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JOHN LYON SCHOOL 2019 - 2020

A John Lyon boy will aim high and exceed expectations. AMBITION ...............................

A John Lyon boy achieves excellence in his endeavours. EXCELLENCE ...............................

A John Lyon boy is willing to be bold, experiment and be resourceful. INNOVATION ...............................

John Lyon boys have the capacity to embrace adversity, recover quickly, and learn from the experience. RESOLVE ...............................

John Lyon boys have a strong moral code and pride in the charitable history of the School’s founder. HERITAGE ...............................

John Lyon boys are compassionate and respectful, looking after both each other and our wider community. COMMUNITY ...............................

John Lyon boys have enquiring minds and a love of learning. ENQUIRY ...............................

A John Lyon boy will explore, use his imagination and be inventive. CREATIVITY ...............................

Some young boys showed us around the School and they were pretty confident. I looked at those boys and I saw my son in them. A prospective John Lyon parent

Much has been done for the school of late, and done well. In externals the school can now compare favourably with any of the same size and aim in England.

It rests with the boys to respond earnestly to the efforts made to train them for the work of life. After all, buildings alone can not make a good school: Masters and Boys, working together, can. J E Williams John Lyon’s ďŹ rst Headmaster Issue 1 of The Lyonian, April 1890

Leading a prestigious school like John Lyon and being part of School life is a great honour and a huge source of pride. Every day I witness remarkable young men being challenged with new ideas, learning with the support of dedicated teachers in facilities envied by many. I see these boys achieve: in the classroom, on the sports field, in the music hall, on the stage. Most satisfyingly, I see happy boys. Our Academic Curriculum is at the heart of every working day – it forms the very core of all we seek to achieve as a leading place of learning. English, Mathematics, the Sciences, Humanities, Creative Arts, Languages and Digital disciplines form a curriculum designed to educate and inspire, giving both knowledge and a desire to want to know more. There is, however, much more outside the classroom: Sport, Music, Drama, Art and well-resourced Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Programmes that help our boys explore the world around them. John Lyon School life is a programme of personal growth and enrichment rarely seen in many schools – the sort of education that is highly sought after and prized by parents interested in a high quality independent education. Katherine Haynes, John Lyon Head

from the introduction to John Lyon at www.johnlyon.org

Our son came for the 11+ test day and we just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience that he had. Following the test day, he was elated and in very high spirits talking about every aspect of the day on the journey home. In particular, he mentioned how much he enjoyed the group exercise and interacting with his peers. Based on this conversation, John Lyon would definitely be both his and our first choice school; it would be a pleasure for us to support his growth as an individual with John Lyon School as a base for his future. Once again, thank you for the great experience that you have given him; you have certainly won us over. A John Lyon parent after Entrance Exams

The school is academically selective, but here the term ‘potential’ is not just rhetoric. All applicants are interviewed by senior staff (at 13, all by the head), with the intention of snuffling out ‘those happy to be busy, active and willing to push themselves’. The Good Schools Guide

Jack Year 7

Coming to the end of my first year at John Lyon I still cannot believe how lucky I am to be here. I have learned so much, made lots of new friends and had more fun than I thought possible. I was asked to pick the highlights of my year but really struggled as there have been so many. Sport has always been important to me and the facilities at John Lyon were one of the things that really appealed. I have not been disappointed. The Sports Department are passionate about encouraging everyone to be involved and I have had some great coaching and lots of opportunities to play Football, Hockey and Cricket as well as Archery, Cross Country, Fives, Swimming, Water Polo and Golf. I had never done any Drama before coming to John Lyon, but inspired by our passionate drama teachers and keen actors in Years 7, 8 and 9, I got a part in the ensemble cast of the Lower School production of Emil and the Detectives. I absolutely loved it and look forward to taking part in future productions. I hadn’t studied languages at primary school so coming to John Lyon and studying French, Spanish and Latin was a bit of a shock. But it has been surprisingly fun and the Year 7 trip to Paris, which provided opportunities to get to know my classmates and teachers out of school, to see some of the sights and also to practise a little of the French I had learned, was

brilliant! I am hoping that next year we are able to go to Spain and maybe to Italy. The Sciences are among my favourite subjects mainly because the teachers at John Lyon encourage us to be curious and discover things for ourselves. This was shown during British Science Week when we had the opportunity to see and take part in a range of experiments which built on what we had learned or were going to learn in class. John Lyon has encouraged me to try out new activities both in lessons and in clubs. I have started to learn computer programming, taken part in the Year 7 Choir, joined Comic Book Club, and been to a number of amazing concerts and Excellence Programme talks: David Starkey talking about Henry VIII and ‘the first Brexit’ was brilliant. One of my favourite clubs is Debating. We have learned how to research a topic and structure an argument. We took part in the London Junior Debating Competition and practised every week covering all kinds of topics from politics (should Trump be impeached? and should there be a second referendum?) to topics close to home for us (should social media be used by teenagers?). We won a number of the debates against other schools and although we did not win the whole competition I am very optimistic about next year. I have had an amazing first year at John Lyon and am really looking forward to Year 8 and beyond.

It is a healthy competitive environment and he’s come on in leaps and bounds and it’s surprised me how he has done academically. I am over the moon. A John Lyon parent

Academically, the school is pretty spectacular. When my elder son went there he was below average academically, and he is doing fantastically now and he is predicted all A*s and As in his GCSEs. A John Lyon parent

In his GCSEs they got absolutely the best out of him. I don’t think he would have got the results he got anywhere else. The smaller classes and high expectations across the piece from students and staff make a difference. A John Lyon parent

The results we are getting from him are remarkable – there have been a couple of subjects where he has scored 100%. He comes home and you don’t have to remind him about his homework, he just gets on with it. A John Lyon parent

Pupils are highly effective and resilient learners... They listen well, to each other and to their teachers, and follow instructions to good effect, enjoying their studies. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Small class sizes mean that pupils are well known by staff... Results overall very solid (63 per cent A*-A/9-7 at GCSE; 31 per A*/A at A-Level in 2018), a reflection of the effort to instil self-discipline, hard work and high expectations. Parents believe the school gets the balance just right. ‘The grades are good, but you’re not made to feel awful if you’re not at the top of the league tables.’ The Good Schools Guide

I will enjoy the game by respecting the officials and coaches. I will play in the spirit of the game, demonstrating good sportsmanship. I will recognise fair play and congratulate good performances by both teammates and the opposition. I will always try my hardest. Extracts from the John Lyon Sports Charter

The sport is definitely a strong point. He’s very sporty and the provision is fantastic.

My son is not very sporty but there is a good variety of sport‌ They engage him with things, and that is excellent.

A John Lyon parent

A John Lyon parent

Pupils of all ages reach the highest levels nationally in a variety of sports, both as individuals and in team competitions. Individual pupils regularly work with youth squads attached to premier league football clubs. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Harsh Year 10

Since attending John Lyon, I have developed a myriad of skills in the arts and elsewhere. I have been encouraged to accomplish things outside the curriculum, which has made me a well-rounded student. The learning environment at John Lyon is made to be enjoyable as well as fruitful. Students enjoy and prosper in all subjects, even if they may not be their strongest. I recently developed an interest in Chemistry, organic chemistry in particular, which was not a subject I had an interest in all this while. I also discovered a fascination for activities to do with conservation: learning how to keep bees and creating a conservation space at our playing fields. The Music Department first stood out to me in Year 7, and I was encouraged to step outside my comfort zone and perform in a new environment, such as singing a solo at choral evensong. Ever since then I have progressed, developing a passion for music. In Year 8 I started lessons on the trombone, meanwhile self-learning the piano. I now play the trombone to grade 5 and perform in Wind Band, R&B Group and Brass Ensemble. I continue to sing in the choir, as well as in my own band. The Music Department teachers are very supportive, and have helped to enhance my musical abilities. Regular concerts have boosted my confidence in performing in front of large audiences and in large venues, including the Royal Festival Hall, St Paul’s Cathedral and St Mark’s Basilica, Venice.

I have taken part in many school productions, the first being A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The support and encouragement of the Drama teachers made each production gruelling but incredibly fun to participate in. They help us recognise our potential and push us to achieve. Taking part in Drama productions complements my involvement in music, as both have helped me to assert my stage presence. Although I will not take Drama at GCSE, I still hope to be part of more successful productions in the future. To fuel my passion for public speaking I have taken part in several Model United Nations conferences, including the first ever at John Lyon. These events have increased my awareness of global issues and increased my critical thinking skills. I am also a member of the Debating Club, and have competed in many competitions against other schools. I have also won the House Debating competition for two consecutive years for my house – Moore. Debating in a club and in Model United Nations has enabled me to think outside the box and to assess every problem from multiple angles to think of the best solutions and hear different viewpoints. I feel I have progressed from a shy boy to a more well-rounded individual since starting at John Lyon. I am thankful to all the teachers who have helped me take many steps in the right direction, transforming me into the person I am today.

John Lyon School gave us a marvellously murderous Macbeth. A show that opened with an eerie and unsettling ensemble moment, and was impressively directed by two student directors creatively interpreting a challenging play. What I really liked about this performance was the commitment you bring to all the characters on stage. What I loved about this show was the brilliant visual moments you created on stage. Performing Shakespeare’s words on a professional stage takes courage, resilience, and imagination. You and your teachers should all be incredibly proud of what you have achieved. A superbly sinister, and sensationally spooky performance! Shakespeare Schools Festival Macbeth review, 2019

It was like you were at the West End. A parent of an Upper Sixth leaver

The boys were amazing and we had a fantastic time watching the performance. A John Lyon parent

We look forward to the next performance! A John Lyon parent

Tonight’s performance was brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed it. A John Lyon parent

In music, younger pupils study a wide range of cultures, from Pachelbel to Brazilian samba, and develop effective personal responses. In performance, they move easily from rhythm and blues to traditional Western classical genres.

When he was in the choir they did an overseas trip to Venice and they have been to St Paul’s Cathedral to sing. I don’t think in any other school he would have done so much.

Independent Schools Inspectorate

A John Lyon parent

The Art Department is one of the reasons we chose John Lyon. The work is a really high quality. A John Lyon parent

In art, younger pupils show a good understanding of the key features of individual artists’ work and express their subjective reactions in a mature way for their age. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Time and time again we see that students who are busy and engaged outside the classroom as well as inside achieve all the things they hope and work hard for – this is the real success of a John Lyon education. Katherine Haynes from The Standard, John Lyon’s School Magazine, Spring Term 2019

A ‘rounded’ education given a firm emphasis, with a timetabled programme of ‘skills-based’ activities including everything from cooking to changing a tyre. Plenty of trips and societies, from computing to chess. ‘It’s a very broad ranging education,’ commented one contented father. The Good Schools Guide

My son has been able to do things he wouldn’t have been able to do elsewhere. The Friday afternoon Co-Curricular Programme is very good. A John Lyon parent

They have morning, lunchtime and after-school clubs and quite a lot of variety and it is great. A John Lyon parent

He loves the Friday afternoon activities. For him, everything is intriguing and exciting. A John Lyon parent

I thought he would thrive in a small environment with a good level of pastoral care, and that is what I saw in John Lyon. A John Lyon parent

I was really pleased with the quality of the pastoral care and the individual attention they gave the children. I was very happy with the way they nurtured my son. A parent of an Upper Sixth leaver

He feels that all the teachers are on his side. A John Lyon parent

There are excellent relationships between staff and pupils and amongst pupils themselves, including mentoring of younger pupils by sixth-formers. The school community has a family feel and form tutors give high levels of support. Teaching and non-teaching staff are clear about their responsibilities in fostering the academic and pastoral development of pupils in their care and they provide outstanding support and guidance. They are alert to and prioritise the needs of the pupils. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Two great strengths of John Lyon that help us get things right are a strong knowledge of why the School was founded and a good working knowledge of our eight core values. Our great founder, John Lyon, was a philanthropic man who began educating local boys in the 1500s, at what is now Harrow School. His endowment allowed that school to grow and flourish, and 300 years later John Lyon School opened, again for the benefit of local boys. The spirit of philanthropy has never gone away and is now demonstrated – regularly and proudly – by John Lyon boys. Whether it’s growing moustaches to raise funds for men’s health, encouraging young people to pick up musical instruments for the first time, or inspiring primary school children with tales of ancient Rome, I am constantly amazed by the willingness of John Lyon boys to get stuck in for causes they believe in, helping people they don’t know but whose needs are greater than their own. This work, which goes well beyond the curriculum and is not done for any reward of grades or other prizes, really encompasses the values we hold close – a John Lyon way – and explicitly shows what a 21st century school education should and can be. Katherine Haynes from The Standard, John Lyon’s School Magazine, Autumn Term 2018

Husain Head Boy 2019 - 2020

When I moved from Hong Kong to London, I came to John Lyon a stranger. Different accent, different curriculum and different mentality. But I found the people I met and friends I made to be warm and open-minded. I have managed to flourish and thrive where I first thought I would simply get by. One of the most important things which has shaped the individual I am today has been the freedom and space to seize opportunities available to me. After all, it’s one thing for the School to spend time and resources putting together a programme of events and excursions such as the annual exchange to Harrow International School Bangkok, the Talks-on-the-Hill lectures and the Digital Innovations Lab, but in reality it’s the students themselves that have to want and commit to these activities to give them life. If you want something to happen or take place at John Lyon, such as when we rallied together and organised a student-led Model United Nations conference, the chances are you can do it. It’s just a matter of enthusiasm, determination and a touch of good manners.

As soon as I began to sign up for these trips and activities, becoming more active in the School community, a sense of purpose gripped me. With that purpose I am now Head Boy. In this role I intend to further increase the degree of student action in the community. With a reformed Student Council, more involved prefects, and expanded volunteering and social action projects across the School, there will be no shortage of student engagement and new initiatives. For me, the backbone of the School are the teachers. Whether they are a continuous stream of facts and arguments; available to talk things out or maintain an interesting discussion, even during the wildest tangent; or full of advice and seemingly never-ending support, all have shown a quality of teaching and commitment to student support that have helped shape who I am today. I came to John Lyon not knowing what to expect and now I find that I have become an entirely new individual, ready to express my ideas and implement them in practical ways; ready to go further than I ever imagined I could.

He loved being a prefect. He loved wearing suits. They had their own Sixth Form building and it felt a very special experience. He had duties to look after the Year 7s which he really enjoyed. The classes were really small so he really felt he knew his teachers. A parent of an Upper Sixth leaver

I am really glad that he stayed for Sixth Form. He knew the school and they knew him and the resources and facilities are there. I like the structure of the timetable and his work is quite full. A John Lyon Sixth Form parent

They have a programme to prepare them for Oxford and Cambridge, so he is on that now. They gave him a scholarship and a colours tie, so he feels his potential is being recognised. A John Lyon Sixth Form parent

Sixth-formers write with sophistication about ethical issues such as natural law. In activities, they discuss topics such as cloning and stem-cell research with sensitivity, and are open to differing opinions. Others debate ethical dilemmas enthusiastically with one another, espousing contrasting philosophical standpoints. Sixth-form pupils present analyses of poetry lucidly, expressing their individual viewpoints with clarity. The pupils’ scientific knowledge and understanding is consistently good and this is applied well in practical work. Independent Schools Inspectorate

‘People describe us as one of the best kept secrets in London,’ says the head, who clearly now intends the secret to leak out. ‘We want to bring across the vision of what we represent: heritage and innovation, creativity and resilience.’ Other widely acknowledged USPs include ‘the family atmosphere,’ the ‘friendliness’ and the attractively small scale. ‘It’s not too big,’ said one father. ‘Everyone knows my son’s name, from the registrar to the guy who sits on the front desk.’ The Good Schools Guide


First Year BA in History, Exeter College, University of Oxford I have a lot to thank John Lyon for, in helping me get where I am today. It wasn’t just the high standards in the classroom, or the countless extra-curricular opportunities offered, but the fact so many teachers were willing to go above and beyond, whether that was helping me, a historian, to appreciate Maths; encouraging me to enter essay-writing competitions; or the History Department’s door always being open for anything I wanted to discuss. The same went for the Oxbridge preparation that was provided. For History, the importance of independent work was highlighted, with sessions being student-led, and teachers playing a supporting role. This has come in handy at Oxford, where far fewer contact hours with tutors requires me to take charge of my own learning. I see myself as a cricketer first, an academic second. In

my first few years at the School, teachers and coaches in the Sports Department fostered in me a real love for the game, through countless hours of their hard work. If I’m honest, this contributed massively to me wanting to apply to Oxford, an MCC university, so I owe an enormous debt to them all. This debt, of course, is extended further by the fact that the Department’s welcoming nature provided a place to voice any concerns and be treated like an adult, which helped me through some of my more difficult times at school. I think I speak for the whole school when I say that the Sports Department always has time for your problems, whether you be a sportsman or not. To me, it was the beating heart of the School. I like to think I worked hard at school, but it was the care, consideration, and dedication of teachers that helped me succeed across all facets of school life.

And now you little Lyons, listen to me as I sing If you wish a jolly school life, as happy as a king, Pray study all your books like a lot of young rooks, Love Latin and German, and worship French roots, Cram yourselves full of knowledge from eyebrows to boots, Sing I to you all Sing I E T Oglesby, John Lyon pupil Issue 1 of The Lyonian, April 1890

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John Lyon’s full Good Schools Guide review and Independent Schools Inspectorate report can be found at www.johnlyon.org/gsg www.johnlyon.org/isi John Lyon Middle Road Harrow-on-the-Hill HA2 0HN 020 8515 9400

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