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It allows the client to offer their insights and thoughts. A call to conversation requires curiosity, not opinions alone or pat answers. Completing UCR L.A.B.S. in groups are beneficial as the brokers (students) share the challenges they face with their colleagues. Camaraderie is a wonderful byproduct of shared learning. Some groups may want to incorporate reading a book as part of the L.A.B.S. experience. The Ultimate Client Relationship® library adds new titles constantly. The end result is clarity to the WHY in terms of using John L. Scott tools to enrich relationships with clients. Brokers add value to their clients, and demonstrate competence in the use of those tools in their everyday business practices. By looking at John L. Scott tools through the lens of Ultimate Client Relationship®, brokers are able to connect with those who matter to them at a deeper level.

Seasonal Engagement Activities Should I sell My House Now? UCR for the Holidays: ePostcards / Call or Text / Facebook messaging / Housing Update / Annual Neighborhood Real Estate Review.

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Responses to scenarios (i.e. commission reduction objection handling) Business building tips (i.e. building your database) How-Tos (i.e. note writing) Creative (i.e. 10 ways to celebrate your client’s birthday)

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Selling Your Home Tips: Email campaigns offering tips for future sellers. Buying Your Home Tips: Email campaign offering tips for future buyers. Seller Buyer Housing Update: Share “big picture” real estate trends. (JordanKingston.johnlscott.com/Housing-Updates) MarketInsights™: Hyper-local real estate market information. Tips@Home Seasonal Housing Forecast: A uniquely authoritative forecast of the housing market. Buyside (Home Valuation)


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