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PROMOTING WEIGHT LOSS Reaching and maintaining an ideal body weight is one way to help accelerate recovery and mobility, as a lower weight will put less stress on your new joint. You can promote weight loss with an exercise program. Or speak to a dietician, who can provide a healthy weight-loss program. EXERCISES FOR YOUR JOINT REPLACEMENT One of the most important ways you can help speed your recovery and increase mobility after your hip replacement is to complete your

exercises and to challenge your self a little bit each day. This booklet will help you strengthen and improve the muscles around your new hip or knee. Typically, you will complete 10 to 15 repetitions of each exercise 2 to 3 times each day. While you will be focusing on the leg with the hip or knee replacement, you might want to do the exercises with both legs. Follow all of the precautions outlined here and explained to you by your physical therapist, and remember to breathe in deep, regular breaths.


The Center For Bone and Joint Care  
The Center For Bone and Joint Care  

A Patient Guide to Total Joint Replacement