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School Frei Rosa Viterbo Virtual Thinkers

Questionnaire ELearning 1. What do you think about technology usage in classes? It helps me a lot in the learning process. It is a cause of messy and noisy classrooms. I can’t be concentrated in classes due to technology. 2. In your opinion, what is the main objective of the increase of technology usage in education? Motivate students Teach students how to use technology Facilitate the learning process 3. Do you think that teachers will be replaced by technology? Yes


No 4. Do you think that, until now, the evolution of technology in education was significant? Yes No 5. According to you, the advancement of technology facilitates the learning process? Yes No

Thank you for your collaboration! Virtual Thinkers

3 I´s - Interaction, Interdependence and Interculturalism


questionnaire to all the etwinning partners

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