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BOOKS & BIBLES Relaxing With God

Andrew Farley Paperback



Why are so many Christians feeling weighed down and burned out? The simple answer is that they are being told from many pulpits across the world what they “should be” doing for God. Andrew Farley calls this for what it is – works-based religion – and then shares with readers biblical wisdom on the neglected art of resting in Christ.

The Princess Within For Teens

Serita Ann Jakes Paperback 9780764212048


Girls of all ages want to feel like Cinderella at the ball--beautiful and loved. But the reality is that many teens don’t feel beautiful in God’s eyes or in their own eyes. Serita Ann Jakes understands those feelings, and in this book she comes alongside girls to give them hope and a new understanding of their journey to wholeness in Christ.

Created For Influence

William Ford Paperback



The church today is uniquely positioned to influence the culture around her. But Christians are walking away from this responsibility in favour of building a separate, “safer” culture of our own. This book is calling you from a spot on the sidelines to a position on the front lines. It’s for believers who are ready to join the fight and grip the heart of God in prayer.

90 Minutes In Heaven: 10th Anniversary Edition

Don Piper Paperback



With a personal update from Don on the impact the book has had on him, his family and the millions who have heard his story, even those who have read the original book will want to be part of the continuing story of 90 Minutes in Heaven with this new edition.


July 2014 New Releases

Bridge-Logos; Charisma House

Before The Beginning Of Our World

God’s Generals For Kids Volume 5: Evan Roberts

Don Cobble

Liardon & Goldenberg







This is an extraordinarily remarkable book that is endorsed by Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Stan Goodeough, and Chris Mitchell. The authors, Don Cobble and Mona Johnian, unveil many mysteries behind the creation of our world.

This exciting book for children shows how God changed the nation of Wales in those days. Preachers, policemen, drunks, miners and even donkeys felt the effects of this amazing revival, as thousands of people started going to church and crying out to God.

Praying The Psalms Changes Things

God Every Day: 365 Life Application Devotions

Lloyd Hildebrand

Mike Lutz




Praying the Psalms helps you to know the truth about the situations and circumstances of your life. It will build your faith and give you a glimpse of what God wants for you. As a result, you will grow spiritually, your perspective on things will change, and you will see things changing around you.




In his dynamic daily devotional, pastor and author Mike Lutz provides readers with a spiritually energising and uplifting start to their day. God Every Day is a contemporary and practical daily devotional that will have you waking up eager to hear from God.

The Demon Dictionary Volume 2

Kimberly Daniels Paperback



The follow-up to volume one, this book reveals many of the demonic symbols used in occult settings, traces their origins and shows how Satan has deceived people with these deviations from biblical truth. It also unveils the influences of various cultures, and show how these cultural beliefs have filtered into our modern-day society.


July 2014 New Releases

Destiny Image Publishers; Hodder & Stoughton

Sons Of God’s Generals

PUSH: Persevere Until Success Happens Through Prayer

Joshua Frost Paperback



Go behind closed doors with the sons and daughters of modern world changers, as the next generation shares personal stories of what it was like growing up being the children of God’s generals. Be inspired… as the next generation shares their raw testimonies of encountering God – building their own personal relationships with Jesus.



A Revelation Of Worship

T D Jakes

Shane Warren 9780768404319



In her encouraging and dynamic style, Dr Cindy Trimm inspires you to go for it. It is one thing to read about the lives of great achievers – it is another thing to join their ranks.

When Power Meets Potential Paperback

Paperback 9780768403770


Do you want to fulfill your life purpose? Then it’s time to stop looking for purpose and start using the divinely placed purpose inside of you. Your destiny is not waiting to be found, it’s waiting to be released! Bishop TD Jakes shares the key to fulfilling your purpose and releasing your potential: Power.

Experience an unforgettable Revelation of Worship that presses into God’s throne-room presence and releases His throne-room power into your life!

NIV Gospel Of Matthew

NIV Pocket Bible


Brown Imitation Leather 9781444787856 £16.99

9781444789652 £0.50

Excellent value, pocket-sized paperback of Matthew’s Gospel, ideal for giving away. Matthew’s Gospel tells the complete story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Accurate and readable, the NIV (New International Version) is the world’s most popular modern English Bible translation. 64 pages


Cindy Trimm

A 2011 NIV Bible bound in tactile brown satchel leather with hand-drawn patterned end-papers and magnetic clasp. This edition uses British spelling, punctuation and grammar to allow the Bible to be read more naturally.

July 2014 New Releases

Hodder & Stoughton; River Publishing NIV Pocket Soft-Tone Bible With Clasp

Every Good Endeavour



9781444787986 £16.99

Timothy Keller 9781444702606


A pocket-sized NIV Bible bound in soft, tactile imitation leather with magnetic clasp closure, ribbon and brightly coloured, hand-drawn endpapers. This edition uses British spelling, punctuation and grammar to allow the Bible to be read more naturally.

This book provides the foundations for a work-life balance where we can thrive both personally and professionally. Keller shows how through excellence, integrity, discipline, creativity and passion in the workplace we can impact society for good.

NIV Soul Survivor Youth Bible

Rowan’s Rule


Ruper Shortt

9781444786064 £16.99

With over 500 added extras from the team and young people at Soul Survivor and other well-known Christian leaders, this Bible digs deep into the Word - the key themes that run all the way through, the wisdom, stories and human lives that we can learn from. It highlights what the Bible says about problems we face today, from tough issues to the questions you really hope your mates don’t ask.




Rupert Shortt, already the author of an acclaimed introduction to the Archbishop’s thought, now offers answers many questions in this authoritative biography. Written with Rowan Williams’s full cooperation, it not only elucidates his ideas, but gives a compelling portrait of a private and in some ways surprisingly vulnerable man.

Speakers Of Life

Mark Birch-Machin Paperback



Speakers of Life is more than just a book. It is an expression of the flavour and culture of a rapidly growing prophetic movement that is spreading across the UK.


July 2014 New Releases

Thomas Nelson

NKJV Camouflage Bible Green Paperback 9780529109040 £14.99 For boys of any age who want a Bible that stands out, here’s a great choice. The green camouflage cover on this full-text New King James Version offers boys a cool look when carrying their Bible to church, school, camp or on the go. This larger trim size makes the text more comfortable to read.

NKJV Camouflage Bible Pink Paperback 9780529109088 £14.99 The pink camouflage cover on this full-text New King James Version Bible offers girls a cool look when carrying their Bible to church, school, camp or on the go. This larger trim size makes the text more comfortable to read. It’s a great choice for girls of any age who want a Bible that stands out.

NKJV Personal Size Giant Print End-Of-Verse Reference Bible Black Leathersoft 9780718013974 £17.99 Indexed Black Leathersoft 9780718014070 £23.99 This Bible is filled with references and study aids to strengthen your Bible reading. Plus, it features giant print type, making reading more enjoyable than ever.

NKJV Personal Size Giant Print End-Of-Verse Reference Bible Ivory Gloss Leathersoft 9780718014087 £17.99 Indexed Ivory Gloss Leathersoft 9780718013981 £23.99 This Bible is filled with references and study aids to strengthen your Bible reading. Plus, it features giant print type, making reading more enjoyable than ever.

KJV Personal Size Giant Print EndOf-Verse Reference Bible

The Butterfly And The Violin

Chocolate Leathersoft 9780718014001 £20.99 Indexed Chocolate Leathersoft 9780718014100 £26.99


This Bible is filled with references and study aids to strengthen your Bible reading. Plus, it features giant print type, making reading more enjoyable than ever.

Kristy Cambron 9781401690595


Today. Sera James spends most of her time arranging auctions for the art world’s elite clientele. When her search to uncover an original portrait of an unknown Holocaust victim leads her to William Hanover III, they learn that this painting is much more than it seems.

KJV Personal Size Giant Print EndOf-Verse Reference Bible

Seagrass Pier

Turquoise Leathersoft 9780718013998 £20.99 Indexed Turquoise Leathersoft 9780718014094 £26.99


Colleen Coble 9781595547842


Seagrass Pier is the perfect place for Elin to hide from a killer, but an old love’s ability to see her true heart could be her undoing.

This Bible is filled with references and study aids to strengthen your Bible reading. Plus, it features giant print type, making reading more enjoyable than ever.


July 2014 New Releases

Thomas Nelson Wasted Prayer

Good Night, Little Pumpkin

Greg Darley

Claire Keay





Wasted Prayer shows that prayer is not a transaction but a relationship marked by obedience. Once Darley understood those key distinctions, he started experiencing true success in ministry and life. Learn how to break out of the “religious cycle” and grow in a fruitful relationship characterised by discipleship.

This die-cut board book features adorable art and combines the popular bedtime theme with holiday placement.

Vale of Secrets

Framing Faith

Shannon Ethridge

Matt Knisely







Can a mother face the secrets of her past in order to protect her daughter from the same mistakes?

In a world moving way too fast, Framing Faith is a book for people seeking to focus their lives, to find a deeper knowledge of God and a more authentic Christian faith. In this modern age, many of us fill every “spare” moment we have rather than taking an intermission to see the true works of God and realise that he is present in every moment.

The Jesus Code

The Book Of Revelation Made Clear

O S Hawkins Leathersoft 9780529100825


In The Jesus Code, author O S Hawkins poses fiftytwo thought-provoking questions found throughout the Bible that believers should be able to answer as they grow in their faith and share their faith with others. Each question features a devotional thought to help readers find answers and promote further reflection.

The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Rolling

Neta Jackson Paperback


The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Decked Out

Neta Jackson Paperback


Tim LaHaye Paperback Hardback

A Beautiful Defeat

Kevin Malarkey

From Thanksgiving and Christmas to rolling in the New Year, the Yada Yadas are “decked out” to celebrate the holidays!



New York Times bestselling author Kevin Malarkey teaches readers that the surprising key to unlocking their potential and experiencing the sense of peace and purpose they crave is nothing less than total surrender to God.


Krista McGee Paperback


9780529116901 £9.99 9781400206186 £13.99

In this engaging, refreshingly accessible book, Bible scholar and best-selling author Tim LaHaye (originator of the Left Behind series) and renowned puzzle master Timothy Parker demystify Revelation for the benefit of modern readers.

Hardback £5.99

A devastating fire wakes up the Yadas to a new reality: God is on the move.


Board Book 9781400323432



All her life Thalli thought she was an anomaly. Now she must use her gifts to fulfil the role she was called to play: Revolutionary.

July 2014 New Releases

Thomas Nelson, Worthy Publishing A Night Night Prayer

Fatal Tide (An East Salem Novel #3)

Amy Parker Board Book 9781400324316


An adorable new look for a bestselling bedtime favourite! Amy Parker’s original A Night Night Prayer was remarkably successful, and this new edition offers fresh, whimsical art for a new generation of kids.

Lis Wiehl Paperback


Dani and Tommy discover that the vicious killings in East Salem were merely the birth pangs of a greater evil about to be born.

Storm Siren

Pursuing Justice

Mary Weber

Ken Wytsma




Nym must decide whom to trust as she’s unleashed into a world of assassins, changelings and political betrayal surrounding a young king fighting for his throne, a tired nation that has forgotten its calling and her handsome tutor whose dark secrets could destroy both her people and her heart.





Pursuing Justice shows that God isn’t primarily concerned with personal piety but with empowering his children to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with their creator. The message is as hopeful as it is fresh: when you discover anew the meaning of the gospel and give your life away, you will find it… and it will be the best life you can imagine.

Love. Period.

Rudy Rasmus Paperback



By truly understanding what Jesus meant when He said love is the greatest commandment of all, we learn how to love people – of different races, backgrounds, economic status, physical or mentally challenged, or dependent. Love. Period. is a message demonstrating the only way we get that kind of love is by giving it to others.


July 2014 New Releases


Game Changer

Get To Know King David

Kirk Cousins

Nancy Sanders






Now available in softcover, an easy-to-digest collection of life principles from NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins, giving young athletes an inside look at college football and the NFL through personal stories.

Focusing on the life and character of this Biblical hero, using colour photographs, maps and other visual resources to tell the whole story, young biography fans ages 6-10 will come to learn more about this man of God and the role he plays in history.

How To Read The Bible Book By Book

Get To Know Mary

Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart Paperback



This new edition of the popular guide to biblical interpretation includes updates for a new generation of readers including updated language, redesigned diagrams and a new preface.

How To Read The Bible For All It’s Worth

Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart Paperback



In clear, simple language, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth helps readers accurately understand the different parts of the Bible – their meaning for ancient audiences and their implications for today – so readers can uncover the inexhaustible worth that is in God’s Word.

Nancy Sanders Paperback


Get To Know Paul

Nancy Sanders Paperback


Nancy Sanders

A L Shields £4.99

Focusing on the life and character of this Biblical hero, using colour photographs, maps and other visual resources to help tell the story of his life and work, young biography fans will come to learn more about Jesus, the son of God, and the exciting role he plays in history.


Apostle Paul – part of the Get to Know series – is a unique biography about Paul, the apostle who worked tirelessly to spread the Good News around the Roman Empire after Christ’s resurrection.

The Church Builder



With photographs of places, icons, statues, artwork and other primary sources to enrich content, young readers are sure to find out everything they want to know about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her place in history.

Get To Know Jesus Paperback






From A L Shields – pseudonym for New York Times best-selling author Stephen Carter – comes a thrilling new series about a secret war between the forces of faith and those who would destroy it.

July 2014 New Releases

Zondervan The Case For A Christ Student Edition

Lee Strobel Paperback


The Case For A Creator Student Edition

Lee Strobel 9780310745839

Stovall Weems Paperback


Based on his award-winning bestseller The Case for Christ, journalist Lee Strobel, along with Jane Vogel, presents his journey from scepticism to faith, written for students aged 13 and over.


The God-First Life Study Guide

Based on the bestseller The Case for a Creator, Lee Strobel, along with Jane Vogel, gives students the evidence they need to point to a Creator.


In this six-session, video-based small group Bible study, Stovall Weems teaches how to let go of things you don’t have the answers for and trust Him enough to simply follow. In each of the six sessions, you and your group will experience how to follow God in the moment, no matter what baggage they carry or what spiritual milestones you’ve yet to conquer.

Snap Decision

Nathan Whitaker Hardback





New York Times bestselling author Nathan Whitaker presents a compelling series of sports stories filled with great life-lessons and perfect for kids ages 9 to 12, young athletes and fans of Tim Green and Mike Lupica.

The Case For Faith Student Edition

Lee Strobel Paperback



Based on the bestselling Case for Faith, author Lee Strobel, along with Jane Vogel, present students with a fascinating journey, discovering insights that will reshape the way they view faith.

The Case For The Real Jesus Student Edition

Lee Strobel Paperback



In this student edition of The Case for the Real Jesus, Lee Strobel investigates the person behind the myth to help teens weigh the evidence for themselves and discover the truth about the Son of God.

The Case For Christianity Answer Book

Lee Strobel Hardback



A great book for both newer and seasoned Christians alike. The Q&A format lends itself to helping believers know how to effectively defend their faith. Perfect for those ready to consider Jesus, longtime believers, someone seeking truth or even a sceptic, this book is great for anyone looking for a handy reference.


July 2014 New Releases



Amazing Grace: 21 Treasured Hymns

Tennessee Ernie Ford DVD



American legend Tennessee Ernie Ford is known for his unmistakable, booming voice and contagious personality as an artist, radio personality, actor and TV host. Gospel music was one of his greatest career passions, evidenced by his chart-topping recording successes and captured on this timeless collection.


July 2014 New Releases

July 2014 New Titles  

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