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Check90 is positioned to help connect consumers with companies offering furniture, HVAC, home repair, appliances, sporting goods---along with service providers like doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and attorneys. Most transactions are from $100 to $5,000.


By chRIstoPhER sELmEk

Buzz on Biz, LLC 3740 Executive Center Drive Martinez, Ga 30907

n the wake of the credit crunch, many consumers are finding themselves unable to purchase the items they need when they need them, often through no fault of their own. “It’s no secret that the economy has changed permanently,” said Lydia DelRossi, Check90 regional manager. “There are a tremendous amount of people who have income but have fought through home modifications, foreclosures, job loss, divorce or underemployment through no fault of their own. Credit card companies are arbitrarily canceling lines of credit and our economic recovery is the weakest

since World War II, but as the economy has changed, the methods of purchase have not. It’s still only check, cash or credit, wherever you go.” Check90 is a new repayment plan available to small-businesses designed to increase their sales and cash flow by offering an “instant credit” repayment option to customers who might not otherwise be accepted for instant credit. “With Check90, the consumer can sign up if they have a checking account and a good history of check writing over the last 60 days, with no bounces, and verifiable funds in the account,” said DelRossi. “The best part is that the business or service provider gets paid one hundred percent of their invoice within 72 hours and we do the rest. This creates a vehicle for people who have an income to get the goods they need with one, on-the-spot approval phone call.” DelRossi has already helped a dozen businesses in Aiken, Augusta and Lexington set up the Check90 system, most of which have seen between $5000 and $8000 in new sales within the first 30 days. By setting up businesses with the proprietary software for one low, flat fee, customers then have the ability to give

one check worth 25 percent of the total sale and make pre-set payments over 3, 6 or 12 months with no credit score needed. “I’ve done a lot of Check90 sales, and about 85 percent of the people who apply for it are approved,” said Jeremy Curles, owner of the Aiken Furniture Outlet. “When I explain to people that $1000 worth of merchandise from a furniture rental store can end up costing them about $3500, but the same merchandise bought from us through the Check90 system costs only $1320 over a six-month period, it is a way better deal and all they have to put down is $330.” “I just can’t imagine anybody with a service or repair type business that is experiencing decline, turndowns and walk-aways who wouldn’t consider adding this to their arsenal,” said DelRossi. “There are good people, who want to do business with you, but their credit is damaged due to student loans, or foreclosures, and they’ve given up fighting the bank. We don’t look at past credit problems - all we care about is ‘do you have the ability to pay today?’” Part of DelRossi’s job includes educating business owners that Check90

is different from other entities that don’t pay the business until they get paid first, because Check90 pays the business owner upfront and then collects payments on their own.

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• No Minimums • No Setup Fees • 1,000’s of Designs • No Limit on Ink Colors • Onto Your Item or Ours • Same Day Service • Digitally Printed Directly to Garment • No Fading or Cracking PRINTING



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20 YEARS: MONEY IN THE BANK nEIL GoRdon | President, Buzz on Biz LLC


ustIn RhodEs: 20 Year anniversary Congrats to my long-time friend Austin Rhodes who, despite his attachment to the Pittsburgh Steelers, is quite the successful businessman. Yes, he is an employee of Beasley Broadcasting, but he is business savvy. He’s an excellent endorser of successful companies in the CSRA--- who thrive thanks in part to his testimonials. He’s “quietly” been endorsing Merry’s Trash and Treasures, Lady Bugs Flowers and Gifts, Surrey Center, and others for years---in some cases, 20 years. He just celebrated his anniversary over the summer. I remember one of his first broadcasts on the air. He shared his personal feelings about the Rowe v. Wade abortion anniversary and how he loved his adopted daughter. It was my first experience with a radio talk show host “keeping it real.” It’s why area merchants rely on him for his commercials too. Recently, I was in the “Smoker’s Retreat” speaking to the owner—my client. In walked a 30-something male who came up to us and said, “I heard Austin talking about this place on the radio and wanted to see what you have.” The gentleman walked around and then purchased a cigar from the same Spanish-cedar

humidor that Austin had walked in. (Austin purchased and lit up a cigar and relaxed there, before he ever did the endorsement.) 20 years—money in the bank. RsvP catERInG: 20 Year anniversary October also marks the 20th anniversary of the Jackson’s excellent run at the helm of RSVP Catering in Walton’s Corner. Bill Jackson’s daughter, Jennifer Pruett, profiles her dad’s business success in our hospitality section. What has amazed me through the years is how they have managed to battle franchised restaurant after franchised restaurant… and they are still standing strong serving lunch. Yes, lunch only---with some catering mixed in. Recently, I stopped in for their famous chicken salad and asked him how he was affected by the Cheddars, Jimmy Johns, Panera Bread, Atlanta Bread, Subway, and dozens of other eateries that have been established nearby. Jackson told me the more these new places pop up, the more folks will try them and then notice his restaurant! 20 years -- money in the bank. neil GoRDon is President of Buzz on Biz, LLC and produces a daily tv segment on News 12 This Morning, a daily radio show on WRDW 1630 AM, and two hyper-local, niche publications, “Buzz on Biz” and “Verge”. To learn more, visit or email neil@



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H scott hudson | Freelance Reporter For Wgac


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scott hudson is a freelance reporter for WGAC and co-owner/ operator of Cheers on Washington Road in West Augusta. Please send any comments to scott@wgac. com.

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t seems like we read about a different drunk driving accident each week in the local newspaper, and with the upcoming holiday party season, it is appropriate to revisit an issue I have addressed in this column before, Social Host

Liability. The time has come for those of us in management to provide a party for our staff to show our appreciation for their work and celebrate another year. In my experience, holiday parties are fraught with as much opportunity to damage morale as to improve it. From the company’s perspective, alcohol at a company party includes the possibility of “social host liability.”

In Georgia, social hosts can be held liable for the damage caused by someone to whom they serve alcohol if the person either--(i) was not of lawful drinking age, or (ii) was noticeably intoxicated at the time he or she was served--and the host knows the person will soon be driving a motor vehicle. In South Carolina, social host liability is limited to hosts who serve alcohol to persons under the legal drinking age (including providing open access, such as a keg). As the party planner, you can always play it safe. You can have a risk-free party and not offend anyone. Authorize a 15-minute break during the workday, pass out cupcakes and sing Jingle Bells. On the other end of the spectrum is the off-site, open bar, employees only throw-down. Remember, all things in moderation. Here are some tips to help keep the party in check and still have a good time: 1. Invite spouses if the party is after business hours; 2. do not serve unlimited free



alcohol. If the party is a dinner, have an open bar for 45 minutes or an hour before dinner and then go to a cash bar. Hand out two free drink tickets to each person; 3. serve protein rich foods as they slow alcohol absorption; 4. do not serve unattended alcohol (e.g. a keg) particularly if there are minors attending the party; 5. hire a professional bartender and be sure they have liability insurance to cover serving liquor; and 6. Provide cab service to anyone who requests it or who becomes visibly intoxicated. Help your employees have a safe and happy holiday!

J. eDWARD (eD) enoCH This is a sponsored Law Talk article. His practice focuses on business, employment, and real estate law. He is a 1992 Magna Cum Laude law school grad from Washington and Lee School of Law. He’s served in many leadership roles for SHRM, Rotary, the Family Y and the United Way. Reach him at (706) 738.4141 or

In today’s fast-paced world, your business can’t wait - for slow connections, for outdated technology, for service delays or for anything else. With Comcast Business Class, you’ll get significantly faster Internet speeds with downloads up to 33 times faster than DSL and a T1. You’ll also get phone service that’s the best in call clarity. And the reliability you need to keep your mind on your business 24/7. Switch to Comcast Business Class today, and stop waiting.



800-391-3000 706.303.2557

Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Speed comparison between Comcast Business Class Deluxe 50 Mbps Internet service and standard 1.5 Mbps DSL and T1 service (downloads only). Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Call for details. Comcast © 2012. All rights reserved. NPA88012-0009 73757__NPA88012-0009 8.5 x 5.175 ad.indd 1

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positive uplifting music! COMINGS AND GOINGS B

on Voyage to the folks who helped us take great travel photos—WoLf camERa. Due to a corporate takeover by Ritz and bankruptcy/falling sales, all Wolf Camera locations (including Augusta Exchange) are in the midst of drastic markdowns---50% or more. The buzz is it could be early to mid-October before Augusta’s store closes. A photography buff is said to be interested in opening a local camera store—competing with just one other such store in the area—Chris’s Camera in Aiken. Bon appetite to the partners who have just bought PIZZa cEntRaL

on Evans to Locks Road and converted an existing Buck’s Pizza to Pizza Central on Georgia Avenue in North Augusta. They recently held a ribbon cutting for the North Augusta store. Hello to up to 100 employees of the Mississippi branch of adP. That facility announced it was going to be shutting its doors in 2013 and shifting 90-100 in-bound telephone/accounting specialists to the West Augusta ADP facility. Employees here work on outsourced H.R., payroll, tax and benefit functions.

Listen online!

PH. (803) 819-3125




HEALTH CARE AND YOUR BUSINESS Christine Hall, CPA | Hall, Hall, & Associates P.C


he July 2012 Supreme Court ruling upholding what’s collectively referred to as the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) or “Health Care Act” has resulted in a number of changes to the US tax code. As such, there are a number of tax implications for individuals and businesses. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what it might mean for you. INDIvIDUALS INDIvIDUAL MANDATE Starting in 2014, US citizens and legal residents not qualified for Medicare or Medicaid must obtain minimum essential health care coverage for themselves and their dependents or pay a tax penalty that varies based on income level. In 2014, the basic penalty for an individual (no dependents) is $95, with substantial increases in subsequent years--$325 in 2015 and $695 in 2016, indexed for inflation

thereafter. REFUNDABLE TAX CREDIT Effective in 2014, certain taxpayers will be able to use a refundable tax credit to offset the cost of health insurance premiums so that their insurance premium payments do not exceed a specific percentage of their income. Qualified individuals are those with incomes between 133 percent and 400 percent of the federal poverty level. A sliding scale based on family size will be used to determine the amount of the credit. In addition, married taxpayers must file joint returns to qualify. MEDICARE PART D Medicare Part D, the tax deduction for employer provided retirement prescription drug coverage, will be eliminated in 2013. INCREASE IN AGI LIMIT FOR DEDUCTIBLE MEDICAL EXPENSES The deduction is currently 7.5 percent of AGI, but next year, in 2013, that increases to 10 percent of AGI. The

7.5 percent threshold continues through 2016 for taxpayers aged 65 and older, including those turning 65 by December 31, 2016. HEALTH COvERAGE OF OLDER CHILDREN The cost of employer provided health care coverage for children (through age 26) on tax returns is excluded from gross income. busInEssEs SMALL BUSINESS HEALTH CARE TAX CREDIT Small businesses and tax-exempt organization that employ 25 or fewer workers with average incomes of $50,000 or less, and that pay at least half of the premiums for employee health insurance coverage are eligible for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. For tax years 2010 through 2013, the maximum credit is 35 percent for small business employers and 25 percent for small, tax-exempt employers such as charities. An enhanced version of the credit will be effective beginning Jan. 1, 2014. In general, on Jan. 1, 2014, the rate will

increase to 50 percent and 35 percent, respectively. ADDITIONAL TAX ON BUSINESSES NOT OFFERING MINIMUM ESSENTIAL COvERAGE Effective in 2014, an additional tax will be levied on businesses with 50 or more full-time equivalent (FTE) employees that do not offer minimum essential coverage. Employers with fewer than 50 FTE employees are exempt from the additional tax. If you need assistance navigating the complexities of the new health care act, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to help.

HAll, HAll, & AssoCiATes P.C is a full-service public accounting firm established in 1979. They have a staff of experienced professionals that stand ready to meet all of your accounting, tax and general business needs. For a complimentary consultation call 706-8557733 or visit





Crown Point Communications at Windsor Jewelers

eft-brained: a person whose behavior is dominated by logic and analytical thinking. Right-brained: a person whose behavior is dominated by creative and intuitive thinking. I’ve never actually made a list, but I’ve always believed there’s a set of unwritten responsibilities we all have that, when followed, increase our chances of success while at the same time make things a little easier on those around us. One of these is sorting out whether at heart we’re left-brained or right-brained. Achieving this not only gets us a little closer to understanding who we are, it lets us look across at the other guy and crack the door of figuring him out, too. Got a minute for a true-life parable? Once upon a time music radio programming was driven entirely by right-brained, creative types. While playing current favorites more often than past hits made sense, the rest of the playlist remained wide and reasonably unpredictable. Air personalities had format rules to follow, but it was understood that these could be set aside if a worthy moment of inspired content came to mind. Then came the 1980s. Young investor hot-shots, salivating over radio’s eye-popping profit margins, began scooping up broadcast properties at inflated prices with almost no money down. With so much at stake, these never-been-in-radio leftbrainers couldn’t bear to entrust their investment fortunes to the programming intuition of some 28 year old kid, so the radio consultant was born, he/ she also of the left brain. Audience research exploded. The name of the game became getting the heavily-indebt investor to better sleep at night by reducing an entertainment medium to numbers on a piece of paper. And

what did they find? That Mr. and Mrs. America wanted the air personality to shut up and play their favorite songs. Seemed to make sense…..until the resulting programming featured microscopic play lists (your favorite songs, yes, over and over and over) and air personalities charged with reading scripted promotional sentences between songs. Mr. and Mrs. America yawned and took up knitting. If you think I’m carrying the flag for a right-brained world, you’re mistaken. I’m hoisting the banner for a necessary blend of the two, and vital to how this impacts you is your understanding of which set of instincts you bring to the process. All artists need patrons because the vast majority of them are terrible business people. All numbercrunchers need creative types to provide the magic that vaults the endeavor to the next level. So…were you born to be Michelangelo or Lorenzo de’ Medici? For the same reason Louis B. Mayer didn’t try to run MGM Studios and be Clark Gable too, you as a business owner should take a dim view of your being your own marketer. Instead, find a right-brainer with a proven track record and get him/her into your orbit. Check Buzz On Biz’ archives for my guidance on that (“The ‘Just Give ‘Em What They Ask For’ Syndrome”). Final thought: while being Michelangelo or Clark Gable may be the more glamorous role, Messrs. de’ Medici and Mayer came away with the real money. Good luck! Next: One Word…And It’s Not “Plastics”

Don MACneil is a traditional media

expert, having spent more than 30 years on-air and behind the scenes in Media and Marketing. If you have any comments or questions, email Don at windsorway@

thE csRa’s onLY busInEss monthLY PubLIcatIon


The Buzz on Biz mission: to act as an inspirational tool for those in the workplace and those who are entrepreneurs and to provide useful, practical information to help increase companies’ bottom lines. To submit editorial content or to order a 12 month subscription mailed to your home or office for $12, mail a check to the address on the bottom of the page Neil R. Gordon: President/Editor/Sales (706) 261-9981 Matt Plocha: Group Publisher/Sales (706) 261-9981 Buddy Miller: Sales (706) 261-9981 Open Door Graphic Design: Design and Layout Melissa Gordon: Photography Stacie McGahee: Copy Editor Opinions expressed by the writers herein are their own and their respective institutions. Neither the Buzz on Biz LLC, or its agents or its employees take any responsibility for the accuracy of submitted information, which is presented for informational purposes only. 3740 Executive Center Drive #300 Martinez, GA 30907

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Of Commerce

ave you ever moved from a house or office that you have occupied for more than 20 years? A wide range of emotions take hold. First, the overwhelming tasks of getting the new location ready to move into and then the amount of cleaning out and packing of the old facility. All of this might make you change your mind. Fortunately, the excitement of a new (or renovated) facility makes you smile as you remember why you need to move! The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce had outgrown the Evans to Locks Road location over two years ago. We no longer could have our Board of Directors meetings at the Chamber office and our committees meetings and other programs were crowded in the conference room. Lack of parking became an issue as well. The staff was doubled up in some of the offices or even set up with a temporary desk in a room used for storage and files. The Board of Directors charged ahead and started looking at available space and the possibility of

dr hickey 1/4 page ad

building a new office. About the same time, the Columbia County Board of Commissioners was consolidating the three health department buildings into one new facility located on William Few Parkway. The Development Authority and Commissioners approached the Chamber about sharing and leasing the health department building with the Development Authority and the Convention and Visitors Bureau. This is the good news! Although the three entities are completely separate organizations with their own staff, board of directors, and governance, the joining together under one roof provides the community with a one-stop-shop for business, economic development, and tourism. The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, membershipdriven organization that advances business in the CSRA through our community leadership, economic advocacy and membership programs. The Development Authority of Columbia County, a non-profit, public corporation that acts as the conduit for unique financing tools designed for businesses, is the lead economic development agency for the county. By using a variety of marketing, financial,

and strategic planning tools, it seeks to recruit quality businesses and a talented workforce AND to help retain and expand existing firms in the county, all for the benefit of the county’s diverse population. The Convention and Visitors’ Bureau mission is to promote Columbia County as a travel destination to positively impact our economy. As you can see, the mission of each organization complements the others. The combined office also allows for sharing of office resources. Our new office also has a new street address: 1000 Business Blvd. Evans, GA and is located directly behind Bank of America on Ronald Reagan Drive. The former health department building provides a meeting room, the Chairman’s Room, with capacity of 60 theater style, or 40 classroom / banquet style. The room also has a collapsible wall to separate a conference room or buffet line. Another smaller room, the Executive Conference Room, will seat 6 for a meeting or sales appointment and will serve as future office space. Each employee currently has their own office and parking is plentiful. Of course, the one thing that you can never have

enough of is storage. Thankfully, we have several great Chamber members who are storage companies. Now, it’s time to celebrate! We would like to invite you to stop by the Open House on October 18, 2012 from 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. with the ribbon cutting ceremony at 5:30 p.m. Please RSVP at or by calling the Chamber office at (706) 651-0018. Upcoming Events: Chamber After Hours: October 22nd, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Mass Media Marketing / Marco’s Pizza Members Only Networking Event Professional Development Luncheon November 7, 2012 Be My Guests Catering and Events “Leadership Lessons from the Experts” Presented By: Jeffrey W. Foley Brigadier General, US Army (Ret.) VP for Military and Global Affairs Georgia Health Sciences Members: $25 First Time Visitors: $35

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“Under our business model, the business owner is paid 100% upfront first and there is no risk to them,” said DelRossi. “Other agencies tell business owners to collect four separate checks from consumers, but you get paid little tiny pieces at a time and don’t have cash flow, plus if the check doesn’t clear, the business doesn’t get paid.” DelRossi hopes to put the Check90 logo in as many small businesses as she can, claiming that its presence alone can draw new customers to a business. For this reason, she gives each business owner banners and car signs when she sets up the software, and constantly updates the Check90 CSRA Facebook page to keep people informed what businesses are using their services. “One of the best things about this service is that big box stores can’t get it, it’s only for Mainstreet USA to stay strong,” said DelRossi. “Wayne’s Automotive and Towing in Aiken even

Lydia Delrossi of Check 90 always tries to stay positive when working with connecting merchants and their customers.

unveiled their own slogan for attracting customers, ‘Don’t Drain Your Bank Account.’ NBC News and the Aiken Standard have both reported on us as a new, dynamic way to pay that brings in retail sales. I feel that the more ways you give customers to pay, the more sales you will make.” No one would know more about the importance of sales and cash flow than DelRossi herself, the former owner of Equine Divine in Aiken, which she sold in 2009 for reasons she thinks may have been prevented by Check90. “When the market crashed and I was forced to sell my gallery, I also tried to refinance my home and I was in that modification for three years,” she said. “Every single month they told the credit bureaus I didn’t pay my mortgage, so my credit is shot, and there are millions of Americans nationwide with examples like that.” For more information about Check90 visit, e-mail or call 803-215-7678.

CELEBRATE FINANCIAL PLANNING WEEK kELLY REnnER | Owner, Life Strategies Financial Partners


ctober 1-7, 2012, marks the Financial Planning Association’s® (FPA’s®) eleventh annual Financial Planning Week®! Financial Planning Week is a celebration to help individuals discover the value of financial planning. During the week, FPA and its nationwide network of chapters host financial planning education events, seminars, workshops, hotlines and more to improve financial literacy across the nation. The FPA also strives to create and build the public’s awareness of the financial planning process to enable them to make smart financial decisions to pursue their life goals and dreams. When I tell people I am a financial planner, the most common response I get is “I don’t have any money”! This is why I love educating people on true financial planning! A goal of Financial Planning Week is to help the public discover the benefits and value of financial planning. Meeting with a financial planner that is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ will reassure you that you are working with an individual that follows a financial

planning procedure, that YOUR best interest is being put first, and that you have a fiduciary on your side. Another goal for Financial Planning Week is to empower Americans to pursue their dreams by identifying and managing realistic financial goals, while at the same time negotiating the financial barriers that arise at every stage of life. And the final goal for Financial Planning Week is to provide educational resources to help individuals get objective, unbiased financial advice. I would recommend interviewing several financial planners and learn what their process is to work with your finances. There are a few things you can do to help celebrate Financial Planning Week. You can pay off a credit card, start the process to get your estate in order, start an emergency fund or start a savings account for a vacation or the upcoming holiday season, plan for year-end tax strategies, review your insurance coverage, review beneficiaries listed on any accounts that have beneficiary information, have a conversation with your children or your parents about any financial topic that may be on their mind, and lastly, call and schedule your consultation with a local CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™! Also, Go to www.CFP.

net or and find out what questions to ask professionals! I would encourage you to ask if they are members of the FPA too! Although Augusta does not have an active FPA® chapter, I thought it would be great to share this information… maybe next year we can offer some workshops in the local area! *Securities offered through: H.D. Vest Investment Services SM Member SIPC, Advisory services offered through: H.D. Vest Advisory Services SM6333 North State Highway 161, Fourth Floor, Irving Texas 75038 (972) 870-6000. The views and opinions presented in this article are those of Kelly Renner and not of H.D. Vest Financial Services® or its subsidiaries. Life Strategies Financial Partners is not a registered broker/dealer or independent investment advisory firm.

Kelly RenneR is a Certified Financial Planner™ and has a Master’s Degree in Finance. She owns Life Strategies Financial Partners and specializes in comprehensive financial planning for businesses, individuals and families. She is a veteran of the United States Air Force. She is able to work with clients in both Georgia and South Carolina. Her office is located at 3540 Wheeler Road Suite 304. She can be reached at 706-210-3535 or online at



SHOULD YOUR CONTENT BE FIRED? JEFF ASSELIN | Powerserve, Director of Sales and Marketing


o you’ve heard the cliché “Content is King” – well, content on your website is only as good as how your visitors are using it. Content must inform, educate, manage expectations, build trust & credibility, drive decision making, entertain, build relationships and answer visitors’ questions. How do you ensure that your website’s content is aligning the business goals of your company with the needs of your target audience? Short answer – perform a content audit. A content audit is the process of cataloging and assessing your existing website content. Many websites have hundreds of pages of content, however, much of it is out-of-date media, old product specifications, staff profiles from people who no longer work at a company, old rate cards, you get the picture! Almost all websites have pages of content that are rarely or even never visited. Typically, only five percent of content (that’s just 5 out of every 100 pages!)

accounts for 85% of a website’s traffic. Business owners and their website developers need to focus on that 5%. Some businesses might be leaning too heavy on one marketing message and ignoring others. A content audit helps determine what content is missing from your website. A content audit looks at every page of your website to determine its usefulness. Business owners should ensure that their website is not cluttered with out-dated, ineffective, and unfocused content. Any content that doesn’t support your business goals or serve the needs of your target audience should be removed. Make sure your website’s content is perfect by finding marketing gaps that need to be filled. How often you perform a content audit depends on type of business you are in. Some businesses have daily and weekly promotions and a lot of activity to report, others may have standard company info that only needs to be refreshed a few times a year. In most cases, it is best to do an audit every 6 months, certainly no less than once a year. Almost all businesses are using

their websites to push out knowledge, news and marketing messages. A lot of businesses often don’t worry about where content resides on their website. A content audit will help develop a solid strategy behind your content’s purpose and delivery. A well executed content audit will provide the best possible experience for your website’s visitors. Is your website as efficient as possible? Does your website engage your customers? Does your website convert sales quickly? Find the answers to these questions by performing a content audit. Content audits can be performed in-house, by your website development company or web marketing consultant. As you can

see, content isn’t always king – it’s how you maximize your website’s content that is king!

Jeff Asselin is Director of Sales & Marketing for Powerserve, a web development company that focuses on Websites, Custom Business Software, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing. Let Jeff put his more than 16 years of advertising and marketing experience to work for you helping grow your business. Click (, Email (, Visit (961 Broad St, Augusta) or Call (c: 706-691-7189, o: 706826-1506, Ext 122). This is a sponsored article.

Bill Woodward, CPA/ABV, CVA Office Managing Shareholder

For 87 years, Elliott Davis has advised businesses on how to run efficiently, grow wisely, be more

We’ve helped businesses succeed through the Great Depression, the recent recession and every market in between.

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profitable. Our team provides audit, tax, advisory solutions, and accounting resources that include financial reporting, payroll and software implementation across the spectrum of industries.

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The College Admissions Process Hailey Ribeiro | Georgia Military College


aking the decision to pursue a college education is exciting, but applying to college can be a stressful and confusing process. Each college and university has its own set of admissions requirements and procedures that students are expected to meet and follow. Although every school’s practices are unique, here are some general guidelines that will help you navigate college admissions: • Visit college websites. Critical information about admissions, financial aid, deadlines, and registration is typically posted directly on a college’s website.

There is also information on campus life, academic programs, and visiting campus. Take advantage of this valuable resource! • Meet deadlines. Most schools have published deadlines for admissions and financial aid applications. Although deadlines aren’t always set in stone, it’s important for students to give financial aid and admissions staff enough time to process applications. If a student waits until the month before classes to begin an application, they are much less likely to receive a good financial aid package and may forfeit financial aid altogether. Applying early is always the best option. • Request your transcripts early. It typically takes high schools or colleges a few weeks to process requests and mail transcripts. If


students wait until the last minute, missing transcripts might prevent them from gaining acceptance or receiving financial aid. Request transcripts immediately after applying and follow up to ensure they are received. • Communicate with your counselor. Don’t be afraid to call colleges you have applied to and ask questions. Where do you stand in the application process? What documents must the college receive to complete your application? Have

they received your transcripts? Have they received your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)? These are all important questions, and your admissions counselor is the best person to contact. Hailey Ribeiro is the Admissions Manager/Recruiter at Georgia Military College in Martinez, GA. For questions about Georgia Military College, please call 706.993.1123 or visit our website at

SCHOOL ADMISSIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 11 COLLEGE READINESS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 17 DIGITAL ORGANIZATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 18

Earn one. Stand out. Recognized as one of the top business schools in the nation by The Princeton Review.




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Pre-Legislative Breakfast November 13, 2012 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Savannah Rapids Pavilion Keynote Speaker: Secretary of State Brian Kemp and local State Delegation. Members – Benefit of Membership Non-Members - $20

Call (706) 651-0018 or register online at www.columbiacountychamber. com TAMMY SHEPHERD is the president/CEO of the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce. She can be contacted at (706) 651-0018 or tammy@



reviously in this space we’ve talked about the importance of employees being matched to performance profiles in the hiring and selection of top talent. Having recently experienced the transition of our son from high school to college, we’ve also seen how few resources are available to match an individual to a career path. We completely understand the importance of job fit. Job fit is the matching of an individual’s personal strengths and attributes to a particular job or career path. We have performance models on thousands of jobs against which we can assess a candidate to see how well they fit, and in doing so we can reliably identify those that match top performance. Knowing the importance of fit, we felt compelled to provide guidance to our son about picking his major field of study. After all, the major he chooses will, in a significant way, lead to the job(s) for which he’s qualified. But qualified doesn’t mean there’s a good fit and we knew it! How could we give him guidance on the jobs for which he’d be a good fit based on his personal skills, attributes, learning style, behaviors, and interests? We know parents want to provide the best information they can to their kids but when it comes to careers, they often don’t know enough to be able to guide their child. In spite of our both having

strong business backgrounds, we felt handicapped in coaching our son about careers outside of those with which we were familiar. I suspect other parents feel the same. Thankfully, we are pleased to share that there are now tools to help and they aren’t only for those transitioning from high school to college. Current college students, recent graduates, and those considering a career change have new resources available too. Parents owe it to their kids to give them the best information they can about what jobs they will best fit. Kids owe it to their parents to make a good choice so they don’t have the expense of changing their major over and over. A valid tool is the answer for both…. And you can bet our son has his personalized list of careers that he’s well suited for and he’s picked a major that aligns with one of those paths! BRENT & KELLY MALLEK This is a sponsored article. Together Brent and Kelly Mallek have more than 50 years of Human Resource, Sales and Management experience. They own the company, Talent Focus Consulting. They’re holding a workshop for Parents and soon to be graduating students to help them make the right educational and financial decisions with college applications. The workshop is called “Focus My Talent” and you can reserve your complimentary seats by calling 706.945.1592 or by visiting www. Dates include Tuesday October 23rd from 7-8:30 inside the Columbia County Library in Evans and Thursday October 25th from 7-8:30 inside the Legends Club in the National Hills Shopping Center. Pizza and refreshments provided by Mae’s Education Center.

Lake • Land • Lifestyle The DeFoor Story

loyd DeFoor began working with John D. Eubank in 1973 to help him buy and sell small and large acreage tracts in the northern end of Columbia County and the surrounding area, leading to the official formation of DEW Land Development Company in 1977. By 1980, Lloyd realized that there was a demand for re-sales for the properties that they had originally sold to individuals and then formed what is now DeFoor Realty. Today DeFoor Realty has expanded to 10 real estate professionals and specializes in property throughout the CSRA. Our concentrations include residential homes, acreage tracts, large recreational tracts and timber tracts, and we are still one of the dominant players in Clarks Hill Lake real estate.

DeFoor Factoid: 3.8% Investment Tax

Starting January 1, 2013 as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, higher income individuals may be subject to a new 3.8% Medicare surtax on net investment income. If a taxpayer exceeds the AGI (adjusted gross income) threshold ($200,000 for single, $250,000 for married), the types of income subject to the additional 3.8% tax are capital gains (net of losses), dividends, interest, rent and royalty income (net of expenses), annuities and net income from passive business activities. To find out the impact of the 3.8% tax on your investments, see our article at www.DeFoorRealty. com or scan the QR code for more information.

Call or email one of the agents below if you would like for them to email you a list of properties for sale.

Lloyd DeFoor

John DeFoor

Jeff DeFoor

Wes Fuller




706.836.5581 | 706.541.0637 D1

OCTOBER 2012 | 706.541.0637 We are privileged to have the magnificent Strom Thurmond Lake right at our fingertips. Whether you enjoy the lake as a primary location or second home, it’s a beautiful place to spend time with your family.

Mohawk Drive Possible joint venture offering dual owner suites & living areas with almost 5,000 sqft of living space to share. This 4br/3.5ba home features glamorous baths, lavish formal dining, gourmet kitchen with over-sized island, breakfast bar and 2 lanais. Lower level offers custom built oak bar and a second living space that flows into the lower veranda. Home features double-deck doubleslip aluminum dock with power boat lift in very deep water on Soap Creek. $950,000 MLS# 350482 900 Confederate Drive, Modoc, SC

1147 Maiden Cane Way, Lincolnton

1085 Blackfoot Road, Lincolnton

Lakeside 2br/2ba furnished cottage with breathtaking views of the water! Deck and screened porch overlooking the lake. Private dock w/ over 20 ft of water depth. $449,900 MLS# 348993

Beautiful log home with great view of the lake. Heart pine floors, granite counters, stainless appliances, two fireplaces, screened porch, 2 large decks, basement, 2-car garage. $695,000 MLS#340006

Updated 4br/2ba home on 1 acre overlooking the lake. 3-car carport, stone fireplace, updated kitchen, hot tub & screened porch. Dock with boat slip. $389,000 MLS# 351355

1110 Dogwood Drive, Lincolnton

5843 Camellia Drive, Lincolnton

6222 Keg Creek Drive, Appling

4br/3ba lake house in pristine condition only 20 minutes from Evans. Brick fireplace, large garage, huge deck & spacious basement. $249,000 MLS# 353682

4br/2ba lakefront home on 1-acre with pine floors and stone fireplace in the great room. Bonus room, detached garage, boat storage shed, fenced backyard. $259,900 MLS# 346297

3br/3ba lakehouse on 1.37 acres with 2 bonus rooms, 2 2-car garages, & 2-car carport. Fireplace, deck, private boat dock. Covered patio with brick grill pit. $299,000 MLS#338906

1408 Wells Creek Drive, Lincolnton

3727 White Lane, Appling

Pawnee Drive

Great 3br/2ba, 1152 sqft, lake front, like new doublewide. Large owners bathroom, laundry nook, platform dock. Boat ramp nearby. $99,900 MLS# 343415

Even with the low lake level, its dock is still in the water! Nice buildable lot with a view. County water. $152,800 MLS# 346858

1-acre lakefront lot that is fenced and mostly wooded with well and septic system, perfect for a homesite. Lake frontage with wooden platform dock. $65,000 MLS# 352887

1325 Buckhead Road, Tignall

Lincoln Lane, Lots 3 & 4, McCormick, SC

Ponderosa Drive, Lots 61 & 63, Lincolnton

30+/- acres that bordering Corps property and Lake Thurmond including 2 dockable lake lots. Great for hunting & use adjoining Corps property to hunt. $150,000 MLS# 338757

2 lakefront lots with mesmerizing long-range views & excellent water depth for private dock. Electricity & public water available. Lot 3 $250,000 MLS# 349626 Lot 4 $179,000 MLS# 349633

2 excellent lake front lots. Approx 200 feet from Corps line to water. Can have dock & underbrushing permit. $99,000 each MLS# 270992 & 270989

Mountain | 706.541.0637

Only 3 hours away, the Smoky Mountains are a great place to get away for the weekend. Enjoy the peace and relaxation of the North Carolina mountains from your own mountain home.

90 Summit Falls Rd, Sapphire, NC 28774 Casual elegance in a rustic setting. This upscale development is nestled on a 2 acre wooded lot with breath-taking long range views of the North Carolina mountains. 3 bedrooms + hobby room, 4.5 baths. Built in 2008. 3180 SF. $700,000


127 Foggy Ridge Road, Sapphire, NC 28774 Fractional ownership is being offered for this 3700 SF home with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. The incredible home sits on 3.7 awe-inspiring acres with a view that you have to see to believe! House features granite countertops, wide pine plank flooring, beam work inside and out, exquisite furnishings, flat screen TVs throughout, and 1600 square feet of covered porches. $250,000 for 1/4 ownership or $1,000,000 for all.

Homes | 706.541.0637

With over 30 homes to choose from on our website and access to hundreds more, DeFoor Realty is your gateway to finding the perfect home for you and your family. From Lincolnton to Appling to McCormick, we service all areas of the CSRA and strive for the fairest prices. Whether you’re looking for 3,000 square feet or 800, we have something that will suit your needs. Give one of our friendly agents a call today!

1423 Elberton Highway, Lincolnton 4br/3ba, 3690 sqft home on secluded lot overlooking pond and 5 acres. Home is great for entertaining w/ tons of outdoor space, with 1100 sqft of covered porches, breezeway & garden arbor. Features incl. lots of natural light, crown molding, glass pocket doors, masonry fireplace, spacious dining room & landry w/ mud sink. Owner suite w/ sitting room and his & her bathrooms. Three-car garage houses 2nd kitchen & bonus room. $395,000 MLS# 349563

1054 Greenbriar Drive, Lincolnton 4br/3.5ba, 4008 sqft home on 2.99 acres with garage, pool, fenced pasture, underground fence, screen porch, & much more. $299,000 MLS#340191

2155 Morris Callaway Road, Appling Beautiful 4br/3.5ba home on on 2.5 acres in country setting, manicured lawn, open floor plan, heavy trim, hardwood floors, master suite, 3 bedrooms downstairs. $324,900 MLS #354087

904 Laurel Place, Martinez Bright 2br/2b townhome in Columbia County convenient to Fort Gordon. Spacious kitchen, cathedral ceiling in great room & wide open floor plan. $88,500 MLS# 350131

3631 Radford Gay Road, Dearing

Under Contract ~ Under Contract ~ Under Contract ~ Under Contract

Quiet 3br/2ba, 1216 sqft well-maintained mobile home on 12 acres. Private, fully wooded setting w/ lots of outdoor space, including swings & fire pit. $79,900 MLS# 348930

335 James Booth Court, Edgefield, SC Beautiful 5br/3.5ba, 3250 sqft brick home in Mount Vintage. Hardwood floors, granite countertops, 2 fireplaces, deck. $360,000 MLS# 327642

5117 Old Magnolia Lane Nice 4br/2ba, 1782 sqft mobile home on 0.4 acre lot. Maintenance-free exterior. Spacious open floor plan w/ large rooms & big closets. $84,900 MLS# 351888


Subdivision | 706.541.0637

DeFoor Realty is proud to feature lots in some of Augusta’s premier subdivisions, from lakefront communities with all the amenities to a quiet homesite with lots of acreage.

Savannah Pines Savannah Pines is a new development in Appling near Clarks Hill Dam. Savannah Pines consists of 11 tracts with 6 remaining, acreage ranging from 7.1-10.52 acres and prices ranging from $79,000-$139,000. Savannah Pines backs up to Corps property with walking trails and hundreds of acres to hike and hunt for deer, turkey, quail, and other game. Linder McCurdy Road is the last road closest to the dam on the right going toward South Carolina on Highway 221 from Pollard’s Corner. Greenbrier School district.

Bartles Farm Mini Farms! Great for horses! 5-10 acre estate lots with protective covenants ranging from $65,000-$135,000. Mostly beautiful, rolling, established pasture & some tracts are wooded with mature hardwoods and pines. Some tracts have pond frontage with great fishing. Property is off a county maintained paved road with public water. Minutes from Clarks Hill Lake in Columbia County. Minimum house requirements 2,500 square feet.

Dunwoody Estates Dunwoody Estates is a gorgeous subdivision in Appling with 2.5 acre lots. Development has paved road and street lights. The property is located only minutes away from Clarks Hill Lake, Mistletoe State Park, & I-20. Restricted subdivision with a 2500 sqft minimum. You can bring your own builder and horses are allowed. The development has 22 lots with 15 left for sale. All lots are for sale for $29,900 each.

Serenity Pointe Prices drastically reduced! Waterfront community on Clarks Hill/Thurmond Lake with 0.62-6.17 acre lots ranging from $14,300-$100,700. Paved county roads throughout subdivision. Community includes 4 interior ponds, nature park and walking trails. Assortment of properties available within the community to include dockable waterfront lots, Ranchette lots, Nature Estate Lots and interior lots. Public water and community sewage. Underground utilities.

Land | 706.541.0637

Start from scratch and design your own home on one of these fantastic lots. DeFoor Realty is your go-to group for large or small acreage tracts with over 100 land listings to choose from on our website.

Rainey Morris Road, Appling 136+ acres with 7 ponds, subdivided with 3 gorgeous tracts left. These 3 lots can be bought individually or as a whole. Each tract has at least one pond and mature hardwoods, perfect home sites overlooking the ponds & trophy fishing and hunting. Lot A: 8.96 acres w/ 1.5 acre pond $99,000 Lot B: 9.5 acres w/ 2.5 acre pond SOLD Lot C: 17.55 acres w/ 4 acre pond SOLD Lot D: 23.81 acres w/ 4 acre pond & 4br/2ba Brick House $299,000 Lot E: 76.24 acres w/ 4 acre pond & 2 half-acre ponds $300,000

Chamberlains Ferry Road, McCormick, SC 42.77 wooded acres of property approximately 600 ft to the lake. Great for hunting with an excellent road system throughout the tract and hundreds of acres of Corps property adjacent to it available for hunting as well. Very secluded area. Only $1753/acre! $75,000


Columbia Road, Grovetown 15.9 acres of commercial PUD property just outside of one of Augusta’s thriving subdivisions. Located on Columbia Road between Hereford Farm Road and William Few Parkwaynear Patriots Park, Bartram Trail and right outside of the Ivy Falls subdivision. 3 acres in a flood plain. Bank owned property, motivated seller. $967,500 MLS# 353197





CEO of IntelliSystems

ow much does a personal computer cost? Well, some PC buyers only consider the initial purchase price when determining the cost of employee workstations. Smart business PC buyers consider a variety of direct and indirect costs when evaluating the overall cost of PCs. The paradox is that many organizations have cut their IT capital spending, only to see their support costs escalate. Direct costs include: Capital (financing) costs, PC acquisition costs, software deployment/configuration, firewall and security, and out-ofwarranty repair costs. In addition, the cost of network cabling and wireless infrastructure, server installation and configuration, and the cost of a true backup and disaster recovery system. On the other hand, indirect costs tend to be overlooked, which include: maintenance, loss of labor productivity from PC failure, the cost of making company systems whole again, end-users’ improper computer use, including downtime resulting from unauthorized Web-site access, and the biggie – the cost of employee time spent flailing with a problem, usually the person in the office that knows a little something about computers, before gaining permission to call in the pros. “For the average enterprise, indirect costs may contribute 50% or more of the overall TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).” -Gartner, Inc. Another phenomenon that I see companies struggle with is “desktop complexity” or “desktop diversity,” which is the cost of supporting a wide variety of PC manufacturer platforms and models. There are a number of factors that can increase complexity in your desktop-computing environment including: a variety of aging PC

models from a host of manufacturers, lack of standard hardware configurations, and improvised deployment processes. These factors drive IT support costs higher due to increased numbers of help desk calls and overall management inefficiencies. Most corporate IT managers intuitively know that such complex environments are expensive and problematic. “Minimizing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) means much more than focusing on PC acquisition costs, which usually account for only 20 to 30 percent of the TCO. Instead, proactively reducing the complexity of the installed PC-base can play a significant role in reducing overall costs.” –Intel, PC Management: Benefits of Simplification, 2004 Finally, many clients ask me “how long are our computers good before I should replace them?” The answer, according to industry consensus, is that PCs tend to have more failures in the first 90 days and after 3 years. Research data demonstrates that support costs increase with age a five year old PC costs twice as much to maintain than a new one. Remember, owning PCs is an ongoing expense in modern business. Carefully consider all of the direct costs and hidden, indirect costs in purchasing computer systems. All PCs are NOT created equal when it comes down to what to buy for your business technology needs, and the services and support of them often should be given just as much consideration.

KEVIN WADE This is a sponsored “Tech Talk” article. Kevin is founder and CEO of IntelliSystems (, which has been operating in Augusta since 1993. The company is located at 1115 Greene Street in Downtown Augusta. Tune in Thursdays at 12:45 on WRDW 1630 AM for “Tech Talk.” For more information, call Kevin at (706) 722-2024 or email him:



DIGITAL ORGANIZATION RobIn baXLEY | Co-Owner of Best Office Solutions sandI shIELds | Co-Owner of Best Office Solutions


taying organized is a constant battle. My theory is, there is no time like the present to start over! Organization is a steady process and if you get off track, it isn’t the end of the world. Here are a few digital SOLUTIONS! Remember ohIo – only handle It once

Problem - Mail solution – Shred or trash what you do not NEED. Enter everything else in a spreadsheet or bill pay through your bank. Set up electronic statements to cut down on clutter. Paper is easily lost. Digital products aren’t! Problem – Pictures on your hard drive are taking up too much memory and bogging it down. solution – Purchase thumb drives along with a thumb drive storage organizer. You could also get an external hard drive. Don’t forget to back-up your back-ups!! In case of a fire, your pictures will not be safe unless they are stored in a media safe file. The majority of us rarely print our pictures anymore - be sure to have a plan to preserve your memories. Problem – Children’s art and schoolwork. solution – Scan and store on computer or on digital storage referenced above.

Problem – Can’t find an email? solution – Make folders so you can access emails from certain people, groups or categories easily. You can also create rules and alerts so that certain emails go into those folders automatically! Problem – You aren’t technology “literate” enough to implement some of the recommended solutions. solution – There is almost always a HELP icon in every computer program that can be easily accessed. If not…GOOGLE IT! You will be shocked at how easy it is to get answers! Don’t be scared to try!! Now…go get organized…and motivated to stay that way!!!

Robin bAXley AnD sAnDi sHielDs The TEAM at BEST Office Solutions would love an opportunity to make your work life easier. We are constantly customizing a plan for each of our customers to fit their needs and personalities. We get excited about finding efficient, economical SOLUTIONS for YOU! Call or email us today for your free ordering process evaluation. – 877-533-BEST (2378)

retreat new ad build

JUNE 2012





sEctIon d


REbEcca hEad | Writer, The South Company

very year, thousands of CSRA residents flock to the Western Carolina State Fair (WCSF) located in Aiken, South Carolina. Very few people realize the work that goes into this extraordinary ten-day event. The Western Carolina State Fair Foundation (WCSFF) is comprised of a Board of about twenty individuals who are responsible for planning and organizing the Fair, keeping track of finances, booking vendors, recruiting sponsors, facility and grounds maintenance, and more. The WCSFF is a non-profit organization and the Fair allows the foundation to afford to keep up the facilities and help fund the Fair each year. The WCSFF is made up of the Fair Board along with many other volunteers. Warren Lucas, Vice President of Fair Operations, has been involved with the Aiken Fair since 1972 along with his wife, Linda. It became a family affair when they got their son, Kevin, involved. Other Board members, such as Rachael Wolf, have grown up around the Fair and have

become a part of the team as well. Warren Lucas commented that the Fair “gets in your blood if you stay around for a while, and you just can’t get out of it.” His favorite fair memories involved some of the renovations they accomplished in one year including moving the fair dates to include three more days of fair fun, building the new entryway, and constructing the arts and crafts exhibit building. This year, there are some changes at the Fair, and the Foundation is excited to bring South Company Marketing on board to increase awareness of the event. New technology will help to build this awareness. The Fair is now active on Facebook, videos will be posted on the YouTube page during the week of the Fair, ticketing is available online, Fair Cams will stream live fair footage 24 hours a day the week of the Fair, and the Fair also has a text program this year. The text program will allow fair fans to keep up with the latest fair news and most importantly, the deals. “The idea behind the addition of this new technology is to

get the CSRA more involved in the Fair. We want to know what people think, what they like and dislike, and how we can improve,” commented WCSF board member Doug Wolf. The Fair will have 41 rides this year including the newest addition, Tango. The FOX54 Community Stage will feature local talent, as well as a Glee Competition. Other fair fun includes a petting zoo, a chainsaw artist, theFlying Pages acrobat act, Doggies of the Wild West, USC Aiken Rodeo with Professional Bull Riding, and the Demolition Derby. All events are free with your regular paid admission to the Fair. During the rodeo, Carolina Outdoors will be giving away two luxury golf carts. As always, the fair menu will include crowd favorites such as funnel cakes, cotton candy, corn dogs, popcorn, vinegar fries, and more. The Western Carolina State Fair would not be possible without the hard work of the Fair Board and all of the other volunteers. Each year, the foundation gives back to the community volunteer groups that

help to make the Fair possible by donating to their respective civic groups including The Boy Scouts of America, Tri-Development Center, the D. Bruce Bryant Scholarship Fund, the Aiken Sherriff’s Department Reserve, the Williston Rescue Squad, and others. Some of this year’s sponsors include Bridgestone, RSC Equipment Rental, All Star Tents and Events, Aiken Regional, The Chandler Law Firm, Aiken Standard, Pepsi, Atlantic Broadband, Budweiser, WRDW, and Beasley Broadcasting. The Western Carolina State Fair will be held October 18 through October 27. Fair admission is $6 per person and the Mega Pass, which includes admission and all rides, is $25 per person. To purchase Fair tickets and Mega Passes, or for more information on Fair events, please visit www. To become a part of the Aiken Fair text club, text AIKEN FAIR to 95454. Members of the club will receive contest updates and more throughout the next month leading up to the Fair.




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Katie Silarek, owner of Bella Bronzage, a mobile airbrush spray tanning company is expanding to Aiken. She hired and trained a certified specialist to do sprays in Woodside Plantation, Houndslake, other neighborhoods, as well as at office parks, weddings, proms, and other special occasions. They promise a guaranteed, even application that lasts 7-10 days.

Commercial Printing

Direct Mail

Vinyl Graphics & Signs

502 EDGEFIELD ROAD • NORTH AUGUSTA, SC 29841 Open Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Family Owned and Operated Since 1964

fax -- 803.278.4831 • email --



Three good reasons to have a mammogram now.

CAROLYN COOK, RN Breast Health Nurse Navigator

The three women with Carolyn Cook were diagnosed with breast cancer—and all survived. Happily, they’re living proof that a mammogram can make a difference. At Women’s LifeCare Diagnostic Services, you’ll find advanced imaging technologies like all-digital mammography, which can help find breast cancer early, when it’s easier to treat and chances of survival are higher.

If you need treatment, the dedicated cancer experts at our Cancer Care Institute use the same treatment protocols as the nation’s leading cancer centers. And because breast cancer affects women both physically and emotionally, you’ll also have the caring support of our experienced Breast Health Nurse Navigator, who will be your trusted guide throughout treatment.

If you’re over 40, you should have a mammogram every year. And with one of our convenient diagnostic imaging centers close to home, there’s no reason to wait. Call 803-641-5065 for more information or 803-641-5808 to schedule an appointment.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Don’t forget to register for the Mammogram Reminder Program. Just visit to register and we’ll do the rest! 302 University Parkway, Aiken, SC 29801 Physicians are on the medical staff of Aiken Regional Medical Centers but, with limited exceptions, are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Aiken Regional Medical Centers. The hospital shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians.



Driving Safely At Night

SPONSORED ARTICLE by Bob and Margaret Walter


s daylight savings time comes close to its end this year on November 4th and the daylight hours begin to fade away, many of us will be driving to and from work in the darkness of night with our headlights on to see the road. If your vehicle’s headlights are dim,

dull and faded, a significant amount of the lamp’s illumination is undoubtedly distorted, making it impossible to have clear vision. Headlights that are dull and faded can lose 50% to 90% of their illumination, therefore making it difficult for the driver to have good vision. This situation can be very dangerous, not only for the driver but also other drivers approaching your vehicle from the opposite direction, as well as pedestrians crossing the road or walking along the highway. Since winter is headed our way, let us not forget about deer crossing the highways at night. Many accidents involving animals

happen during night time or the early hours of the morning. While statistics show that there is about 60% less traffic on the roads at night, more than 40% of all fatal vehicle accidents occur at night. Headlights serve two primary functions. First, they let you see where you are driving. Secondly, they make sure the other driver sees you and does not run into your vehicle or pull in your lane or make a turn in front of you. Vehicles that are approaching from the opposite direction are very hard to see without good illumination from the headlights, especially in inclement weather (rain or fog). If your vehicle’s headlights are clouded and distorting your vision at night, call us today to have your headlights restored to a likenew finish.

It will not only make your driving safer at night, but it will also improve the appearance of the vehicle making it look newer and more appealing to you and others.

Bob and Margaret Walter co-own Headlights Made New. The HMN restoration product is only available from an authorized, licensed dealer. Headlights Made New offers mobile unit services in both Georgia and South Carolina. Check out the web site at to learn more about our services and company. To reach Bob or Margaret to schedule an appointment, or inquire about their services call 706.840.1392 or visit

JULY 2012 JUNE 2012




25 27

sEctIon E

AIM FOR BETTER DISTANCE dREW bELt | Assistant Golf Professional at West Lake County Club distance! A great drill to do to create more extension in the follow-through, which will in turn lead to more distance and a draw, is to change the way you aim. Place two clubs on the ground, one club in front of your feet aiming well to the left of your target, and one club for your club path aiming well to the right of the target. Tee up a few balls outside of the club path shaft and try to feel your club swing-out out along the shaft. The difference between where you set your feet and where you are swinging the club is going to create better extension in the follow-through, which will lead to better distance and, eventually, a right to left ball flight!

DReW belT is an Assistant Golf Professional at West Lake County Club. A PGA of America Class A Member, Drew has been teaching golf to all levels of players for over 10 years.

RSVP FOR 20TH ANNIVERSARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 24 CSRA CULINARY COLLEGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 25 BEFORE & AFTER TRAINING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 26

Take Two Combos $5.99

Value Meals From $3.79

Pick two of your favorite items to make a combo

Served 6:00am to 9:00pm Monday thru Friday

• Soup of the Day • Half Pot Roast Melt Sandwich • Half Double BLT Sandwich

• Side Caesar Salad • Seasonal Fresh Fruit • Loaded Potato & Bacon Soup

Half Turkey Sandwich and Fresh Fruit




• House Salad

Breakfast Lite





Silver Five



IHOP 2065 3125 Peach Orchard Road Augusta, GA 30906

Rooty Jr.


IHOP 456 2525 Washington Road Augusta, GA 30904

Five silver dollar sized buttermilk pancakes with one egg and one strip of bacon or ham or sausage link 3.99 *


Leave happy.®


HOURS IHOP 2044 4361 Washington Road Evans, GA 30809

Come hungry.

One egg served with homemade grits or hash browns with one strip of bacon or ham or sausage link and two triangles of toast 3.79


• Half Turkey Sandwich


Seasonal fresh fruit, paired with a half Turkey or half Double BLT sandwich, is under 600 calories.


A half sized version of our signature Rooty Tooty. One egg, one strip of bacon, one pork sausage link and one fruit-topped buttermilk pancake 4.29

Y Jr .

Two Egg Breakfast



ost players would like to hit the ball far with a draw and because of this, for right- handed players, they usually aim to the right of the target. This is not a problem at all! In fact, swinging the club well out to the right of the target is how to make the ball curve right to left. However, after time, players stop swinging out to the right of the target and begin to swing AT the target which produces bent elbows (chicken wing), thus dramatically reducing their







Two eggs with two buttermilk pancakes and two bacon or ham strips or two sausage links 5.49





Article by Jennifer Pruett, Free Lance Writer

tlanta Bread. Panera Bread. Jimmy John’s. Subway. National sandwich shops and other franchises keep moving into the Augusta Exchange Shopping Center, near Walton Way and Wheeler Road. You’d think it would hurt a “mom and pop” eatery like RSVP. It hasn’t. It’s drawn more attention to Walton’s Corner and helped business. In October 1992 the Bill and Kim Jackson took ownership of an existing RSVP Catering and Cafe from Ferris and Bootsie Dorr, at its Walton’s Corner location. The previous owners had successfully run the café in several different Augusta locations. In fact Kim worked for them in high school at their Monte Sano Avenue location. When the Dorr’s were ready to move on, they entrusted their legacy to the Jackson’s. Following their lifelong dreams of doing what they love to earn a living, the Jackson’s combined their business and culinary experience and began an adventure that would prove much future success. For 20 years RSVP Catering and Cafe has thrived at its Walton’s Corner location, and when asked about their continued success, their

answer is simple. They provide a consistent product backed with friendly service and attention to detail. On any given day during lunch hours, RSVP has a steady stream of customers in line ready to order their menu favorites...favorites because their product has not changed over the years. Despite the economy, and the cost of food steadily increasing, RSVP has maintained the quality of the ingredients they use. Most of their recipes have been family favorites handed down through generations. The pecan chicken for example, which they are “known for”, is a recipe handed down from Kim’s grandmother, Ann McCarthy. In addition to quality product, the atmosphere at RSVP is inviting. “People tell us all the time that coming to have lunch with us is like going home to have lunch with family, said Kim Jackson.” At RSVP customers are greeted by name. Bill stands at the counter taking orders, many of which he knows before a word is spoken. In the world of chain restaurants, like many that have opened in close proximity to this longstanding café, it is nice to have a place where

“everybody knows your name.” There is something really special about walking up to a sandwich counter and saying, “I’ll have my usual.” Small business ownership in this economy is no easy feat, but Bill and Kim Jackson have what it takes. “We have always taken a hands-on approach to our business,” said Kim. “We run the shop instead of hiring people to do it for us. We have a great staff that has been with us for a long time. We are all like family. This is our livelihood, and we take pride in making sure our customers get the food and service they expect and

deserve.” RSVP Catering and Cafe is open for lunch weekdays from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. If you haven’t experienced it, you should certainly give it a try. In addition, if you have a party or business meeting that you need to have catered, RSVP offers a full catering menu with delivery options. RSVP is located in Walton’s Corner, at the corner of Walton Way Extension and Wheeler Road. By Jennifer Pruett, Free Lance Writer



Chef David Ross Tapped to Chair Culinary Education at Goodwill’s Accredited Helms College Advertorial by Susan Everitt


oodwill’s Helms College has been granted national accreditation by ACCET, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. Helms College is the first licensed and accredited Goodwill operated college in the world. The first Helms College culinary classes will begin on October 29th at the Helms College Campus on the corner of Fury’s Ferry and Washington Roads. Goodwill is currently completing its 12 million dollar human and economic development project, including Helms College, with only $485,000 left to raise. “To receive ACCET accreditation is a tremendous achievement; not only for Helms College, but also for the growing culinary industry in Georgia,” stated Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA President and CEO Jim Stiff. “We are honored to have been accredited by ACCET and know our students will value this esteemed approval from a nationally recognized accrediting organization.” Chef David Ross has been recently recruited as Department Chair of Culinary Education for Helms College. Chef Ross graduated from Chelsea School of Art, London, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After seven years of living in France, Chef

Ross realized that a career in the culinary arts was his true calling and he earned an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts and Certification as an ACF Chef de Cuisine. Chef Ross has worked in both France and America and served as an instructor at Le Cordon Bleu. In addition, Chef Ross supervised the North Gwinnett High School culinary program for 140 students. The Georgia Department of Education selected him to help rewrite the existing Standards for Culinary and Nutrition for Georgia, improve articulation agreements with school facilities, address teacher certification for the Standards Commission, and update culinary curriculums for five states. Most recently, Chef Ross opened the highly successful 5 O’Clock Bistro in Augusta, Georgia. David owns this delightful authentic French bistro on Kings Way with his wife, Barbara Howard. When fundraising goals are achieved, Helms College in Augusta will operate with two culinary arts lab kitchens, a baking and pastry lab kitchen, and six classrooms. Helms College has state of the art equipment and facilities, highly qualified instructors, and hands-on based curricula. Chef Ross says, “After years of instructing at post-secondary, for-profit colleges, I can now offer the same quality level of instruction that matches any culinary college in North

America for a fraction of the cost. Helms College students will be able to graduate and enter the active workforce without carrying an enormous student loan debt; and you can’t beat that!” Helms College is currently engaged in a feasibility study in collaboration with the Fanning Institute through University of Georgia to determine the top 10 middle-skills-growth areas for post-secondary study and enterprise creation in our service delivery area. The study will guide future offerings of Helms College. Helms College will provide students with credentials and professional skills through experiential learning, coupled with intensive support and career guidance to maximize students’ chances to graduate and achieve career advancement. More information about Helms College is available at www.helms. edu. Chef Ross can be reached at 706550-4735.

Susan Everitt is the Director of Communications for Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA and holds a B. A. from Sewanee: The University of the South. Goodwill helps people discover and develop their Godgiven gifts through education, work, and career development services.



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n any given day in our life, something happens that triggers you to say “I need to get healthy.” For some of us, this happens many, many times throughout our lifespan. Regardless of when and how you decide to make a change, there are many fitness experts in the CSRA to help. Here is one story from Sarah, a newbie to the community… Two things changed in my life in the past six months: I got married and then moved 600 miles to Augusta, GA. Like many others, I work 10 hour days (drive an hour each way) and when I get home, I want to feed my husband something other than Lean Cuisine. By the end of the day, I am tired. At first, I started realizing my pants were tight. Then, I went up a size up from where I’ve been most of my adult life. Seven weeks ago, I made a decision. I took my health back into my own hands. It was time for me to feel energized, healthier and physically fit. Enter Ed Reid. My scale was not giving me happy news weekly…it showed I

only lost 2 pounds. Ed encouraged me, “Sarah, keep working out hard, eating right and you will see.” The day came for my updated measurements and I was scared. I had no reason to be - I lost 5.1% body fat! My entire upper body is smaller - 5.99 inches in my waist, a quarter inch in my neck, almost an inch in my arms and noticeably more toned legs and calves! I see muscles where there weren’t any. Oh yeah, I’m back in my old pants with room to spare. � Now I want to eat well, work out, and see more results. Even when I’m finished training with Ed, he has supplied me with all of the tools to get me through this physical fitness journey. You have my word, I will lose more…this is just the beginning for me.

eD ReiD is a Certified Personal Trainer and leading fitness expert in the CSRA. He is Retired US Navy with over 15 years experience in the health and wellness industry. Ed owns Team Fit Personal Training located at 4460 Columbia Road, Suite 10. For more information, call Ed at 706.877.0556 or e-mail him:

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Jumpstart Positive Change FREE 5-Step process - $200+ value helps businesses, careers, personal lives

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How to Review an Employee . . . . . . . . . Part One . . . . . . . . .


LARRY RUDWICK | Founder, “Larry The Tune Up Guy”, Business Coaching Expert

eviewing employees can be one of the most important and productive things an employer or supervisor can do. Done properly, it will improve the employee’s performance and attitude, potentially helping the organization in numerous ways. A more productive and happy employee may be worth greater compensation while, at the same time, helping increase the profitability of the business - a win-win. The review process, when done professionally, can help transform a business, improving its corporate culture, and make it a great place to work. What I learned about reviews: Having started my first business shortly after graduating college, I had no experience doing reviews, nor even really knew why to do them. And guess what? That business came very close to failing. Fortunately, we hired an outside management consultant to help us learn to better manage the business, including doing employee reviews. Hearing what an employee says and giving honest feedback to that person can be a tremendous opportunity to learn, brainstorm and create a goforward plan. When the review is complete and successful, both parties will have a clear understanding of what the employee’s career path has become over the foreseeable future. So what should the review process include? The review process: I have created a 6-step process to do reviews. The steps are: 1) Discuss the positives; 2) Discuss problems or challenges; 3) Discuss other things that are neither positives nor problems; 4) Ask and answer questions; 5) Create goals; and 6) Discuss their compensation. 1) The Positives: It’s normally a good thing to start off a meeting on a positive note. Discussing the positives, things the employee does well, and other positive attributes she has, accomplishes this. Try to have a list of at least 5-10 positives about the person’s attributes, including accomplishments they have recently

achieved. 2) Problem Areas: Many managers have problems discussing problems with their subordinates. But if the manager doesn’t bring up problems, no one else likely will. If no one discusses problems, 1) the employee may never know what they are doing that are not desirable; 2) the employee is unlikely to improve their weak areas; and 3) both the business and the employee suffers, by not reaching anywhere near full potential. When bringing up problem areas for the first time, it is normally best to do so in a calm, caring, empathetic, or a matter of fact way, rather than in a critical way. Explain how the problem is holding back progress, or what it’s costing the business in terms of money, lost time and production, material wasted, etc. Then make a plan to improve the problem, or agree to do so at a later time. 3) Discuss relevant things that are neither positive nor negative: These things can be worth bringing up for various reasons. Some topics could be discussed, 1) for educational purposes; 2) to improve your understanding or relationship with your associate; or 3) to show that you are paying attention to the details of what has been happening, and that you care. This concludes Part One of “How to Review an Employee.” Part Two will include: 1) Step 4: Asking and Answering Questions; 2) Step 5: Setting Goals to Attain before the next review; 3) Step 6: Compensation; 4) How often to do reviews; and 5) How long should a review take? LARRY RUDWICK This is a sponsored Business-Talk article. A lot more about this can be found on the website. To do an Executive Assessment requires a Word Document entitled Ten Questions That Can Improve Your Life. I would be happy to email one to you; you may request it from me at or calling 571-331-6102.

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