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A John Lyon pupil will aim high and exceed expectations.

John Lyon pupils achieve excellence in their endeavours.

A John Lyon pupil is willing to be bold, experiment and be resourceful.

John Lyon pupils have the capacity to embrace adversity, recover quickly, and learn from the experience.

John Lyon pupils have a strong moral code and pride in the charitable history of the School’s founder.

John Lyon pupils are compassionate and respectful, looking after both each other and our wider community.

John Lyon pupils have enquiring minds and a love of learning.

John Lyon pupils will explore, use their imagination and be inventive.

Our daughter is over the moon and very keen to start with you. She is only frustrated that she has to wait until September as she is ready to join you right away! A prospective John Lyon parent, 2021

Even though my son is also applying to other schools, he is very clear he wants to join John Lyon. A prospective John Lyon parent, 2021

Our beloved subject, John Lyon…by instinct of charity, (the Divine Providence foregoing) hath purposed in his mind a certain Grammar School… of new to erect, found and forever establish for the perpetual education, teaching and instruction of Children and Youth… giving a very good example to all others to imitate the like hereafter, and also to the common profit of all our subjects. Elizabeth I, Royal Charter granted to John Lyon, 19th February 1572

Leading a prestigious school like John Lyon and being part of School life is a great honour and a huge source of pride. Every day I witness remarkable young people being challenged with new ideas, learning with the support of dedicated teachers in facilities envied by many. I see these children achieve: in the classroom, on the sports field, in the music hall, on the stage. Most satisfyingly, I see happy pupils. Our Academic Curriculum is at the heart of every working day – it forms the very core of all we seek to achieve as a leading place of learning. English, Mathematics, the Sciences, Humanities, Creative Arts, Languages and Digital Learning

form a curriculum designed to educate and inspire, giving both knowledge and a desire to want to know more. There is, however, much more outside the classroom: Sport, Music, Drama, Art and well-resourced Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Programmes that help our pupils explore the world around them. John Lyon School life is a programme of personal growth and enrichment rarely seen in many schools – the sort of education that is highly sought after and prized by parents interested in a high quality independent education. Katherine Haynes, John Lyon Head

from the introduction to John Lyon at

Madisan Year 8

Entering John Lyon was the greatest opportunity I was able to receive. I have now finished my first year and it has been excellent, thanks to all the teachers and my friends. John Lyon has many subjects to offer and they can be quite a challenge, but the support from all the teachers has been the thing that keeps us going and the effort and their enthusiasm for all pupils to excel has been inspirational. Science has been exceptional, and each department has encouraged us to explore, research and gain knowledge to help us discover and achieve great things without setting limits. Events such as the activities in British Science Week have been phenomenal to take part in, due to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. I have also really enjoyed learning new languages, French and Spanish. The Year 7 Paris trip really got us to learn about French culture and history.

The School’s Music Department is really delightful to be a part of. As a musician learning five different instruments I know how important music is to my learning and my wellbeing. I am really proud to be part of the School’s Motet Choir as it always sounds fantastic. The School has also held a number of musical events, which have all been a success due to all the hard work and extra practice from all pupils and teachers. I hope to excel in music and become a great musician. I had done Drama at my previous school, but not as advanced as at John Lyon. The Drama Department takes it a whole step further with professional lights, sound effects, music and even crash mats. I enjoyed being part of the Junior production Lord of the Flies in my first year and I am looking forward to future productions. Sport is an important aspect of School life and the motivation from all the teachers and coaches has been exceptional. They are committed to all pupils and help us to strive

higher. There are so many sports to learn, from Football, Hockey and Cricket as the main sports as well as Swimming, Cross Country, Water Polo, Badminton, Fives, Athletics and Golf. The School has a vast range of clubs and societies; more than 100 in total that I urge all new pupils to try out. These include Excellence Programme events like JLx, which are 15-minute lectures from teachers about a subject. There are also talks from guest speakers and opportunities for pupils to give talks at events like TEDx and the annual Talks-on-the-Hill, which I was lucky enough to speak at in my first year. My first year at John Lyon has been sensational. I am proud to be in a prestigious school with a warm and welcoming community. I am looking forward to the years to come at John Lyon.

It is a healthy competitive environment and he’s come on in leaps and bounds and it’s surprised me how he has done academically. I am over the moon. A John Lyon parent

Academically, the school is pretty spectacular.When my elder son went there he was below average academically, and he is doing fantastically now and he is predicted all A*s and As in his GCSEs. A John Lyon parent

In his GCSEs they got absolutely the best out of him. I don’t think he would have got the results he got anywhere else. The smaller classes and high expectations across the piece from students and staff make a difference. A John Lyon parent

The results we are getting from him are remarkable – there have been a couple of subjects where he has scored 100%. He comes home and you don’t have to remind him about his homework, he just gets on with it. A John Lyon parent

The overall quality of pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding is excellent. Pupils make excellent progress in developing their knowledge and understanding because teachers use clear and probing questions which elicit clarity and consolidation. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Small class sizes (20-23 in Years 7-9, 18-24 at GCSE, 10-16 at A-Level) mean that pupils are well known by staff... Results overall very solid, a reflection of the effort to instil self-discipline, hard work and high expectations. Parents believe the school gets the balance just right. ‘The grades are good, but you’re not made to feel awful if you’re not at the top of the league tables.’ The Good Schools Guide

I will enjoy the game by respecting the officials and coaches. I will play in the spirit of the game, demonstrating good sportsmanship. I will recognise fair play and congratulate good performances by both teammates and the opposition. I will always try my hardest. Extracts from the John Lyon Sports Charter

The sport is definitely a strong point. He’s very sporty and the provision is fantastic.

My son is not very sporty but there is a good variety of sport... They engage him with things, and that is excellent.

A John Lyon parent

A John Lyon parent

Pupils achieve highly in sport as a result of the school’s ‘Sport for All’ philosophy, promoting participation and increasing access. Independent Schools Inspectorate

John Lyon School gave us a marvellously murderous Macbeth. A show that opened with an eerie and unsettling ensemble moment, and was impressively directed by two student directors creatively interpreting a challenging play. What I really liked about this performance was the commitment you bring to all the characters on stage. What I loved about this show was the brilliant visual moments you created on stage. Performing Shakespeare’s words on a professional stage takes courage, resilience, and imagination.You and your teachers should all be incredibly proud of what you have achieved. A superbly sinister, and sensationally spooky performance! Shakespeare Schools Festival Macbeth review

It was like you were at the West End. A parent of an Upper Sixth leaver

The boys were amazing and we had a fantastic time watching the performance. A John Lyon parent

We look forward to the next performance! A John Lyon parent

Tonight’s performance was brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed it. A John Lyon parent

Many pupils excel in regional and national competitions, such as exhibiting artwork in a national gallery. Independent Schools Inspectorate

When he was in the choir they did an overseas trip to Venice and they have been to St Paul’s Cathedral to sing. I don’t think in any other school he would have done so much. A John Lyon parent

The Art Department is one of the reasons we chose John Lyon.The work is a really high quality. A John Lyon parent

Pupils realise highly accomplished artwork which is displayed around the school and are highly successful in the vast number of opportunities in music or drama. Independent Schools Inspectorate

My son has been able to do things he wouldn’t have been able to do elsewhere.The Friday afternoon Co-Curricular Programme is very good. A John Lyon parent

They have morning, lunchtime and after-school clubs and quite a lot of variety and it is great.

A John Lyon parent

Time and time again we see that students who are busy and engaged outside the classroom as well as inside achieve all the things they hope and work hard for – this is the real success of a John Lyon education. Katherine Haynes

from The Standard, John Lyon’s School Magazine

He loves the Friday afternoon activities. For him, everything is intriguing and exciting. A John Lyon parent

While pupils are expected to drop some or all the extras at the doorsteps of other schools in favour of the academics, quite the opposite happens here...Every Friday afternoon is dedicated to a timetabled programme of ‘skills-based’ activities including everything from cooking to mountain biking, with a carousel on offer for younger ones and increasingly more free choice as pupils move up the school to include, by Sixth Form, community service. The Good Schools Guide

I thought he would thrive in a small environment with a good level of pastoral care, and that is what I saw in John Lyon. A John Lyon parent

I was really pleased with the quality of the pastoral care and the individual attention they gave the children. I was very happy with the way they nurtured my son. A parent of an Upper Sixth leaver

He feels that all the teachers are on his side. A John Lyon parent

A very large majority of both pupils and parents feel that the school actively promotes good behaviour and pupils are well behaved, demonstrating a keen understanding of the difference between right and wrong. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Parents united in the view that the school does its utmost to develop every inch of potential and nip any barriers in the bud. The Good Schools Guide

Daniel Head Boy

When I came to John Lyon, I wanted to find new friends. In reality, I found a family that now forms an integral part of my life. The support offered by the School in all aspects of student life is second to none. When I joined, I could often let my emotions dictate my actions. John Lyon provided me with an outlet in Drama, where I was able to channel my emotions into something productive, which helped me become more objective when making decisions in wider life. John Lyon offers so many opportunities for every interest. After five years at the School, I’m still finding new activities that are becoming more and more widely available. I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to perform and direct at professional theatres, compete in the London Youth Games, and have some of my work

reviewed by a professional writer. I could name many more opportunities I’ve been given, and so many of my friends could do the same, but with so many options in so many different fields of interest, the list would be fairly exhaustive. The academic side of John Lyon is similarly excellent. Coming to the School as a fairly average English student, under their expert tutelage over three years I was able to achieve Grade 9s in both my English Literature and Language GCSEs and am now continuing the subject at A-Level. John Lyon has a real knack for getting the best out of their students. This doesn’t always mean getting straight 9s at GCSE (although some of my peers have done) or all A* at A-Level, but making sure every student has every opportunity to improve and grow. The streaming system with English and Maths at

GCSE ensures that every student is challenged without feeling entirely out of their depth, and with several lunchtime and after school clinics, everyone has the opportunity to get help outside of timetabled lessons. I mentioned before that I found a second family at John Lyon, and it is true. I made friends that have supported me through really difficult times, and I have tried to do the same for them. We revel in each other’s success and pick each other up when we fall short. The teaching staff similarly are there to help pupils grow and are genuinely invested in every pupil’s wellbeing and committed to providing success for everyone. John Lyon has helped me grow without moulding me, helped me improve without removing my individuality, and I think that is something that is often hard to come by. I consider myself very lucky to study here.

He loved being a prefect. He loved wearing suits.They had their own Sixth Form building and it felt a very special experience. He had duties to look after the Year 7s which he really enjoyed. The classes were really small so he really felt he knew his teachers. A parent of an Upper Sixth leaver

I am really glad that he stayed for Sixth Form. He knew the school and they knew him and the resources and facilities are there. I like the structure of the timetable and his work is quite full. A John Lyon Sixth Form parent

They have a programme to prepare them for Oxford and Cambridge, so he is on that now. They gave him a scholarship and a colours tie, so he feels his potential is being recognised. A John Lyon Sixth Form parent

The school community transcends cultural difference and exudes an ethos of inclusivity through natural acceptance. A very large majority of pupils felt that the school encourages them to respect and tolerate other people, and comment that diversity is the essence of the school. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Parents united in the view that the school does its utmost to develop every inch of potential. The Good Schools Guide

A thriving school which provides a well-rounded, well-grounded education in a welcoming atmosphere. Great praise for the care and attention the pupils receive. The Good Schools Guide

Thank you so much for all your assistance with the admission process. You have helped make it straightforward and totally non-threatening for us. In fact, we feel almost welcomed into the school already! We just wanted to thank you for always being there for us, whether it was answering my silly questions to confirming exam details, you have always been very prompt in your responses to us. Thank you. Huge thanks to all at John Lyon for offering our daughter both a place and such a generous bursary. Without it, this exciting new chapter in her life would not be a possibility. Prospecitve John Lyon parents

Full admissions details can be found at Here you will find information on: Bursaries Scholarships Entrance Examinations Open Days Registration Our Senior Registrar, Rebecca Davies, is always happy to help. She can be contacted at or on 020 8515 9443.

Miss Katherine Haynes Head Mr Jonathan Pepperman Deputy Head Mr Andy Sims Deputy Head

John Lyon’s full Good Schools Guide review and Independent Schools Inspectorate report can be found at John Lyon Middle Road Harrow-on-the-HIll HA2 0HN 020 8515 9400

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