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THE ABACUS (2400 B.C.) (

The Abacus was invented by the Babylonians for arithmetic processes

Blaise Pascal 16231623-1662

A French Mathematician invented the first Mechanical Calculator. It performed Addition and Subtractions.


Gottfried W. Leibnitz A German Mathematician He built the first calculator to do Multiplication and Division. It was not reliable. reliable.

Charles Babbage

A professor of Mathematics. In 1830 he presented his Analytical built.He .He Engine,technically the first computer,although it was never built invented the Concept of a programmable computer in 1856.

First Shift Key Typewriter (1878)

William S.Burroughs

An American introduced the first commercially successful Mechanical Mechanical Adding Machine

Herman Hollerith An American Statistician who developed a Mechanical Tabulator based on Punched Cards to rapidly tabulate statistics from million of pieces of data. He founded the International Business Machines (IBM)

1900John 1900John Ambrose Fleming He invents Vacuum Tube

1937 Stibitz´s Complex number Calculator

1940 Konrand Zuse First Example of remote computing

1943 Colossus machine was built by Dr.Flowers and was used to decipher the German German “Enigma� code durind the Second World War. War.

1945 1945 First Computing Bug


Eckert and Mauchly They designed and built the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) for Military computations. This huge roomroom-sized computer, was 1000 1000 times faster than the Mark I and the first generalgeneral-


19031903-1995 John Vincent Atanasoff An American Scientist.He is the inventor of the first automatic electronic digital computer. computer.


Howard Hathaway Aiken An American professor. He built the Harvard Mark I Computer in 1949

19481948-51 First Commercial computer UNIVAC

1958 First Integrated circuit

1963 MITS LINC computer

1971 Intel produced the first first commercial microprocessor called the 4040 and was the forerunner of the Pentium Pentium. entium.

1975 Bill Gates/Paul Allen began Microsoft They changed the course of the curse of the history of computers by starting the company Microsoft. Microsoft.

1976 APPLE Microcomputer came out. out.

1981 First IBM PC

1984 Apple Macintosh introduced

1990 Microsoft Word released with Windows 3

1990´s Virtual Reality Systems developed

1993 Intel Pentium Processor introduced

1990´s World Wide Web started a computer boom


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