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So many options at your fingertips for creating something 100% unique to you. The Class Band™ is like nothing ever seen before. Call it evolutionary. Call it revolutionary. Call it yours.

Everything is coming up roses with this new highfashion metal option for the Class Band. The perfect option for living and loving the glamour life.

The Sheer IceŽ Class Band™ delivers a highly-elegant, chic styling of class ring. For those that sparkle and wat their class ring to do the same. People will not only notice, they might not be able to turn away.

The new Varsity Class Band™ design changes the game. For champions of every sort, it’s our achievement in celebrating yours.

Let your true colors shine through with the new ChromaCast™ Class Band™ finish, this ring speaks volumes while turning heads and dropping jaws.

There’s beauty in simplicity. The Solo Class Band™ is clean, streamlined and wearable for always. For those of the mindset that less is more. The Solo Class Band captures a pristine look and feel that gives even more power to the center option you choose.

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Jostens Class Band Look Book  

Jostens Class Band Look Book