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innovate Magazine A monthly magazine publication devoted to emerging artists of all kinds – musical, graphic, fine and otherwise.

egg Magazine: Tenable The tenth edition of Robert Morris University’s annual arts and literary magazine. I was appointed co-editor and designer of the publication for the year 2010. This included creating an information management system for submissions, selecting and editing submissions to be published, and designing the entire publication, sans cover.

Bigelow Tea Package & Contents A design overhaul of existing packaging – this design turns the box upright to stand tall, allowing for more organized storage of several boxes. A perforated die cut at the bottom of the box allows users to tear open a slot that dispenses the tea bags so that the box itself can stay closed, and in place on the shelf.

Yolk Coffee Cup Packaging A container for Yolk restaraunt’s coffee cup with a conveinent way for the customers to carry the parcel out the door with leftovers.

Robert Morris University Institute of Art and Design Presents

Design for Today & Tomorrow 2011 Design Symposium

Friday, April 1 9:00am - 1:00pm Chicago Campus 2nd Floor North

Design for Today & Tomorrow 2011 Design Symposium

Robert Morris University Design Symposium Poster A poster to advertise and inform for the Robert Morris University 2011 Design Symposium event which gives a nod to the all-important BĂŠzier curves.

Friday, April 1

Logo & Identity

Star Aquarium Logo & Identity A combined logo and logotype for Star Aquarium that allows each element to be used elegantly together, of effectively alone. The distinguishing elements of the logo and logotype are reminiscent of aquatic life, and feel friendly and inviting.

Yolk Logo & Identity A unique logo for Yolk restaraunt and an accompanying identity that give the impression of higher quality via elegance, while using color to avoid the suggestion of a high price tag.

Jennifer Muryn Consul t i ng Services

Jennifer Muryn Consul t i ng Services Jennifer Muryn Consulting Services Logo A logo utilizing a distinguishing ligature and an accompanying logotype that gives a corporate and professional look through a classic use of Helvetica for the client’s personal business.


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Publications Website: Robert Morris University A branch of the Robert Morris University website for various publications sponsored by the school – specifically “egg,” the arts and literary magazine; “The Eagle,” the university’s newspaper; and “Full Bleed,” the design magazine. The website allows for a stronger brand, better awareness, and improved methods for submissions and communications. The website was built within the university’s previously existing structure and software. (across) egg Previous Issues

Digital Image & Illustration

RMU Design Portfolio  

An overview of my design work and related projects from my degree program at RMU.