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Reinoud van e Homar Vb Star Sport (Beart 411) The first Friesian to get sport in SA


Weibert van Geyerspan Vb Star Sport (Eibert Vb Star)

Friso fan S Vb Star Sport (Thomas 327)

Willem Vb Sport (Haitse 425)

Rina Fan’t Reidfjild Stb Star Sport (Wikke 404)

ver the years the popularity of the Friesian horse has grown internationally and in South Africa. We now see Friesians competing at high levels of dressage and in harness. The Friesian’s sport ability and natural movement is now making potential buyers look at these black beauties as an option, creating a big demand for a modern, well bred sport horse. But how do you know you are getting a potentially good sport Friesian?

into the possible potential of the Friesian they want to buy.

The mother studbook in the Netherlands, the KFPS (Koninklijke Vereniging “Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek”) have instituted performance tests like the “Sport” Title to ensure that the strict breed and performance standards set out by the KFPS are adhered to in South Africa and the rest of the world.

We now have 4 horses that have been awarded the Sport title in South Africa. Although we have many other Friesians with this title in South Africa, what makes these ones different is that the training & testing of these horses has all been done in South Africa. A great accomplishment for the horse, rider, owner and also for the FPSSA.

The Sport title can be awarded to mares, geldings and stallions that have achieved over 60% for 5 different dressage tests at Elementary Medium or higher. These must be tests at competitions registered with SAEF. This accolade along with the IBOP test (a test for the potential of Friesian horse both in carriage and under saddle) gives the potential buyer an insight

2013 saw the first horse in South Africa to be awarded with the Sport title, Reinoud fan e’Homar Vb Ster Sport. A great accomplishment for the FPSSA (Friesian Horse Studbook of Southern Africa affiliated to the KFPS) to be able to facilitate this tests and again ensuring that the Friesian Horse in South Africa is of the same standard to anywhere else in the world.

The FPSSA continues to grow in popularity as an internationally recognised Studbook. We strive to keep up and provide all the information that our members need to ensure correct breeding & training, that ensure the South African Friesian Horses remains at an international standard. FPSSA contact email –



Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  

July 2014 Edition of Sporting Horse Magazine

Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  

July 2014 Edition of Sporting Horse Magazine