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Love Music Hate Racism


The Brief

The popular anti-racism movement Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) Ireland, are looking for a fresh poster campaign which will focus on it’s anti-racism message rather than advertising any specific event. LMHR intend to spread their antiracism message to as wide an audience as possible, in a way that will get the public thinking. The LMHR branding should be kept to a minimum so as not to detract from the message. The designs should be eye catching and should require some sort of mental engagement by the viewer.

The Client

Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) is a music oriented campaign that follows in the tradition of the 1970’s Rock Against Racism campaign. Since it’s beginnings in 2002, there have been hundreds of LMHR events, both in Ireland and the UK. These events range from large outdoor festivals to local gigs and club nights. LMHR events attract top selling artists from a wide range of genres in popular music. “But it's not just about the music, there is a strong message behind it. Racism in all forms should not be tolerated”. LMHR Ireland


My aim in designing the posters for Love Music Hate Racism was to confront and engage the audience, through clever and aesthetically pleasing design. I chose a high contrast colour palate with an emphasis on clarity so as to portray the elements and emotions involved with racism. Although there is a clear message in each of my designs, they are also purposefully abstract so as to provoke emotional involvment by the viewer. It was my intention to concentrate on the anti-racism message rather than focusing on music or LMHR.


Love Music Hate Racism www. lmhrire

RACIS SM CA AUSES Pain S PAIN Intentionally difficult to read quickly, the message will be remembered. Large letters form angular shapes in the negative space, which when combined with the deep red splashes highlight the emotional violence and pain associated with racism.

Love Music Hate Racism www. lmhrire

Difference The fear of difference is one of the driving factors behind racism. Using human figures takes away some of the abstraction and aids cognition, which opens up the campaign to a wider audience.


Love Music Hate Racism www. lmhrire


HATRED Ignorance, fear and hatred are at the core of racism. We must see racism in order to see through it. Only then can we stop it at it’s roots. A striking image of dripping blood overlapping the text provokes an emotional and mental involvement.

Love Music Hate Racism www. lmhrire

Two Face Light and dark, happy and sad, this is the contrasting image of a world divided by colour. High contrast and illusionary, this image engages the viewer and encourages them to figure it out.

Love Music Hate Racism www. lmhrire

Position The most abstract of all the posters, this image portrays the constant fighting for position of the different races. All winning, and all loosing. Framed to encourage interaction, the LMHR branding is secondary to the campaign and its message.

© 2011 Joey McGuire

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