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IN 7 - 8 4/19/14 BACKYARD CLEAN-UP

3 -4 3/15/14 BACKYARD CLEAN-UP

5 - 6 3/22/14 BACKYARD CLEAN-UP

1 - 2 3/01/14 BACKYARD CLEAN-UP


Kahuku Beach Clean-Up 3/01/14

SC The Service Center teamed up with Enactus and Sustainable Coast Lines to clean the Kahuku beachfront. Students gathered micro plastics and trash on the beach and put them in large containers provided by sustainable coastlines. This project helped students gain an awareness of the importance of keeping the environment clean. Overall, there were 14 student volunteers along with Brother Tanner of the Enactus program. A total of 37.5 service hours were provided.

Community Help 3/15/14 We had the opportunity to team up with John Quindara (in the peace building program) to help clean the backyard of a family in the community. The mother of this family was fighting cancer at the time of the event and was planning to chemotherapy the following week. A group of 16 BYU Hawaii students had the opportunity to rake leaves, trim trees, pick up trash, and organize the backyard. We took three trucks full of trash to the dump. At the end the family was extremely appreciative and even shared food with the volunteers. This project left all the volunteers feeling really good about the work they had done. In the end, there was a total of 56 service hours recorded.

WELL Africa 5K


30 BYU Hawaii students helped run the WELL Africa 5K event. WELL Africa is a nonfor profit organization whose mission is to end child slavery in Africa. They are where working on building a school in Africa and the proceeds from the 5K run went to help that cause. Volunteers helped set up tables, signed people into the race, marked the 5K track with chalk, cheered the participants on, and then helped take everything down. There was a total of 75 service hours spent at this activity and we were able to help WELL Africa come closer to finishing the school in Africa.

Brick Path

Last years, the Service Center teamed up with a YSA stake and a local scout eagle project to build the brick path leading from the parking lot to the BYU Hawaii soccer field. Recently, we noticed that the path was becoming overgrown with weeds and there were parts of the path that were becoming uneven. On April 10th, a group of 10 BYU Hawaii students weeded the brick path and lifted bricks and placed sand in places there where divots in the path. In the end, there was a total of 15 service hours spent.


BYUH Service Center  

Service projects that the BYU Hawaii Service Center has been a part of in 2014 up to May 1st.