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Project D

DANNII MINOGUE High Street fashion

Wardrobe relations Beckyboo EXCLUSIVE The new designer talks inspiration, crowsnests and Fearne Cotton



Hello! ‘The very first edition of HushHush promises to be one with a bang. We’re the newbies in town and can’t wait to get started. We promise to be Bold, British and Bolshy. Thank you everyone who took part in our survey, I’m sure when you read on you’ll be amazed by the findings. Techno prints are taking over the high street and I for one HEART it and we’re even more excited in the office over Dannii Minogue’s new clothing line. And if that isn’t enough HushHush are proud to present this years most talented new designer Becky Currie, and guess what, we’re not talking lust label prices - spoilt! Remember to join the facebook group, Nana B is eagerly waiting to solve your wardrobe relation problems and we just LOVE your feedback. Rebecca Horne


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Pixie goes Lipsy

pic: lipsy press

Quick FIX

This months musts and lusts in a glance

Techno techno techno Topshop have introduced a new ‘techno traveler’ range. It’s all about bold, bright patterns. Everything is going space age so if you’re brave enough you need to be wearing this and dancing to Marina and the Diamonds - I’m Not a Robot. Pic: TS press

Pixie does a Kate Moss. And a Lily Allen. And a Madonna. It seems that it’s natural for any respected A-Lister to launch their own self inspired clothing line these days and HushHush for one HEARTS it. Pixie has joined forces with occasion-wear geniuses Lipsy launching the Pixie Collection showcasing two specific looks ‘Pixie Festival’ and ‘Pixie Party’. Pixie Festival boasts vintage style cotton dresses mixed with warn denim accessories. We can wait to bag one of the new designs and hopefully a handsome yet ever so slightly rugged musician will follow.


Tweeter of the week! Britsh designer Henry Holland @henryholland:

“I will vote for whichever party bans women from wearing flesh colour tights and sandals. And lets me not pay taxes.” We hear you and we second you. Floral border dress £48.00 4 HushHush - June 29, 2010

“Just done a shoot sat on a pink, shell shaped crushed velvet sofa in leather pants. Even Elton couldn’t out-gay this sh*t. Sorry dad.” Holland!! @hushhush

Beckyboo who?


Barbed wire, crownests, and black roses all sound like something straight out of a Stephan King novel yet seem to be on the top of everyones head this season. Over the past few years the headband has been upping the stacks within the accessory market quickly becoming the favourite statement piece for any reputable fashionista. From Fearne Cotton to Lady Gaga, everyone is still crazy for headwear and brand spanking new label Beckyboo is eagerly waiting at the front lines ready to create and supply handcrafted, stunning head pieces that won’t break the piggy bank.

HushHush exclusively speaks with the heart of soul of the project Becky Currie. We talk inspiration, grandads, and Lady Gaga. Where did Beckyboo (BB) come from? BB developed from a Sunday evening impulsive idea. I have over 30 different headbands that I have collected over the past few years and always browse Brick Lane and Portobello Market. I love their unique designs. I searched the web and bought some feathers,

flowers and elastic. From that I created some simple designs and uploaded them on Facebook. I started to get some really positive comments and this really inspired me to develop my products.I realised I had captured a niche market. What was the inspiration behind the project? Beckyboo was something that started out as a hobby. I’ve always been really into fashion and accessorising. From a young age I’d always loved having HushHush - June 29, 2010 5

“You could have every degree or professional qualification going”

Had you had any previous industry experience? I have no professional experience. I’ve never studied fashion or design 6 HushHush - June 29, 2010

Butterfly design

different hairstyles and always wore something in my hair. I even remember making my dad plait my hair a certain way one day when my mum was at work. I kicked up such a fuss about it my poor dad was forced to create a masterpiece. Just how new is BB? We’ve not been established for very long at all.  I think January this year was when I created the first design. Every evening after work I’d come home and work on new designs.  I never illustrate designs prior to making them I just come up with an idea in my head and begin to develop a prototype of the product. It’s a very catchy name, what’s it’s history? The name Beckyboo actually came from one of my closest friends.   She has always nicknamed me Becky Boo and I thought it had a great sound to it.   Most designers like to keep their name somewhere in the label so this combined with the likeness to Betty Boop I opted for Beckyboo.

but have always had a massive interest in it. I think the closest I became to design was Textiles GCSE. Even then I struggled with a sewing machine. I have always loved shopping and customising clothing to suit my personality.   You could have every degree or professional qualification going, however if you have a certain eye for something, whether it be make up, writing stories, building a house,  the best way to gain experience is to test the product and let the consumer decide.   Did you expect your designs to become so popular? To start with I had absolutely no idea how well received my products would be, it was only through testing the product that I realised exactly who my target audience was and just how

ever since. Fearne has always been a fashion icon, she has such a unique style that anything suits her and she isn’t afraid to be different.   I made a batch of designs for her and thanks to her for being the amazingly supportive friend she is she uploaded a picture of herself wearing the ‘Crowsnest’ design and from then business boomed. I owe her a lot. Having Fearne wearing my designs and actually really liking my products is naturally incredibly flattering and truly motivating. I adore Fearne’s look and being able to contribute to her uniqueness is amazing. Are you hiding any other celebrity clients? At the moment I don’t have any other celebrity clients - however I’d love an opportunity to design for many stars. It was quite funny the other night my 84 year old granddad called me up and said: “Saw your headband on Britain’s got talent , that Amanda Holden was wearing it”. Bless him - he now thinks

Childhood friend Fearne wearing the popular crowsnest design

popular head wear is. As the volume of interest increases, my designs do become tailor made and based on client specification.    What inspires the designs? My inspiration comes from an array of things. Obviously you have to make sure you keep up with the latest apparel trend. Most of my designs are unique because I’m not afraid to try obscure ideas.  The ladybug design is a particularly popular one.  Who would have thought a ladybird on leaves on a head would be so well liked. I think these days every fashionista likes to look ‘different’ so that’s what I have tried to do.  Rather than replicate the designs that all the major fashion houses sell, I take the basics of the idea and elaborate on it. Fearne Cotton has been seen wearing one of your designs, we bet that felt great! I have been friends with Fearne since the age of 5.  We grew up in the same area and have remained close friends

HushHush - June 29, 2010 7

that anyone wearing a headband is sporting a Beckyboo design! Has there been much demand for Lady Gaga influenced designs? Funny you should mention the Lady Gaga designs, I have had a couple of requests for telephones.   Since her appearance on Jonathan Ross I have had several enquiries as to recreating the Gaga look. What do you think of her style? I think she is incredible.   Beyond unique. I’d love to design something for Lady Gaga. I love people who aren’t afraid to be individual. I’d struggle to beat her current designs, although she may like my Spring Cupcake piece. Can you tell us about the manufacturing process? Every morning I think of new ideas for new designs.  I could be walking past a shop, a person or an inanimate object and feel inspired.   Once I get the idea I’ll write it down and work on sourcing the materials. Then I’ll make the product and upload it to the Beckyboo facebook page. At the moment its a bit of a long process but once my website is launched things will run a lot smoother. I am getting more and more enquiries for tailor made products which I love because I know I’m using my creative skills to the full potential and I’m going to get the consumer satisfaction, which for me is the most important part of being a designer.   What’s been your most popular designs to date? The most popular designs to date have 8 HushHush - June 29, 2010

been the crowsnest, ladybug and the butterfly ones. Many consumers have come back for second or third times to purchase more in different colours. And the craziest? The craziest design I’ve had to create so far is most definitely a barbed wired headband.  

“I had to saw and paint the barbed wire and make it safe to wear on your head”

I was contacted by a young guy who was attending an awards ceremony. He specifically asked for a barbed wired headband with a black rose entwined through. This was certainly different.  I had to saw and paint the barbed wire and make it safe to wear on your head and entwined dead leaves and a black rose through it.  The buyer sent me a lovely email to say he loved it so it was worth it. What’s the dream for BB? My plan for Beckyboo is obviously to expand and become a reputable designer.  Some people may think that headbands are just another fashion trend and will soon be unfashionable. However there are many avenues I want to go down.  Bridal wear being one of them. I have two brides to be at the moment whom I am custom making something for. So headbands are not just a fad - everyone will always have weddings to go to and will always go to the races.  I’m every excited about the future of Beckyboo - who knows where it will lead me.

With personal designs ranging from six to 30 pounds Beckyboo will surely be one everyones wish list if not already in the very near future. The official web site launches in less than two weeks time but if you can’t wait until then get yourself onto the facebook group. Beat the your friends and be one of the first to strut your stuff this summer in your very own customised wardrobe essential.

Becky Currie’s


How to wear a headband is not a talent its about finding what style suits you. Some people are afraid they’ll look a wally in a big flower when they have never actually attempted to wear one! Its all about having confidence and not worrying about what other people think. No matter what style or colour your hair is or what age you are, everyone can wear a headband it’s about experimenting and

If you have a flamboyant outfit then opting for a subtle headband works the same as if you are wearing that little black dress then opting for a brighter more intricate headband works. Some people just can’t get on with headbands so a clip corsage or butterfly is a great alternative. Big daisies are going to be a hit for this summer’s festivals along with dusty gold colours and coral and nude shades will still be popular. My festival range which will soon be out comprises of guitars, hearts and stripes! HushHush - June 29, 2010 9

HIGH STREET Topshop Poka dot knitted cropped jumper


Warehouse Border Gardenia Bandeau


Miss Selfridges Dark distressed denim shorts



HushHush - June 29, 2010


The very best of what the highsteet has to offer right now!

Topshop Floral lace body


Trend alert!

Mix and match denim layers

Topshop Super bleeched denim cropped jacket as featured on cover


ers read n’t f o 80% y would the g said yerin you a l y r t o on, G ! t! m deni ht like i g i m

HushHush - June 29, 2010


Editor’s take...

With May 6th quickly approaching public debates are rife and politicians are falling over themselves to support campaigns that otherwise would have never reached their ears. The big question is, if there wasn’t an impending election would this story been breaking national headlines. It was only last month that my sister discovered a photo of herself on holiday donning a plain-white-t with the slogan ‘pick me’ plastered across the chest. At first she was furious, demanding to know why our mother had allowed her to wear such a suggestive t-shirt.

“what harm can a t-shirt do”

Yet our mum simply explained that my sister had seen the top and had desperately wanted it, after all what harm can a t-shirt do anyway? The truth is that today everyone is scared. Over the years there has been increasing media attention surrounding pedophilia, so much in-fact that everyone is convinced that their must be at least one offender living on their street and as a result previously unnoticed happenings are becoming huge worries. This isn’t an issue of national importance it’s simply a result of scare mongering and political games. There is certainly a line but its ultimately the parents responsibility not to buy undesirable garments for their children. At the end of the day if we don’t buy it they won’t sell it.

12 HushHush - June 29, 2010

Above: Editors cousin Sierra Hunt Where do you draw the line and when does an innocent outfit such as the one below become something more sinister?

Alison Cooney, mum of three, Birmingham: “Kids need to express themselves, yes there’s boundaries and I’m not sure I’d buy my daughter a padded bikini top but I know I wore a lot worst when I was growing up.”


This months hot topic: The kids wear debate

This month the topic hot on everyones lips is whether we are encouraging children to grow up too quickly and pushing them into harms way by ‘sexing’ up kids wear. In recent weeks Mumsnet reinforced their latest campaign, Let Girls Be Girls (LGBG), fighting retailers to take action against the premature sexualisation of children through products and marketing. Stores such as Boots

Public concern...

and Debenhams have already openly backed LGBG and Primark has been forced to take costly action by removing lines from the shop floor. HushHush explores all sides of the argument that has given the fashion retail industry the biggest blow since the credit crunch discovering what you really think and whether we are yet again facing more pre election hype. Email in your thoughts to

What do the mums think?

ForestFloor commented on the Mumsnet web site: “The pornification of our culture has been rapid and widespread and it really concerns me. It filters down, younger and younger, and you get under 10’s in the playground tossing their hair, waggling their hips and being way to aware of how their bodies can make people react.” Mary O’Brien, London: “I’ve got two children below 11 and to be honest I’m really not fussed about the padded bra situation. The problem is there are too many stay at home mums who have way too much time on their hands.” sfxmum also commented on Mumsnet: “I cannot understand why parents buy heels and ‘grown up’ clothing for young children along with that the constant use of the word ‘sexy’ is just sick. But just as bad is the camouflage look for boys - mini soldiers?” Justine Roberts mum and founder of Mumsnet: “The aim is to encourage retailers to make a simple, public pledge that commits them to selling only products which do not sexualise children.” HushHush - June 29, 2010


THE Interview Forget ‘public’ ‘wardrobe’ is the new relations now

The summers fast approaching and that means only one thing. A whole generation of fresh faced graduates are about to join the rat race. It’s going to be one of the rattiest races in history with thousands of last years graduates still hoping to bag a career relating to their degree programme. One way to get that dream job is to stand out from the crowd and the easiest way to do that is clever wardrobe relations. Try to stay away from the conventional black suit.



HushHush - June 29, 2010

Instead opt for a mid length frilled skirt and match with a pussy-bow blouse or tailored tee. Shoulder padding is a big no this summer so avoid blazers and go for the contemporary drape. Cropped trousers are brilliant for that difficult ‘casual dress’ interview and for a more formal effect the daisy trimmed tailored Dotty P’s dress

is practically a second interview guarantee. If you’re brave go for the stylish nude patent heels but remember it’s important your body language comes across as comfortable. Lastly but no least, dig out that lucky charm you’ve had since you were in year 9 and show some teeth. Good luck from all the team at HushHush!

Project D


Left: Heavily pregnant Dannii poses with Claire at launch

Dannii Minogue firmly asserted herself as one fashionista not to be messed with launching her new clothing line Project D in London this week. A move which is sure to infuriate fellow X Factor judge and keen fashion follower Cheryl Cole who despite strong industry connections has yet to embark on such a project. Heavily pregnant, Minogue, looked radiant in a sequined, floor-length Project D number and

said of her latest adventure: "Our philosophy is to make feeling confident with your wardrobe easy. We will do the hard work and get the details on the dresses right, so all you have to do is enjoy them." Claire Edwards, 21, law student from London and self obsessed Dannii ‘nut’ was lucky enough to scoop one of a hundred tickets at the Selfridges Oxford Street store the morning before the launch. Saying: “The range was incredible.

The dresses are so pretty I want one. They’re a bit expensive but completely worth it.” The collection consists of luxury dresses with price tags that start at £200 and steeply increase, hmm, we may have to wait until christmas, eek! Dannii collaborated with designer Tabitha Somerset-Webb and the pair are already working on a new casual line and fragrance due for release later this year. Excited, we are!

HushHush - June 29, 2010


Camden came out on top for seondhand shopping

62% of you do it


of you want to do it

And 1 out of 4 of you do it in our capital...

Inside one of many vintage stores

16 HushHush - June 29, 2010

Since the credit crunch sabotaged many British purses the clever public have finally latched onto the long running ‘vintage’ phenomena. Vintage clothing boutiques are opening up everywhere and increasing in popularity, with the likes of Fearne Cotton, Agyness Deyn, and Alexa Chung all jumping on the second hand wagon.

“transporting you back a decade or two” Over the past two years savvy DDs (designer devotees) are seeking much cheaper frills.

THE VINTA The DD brigade have finally realised the potential hidden within these treasure caves capable of transporting you back a decade or two. HushHush carried out a survey asking our readers about their second hand habits and surprisingly, 80 per cent of respondents would consider going vintage yet almost a third of you don’t charity shop your old clothes naughty naughty! Over half the people we surveyed were already bagging bargains with most visiting stores in Manchester’s

The Great Britist craze

TAGE TIMES Northern Quarter and London’s Camden. These vintage boutiques have been around forever and are popping up everywhere, specialising in alternative fashions from yonder year and capturing the difficult to master quirky retro trend that only promises to become increasingly prevalent over the course of this summer right through to winter 2010. On first inspection going vintage can prove to be a scary business, with an overwhelming amount of products to

probe and most usually lack a price tags. However, don’t be shy walk in, pick up something you would never usually look at twice and experiment. There’s nothing more rewarding than finding that purchase you’ll remember for a lifetime and nothing more British and entertaining than having a bit of a banter and barter with the down to earth staff.

Keep up to date with our latest tweets @hushhush

HushHush - June 29, 2010


Dear Nana B One wonders if one would be so terribly kind as to lend assistance to a rather trifling matter that seems to have arisen with ones wardrobe. Ones favourite brown corduroy flares are starting to become rather faded and thread bare, especially in ones undercarriage region. Now dearest, I’m not one for discarding a jolly good pair of slacks in place of a new pair when there isn’t much need, but one fears that the collapsing of ones undercarriage could lead to some awfully embarrassing situations. Could you possibly offer some advice at your earliest please? Richard Cashman, London

Believe it or not this is an age-old problem dating back to the days of ‘Billy the Kid’ and ‘Butch Cassidy’. My advice for you kind Sir is to look back to the cowboys for inspiration. Find yourself an old garment and create your very own patch-work chaps, just like the cowboys did back in the day! If you’re not the best with a needle and cotton head down to your local haberdashery and they’ll patch that crotch up for as cheap as chips! Your undercarriage region is a very delicate place and can never have too much protection so proceed with haste kid, time is a wasting! Nana B x

Dear Nana B As a man people say I’m not allowed to wear ‘jeggings’ but I wear them in secret. My question is will people accept me if i stroll into town wearing my beloved jeggings? Jon James, Exeter Well Poppet I think jeggings are brilliant. They’re triple As - affordable, adaptable and certainly acceptable! If Russell Brand can wear leggings and David Beckham can wear skirts, you my little flower pot can wear jeggings! Throw on a long baggy kaftan and lots of pretty necklaces to complete the look - think ‘hippy-glam rocker’ my darling little bud! Nana B x


HushHush - June 29, 2010


’S boutique

The Boyfriend Special

The ultimate in agony aunts. Nana B will help you fix your boyfriends wardrobe worries!

Dear Nana B I have a bit of a dilemma I do hope you’ll be able to help me with. Inside my closet lie two abundant denim jackets - one navy, the other black. However ‘faux pas’ these may be, I can’t stomach throwing them Kanye West has recently been papped out. I must admit, I am, and wearing a blue denim jacket, now I’m not always have been rather fond being funny my dear but he’s pretty cool of them. so I’m sure you can pull it off too! Now I’m aware that these I’d start off with the black, just a subtle have not been in fashion since change and gradually break in the blue. B*Witched were C’est la The key here is to play it down, make a vie’ng about leprechauns and simple statement with a plain tea and what not, but my question is combats which are going to be huge again this: will they ever return to this summer. the fashion fore-front? Will Denim mix and match is massive for the there be a day where we see ladies this season but alas I just can’t see Beyonce dropping it like it’s it working with the laddies. Although the hot with a nice, cut, baby- Levi ads back in the day did send my temblue Gap denim jacket on? Or, perature racing. Nana B x shall I just bite the bullet and dispose of these once favorable items? Ben Knight, Manchester

pic: google

B’s Boutique now on facebook

HushHush - June 29, 2010



segami elgooG`

Here at HushHush headquarters we’re 100 per cent behind Kerry but what on earth is going on with her mum? If you’re going out for lunch with your celebrity daughter and you have even the slightest idea that the paps will turn up why, oh god, why would you wear what appears to be a Blockbuster uniform sweat vest? On the other hand we love the grey and blue mix and doesn’t our ‘Kerrr’ scrub up well!


HushHush - June 29, 2010

OK wow

While you’ve been out celebrating and having fun, we’ve been scouting for the countries best dressed Lauren Wood, 23 We HEART Lauren’s entire outfit! From the clashing yellow and red to the broken riding boots! This girl has got it going on. So glad we bumped into her on the tube home, whilst eating chips.

Roz Wood, 24, no relation! We discovered this little cutey in Shoreditch. We LOVE that her outfit matched the decor! And black and white gingham is set to make a come back during the latter half of summer! HushHush - June 29, 2010


Cut and take to the shop

KG by Kurt Geiger Jeremiah shoe

Dorothy inspired ultra stylish clog. With its on trend chunky wooden platform and its sequin embellished straps, these are the perfect accessory that will speak for themselves this season. ÂŁ130.00

22 HushHush - June 29, 2010

Label lust

Pic: KG web site

Label VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Ebury clutch £395.00

Ever so slighty out of our budget but a girl can dream! Especially for signature Westwood. It’s punk rock meet classic clutch, imagine the impact it would have on your LBD.


Cut and take to the shop

pic: VW press

HushHush - June 29, 2010


Rebecca Horne -Magazine  
Rebecca Horne -Magazine  

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