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Discussion Questions Recall the steps in the decision-making process (Rue &Byars, 2004) as outlined in Ch. 2 of Supervision: Key Link to Productivity. Be alert to indicators and symptoms of problems. Tentatively define the problem. Collect facts and redefine the problem if necessary. Identify possible alternatives. Gather and organize facts. Evaluate possible alternatives. Choose and implement the best alternative. Follow up (p. 33).

Which of the eight steps in the decision-making model could be eliminated if a decision had to be made quickly? Is this model more appropriate for individual or group decision making? Explain your answers.

Reviewthe behaviors that raise ethical questions in the workplace, listed in Figure 4.1 in Ch. 4 (p. 58) of Supervision: Key Link to Productivity. Respond to one of these questions: Which three areas do you believe to be most prevalent? Which three areas have the greatest consequence in the workplace? Justify your answers.

Mgt 210 week 2 dq 1 and dq 2  
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