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TESTIMONIALS Brokers were deeply engaged while doing the UCR L.A.B.S. and they were very excited to see actual responses from clients with different tasks that were performed during the L.A.B.S. There’s is no better way than to learn by doing! Eric Shull (Seattle - South Lake Union)

UCR can be overwhelming but our L.A.B.S. help break it down step by step for the brokers creating smaller goals that are attainable on a weekly basis! Win win! Michelle Maida (Portland)

The feedback from the UCR L.A.B.S has been nothing short of fabulous! The agents are extremely engaged and find the instructions fun and easy to follow. It’s quite helpful to actually perform the activities while going through each session. Craig Forehand (Lynnwood Center)

The L.A.B.S. are a great way for our brokers to have clear and concise instructions on how to use our great JLS tools together with understanding how and why these tools will help them build their business. They are beautifully written and easy to follow. As a Branch Leader, I appreciate what UCR L.A.B.S. do to guarantee the success of our brokers. Even our newer brokers get listing appointments because of activities. Mona Spencer (Redmond, WA)

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The UCR L.A.B.S crystallizes the client relationship enhancement methods to help our team take our business to the next level! We have had direct results from putting these strategies into action. So glad to have these JLS tools. Wendy L. Carrington (Seattle, WA)

I’ve received great responses to L.A.B.S! The format is clear, and most importantly, interactive! The brokers immediately put the ideas presented to use! Very successful! Jacqui Curtiss (Port Orchard, WA)