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THE WINS Broker Engagement Office Leaders and Owners who have used UCR L.A.B.S. have a substantially higher percentage (30% -50%) of broker engagement than the brokers who have not participated. They see higher attendance and usage of John L. Scott tools and technology, and their brokers have logged in to MyDesk on a regular basis.

Lead Generation Confidence is a hallmark of brokers committed to Ultimate Client Relationship®. They are connected to their clients on a regular basis and have more appointments and they are marketing listings within their first 30 -60 days. Brokers that are actively engaged in UCR activities have 26% more transactions than those who are not active.

Broker Recruitment Owners and Office Leaders use UCR materials, and in specific, the UCR L.A.B.S., to recruit both new and experienced brokers into their offices. The conversation is changed from “how to” documents to “why to” strategies. UCR goes beyond technology for technology’s sake and creates possibilities for business and a clear path to a successful real estate career.

Broker Confidence UCR tools, technology, and tactics clearly lead to confidence, which in turn increases the competence John L. Scott brokers bring to their business, their approach, and especially their clients. They demonstrate their expertise not only by transactional excellence but also with the strong and lasting relationships they have with their clients who, in turn, refer them to those they care about.

Owner and Office Leader (Manager) Benefits Tactical, tangible and, real-time learning. Owners/Office Leaders do not have to invent “why” training modules. Measurable coaching metrics. The digestible format offers a clear path for technology adoption and benefits. The UCR L.A.B.S. create accountability components, all the while creating confidence in the broker associates.

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Win in Real Estate | John L. Scott Ultimate Client Relationship®

Curiosity: The Fundamental of Ultimate Client Relationship® We often want to show up with the right answers. What we need are better questions. What if we did something a little different? What if we sell less, letting go of control, and listen more? Not just listening – but listening to hear, not to respond. This is a skill we can all develop. Open-ended questions ask for information as opposed to yes or no. They are INVITATIONS TO CONVERSATIONS. As a Broker and the client walk the road of discovery through open-ended questions, remember that sometimes the client doesn’t know what he or she wants. This is a conundrum for clients and their broker. Listening-based inquiry with no agenda can help brokers see things the client cannot. This puts the broker in a unique position to counsel not just consult. Brokers can help the client see and understand clearly what the options, benefits, and consequences are so that they can make a decision that serves them best.