Jostens Odyssey Class Ring Look Book

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I N T R O D U C I N G T H E A L L- N E W

ODYSSEY™ CLASS RING See clearly. Dream continuously. The Odyssey class ring captures your passions, your ambitions and whatever matters to you in a radiant, translucent etched-stone crest. Leave an impression as strong as your pride, your story and your dreams for the future.

The Odyssey ring illuminates your interests or affinities within an iconic, translucent etched stone at the heart of this unforgettable piece. Nothing enhances like this seethrough stone, which can be etched with your school mascot, initials, or any symbol that is meaningful to you.

Every moment spent with your passion is another step closer to your dreams. Capture your journey in all its radiance with the Odyssey ring.

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