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Poet Jordan A Poem About... (Volume 25) Written By Jordan Neininger



Contents: A Poem About... 5. ‘I know you’ll be back’ 7. ‘The sober heart’ 9. ‘We all make mistakes’ 11. ‘Lining up the photographs edge’ 13. ‘Remember the person, they’re still human’ 15. ‘To spend my resting days’ 17. ‘Caution, Adorable you ahead’ 19. ‘Love is a cancer’ 21. ‘My daughter and I’ 23. ‘Build me a bench’ 25. ‘Remember the earth is round, So you can always come back to me’ 27. ‘If I were a monkey sitting on a shore’ 29. ‘You crawled into my mind’ 31. ‘admittance’ 33. ‘You never made it home’ 35. ‘She may say’ 37. ‘to lay those memories to rest’ 39. ‘You and I close‘ 41. ‘A little bit of heaven’ 43. ‘Evaluate’



‘I know you’ll be back’

I’ll put the kettle on for you, As I know you’ll be back, (Back for a brew or two)

I’ll be here waiting for you, As I know you’ll be back, To tell me all about your day,

I’ll watch from the window, To see you walk up the garden path, To which I will open the door, And greet you with a great big smile,

I’ll see you smile at me, Like no other day, As I knew you’d be back, To be in my arms today,

I’ll forever wait for you, No matter how long the day be, Ready with a smile, With the kettle on for a brew for you and I, Whenever that day may be,

I’ll be here, Waiting for you, Whenever you are ready, By walking up the garden path, Coming back to see me, Ready to share what you feel.



‘The sober heart’ The sober heart, Aches as it thinks, The sober heart, Believes what it wants, Knows what it feels, The sober heart, Stays calm and real, As the dream the heart beats for, Is all but within the mind, That lets the heart beat, The sober heart, Is a somewhat a quiet one, Wanting to talk, show, tell you how I am, Yet the sober heart, Stays to themselves, Aches in pain, But forever warm, Always nearby, The sober heart, Is a better heart, As anything else, Shows or tells too much, A sober heart, Is a real heart, A heart that knows, But just doesn’t know how to show, Sometimes what it feels.



‘We all make mistakes’

We all make mistakes, Touching your heart, Was the biggest I made, As I have never let go, Of your heart, Or the love you brought to me, We make mistakes, Yet some unforgiven, For the love that was, Is still here today, I touched your heart, Hoping it would start mine, To hear the beat once more, That brought me to life, Brought us closer together, Letting go of the hand upon your heart, The world changed ever so slightly, A mistake made but one never forgotten, We make our mistakes, And we learn from them, To live and love for today, As the mistake was yesterday, And today and tomorrow, We make new ways, With very little mistakes.



‘Lining up the photographs edge’

The picture taken, The moment has passed, And everyone moves on, That moment in that picture, Stays exactly where it is, For anyone to see with their own eyes, In reality where that photograph was taken, It may not be as once seen, Changing in it’s own time and way, It may not be how it was before, I stand and stare at where I was, When the photograph was taken, How I felt at that moment, Remembering who I was with and why, I hold the photograph in front of me, Lining up the edges, With features that remain today, With that of those in the photograph, It is like it happens all over again, Hearing the voices and the laughter, Remembered in that moment, But the picture taken, Placed up on front of me, Has to be taken down once again, Holding it within my hands, I only think if it could be created once more, More so than a memory this photograph is, It was a moment, I was in the moment I see captured, To be remembered by few, But means the most to me, Forever if I had the chance, I would line up every photograph I ever took, With the place they were taken, To relive that moment, every moment, Just once more.



‘Remember the person, they’re still human’ Remember the person, The eyes are still there, The eyes you fell in love with, As time takes it toll, The mind tends forgets things, As For living so long, A great and vast life, We can’t remember everything, Everything that we have lived, Remember the person, As they are still in front of you, They still have feelings, And are just as human as you, Yet for the mind it forgets, Through no fault of their own, Somewhere in their long lived mind, They know what you meant to them, What life they have lived to be so human, Just remember the person, The person they have always been, And always will be, Remember they are human, Now with just with a little need, For a helping hand, Or a comforting smile to show you care, Even when they cannot remember, You can remember what they brought to you, In your life to make you smile, Now it’s time, To sit and talk, listen, For hours if need be, To comfort the person, And the mind that may be confused, Remember the person, As they stay the same, They are human, With lost memories of the world, They differ no more no less to you and I.



‘To spend my resting days’

In the final place, Where the tired soul finally rests, There is no better place with a view, To look at and admire, For those resting days, Earnt and now using,

From here I would rest, My well worked heart, To spend my resting days, Remembering you,

And with a view, Like no other I have seen, The beauty of you, Will compliment my surroundings, When you lay next to me, So our souls can be together, Forever.



‘Caution, Adorable you ahead’

Caution, Adorable you ahead, Avoid eye contact, One would fall into those eyes, Never to return to any other feelings, Other than admiration for you, Adorable you, Do you see me, As I see you in the morning light, With the light of the sky, And the light you naturally glow, As inspiration as well as a guide, Adorable you, caution, You may never forget the look, The look you first gave to me, As that moment will be remembered, When you cannot remember anything else, Caution, Adorable you, Is just that, Adorable, The adorable you, May be a caution to the mind, Of not only mine, But to the complexity of the one you have, And what effect you have, On people, the mind and life, Caution, Adorable you ahead, Never to be avoided, As you are beautiful.



‘Love is a cancer’

Love is a cancer, It gets hold of you, Spreading through the veins, Terminal it is, Because to love you, Is to take in any pain, Love is a cancer, Untreatable, As to look to the sky, Or the past that was, Nothing would prevent was is, Because love is a cancer, It has hold of you, Like nothing else, Uncontrollable, Yet not comprehensible, You never feel the same, Once love has spread into the heart, Love is a cancer, But in what physical state, Love may never be physically felt, A person, a mind or a soul, We could love without ever letting them know, Ever feeling the physical side of love, The love spreads and takes control, Of how we are, who we are, The mind doesn’t think in the same way again, Love is the cancer, That is never ridden from our lives, As we love because our life, Is to be next to and with someone in love (like you).



‘My daughter and I’

My daughter and I, Are for similar and same, We are for one, And one in the same, Her mind is young, For mine is old, I am what was, And she is the light, To see forwards, And be what is to be, The good & great of tomorrow, The hand of experience, Is greater than hers, As she is to grow, Beyond the person that I am, Yet if I do not show, The path that is right, And what to look for, To guide her own mind, As her mind, Is her own, In her own life, I would not live, Knowing I have done, All that I can do, To show her the right way, My daughter and I, Are for similar and same, For she is everything in my eye, That hope is to the world.



‘Build me a bench’

Build me a bench, So people can rest their weary legs, From a long walk, Or from aching pains, Rest themselves upon the bench, To take in the views from around, Sitting with comfort, With the bench, Never giving a reason, To leave as soon as they can, Build me a bench, For a place to sit and remember, Everyone you miss dearly, With a view to ease the pain you feel, A bench with a view, To see all year round, As here I would want to be, To see the sun rise and set, The rain come and go, And the snow bluster across the land, Build me a bench, To remember me, For the person I am, And not the person people think I am.



‘Remember the earth is round, So you can always come back to me’

Remember the earth is round, So you can always come back to me, No matter which way you walk, There is always a way back , To where you started, When you walked away, It was not the end of the journey, The story or even that moment, As you can walk back to me, To finish off what was started, Disappearing into the distance, Doesn’t mean that is the last you’ll see of me, The time and distance may grow, The world moves round day by day, Remember the world is round, And you can always walk back to me, Whichever way you go, You will always get to me, How and when will differ in time, Depending on the distance from me you are, (You may even have to stand still so I can get to you) Remember the earth is round, So you can always come back to me, As I walk to see you, Even though I know I may never get there.



‘If I were a monkey sitting on a shore’

If I were a monkey, What would I do? Sit on one side of the shore, To look across to where the problem be, Sit quietly, Be nothing more than me, Sitting still, Saying nothing, To stand and fight, Is what is right, No matter who surrounds you, As you know, I am no me without you, But if you stand on that other shore, Keeping oneself to themselves, I can only but think, The water is now too deep to cross, To get from me to you, If I were a monkey, I could jump across, But the water would be too deep, If I were to fall, I’d be swept away, From here and this moment, I shall stay on my shore side, And you stay where you are, As the water is far too deep, And flows too fast to help you, So I can only look across, If there is no invite to help, Or join your lonely little world, There is no more I can do.



‘You crawled into my mind’

You crawled into my mind, And you never left, I just think, Did you get lost in there, Never finding your way out, Or did you never want to leave, Once you saw inside, To what my mind and heart thought of you, You crawled into my mind, And I didn’t know what you’d find, As I only ever think of you, In the best of light I can give to you, If what you saw made you scared, Or did you blush at the thoughts I spared, I couldn’t get ready because I had no time to prepare, You crawled into my mind at a drop of a hat, I hope you saw, What I truly thought of you, As there are no words in the world, To appreciate how much you mean, You crawled into my mind, And you never left, You’ll be there forever.




admit to oneself, what the problem may be, speak out at that problem, and no answer will be given, the problem doesn’t want you, to admit to it, that it is the problem to you,

admit to everyone what is, the problem to you, and the world changes, the fun stops from then on, and then the world becomes harder,

admit to oneself, that my love is for you, and that love, is felt nowhere else, the fun stops, the world is a more lonely place,

my admittance, to the world, where only i know, what the love that is you,is the one that passes by, somewhere is the world, where i do not reside,

if you admit, something that is it, that something that you hide, for longer than you should, or you should forever more, the world may not be ready, and you may not admit, that this is what should be, and shouldn’t be at the same time,

with the admittance of you, in my heart, i have changed the way the world looks, the way the world feels to you, to i,

i admit to myself, what the problem may be,

yet the problem you admit, stopped the world in its tracks,

because i know now, there will be no admittance, from my world to yours.



‘You never made it home’

You never made it home, As you weren’t part of my life, From where you walked, Was further than you thought, By the time you arrived, The world had changed, You never made it home, Or even if you had, You never knocked at the door, As you knew you were late, From the place that you are now, To the place you call home, This was meant to be your home, With me warm and safe inside, But you never made it home, As you weren’t part of my life.



‘She may say’

She may say I love you, But I want to lay next to you, Breathe across tender skin, Brushing your hair back, Whispering I love you, She may say stand next to me, Yet I will walk to where you sit, And make the journey, To wherever you are, Just so that I can hold your hand, Pull you close to me, And breathe in your sweet scent, She may say the words you want to hear, But I will write every day for a year, To tell you how much you mean to me, How much my heart is for you, With every words I have, And let the words do the talking, She may say believe in me, But what is there to believe, When the story changes, And thoughts are hidden, Not heard, I’d say everything I could, To show you what you mean, She may say, But I dare say, What it is, That makes me think more so of you.



‘to lay those memories to rest’

the time has come, to lay those memories to rest, a third of a life, with only a thought, and no comment, the time is now, to lay memories to rest, no matter how long you think, there will be no change in what was, those memories are just that, and now they must rest, as they’ve been overworked, overthought for some time, the time has come, to say goodbye, and close the door, on the vault of memories, time to open new doors, leave them wide open, so you and i, can create new life, new memories for life, the time has come, at the time when i thought least, that now is the time, to lay those memories to rest.



‘You and I close‘ I bet you are the perfect fit, You and I close, I can feel my heart rate rising, Everytime I think of you, How I would beg, To hold you close, To see if you are the perfect fit, Within my eyes I can see you, Fitting hand in hand, Heart in heart, You and I close, Would set any heart racing, As the thought of you close, Sets the adrenaline running, I stand and wonder, But I bet you are the perfect fit, You and I close, In any way you can think, My heart raises, The closer you become, If you and I, Ever became, You and I close, My heart would jump From my chest, Into yours, To become, You and I close.



‘A little bit of heaven’

A little bit of heaven, Away from everywhere I know, Just to be with me, Or with you in mind, I walk here alone, Yet you are with me, Every step of the way, To be by my side, A little bit of heaven, As I stand and see, Everything that is front of me, Away from the world, That now seems a distance away, From everything that I think, A little bit of heaven, Not too far away, And never out of sight, Just a short journey, To get to, A little bit of heaven.



‘Evaluate’ So here we are. Looking back and ‘evaluating’ where you are in life: [Insert your explanation to how we got here in detail]


Poet Jordan Volume 25  

Poetry, Poems, Poet

Poet Jordan Volume 25  

Poetry, Poems, Poet