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Fifty-­‐seventh Presidential  Inauguration   Event  Guide                

On January  20th  Barack  H.  Obama  will  be  sworn  in  for  his  second  term  as  President   of  the  United  States  of  America.  He  becomes  the  first  president  since  Franklin  D.   Roosevelt  to  be  reelected  with  a  majority  of  the  popular  vote  at  a  time  of  huge   transformation  for  the  country.  In  marking  his  reelection  the  president  has  chosen   the  theme,  “Faith  in  America’s  Future.”  At  a  time  when  our  economy  is  only   recovering  still  too  slowly,  we  face  threats  from  all  over  the  globe  that  could  not  be   imagined  years  ago,  and  America’s  position  in  the  world  is  questioned,  there  could   be  no  better  theme.  As  an  American  I  believe  deeply  in  our  future,  but  like  the   president  believe  that  it  can  only  be  protected  by  our  common  and  united  efforts   together.  That  is  what  we  will  all  celebrate  at  the  end  of  January.     This  guide  is  intended  to  help  young  professionals  of  color  navigate  the  huge   amount  of  information  about  events  and  celebrations.  With  so  many  events   happening  around  the  metro  region  it  will  be  hard  to  make  a  plan  for  where  is  best   to  go.  After  reading  dozens  of  invites,  websites,  blogs,  and  more  I’ve  prepared  this   short  booklet  of  the  best  events  I  suggest  for  people  interested  in  a  great  weekend.   As  more  information  becomes  available  this  guide  will  be  updated.     It  is  my  hope  that  you  have  a  great  celebration  and  remember  that  our  work  as  a   citizen  only  begins  on  January  20th  and  does  not  end.     Sincerely;  

  Joseph     p.s.-­‐  Because  January  20th  falls  on  a  Sunday,  President  Obama  will  be  sworn-­‐in   officially  in  a  private  ceremony  that  day.  He  will  be  sworn-­‐in  during  the  public   celebration  on  January  21th  on  the  steps  of  the  United  States  Capitol.                         Dec.  27,  2012      

Non-­‐Inaugural Ball  Events    



The National  Coalition  of  Black  Women’s    

Inaugural Celebration     The  National  Congress  of  Black  Women  will  hold  its   Inaugural  Celebration  on  Monday,  January  21,  2013  in   Washington,  DC  beginning  at  10  AM  for  Brunch,   refreshments  all  day,  Dinner  at  7  PM  and  entertainment  in   the  evening  at  Jenny's  on  the  Waterfront.  Wide  screen   television  will  be  available  for  those  who  wish  to  witness   the  swearing-­‐in.     The  event  starts  with  a  Prayer  Vigil  at  the  Martin  Luther   King  memorial  at  11  AM  on  Sunday,  January  20th.    The  above  is  the  following  day's   schedule.         The  total  for  our  events  is  $125.00  per  person.    That  includes  the  entire  day's  events   on  Inauguration  Day.    More  information  at  

Friday, January  18th  2013        

Friday,  January  18th  2013  7PM   Greenbelt  Marriot  Hotel   6400  Ivy  Lane,  Greenbelt,  MD     General  Admission  Tickets  -­‐  $195   Ticket  includes  two  drink  tickets,  unlimited  food,  and  entertainment     This  is  a  black  tie  event   Tickets  -­‐  http://eib2013-­‐      

Saturday, January  19th  2013  

        Our  Generation  Now  Ball  

Generation  Now:  Inaugural  Kick  Off  Ball   Saturday,  January  19th,  8pm   DONALD  W.  REYNOLDS  PORTRAIT  GALLERY   8th  and  F  NW,  Washington,  DC  20004     Featuring  John  Legend  and  other  surprise  guests     General  Admission  Tickets  -­‐  $150.00     This  is  celebratory  casual  dress  event   Tickets  at    

The Virginia  Democratic  Party    



Black Caucus  47%  Inaugural  Ball   Saturday,  January  19th  6PM   Westfields  Marriott   14750  Conference  Center  Drive  Chantilly,  VA   General  Admission  Tickets  -­‐  $150.00           This  is  a  black  tie  event   Tickets  at        

The National  Bar  Association   Legacy  Inaugural  Ball     Saturday,  January  19th  7PM   Smithsonian  National  Air  and  Space  Museum   Independence  Ave.,  SW  Washington,  DC     General  Admission  Tickets  -­‐  $300.00   Includes  open  bar,  food,  celebrity  guests,  and  live  music     This  is  a  black  tie  event   Tickets  at          

Sunday, January  20th  2013    

    Sunday,  January  20th  2013  1:00PM   Historic  Howard  Theater       Join  actor  Jermaine  Crawford  of  “The  Wire”  and   other  celebrities  for  a  Youth  Ball  in  Washington,   DC  to  celebrate  the  reelection  of  President   Barack  H.  Obama  an  hour  after  he  is  officially   sworn  in  for  another  term.       Jermaine  is  the  founder  of  Code  Blue,  a  non-­‐profit   organization  he  founded  in  2008  to  help  end   youth  homelessness.  A  portion  of  the  proceeds   raised  will  go  towards  the  creation  of  the  first   youth  homeless  shelter  in  Prince  George’s   County.     General  Admission  Tickets  -­‐  $75.00  (before  Jan.   1)  and  100.00  (after)     There  will  be  heavy  hors  d’oeuvreS,  souvenir   photographs,  celebrity  appearances,   performances,  dancing,  and  much  more!     Tickets  at  

The Hip  Hop  Inaugural  Ball  

8PM until  2AM   610  F.  Street,  Washington,  DC     Featuring   Russell  Simmons  and  Zac  McDaniels     General  Admission  Tickets  –  $500.00   Includes  performances  by  hottest  Hip  Hop  Artists,  Awards  Celebration,  Food  Tasting   and  Open  Bar     This  is  a  black  tie  event   For  more  information  visit    

The Virginia  Democratic  Party  



The  Virginia  Inaugural  Ball   Sunday,  January  20th  7PM   Westin  Arlington  Gateway   801  N.  Glebe  Road    Arlington,  VA     General  Admission  Tickets  -­‐  TBA     This  is  a  black  tie  event       Tickets  TBA  

                                    Sunday,  January  20th  2013  7PM   The  Grand  Hyatt  Washington   1000  H  Street,  NW  Washington,  DC     General  Admission  Tickets  -­‐  $300.00     This  is  a  black  tie  event   Tickets  at  –                  

The Official  2013  HBCU  Inaugural  Ball   This  is  an  invite  only  event     641  D.  Street  NW  Washington,  DC     General  Admission  Tickets  -­‐  $99.00   Email  for  invitation     This  is  a  black  tie  event  that  is  strictly  enforced   Tickets  at                              

Inaugural Ball                             Sunday,  January  20th  8PM   Gaylord  National  Hotel     Maryland  Room     201  Waterfront  Street       National  Harbor,  MD  20745    

General Admission  Ticket  -­‐  $225.00     Tickets  at  

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