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WEIGHT LOSS Dr. Brian Campbell and his staff at MD Wellness & Aesthetics have a passion for helping patients safely and effectively achieve their weight loss goals. Each medically supervised weight loss program is designed around an individual›s specific needs, lifestyle and budget. "We offer individualized plans to help patients lose 10 pounds or as much as 50 plus pounds successfully", says Dr. Campbell, an Emory graduate and board certified physician. MD Wellness & Aesthetics customized solutions include a complimentary consultation, prescription appetite suppressants, weekly B12 with Lipotropics injections, medical meal replacements and ongoing nutritional counseling and support. Other services offered are hair restoration therapy with PRP, Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and a variety of aesthetic services.

MD WELLNESS & AESTHETICS 650 Inverness Corners | Birmingham, AL 35242 | 205.582.9216

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Faces of Birmingham 2018