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Countryside Art Exhibition December 2013

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December 2013 – Countryside Art Exhibition Event Catalogue Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducted an international online art competition during the period of time from the middle of October 2013 through to November 26, 2013. The gallery asked artists to submit their best interpretation of the countryside theme by depicting rural living, rustic charm, the outdoors and pastoral scenes, for possible inclusion into the gallery’s December 2013 online Group Art Exhibition. The gallery received 343 entries from 14 different countries from around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, France, Germany, India, Iran, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Ukraine. In addition, the gallery received entries from 26 different states. Congratulations to the artists who have been designated as this month’s winners, along with the Special Merit Award and Special Recognition Artists. Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery commends all of the artists for their courage to compete, for their artistic skills and finally for their creativity. In addition, to this catalogue, the entire art exhibition can be viewed online at Please Note: All of the images contained in this event catalogue are the property of the artist, the artist retains the copyright to these images and the images may not be reproduced without the written consent and permission of the artist. In addition, some images may have been cropped or resized due to formatting requirements of this catalogue. To see the actual and correct image ratios visit the Exhibition Archives on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website.

The Winning Artists in the Overall Category

1st Place - Overall - Lisa Taylor - "The Spaces Between"

2nd Place - Overall - Melinda Moore - "The Old Grist Mill"

3rd Place - Overall - Donna McGee - "Wicklow Way"

4th Place - Overall - Tatiana Roulin - "Sunlight Over the Dunes"

5th Place - Overall - Nancy Olivia Hoffmann - "Mennonite Farm"

6th Place - Overall - Murray Ince - "A Stormy Sky at Le Manoir de Gurson"

7th Place - Overall - Mark Wlaz - "Forrest House"

8th Place - Overall - John Pompeo - "Rural Route"

9th Place - Overall - Elizabeth Burin - "Cadwaladers Barn"

10th Place - Overall – Terry Pellmar - "Red Barn"

Special Merit Award Category

SM - Danielle Austen - "Schoodic Marsh"

SM - Ken Bennison - "Paradise Lagoon"

SM - Patricia Bingham - "Poppies"

SM - Barbara Capeletti - "Everglades Sunset"

SM - Paul Morgan Clarke - "Spring Flowers Upper Teesdale"

SM - Marie Dancy-Brennan - "Country Life"

SM - Stephanie Funke - "Storm Clouds Brewing"

SM - Warren Paul Harris - "Winding Drive"

SM - Nancy Olivia Hoffmann - "Glow Over Stream"

SM - Ron Kendall - "Open Gate"

SM - Candace Law - "Autumn"

SM - Yun Charm Leung - "Serene Moment No.3"

SM - Ambro Louwe - "Behind the Farm"

SM - Brigette MathĂŠ - "Black Eyes Ewes"

SM – Eve Miller - "Low Country Vista"

SM - Rick Mosher - "Roots of the Farm"

SM - Faye Mylen - "Yellow Meadow"

SM - Carolyn Nelson - "The Grandfather"

SM - Jessie Parker - "Little Church on the Hill"

SM - Joel Patience - "First Morning of the Harvest Castello Di Ripa Dorcia"

SM - Kristi Richter - "Someones Coming"

SM - Tatiana Roulin - "The Adams Farm"

SM - Marilyn Samwick - "Vineyard"

SM - Barry Seidman - "Fog"

SM - Lanny Sherwin - "Uncle George's Barn"

SM - Debra Spence - "Dolly"

SM – Dorene Sykes - "My Secret Place"

SM - Lisa Taylor - "Farmhouse"

SM – Zac Taylor - "Wagon Wheel"

SM - Teresa Tromp - "Crabapple Blossoms"

SM - Anneke van der Zwaag - "Wild Flowers"

SM - Debra Van Swearingen - "Road Into the Unknown"

SM - Ken Vrana - "Vermillion, KS"

SM - Marti White - "Branch of Crabapples"

SM - Linda Wilson - "Country Clouds"

Painting & Other Category

1st Place - Painting – Lisa Taylor - "The Spaces Between"

2nd Place - Painting - Donna McGee - "Wicklow Way"

3rd Place - Painting - Tatiana Roulin - "Sunlight Over the Dunes"

4th Place - Painting - Murray Ince - "A Stormy Sky at Le Manoir de Gurson"

5th Place - Painting - John Pompeo - "Rural Route"

HM - Painting - Elizabeth Burin - "Cadwaladers Barn"

HM - Painting - Judith Clark - "Abandoned Barn"

HM - Painting - Barbara Newton - "Andrea's Cows"

HM - Painting – Hillary Scott - "Dylan"

HM - Painting - JulianWheat - "Chemin des Pheasants"

Painting & Other Category – Special Recognition

SR - Patricia Bingham - "Idaho Cows"

SR - Paul Birchak - "Gentle Meadow"

SR - Federica Campagnari - "La Lessinia 3 Italy"

SR - Barbara Capeletti - "Country Barn Lake" -

SR - Kenneth Clarke - "Hare and Hound"

SR - Judith Clark - "Storm Warning"

SR - Christina Del Sol - "Dusk on the Hills"

SR - Christine Derrick - "English Summer"

SR – Sandra Fox - "Country Road"

SR - Mitzi Golden - "Milkweed"

SR - Mitzi Golden - "Snowy Cabin"

SR - Bert Grant - "River Path"

SR - Pamela Hamilton - "Haytime"

SR - Murray Ince - "Great Mis Tor"

SR - Kristina Heredia - "Lavender Provence"

SR - Amy Jackson - "Untitled"

SR - Edit Petronella Katona - "Kepek"

SR - Lynn Kibbe - "Winter's Chill"

SR - Ron Kendall - "Cottage Landscape"

SR - Yumi Kudo - "Lake District Sunset"

SR - Peter Laughton - "Marshland Sunset"

SR - Marion Lindsay - "Enchanted Forest 1"

SR - Sharyn Lightfoot - "Tractor Path"

SR - Tracy-Ann Marrison -

"Summer Morning"

SR - Terrence Martin - "Away From the Herd"

SR - Lisa Mishler - "Sanctuary"

SR - Barbara

McVey - "Lupine Meadow"

SR - Faye Mylen - "Meadow"

SR - Barbara Newton - "The Outback"

SR - Elena Ploetz - "Golf Field"

SR - John Pompeo - "Got Milk"

SR - Claire Reid - "A View Through the Bridge"

SR - Jean Sanders - "Indian River"

SR - Parisa Shad Ghazvini - "Peacock"

SR - Lanny Sherwin - "Untitled"

SR - Toni Silber-Delerive - "Pink and Green Fields"

SR - Susan Spohn - "Red Dahlia"

SR - Seshadri Sreenivasan - "Untitled"

SR - Suzanne Thompson - "View of River Stour Dedham"

SR - Frieda Verlage - "French Lady"

SR - Joan White - "Nestled In Mama Mountain" -

SR - Marti White - "Reaching Roots" -

SR – Christopher Wozniak - "Cat Lucy"

SR – Christopher Wozniak - "Geese Springport Inn"

SR - Yuryk Yaryna - "Dream"

Photography & Digital Category

1st Place - Photography - Melinda Moore - "The Old Grist Mill"

2nd Place - Photography - Nancy Olivia Hoffmann - "Mennonite Farm"

3rd Place - Photography – Mark Wlaz - "Forrest House"

4th Place - Photography – Terry Pellmar - "Red Barn"

5th Place - Photography – Rick Mosher - "Pink Farmhouse"

HM - Photography - Barbara Bardzik - "Old Barn"

HM - Photography - Alessandro Gui - "Brittany's Winter"

HM - Photography - EG Kight - "Murrayville, GA"

HM - Photography - Sara Meyer - "Desolate"

HM - Photography - Mark Ross - "Anticipation"

Photography & Digital – Special Recognition Category

SR - Danielle Austen - "Upsata"

SR - Ken Bennison - "Red Countryside Sunset"

SR - JaShae’ Banks - "Whats Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander"

SR - Ordi Calder - "Walk"

SR - Kelsie Clyburn - "Evening Grooming"

SR - Aaron Cowan - "Palouse Sunrise Detail"

SR - Gabo Gomez - "Play Zone"

SR - Arturo Gonzalez - "Serenity"

SR – Jeff Grant - "Tuscarumba"

SR - Jennifer Hammer - "Polliwog Treasure"

SR - Alessandro Gui - "Abruzzi's Landscape"

SR - Warren Paul Harris - "Buckboard Tree"

SR - Jasmyn Hirchert - "Oh Mr. Rabbit"

SR - Nancy Olivia Hoffmann - "From the Past"

SR - Caroline Hudson - "Rural Reflection"

SR - Jack Kadash - "Pond Reflection"

SR - Shawn Kringstad - "Fireworks"

SR - Jody Lane - "Cali Grows"

SR - Ginny Mangrum - "Esparta"

SR - Laurie McCormick - "Red House"

SR - Michele Munyak - "Country Road Take Me Home"

SR - Jessie Parker - "Cool Loo"

SR - Terry Pellmar - "The Old Barn"

SR – Patricia Schnepf - "Foggy Morning"

SR - Loko Suederdiek - "Gottin"

SR – Hal Tearse - "Peaceful End of the Day"

SR - Christina Theodoris - "Caretaker"

SR - Sarah Wilhelm - "Frozen River"

SR - Linda Wilson - "Red Tree on Ridge Road"

SR – Andrew Wohl - "Golden Grass"

Artist Contact Information

Danielle Austen

Laurie McCormick

JaShae’ Banks

Donna McGee

Barbara Bardzik

Barbara McVey

Ken Bennison

Sara Meyer

Patricia Bingham

Eve Miller

Paul Birchak www.apolloartstudios/com

Lisa Misler

Elizabeth Burin

Melinda Moore

Ordi Calder

Rick Mosher

Federica Campagnari Artist Website

Michele Munyak

Barbara Capeletti

Faye Mylen

Judith Clark

Carolyn Nelson Artist Website

Paul Morgan Clarke

Barbara Newton Artist Website

Kenneth Clarke

Jessie Parker

Kelsie Clyburn

Joel Patience

Aaron Cowan

Terry Pellmar

Marie Dancy-Brennan

Elena Ploetz

Christina Del Sol

John Pompeo

Christine Derrick

Claire Reid

Sandra Fox

Kristi Richter

Stephanie Funke

Mark Ross

Mitzi Golden


Gabo Gomez

Marilyn Samwick

Arturo Gonzalez

Jean Sanders

Bert Grant

Patricia Schnepf

Jeff Grant

Hillary Scott

Alessandro Gui

Barry Seidman

Pamela Hamilton

Parisa Shad Ghazvini

Jennifer Hammer

Lanny Sherwin

Warren Paul Harris

Toni Silber-Delerive

Kristina Heredia

Debra Spence

Jasmyn Hirchert

Susan Spohn

Nancy Olivia Hoffmann

Seshadri Sreenivasan

Caroline Hudson

Loko Suederdiek

Murray Ince

Dorene Sykes

Amy Jackson

Lisa Taylor

Jack Kadash

Zac Taylor

Edit Petronella Katona

Hal Tearse

Ron Kendall

Christina Theodoris

Lynn Kibbe

Suzanne Thompson

EG Kight

Teresa Tromp

Shawn Kringstad

Anneke van der Zwaag

Yumi Kudo

Debra Van Swearingen

Jody Lane

Frieda Verlage

Peter Laughton

Ken Vrana

Candace Law

Julian Wheat

Yun Charm Leung

Joan White

Sharyn Lightfoot

Marti White

Marion Lindsay

Sarah Wilhelm

Ambro Louwe

Linda Wilson

Ginny Mangrum

Mark Wlaz

Tracy-Ann Marrison

Andrew Wohl

Terrence Martin

Christopher Wozniak

Brigette MathĂŠ

Yuryk Yaryna

Countryside 2013 Online Art Exhibition - Event Catalogue  

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducted an international online art competition during the period of time from the middle of October...