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Nokia Media Network Media Kit

U.K. Version September 2008

The power of mobile Telephone. Email device. Alarm clock. Camera. Music player. Personal navigation device. Internet browser. Lifeblood. Most people never leave home without it. Now advertisers can reach consumers on their most valuable device – their mobile phone.

Nokia Interactive Advertising provides brands with all they need to connect with and engage mobile consumers.

Following the eyeballs With consumer attention time migrating to mobile, shouldn’t your ads be there too?

Just consider: • Today there are 3.3 billion mobile phones, outnumbering TVs and PCs by 3:11. • Originally conceived of as a device for voice calls, people are using their mobiles for messaging, browsing, games, multimedia and other purposes nearly 90% of the time2. • Brand recall rates from mobile advertising are just as high as 30-second TV spots. Mobile is the most powerful medium of our time. And not just in terms of sheer numbers. No other media is kept constantly at hand and relied on for so much.

Average hours per week consumers spend on activities 3

1 2 3

U.K. Average

Younger Gen Y (18 - 22)

Older Gen Y (23 - 27)

Using a PC at home




Listening to radio




Using a mobile phone




Reading magazines




Informa, November 2007 Nokia internal data Forrester North American Technographics Benchmark Survey 2007, base U.K. online consumers

An essential part of the marketing mix Mobile is no longer a media that advertisers can afford to ignore. Its special qualities make mobile inherently better than other media, and an important element in integrated marketing campaigns. Here’s why: Prevalent: There are 47.5 million subscribers in the U.K.4. Personal: Always at hand, the mobile phone offers the ultimate interactive, uncluttered, one-to-one marketing channel. Unique: Mobile extends audience reach of internet sites by an average of 13%5, enabling advertisers to reach consumers who are not accessing the same content through traditional online media. Cost-effective: With response rates outperforming all other forms of traditional and digital media, mobile is proving to be a high ROI channel. Proven: Hundreds of major brands are actively using mobile because of its proven ability to lift brand awareness, generate quality leads, and establish ongoing communications to increase sales and customer loyalty. “The single most important medium that people have is their wireless device…it is genuinely the convergence box that everyone has been talking about for so many years…” 4 5

Andrew Robertson, CEO, Omnicom

m:Metrics, Projected Total Mobile Subscribers for U.K., May 2008 Nielsen Total Web Report, May 2008

Top brands are getting results with Nokia Mobile is performing better than any other analog or digital media channel. Brands are shifting ad spend to mobile for better return on their advertising investments.

Join hundreds of top brands that advertise on the Nokia Media Network. Here is just a small sample:

Automotive A high-end auto manufacturer found mobile to be more cost-effective than any other media for driving consumers into showrooms.


After enjoying better than expected results from a trial mobile campaign, a major movie studio made mobile advertising the heart of a multi-film promo.

Consumer Goods A recent campaign for a teen shampoo brand resulted in more visits to its mobile community site than its online equivalent.

Mobile Content Direct links to their portals and high click-through rates make mobile the first item in the media plan.

“With the help of Nokia, we are able to not only give consumers information about the award-winning LR3 on the most personal device, but also drive dealership visits and sales with a dealer locator.” Finbar McFall, Land Rover

Our publishers Nokia has been rated the “5th most admired brand in the world.” So we understand the importance of protecting your most valuable asset, your brand.

Our network contains some of the most well-known mobile properties throughout Europe including:

The Nokia Media Network is made up of a wide variety of top-quality publishers, mobile operators and Nokia mobile data services, providing a brand-safe environment.



























And we offer acces to some of the most identifiable UK publishers including:








Publishers – Nokia services Nokia is the global leader in mobile devices with a 40% share of the handset market. The Nokia Media Network provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to gain access to this huge audience by advertising on a variety of Nokia services available directly from these devices. The Nokia Media Network is the only place to access this built-in audience and these unique advertising opportunities including: Enabling reach to millions of consumers through a bookmark that resides in the browser of every new Nokia phone, currently present on 300 million phones around the globe. Nokia FM Radio: Preinstalled on all Nokia radio-capable devices, it provides users with an automated listing of available FM stations in their current area. Drill-down directory functionality enables ads to be served globally, regionally and locally. Medeo is a global mobile video service offering fresh entertainment and lifestyle content every day. Medeo programming is tailor-made for mobile devices, with interviews of stars and entertainment industry professionals done by world-class journalists and production crews. MOSH is a mobile content community for all cell phones users. It connects content creators with consumers who are looking for free applications, games, videos, widgets, ringtones and more for their phones. Content can be downloaded directly to the mobile or via the PC. Users can also upload their personal creations and organize collections for on-the-go access. WidSets is a fun and free mobile service that uses miniapplications called widgets to provide one-click access to news, games, feeds from popular sites, and more. Users can view the information at anytime, even when they are ofine. Already on 70 million phones, the service can be downloaded directly from

Nokia Media Network (U.K.) Audience Profile6 % Gender Male




Age 13-17












Our audience Advertisers on the Nokia Media Network can reach millions of mobile-savvy consumers browsing our network properties from virtually any device or service provider.

Education Currently Attending School


A Level


GCSE, O Level




University Degree(BA, BED, BSc)


Masters Degree/Doctorate Other Qualifications Left School without Qualifications

9% 12% 4%

Income Less than £15,000


£15,000 - £30,999


£31,000 - £44,999


£45,000 - £54,999


£55,000 - £64,999


£65,000 - £74,999


£75,000 +




Source: Nokia estimates based on M:metics data

Beyond the click While mobile is quickly becoming a key ingredient in the marketing mix, advertisers can’t rely on banner ads alone to get their message across: what happens beyond the click is equally important.

The most successful mobile campaigns include a compelling call to action and then engage the consumer after the click. Advertisers can lead consumers to their stores, provide branded ringtones and wallpapers, deliver coupons, and show videos of products in action. The possibilities are endless! To simplify the mobile advertising experience for our clients, Nokia offers a complete solution from creative strategy, to campaign design and execution, to reporting. Through our award-winning Solutions team and Ad Alliance program, Nokia provides a single source for creating award-winning, high-performance campaigns.

We offer a wide range of post-click mechanics, including: Click-to-Call: Take advantage of the most intuitive mobile phone feature and spur sales by providing your customers with one-click access to your call centre.

Click-to-Download: Keep your customers interacting with your brand long after the campaign is over by providing downloadable branded content such as ringtones, wallpapers, screen savers and games. One Nokia Media Network campaign for a leading beverage brand resulted in 175,000 wallpaper downloads during the ďŹ rst week.

Click-to-Video: Use the power of video to entertain or inform. During an auto maker’s campaign, more people clicked on the video on the mobile site than on the online site.


Location Finder: Let consumers find you quickly and easily. One auto maker used a dealer locator to sign up test drives at a cost per lead that was 83% less than online. Quizzes: Interact with consumers, Q&A style. Top entertainment brands like MTV’s The N have delighted consumers with fun personality quizzes.


Where Nokia has provided brands with mobile sites including quiz mechanics, about 20% of consumers who click on the mobile site take the quiz. Click-for-Coupon: Help clinch the sale by sending a coupon directly to your consumer’s mobile phone. Varying technologies can be employed including alphanumeric coupon codes or scannable bar codes, so advertisers can confirm and track coupon usage at point of sale. Redemption rates for mobile coupons average 5-15% versus less than 1% for printed coupons!


Mobile advertising success stories Nokia has run mobile campaigns for hundreds of brands across a variety of verticals. Following are just a few success stories from our advertisers.

Nike Nike’s mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world (*if you have a body you are an athlete). Today, Nike continues to seek new and innovative ways to develop superior athletic products and creative methods to communicate directly with consumers. The challenge – Raise awareness, encourage awareness, branding Nike set out to promote its T90 Football Boot with the “Put it where you want it” digital campaign. The online version of the campaign showcased the shooting skills of five leading international football stars from Spain, France, Germany, the UK and Italy. The solution - A mobile advertising campaign featuring downloadable content Nokia enabled Nike to follow up on the successful online campaign with a mobile promotion that gave consumers the opportunity to get involved. A Pan-European mobile advertising campaign ran on the Nokia Media Network, including third-party publishers and Nokia’s own mobile properties such as Banner ads drove consumers to a downloadable Nike T90 Football Game. Creatives were rolled out in five languages, with varying calls to action. Once they downloaded the game, consumers could emulate their heroes and test the accuracy of their shooting.




The results – CTRs averaging 7% More than 200,000 T90 games were downloaded over the course of the month long campaign. Click-through rates were as high as 33% on certain sites, with CTRs averaging 7% across the network.

“We partnered with the Nokia Media Network to run a mobile advertising program across multiple countries concurrently. The T90 mobile game added value to consumers’ experiences of the brand by connecting with them through a highly relevant and sharable social currency.”

Hani Mahdi, Account Director, MindShare Worldwide


Robinsons Robinsons soft drinks, part of the Britvic Group, have been enjoyed by consumers for more than 150 years. Today, Britvic Soft Drinks, with brands like Pepsi, Robinsons, Tango and Britvic itself, is one of the two leading soft drinks businesses in Britain. In 2006, Britvic sold 1.4 billion litres of soft drinks in hundreds of different flavours, shapes and sizes. The challenge – Increase brand interaction and awareness of its association with Wimbledon The objectives of the Robinsons campaign were twofold: to increase brand loyalty by enabling consumers to interact and engage with the brand, and to deepen the brand’s association with the Wimbledon tennis tournament. (The original Robinsons soft drink was created by a Wimbledon steward during the 1934 tournament)



The solution – A ‘text 2 win’ campaign A ‘text 2 win’ campaign, promoted across 54 million Robinsons packs, offered consumers the chance to win tickets to the Wimbledon tournament. The results – An award-winning campaign that directly influenced market share The campaign generated twice the number of entries compared to the previous year’s non-mobile on-pack promotion. This enormous success helped enable Robinsons to increase its market share to 42% of the £864 million juice segment. The campaign, Robinsons most successful promotion ever, won “Best use of mobile for brand building” at the Mobile Marketing awards.




Targeting Nokia Media Network offers a diverse set of tools to reach the advertiser’s desired audience. Targeting options can be employed individually or in combination and may include:

Run-of-Network Run-of-Network is appropriate for advertisers wanting to quickly reach the mass audience of mobile users. Mobile users tend to be younger, more tech-savvy and wealthier than the traditional mass market and are often hard to reach through other media.




Science & Technology




Mobile Lifestyle



City Guide

Health & Fitness








Geographic targeting Geographic targeting can be performed based on user-reported information such as ZIP code, Designated Market Area (DMA), local publisher content and location-based services. There are many instances when geographic targeting can be very useful. For instance, a retailer promoting a new store opening can use geographic targeting to reach only consumers in the relevant area or a service provider may want to offer different price plans for different areas.

Device targeting Nokia can track device information to provide an additional layer of targeting based on language, device manufacturer and model, device class, and additional parameters. Device targeting not only helps reach the desired audience segments, but also enables optimisation of the campaign creative. For example, it can enable an advertising campaign featuring video content to be served only to handsets with video capability.

Customised targeting For advertisers looking for multiple or unique targeting options, Nokia offers customised solutions that employ a variety of the targeting options mentioned above along with additional publisher and network data to enable advertisers to reach their desired audience.

â€?Mobile was a perfect ďŹ t to target the young people who are loyal to our brand, as well as those who may be new to the brand.â€? Steffano Gabbana, designer, Dolce and Gabbana talks about the D&G campaign on the Nokia Media Network

Reporting and optimisation

Reporting Advertisers on the Nokia Media Network can access a self-service reporting tool to review the status of all their campaigns at their convenience. Authorised users can also schedule reports to be automatically sent to them at predetermined intervals. Reports include: • Total impressions served • Creative served • Total clicks • Click-through rates • Conversions In addition, the Nokia Media Network supports the integration of outside reporting including: • Dynamic Logic and InsightExpress studies • Third-party tracking tags

Campaign optimisation Each campaign is assigned to a Nokia campaign manager who employs a variety of tools to maximise campaign performance. Our seasoned campaign managers optimise advertising throughout the lifespan of the campaign by monitoring campaign performance across site placement, creative, and ad placement.

“Mobile has been beneficial in helping BMW reach consumers at the lower end of the funnel, when they are close to making their vehicle-buying decision. Nokia has helped us reach our target audience, resulting in increased visibility and lead generation for us.” Samuel Martinez Ballesteros, Marketing Communication, Internet and New Media, BMW Ibérica

Best practices for a successful campaign

With mobile there is virtually no limit to the creative ways you can engage your customers. These five important guidelines will help ensure the success of your mobile campaign:

Match your mobile strategy to your overall marketing objectives — Whether used as a standalone media or as part of an integrated campaign, your mobile strategy should support your brand objectives.

Harness the unique power of mobile — Mobile is the only interactive media that is always on and always at hand, so it can tie together the physical and digital worlds like no other.

Keep it simple, fun and useful — Keep in mind that the mobile experience and usage habits are different from the traditional internet. When creating mobile programs, don’t simply repurpose content from traditional or online vehicles. Rather, think about the “snack-size” nature of mobile and create made-for-mobile content.

Plan in advance — This is good advice for all types of projects, and especially relevant for mobile. Marketers that integrate mobile into the campaign planning from the outset, instead of an afterthought, get much more out of the channel.

Be willing to experiment — Mobile offers so many possibilities today, and even more to come. Continue to evaluate and refine what works. Remember, innovation often comes from creative uses of existing technology.

About Nokia Interactive Advertising Nokia Interactive Advertising provides brands with all they need to connect with and engage mobile consumers. It includes: The Nokia Media Network, which gives reach to millions of mobile consumers through advertising on blue-chip mobile publishers, operator partners, and Nokia services. Nokia Interactive Solutions, which create end-to-end, high performance mobile campaigns for brands using banner ads, mobile internet sites, location ďŹ nders, mobile coupons, click-to-call, and other advanced mobile mechanics.

To see mobile advertising in action, please visit on any internet-capable mobile device.

For more information visit or contact us at or by phone at (617) 262-2742.

Nokia Media Network Media Kit

Š 2008 Nokia. All rights reserved. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. Other company and product names may be trademarks or trade names of their respective owners.

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