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What Makes A Person To Become A Drug Addict?

Drug addiction is possibly one of the most disgusting forms of addiction a person can ever suffer from, considering the fact that in worst circumstances it can have life-threatening consequences for the addict.

Drug addiction is also called as a brain disease considering the fact that drug intake causes harmful effects on the addict's brain. This mental and psychological disorder is also known as substance use disorder and the person suffering from it loses the power to control excessive drug consumption. In a layman’s term, drug addiction is nothing but a dependence on drugs which could include the excessive intake of both legal and illegal drugs.

Once a person gets addicted to a particular drug, they becomes helpless when it comes to controlling its consumption. No matter how hard the person in question tries to control drug use, but the intense craving for drugs fails him/her in achieving the goal. In other words, a person’s dependency on drugs always forces him/her to consume more of it, despite the threat it poses or the harm it causes. In the absence of a right treatment for drug addiction, it becomes really difficult for a person to recover from the problem of drug abuse. Since your addiction leads to an intense desire to consume drugs, the question of recovering from this mental and psychological condition hardly remain in your hand. You definitely need to be around those people who can offer a strong support to you when it comes to guiding you throughout the recovery process.

How Does A Person Get Addicted To Drugs? Most of the times, you have this desire of experimenting with new things during late adolescence, and the drug is one of them. No matter how illegal it is to consume drugs, most of the youths belonging to the age of 18 and above have this strong urge of experimenting with drugs. And sometimes this experimentation leads to highly harmful consequences and one of them is it ends up making you a drug addict. On the other hand, if you have friends who consume drugs frequently, you also end up doing the same in order to remain in their company or to become like them. This mainly happens during middle adolescence and late adolescence, that’s because it is the time when you love the company of your friends like anything and you share a lot of things with them. At this age it becomes truly difficult for you to stay away from experimenting with new things as most of your peers are involved in the same. This is the time when you require right guidance from your family and friends, but that doesn't happen always. It’s not because your loved ones are least bothered about you, but because they hardly get the hint that you are involved in things like drug consumption. On top of that, once the drugs start affecting your mental and psychological condition, you try to hide your illness from them. In this way, in most of the cases, parents get to know about their children’s drug addiction quite late, wherein an effective treatment program remains their only hope. That means, your parents alone cannot help you when drug consumption starts affecting your brain’s functions. Then this problem should be dealt with the use of accurate therapies and medication.

Social Stigma Attached To Drug Addiction Creates More Problems As far as recovery from drug addiction is concerned, the social stigma attached to this mental and psychological disorder starts creating, even more, problems for an addict. The society as a whole not only refuses to accept a drug addict or but also a person who suffered from this mental disorder earlier. Societies failure to support an addict to overcome from drug addiction is what makes this problem even bigger. Most of the times, when an employer gets to know that a certain employ has a drug addiction, he/she either sacks that person from the job or starts avoiding him/her. On the other hand, if you have been a drug addict earlier, no one will give you the job, provided the fact that they know about it. You don’t only face problems in your job place, but your friends and relatives also start neglecting you which makes you even more dejected that eventually creates huge obstacles in recovering from this illness.

Society’s Support Is Important In The Recovery Process Therefore, rather than punishing and neglecting a drug addict, it becomes the responsibility of the society to support that person when it comes to overcoming the problem. Whether you talk about the family members, friends, people at workplace or relatives, all of them can play a crucial role in shaping the future of an addict by offering him/her right advice. They can suggest treatment options, give information about a renowned therapist or counselor and can also offer emotional support to a drug addict.

About the Author: Ruby is an avid blogger for Charter Harley Street. She has written on various health topics including Drugs, Eating Disorders, Relationship and many more.

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What makes a person to become a drug addict  

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