. It is government-approved and was granted a business licence in 1998, commercially registered according to general registration ACT. Since its foundation, the office has contributed considerably to the rising standard of professional finance and auditing staff in Sudan. This has been done through the in-office training and membership to the firm’s local associations in Arab countries, as well as internationally.

Dr Zein Elabdeen Ali Ahmed

Elarabi Auditing and Financial Consultancy is a member of the Arab Association of Certified Accountants – Jordan; the Arab Organization of Expert and Certified Accountants – Lebanon; the Gulf Cooperative Council Auditing and Accountancy Corporation – Saudi; the International Islamic Corporation for Economic of Sponsorship – Saudi; and the International Accountant Association – England. The firm maintains a good auditing relationship with other similar professional bodies and modern technology offices, offering the best services to meet its clients’ demands in any other offices it has contact with or is related to. Elarabi Auditing and Financial Consultancy employs prestigious professional auditors in Sudan in the field of auditing and financial consultancy. It is also specialised in writing up feasibility studies in the related businesses of economy and commerce, financial consultancy government, taxes and staff training providers. Elarabi Auditing and Financial Consultancy recruits the highest academic calibre of professionals and advisers, who hold postgraduate and certified / accredited accountant qualifications, which are both internationally recognised and highly reputable from an industry perspective.

Dr Zein Elabdeen Ali Ahmed Director Tel: +249 83475277 / 83475788


Birungyi, Barata & Associates Uganda Cephas K Birungyi

Cephas K. Birungyi, a partner at Birungyi, Barata and Associates, is an advocate of the High Court of Uganda who specialises in tax matters. He has vast experience in commercial and civil litigation and has handled several matters against the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) for local and international companies and organisations. These include: Warid Telecom; Housing Finance Bank; National Water & Sewerage Corporation; Bank of Baroda(U) Ltd; Sogea Satom; the East African Community; the Republic of Liberia; Nigeria; and Rwanda, in income and corporation tax, value added tax, import and export duty, excise duty, Pay As You Earn tax, and customs duties. Mr Birungyi worked with URA as the head of the Quality Assurance Section of the Income Tax Department and was the chairman of the Quality Assurance Committee of the East African Revenue Authorities Technical Committee. He has negotiated several double tax treaties between Uganda and other states. He also represented the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in the Parliamentary Committee of Finance and advised on the drafting of the Income Tax Act 1997 of Uganda and the Tax Appeals Tribunal Act. At the time of his resignation, he worked for URA as deputy commissioner of domestic direct taxes. Mr Birungyi is a member of the Investment Committee of the Uganda Law Society; the East Africa Law Society; the Institute of Corporate Governance; the Institute of Taxation; the International Bar Association; and the Walter Reed Board of Directors. He is also retained by International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, as a consultant in taxation.

Cephas K Birungyi Managing Partner Tel: +256 772 444 536;



Expertise and solid human capital composition are the pillars supporting the challenges faced by RIVEIRO Y ASOCIADOS due to rendering services of excellence; services provided to medium and large business clients, both on a national and international scale. Its partners and staff have been trained by leading international firms.


RIVEIRO Y ASOCIADOS, certified public accountants and advisers, is a firm of accounting auditors and tax experts of the Argentine Republic. Founded in June 1981, the firm provides tax and accounting services, specialising in international taxation and transfer pricing.

Ricardo Enrique Riveiro

Ricardo Enrique Riveiro, founding partner of the firm and chair of the international taxation and transfer pricing departments, is a renowned instigator of articles, contributions and technical works related to taxation and counselling on international corporations. These include being author or co-author of: Tax Havens – Taxing and Corporate Aspects (Paraísos Fiscales – Aspectos Tributarios y Societarios); Transfer Pricing in the Argentine Republic Handbook (Manual de Precios de Transferencia); and International Tax Law Treaty (Tratado de Derecho Internacional Tributario). Mr Riveiro has also been president of the International Taxation and Transfer Pricing Committee of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires since 2013, as well as an active member of both the Argentine Association of Tax Studies (AAEF) and the International Fiscal Association (IFA). He also is an avid advocate in specialised related committees belonging to the Argentine Association of Tax Studies. Further, he is a dedicated speaker and lecturer on both a national and international level in seminars and training courses. In regards to RIVEIRO Y ASOCIADOS’ 2014 Corporate INTL Global Award-winning department, the functional, economic and financial analysis it provides results in comprehensive studies rendered to the tax authorities, as well as preparation of the corresponding support documentation required by law. The department’s services include rendering searches for comparable companies and agreements, drafting and auditing of affidavits regarding international transactions, a priori studies for companies starting operations with related parties, and defence and remedies at an administrative level and before the National Tax Court against claims made and adjustments imposed by tax authorities in regards to transfer pricing. The excellence of the services provided by the transfer pricing department has led to it outsourcing its services to other accounting firms, as well as rendering specialised counselling and technical assistance to said firms. This level of recognition resulted in the provision of studies for other countries in the Ibero-Amercian region (Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, etc.) pursuant to each country´s domestic legislation. RIVEIRO Y ASOCIADOS is part of IECNet, a network of accountants and consultants with offices in more than 60 cities in the world, which provide international collaboration paired with local presence and expertise.

Ricardo Enrique Riveiro Founding Partner +54 11 4393-2618


KRyS Global The Bahamas

Ed Rahming is the managing director of KRyS Global’s Bahamas office. He has more than 16 years’ experience in providing financial accounting services, auditing services to SEC registrants and other clients, insolvency services, and a comprehensive mix of forensic accounting services including damage calculations, fraud investigations and litigation support to clients involved in commercial disputes. Edmund Rahming

Edmund Rahming Managing Director Tel: +1 242 327 1447


Mr Rahming has worked in the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, the UK and the United States. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner and an Accredited Mediator. He holds an MBA from the University of Florida and is certified in Financial Forensics by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Mathew Clingerman has more than a decade of offshore and financial services experience with a focus on cross-border insolvency and asset recovery. He spent eight years in the Cayman Islands before taking on the role of managing director of KRyS Global’s Bermuda office. He has led cases that have applied cutting edge and innovative offshore insolvency tools including precedent setting cross-border recognitions, international cooperation/protocol agreements, joint appointments with foreign practitioners, and the implementation of sophisticated schemes of arrangement to resolve otherwise deadlocked investor/creditor disputes.

Mathew Clingerman

His experiences, while diverse, have often involved the pursuit of assets across international borders and through complex offshore structures. Mr Clingerman is an advocate of leveraging the latest technologies as part of a holistic approach to financial investigations. He is a key member of KRyS Global’s digital forensic and e-discovery practice. Prior to moving offshore, Mr Clingerman worked for a top accounting firm in Chicago, US and Dublin, Ireland, managing financial statement audits for hedge funds, investment advisers and SEC-registered broker-dealers. He is qualified as an insolvency practitioner under the Cayman Islands’ Insolvency Practitioners Amendment Regulations (2010) and has acted as a court-appointed liquidator on firm assignments. He has passed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examinations. In addition, Mr Clingerman is a Fellow of INSOL International.

Mathew Clingerman Managing Director +1 441 292 0818



KRyS Global


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