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Portfolio of Jen-Han Liang

Crystal Cure Travel Democracy Wild Dreams Airborne Attack on Cthulu WangTea Posters

Crytal Cure Inspired by cyberpunk style video games, and electronic music in the 80/90’s. I tried to create a futuristic scene with some retro elements in it.

I want the neon sign to be one of the focus on the picture, so I picked a bright colour.

The atmosphere I want here is kind of mysterious, maybe like a cut scene in a film. So I made the pedestrians blurry in order to create a feeling of time passing.

Travel Imagination and painting are both huge part in Chinese character. It is interesting as it somehow feels a bit Zen in the final work.

In Chinese traditional paiting, they used to have mists in the mountains, I use smoke to replace it.

Trees and birds are essential in Chinese classic poetries. They are often used to create a serenity scene.

Democracy 24th, March, 2014 is a day that my generation will never forget. On that day, many students protested peacefully for what they believed in. But in exchange, our government used violence against us.

The protesting students uses sunflower as the symbol of their activity; it is a sign of “hope” for them. The sunflower replace the “o” in democracy to link the student activity in. The hand holds the flower gently and holds it high. I wish the hand to show that we are non-violent and we stay firm.

Wild Dreams I believe there is still a part of us belongs to the the wild. Even though most of us live civilized now.

As for the title font, I picked Didot. I like it’s elegant feeling.

The horse here represents a wild, bold and unrestrained idea.

I wish to use the round shape, bubble-like pattern to indicate that the girl is in a dreamy status in the picture.

Airborne Each of us had once wished that we could fly.

The clouds in the background went blurry in order to create a motion-like flavour.

The balloon reflects a part of the sky.

The font’s round edges fits the balloon’s shape.

Attack On Cthulu Named the work after the anime “Attack On Titans�. I use octopus parts to represent the mythological monster Cthulu.

The frame work surrounding the octupus added some fictional feeling.

Placed a sharper form here to balance the circle shape of the whole picture.

The paragraphs are some introduction about Cthulu. The lines and dots to me are somehow matching the concept of knowledge building.

WangTea Posters This is a teamwork project. Our goal is to design a series poster for WangTea.

This is the mind map with “Tea” as key word. We came up with some ideas which are more abstract or atmospheric. Our final decision was tea cup. After all we agreed on that this is a advertising project. So we would need a clear image of what we are selling.

The project is actually requested from another group in the class. They want the brand to attract teenagers, while at the same time not to lose it’s original history background. So they set “artistic teenagers” (or hipster) as their TA. In This mind map we use teenagers as key word. The idea we came up with would be considered more non-mainstream features among Taiwanese teenagers.


1: Book theme sketch. 2: LP theme sketch. 3: Camera theme sketch.



These are the sketches of our final work. We picked out book, LP, camera as our teenager items. And out aim is to connect the items with a cup of tea, trying connect them using some essence they share. My job was to make the one with LP, and maybe to came up with some idea for the words we could add.

These are our main references. We want our work to be a bit old to fit with the historical background the brand have. While at the same time adding retro items that has become trendy again in these few years, so we could attract certain group of teenagers that are fond with this kind of vibe.

With the same or similar pronunciation, we link it with the smaller words on it’s lower right side, which means to smell, to read(understand), and to feel the brewing of the tea.

寓 茶 樂 茶 文 茶 The bigger words on the top, from left to right, means literature, music, fable(story) in Chinese.

The Chinese font took us some time to decide. We agreed on we need to have a more classic, but yet it could not feel old, kind of font. We came up with NangSung writing in the end. The notes represents the melodies.

The poems we picked have connections to our theme. Mine always ends with “cha cha cha�, which indicates a groove. The top down Chinese writing also strengthens the visual of notes falling. The note falls into the cup of tea. What we are trying to tell is that the texture or the details of the music is also there in the tea.

Thank You. Special thanks to Hammer Wang, and many of my classmates.

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